Perfectly timed photos

Taking pictures is a lot of fun. Back in the old days, we had to carry around a big camera (be it a film camera or a digital one), but today, all we need to do is take out our phones and snap the picture we want. Carrying our phones around is so easy these days – they’re usually smaller than the palm of your hand, are lightweight, and can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

This means that today, everyone can be a photographer. Granted, not everyone can be a good photographer, but we can all take pictures of cool, random things we see on the street, on our way to work, at the mall, and basically wherever we are. If our kid does something funny, within two seconds we could be documenting it and sending it to our friends and family to see. It only takes a moment, and the picture lasts forever.

But the best moments are when we take a picture, not thinking much of it – and then something happens. The universe creates a bizarre coincidence, and as all elements come together in perfect harmony, your picture is turned into a work of art. In case you’re not following our over-dramatic description, here’s an example.

You’re taking a picture of your friend, just standing there with his ice cream cone, when out of nowhere, a bird appears, takes the ice cream cone away, and flies away with it. Or maybe you’re taking a picture of your kid, who’s about to throw a tennis ball, just when a dog shows up behind him and is about to steal it away.

Sometimes you take a picture, and somehow your angle creates an optical illusion that can make something appear like a totally different thing – like a statue has come alive, or as if the people in the photo have superhuman abilities.

If timed well, you can end up with the best pictures. And thankfully, in this day and age you can also share it with the rest of the world, so they can marvel at your ability to capture the moment as it happens. These photos went totally viral for being either so well set up, or just serendipitously well timed. Whatever led to them, the resulting pictures are incredibly satisfying to look at.

Some such photos are totally hilarious, other make you think or look twice to see what’s really going on, and some are outright amazing. Either way, these images were perfectly timed in a way that makes us believe the universe might have a real sense of humor.