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Realizing the truth after divorce

Divorces are rough. The split, the heartbreak, the division. Two souls who were at one point completely intertwined in happiness, love, and euphoria are now separate. The fire has gone out. The stage curtain has dropped. Divorce should usually only be used as a method of last resort, when nothing else has worked. Couples will sometimes go through mediation or therapy in order to work out their problems. Sometimes these problems can be worked out. Sometimes the couple can come to a conclusion that their issues are not insurmountable, and that they can power through. That only makes them stronger.

And yet, close to half of all people who get married in the United States will one day separate and get a divorce. And this is where things get tricky. First, if the couple has children, then a custody battle ensues. Who gets to see the kids, and for how long do they get to see them? When do they get to see them? If one of the parents moves out of the state or even out of the country, then how does that affect visitation rights?

Additionally, there is the religious aspect of the divorce. The Catholic Church has a strict no divorce policy, and those who do in fact seek a divorce may be labeled as heretics and ostracized from the community. Meanwhile, divorce in the Jewish and Muslim traditions, there is a whole legal process within the religion itself in order to grant and accept divorces.

And yet, while there is so much divorce in the United States, there are also a lot of people who come to regret splitting from the person they at one time considered their soulmate. However, sometimes one of the people in the couple will request a no fault divorce and not give a concrete reason. The following is a story about a man who requested a no fault divorce because his wife became ugly. Here is the story of what happened to him.

True story

This is the true story of a man who wanted to get a divorce from his wife. He felt that she was no longer beautiful, and he wanted to see someone who was younger and prettier than she was. This was despite the fact that his wife had given birth to his children. The man felt that his wife had simply chosen to let herself go. It was only much later that the man realized the mistake he made.


Half of marriages end

Many people love to cite a statistic that says that half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. However, despite the fact that this statistic is not exactly false, it does not incorporate all of the sides of the story. Actually, as it turns out, many studies have shown the the divorce rate in the United States has in reality fallen over the past several years.


People have their reasons

No matter the actual statistics, there are a lot of reasons that people cite when they want to get a divorce. There are irreconcilable differences, finances, issues with the identity of one or more of the partners, or even just growing apart and not having the loving spark. However, sometimes, the reason is solely superficial on the side of one of the partners.


Why people divorce

A recent video was uploaded by a man who chose to get a divorce for quite superficial reasons. The video, uploaded in mid April 2017, is a heart wrenching story about a man who did not realize he had it all until it was gone. He thought that his life would be much better with a more attractive wife, and was upset with his current one for not looking as good as she used to. The video has over 40 million views.


The story begins

The video begins with a man speaking. We do not know if the man speaking is actually the man from the story or if he is just reading from a script there are actors in the video, but again, we do not know if these are just actors or the actual people who were affected by the story. The man starts by saying that he had separated from his wife the previous year.


In a rut

The man doing the narrating describes that he felt that his marriage was failing and in a rut. He alleges that he no longer felt excitement for her, particularly due to the fact that, in his mind, his wife had let her body go physically and was therefore nowhere nearly as attractive as she was when the two tied the knot.


Letting herself go

In describing his ex-wife, he says that she did not shave where she used to, had fat and flabby skin, her chest had begun to droop, and she was just generally unkempt. Being quite frank in his description and explanation, he says that he simply no longer found her attractive at all, and therefore could not constitute the marriage any longer. It was for those reasons that this man wanted a divorce from his wife.


Couldn’t look at her

The man did not believe that it was possible for him to ever want to be with his wife again. He said that her beauty was so far gone that there was no way that it would ever return, and that there was no way that he would ever find her attractive again. He said that the beauty she had in her youth was now so far gone that it was but a distant, fleeting memory.


One year later

However, fast forward approximately twelve months, and the divorce proceedings went ahead as planned. The man was living his life, having a great time, and doing anything as he pleased. But then, one day, he ran into his ex-wife again. It had been a year since he had last seen her, and he was absolutely, completely shocked by what he saw when he saw her.


A different woman

He saw what had become a completely different woman. She was nowhere near as big as she was when he divorced her. She had slimmed down, she was absolutely glowing in the sunlight, and most of all, she was happy. As the formerly happily divorced man said, she did not show any of the wear and tear of the years like she used to.


The realization

It was then he realized what a huge mistake it was that he had done. He could not believe that the former woman of his dreams could look so good. He came to a sort of epiphany. Why did he care so much all about her weight and the way she looked? It was then that he began to realize what he had done and how truly misguided his judgement had been.


Taking care of others

He began realizing what he had and what had led to her looking the way she did when he divorced her. He realized that she stopped taking care of herself because all of a sudden she needed to take care of their kids. She started looking after the children instead of going to the gym that was why she got the cellulite that he could not stand – she was putting the kids’ happiness above her own.


Time for others not herself

Continuing on with his epiphany, the man continued to tell his story (or at least the narrator did). The man realized that his former wife did not take the time to dress as nicely because she just simply did not have the time to do so. He realized that she was a loving and devoted wife, giving every spare second to him, and that is why she “let herself go.”


Superficial divorce

During the divorce proceedings, he said that he was angry at her for not taking the time to take care of herself. He did not like that she no longer cared how she looked for him. He did not like that she had permitted their children to be fed from her, thus causing her chest to sag. And he could not stand the fact that she was prouder of changing diapers and raising children than going out.


Happiness is fleeting

He did not understand why she seemed so happy all of the time. After all, she was doing a ton of housework and was not going to the gym nor going out. The man says that his wife seemed happy cooking and cleaning and doing the laundry. He could not comprehend why she would rather do all of those things than work out and look good for him.


He’s missing out

But then the man claims that, a year later, seeing his ex-wife and how good she looked, did he realize how much he was missing out in his life. He missed what it was like to have a real, good woman in his house. He was also so sad about his shortsighted decision and his shallow perceptions. But he had made up his mind, and the two had moved on into seperate lives.


Left for the worst reasons

The narrator makes the point that the man realized the error of his ways. He had left his wife for literally the worst reasons possible. But he also knew that there was nothing that he could do about. He was extraordinarily angry and disappointed in himself for giving up the true beauty of a loving and caring wife just because she had put on some pounds.



As we all know, hindsight is 20/20, and he realized that he was unable to recognize the true treasure of a woman he had. He had a woman who was a dedicated and loyal mother to her children and wife to her husband. It is too bad that this man had to find out so late that what he had was nearly perfect, and that he destroyed it all out of lust.


A woman’s worth

This man didn’t realize his wife’s worth as a mother, as a partner, as a best friend and as a soulmate until it was too late. Indeed, real beauty comes from within. What he saw on the outside as a woman who had let herself go was actually a woman who was putting her kids and her husband’s needs before her own. So, let’s hope that others learn from his message before they too make a similar mistake.


Appreciate the women in your life

The man from this video did not realize how good he had it. He did not understand the importance of his wife and how incredibly fortunate he was to have someone who was willing to be so loving and caring. He was only interested in beauty and superficiality. One wonders if he would have been a good father to his children, or if he continues to philander around town to this very day.