Rachael Ray stunned as woman shows her this bread trick

Rachael Ray has proven to the world that the mentality of faking it until you make it really works. Although Ray has no formal cooking training, she has become one of the nation’s favorite home cooks through hard work and dedication to putting on a good show. Her quick and easy attitude to cooking has helped turn many nervous cooks into ones capable of feeding their entire family. Ray has been on our screens for almost two decades thanks to her popularity and helpfulness. She started her career by publishing a recipe book titled, “30 Minute Meals,” a book that would inspire a show of the same name in 2001. Ray hosted that show from 2001 to 2012, which became essential viewing for thousands of daytime TV viewers.

Since 2006 she has had her own show, The Rachael Ray show, that not only offers advice from the host, but also the guests she has on. She invites her guests to share with her audience how they achieved their accomplishments in life, be they in the sporting, professional, or entertainment industries. Ray favors a rough and ready approach to cooking, believing that too much measuring takes away from the creative process, and she asks her guests to share their creative solutions to problems in the kitchen. Sometimes she is pleasantly surprised by what her guests suggest, and this was especially the case with this particular woman. She couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw the results of her advice about bread!


30 Minute Meals

30 Minute Meals is where it all started for celebrity cook Rachael Ray. She first released her cookbook with that title in 1999, and it was an overnight success. She published another three books in the next two years, with home cooks lapping up all of the advice they could get from her helpful guide. Her printed guides became so popular that soon she was to be the host of her very own cooking show in 2001, also called 30 Minute Meals. Now she was on our screens, bringing her tried and trusted recipes to life and making cooking seem less like a chore for thousands of cooks and viewers at home.

Hard bread

It was on her own show, The Rachael Ray show in 2014 that Rachael was offered some advice by this woman, Sara Moulton. Moulton brought in some very hard and stale bread for Rachael, not a very nice gift, but it was what she was going to do with the bread that became a surprise for the host. The bread brought in was incredibly hard, and Moulton joked that it felt more like a baseball bat than a delicious baguette. She talked about how buying a fresh loaf is great, but the next day your bread is hard as nails and basically inedible. Moulton was going to change that problem so many of us have with our leftover bread.

$40 a Day

Rachael Ray has always been keen on showing people how to save money when they buy food. This bread trick was going to help us save money on throwing out day-old bread, but it wasn’t the first time Ray offered money-saving advice on food. In 2002 Ray starred in her own show, $40 a Day, where she would take a day trip to a Canadian, European, or American city and prove that she could feed herself for the entire day on just $40.

More like a rock

The bread that Rachael’s guest Sara Moulton brought to the studio really was as hard as a rock. She passed the loaf to Rachael to test and prove it really was as hard as she was saying. It was almost like a magician showing they have nothing up their sleeves before they blow everybody’s mind with their incredible trick. The audience were watching this woman parade a really hard loaf of bread around the studio, probably wondering what she was going to be doing with it next.

Meghan Markle

This wasn’t the first impressive guest on Ray’s show, however. Over the years, Rachael has had many big-name guests appear on her various shows. One of her early guests was a future Duchess, Meghan Markle. The actress from legal drama Suits shared with Ray that her first name is actually also Rachael and that she was heading to Malta to trace her genealogy back to her great-grandmother. Markle appeared on the show just one year before she would go on to meet her very own Prince Charming, Prince Harry of the UK.

Donnie and Rachael

Rachael Ray is a champion of the burger, so it made sense that one of her celebrity guests was also as passionate about the juicy meal as she was. Donnie Wahlberg is an actor famous for his roles in the horror franchise Saw, and military drama Band of Brothers as well as being a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. Wahlberg, along with his famous siblings, has opened a burger chain called “Wahlburgers” and shared some of his cooking secrets with Rachael on her show.

Salma Hayek

Rachael Ray’s show is no stranger to A-list celebrity guests. She has cooked with such famous people as former President Bill Clinton, Jessica Alba, and Oprah. One of her guests was the super famous Salma Hayek, who was happy to sit and chat with Rachael, sharing her tips and tricks for her home as well as talking about her life and how she got to the top of the acting tree. Hayek has appeared in box-office hits such as Puss in Boots, Frida, Wild Wild West, and From Dusk till Dawn.

Gilmore Girl

Rachael has become one of the nation’s sweethearts, so it is little surprise to see her popping up in a movie or TV drama in a cameo role. In 2016 she featured in the mini-series of TV Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life as herself, as well as appearances in 30 Rock and Sesame Street, also as herself. In 2017 she even made an appearance in a big budget Hollywood film, she played the role of Spam in The Emoji Movie.

Food Network Holidays

Ray doesn’t just offer advice for everyday cooking, she gives her fans cooking tips for the holidays too. In 2007 she shared her holiday feast with everyone, helping to take the stress out of the one meal per year that often comes with lots of pressure and expectations. She makes sure that her recipe is both cozy and elegant but still follows her ideal cooking time of just 30 minutes. Sometimes a holiday feast can take like a whole day to cook – but not if you use this TV chef’s recipe!

Book signing

Having printed almost 30 cookbooks throughout her career, Rachael Ray is no stranger to a book signing. Her first book, 30 Minute Meals, is what made her so well-known, but she has covered a wide range of recipes throughout her career. She has created quick and easy meal ideas for kids, couples, entire families, as well as burgers and Italian food. She has shown over the years that her recipes are ideal for those who struggle to make time to get in the kitchen and cook themselves and their families dinner.

Emmy award

Rachael Ray has been adored by her fans for many years, and she was due recognition for her hard work in helping home cooks get better in the kitchen. In 2008 and 2009 Ray won a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Talk Show category. It proved that her blend of talk with her guests and asking for helpful tips from them was proving to be a successful formula. From 2006 to 2013 Ray received Daytime Emmy nominations for her show, but only managed to win in 2008 and 2009.

Get it wet

Sara Moulton’s first piece of advice for reviving your stale bread was to get it pretty wet. She took the rock hard loaf over to the faucet and ran it under the cold water for a few seconds, making sure she doused the brad entirely in water. Rachael was really surprised that Sara had put so much water on it, saying that it was more like she gave the bread a bath than just sprinkling it with some water.

Roll up, Roll up

Now that the incredibly hard baguette has been suitably doused in water it is time for the next step. Take your now slightly soggy bread and wrap it up as tightly as possible in some foil, making sure there is little chance for any steam to escape. This is important to make sure the bread transforms from teeth-shatteringly stale to almost freshly baked following Sara Moulton’s helpful tip. Just baking the bread without the foil will only make it harder and crispier, making it worthy of a place in the trash.

Time for the oven

After wrapping up the now slightly soggy bread, it is time to begin its transformation to an edible piece of food. You need to place the wrapped up baguette into a cold oven to allow it to heat up slowly. Turn your oven to 300 and leave the bread in there for 12 to 15 minutes to hopefully turn your rock-like bread into something you can once again eat. If you put the bread into a preheated oven it will likely cause the bread to burn, which you don’t wan

Worst Cooks in America

Rachael Ray was determined to prove that she could help out pretty much any level of cook, so in 2010 she became the co-host of the cooking show, America’s Worst Cook. It’s a show that features several celebrities, who confess that they are terrible in the kitchen, battling it out to try and avoid being named the worst cook in America. Ray appeared on the show for two seasons, helping celebrities such as Erik Estrada, Loni Love, and Barbara Eden. Was Sara Moulton a terrible cook with this bread trick? Or a genius? Only time would tell.


After being in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes, it is time to get the bread out and see how it has transformed using Sara Moulton’s helpful advice. When the bread is removed from the foil wrapper you’ll find that it has become pretty moist, almost like it is half cooked. This is because the water that the bread was doused in has turned to steam, helping to bring the stale loaf back to life.

Bette Midler

Another of Rachael’s guests over the years has been Bette Midler, who has appeared opposite Rachael more than once. When Bette was asked about her favorite recipes she said that they are all like her children and she can’t pick a favorite between them. Something she later repeated when an audience member asked the legendary actress what her favorite movie or TV role was. The singer, actor, comedienne’s most famous movie roles are The First Wives Club, Hocus Pocus, and The Rose. What would she have thought of Sara’s bread?

The final stage

The bread that’s been warming in the oven is almost finished, you’ll just need to do one last thing to make it great again. The soggy bread needs a little bit of time back in the oven to get rid of the last bit of excess moisture and make sure the crust tastes and feels like a crust once more. Take the bread out of the foil wrap and put it back in the oven uncovered for just five minutes, that’ll finish it off and make it amazing again.

Transformation complete

Once you’ve popped the bread back in the oven for the final five minutes, you can take it out and enjoy the baguette as though it has just arrived in your kitchen freshly baked. Sara Moulton’s secret trick has turned this old and stale baguette into something worth eating once again. Now you can buy yourself a stick of bread and know that even if you don’t eat it all on the day of purchase, you’ll still be able to enjoy it a day or two afterward.


Rachel couldn’t hide her surprise at how well this baguette was transformed from baseball bat to a lovely piece of bread once again. After sending it back into the oven for the final five minutes, Ray exclaimed that this tip was “Brilliant!” Her face tells the entire story of the amazing tip. No longer will we have to suffer with stale bread thanks to this super helpful piece of advice, all you need is 20 minutes, a faucet and an oven!