Eye Opening Perfectly Timed Photos

Perfectly times photos are a dime a dozen. However, there is a growing number of them thanks to the fact that we all carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go, and they all have pretty decent cameras on them. Some people seek out the opportunity to snap a photo that is sure to make others laugh, while some pictures are taken by sheer happenstance (and are usually the funniest of the two). Boy, do we have a treat for you! We collected the funniest, wittiest, most ridiculous photos that were taken by the right person at the right place at the right time; it was meant to be! Enjoy getting belly laughs from these snaps.


Excuse me while I just grab this plane like a fly buzzing around my eat! The person taking this photo must have been ready to take it, considering in a matter of seconds the plane would have been in a totally different position and this photo would have been moot. We laughed out loud when we saw this one, actually thinking for a split second that the statue grabbed the plane; the positioning is just so perfect!


Sailing Moon

This photo is indeed perfectly timed and positioned but it is also beautiful in its composition; it’s downright artistic. The moon looking like a sail and therefore a part of the boat is absolutely stunning. We wonder where this image was taken with a moon that big, we have never seen anything like it! Bet the people aboard the boat had one bright and eventful evening with a moon like that overlooking them.


One Ear Up

We bet the owners of this dog and this car had the idea in mind to get the license plate to fit the love they have for their fur baby! There is no way that it was a coincidence. What was a good moment to capture is the one ear up dog looking out of the back of the car with the license plate right below, and long enough for the person in the car behind him to take a photo of the hilarious moment. The dog looks very happy, that’s for sure!



Many people think that Starbucks coffee isn’t the best brew around, some of us agree and others do not, but the delivery guys on this Starbucks van really did a number for the company they work for. The person snapping this image managed to say a mouthful without saying anything at all! The positioning of the letters really is unfortunate for the company, but gave us one serious case of belly laughs! You just can’t plan these moments, they happen to you!


Face Plant

So we are very happy we weren’t there to witness the moment after this photo was taken. Although it really is perfectly timed, to say the least, we are sure it was no fun face planting like that! That bike is no scooter either, that’s a full on dirt bike, meaning that the speed these guys were going at was not slow at all.


Flying Player

Basketball player, Dennis Rodman, was caught mid-air in this photo. Someone sitting in one of the court side seats managed to take this perfectly timed photo. It looks like Rodman is downright flying to get his hands on the basket ball. He is almost perfectly straight and parallel to the ground in this photo, making it look like he is hovering above the ground rather than jumping for it.


Mustache Much

These two wrestlers were deep into their fight when this photo was taken. The mustache tattoo on one of the wrestlers forearms was PERFECTLY in line with the other’s face, making it seem as though the tattoo was actually there on purpose. Either way you look at it, this is some pretty good timing for a photo to be taken!


Guinness Rainbow

They say that at the end of a rainbow you will find a pot of gold. In this case if you follow the rainbow you will be knee deep in dark beer (not that that’s a bad thing!). The person driving behind this Guinness truck saw the opportunity to take a pretty neat photo when he noticed the rainbow and where it intercepted with the truck. We must say, it is pretty good timing and placement.



Someone in the stands was trying to get a picture of this young diver’s form as she was going into the water. What they got instead is the young diver’s hilarious facial expression, thanks to gravity and all that it does when we go against it. The diver looks so focused and ready to hit the water like a pro, it almost, just almost, makes us feel bad for laughing, since she is being super focused.


Lunch Is Served

This bear is at the right place at the right time, just like the photographer of this picture. The poor fish was just swimming up stream when he eventually landed inside a bears mouth. Nature is a pretty beautiful thing, with the food chain is pretty simple in its organization and it is usually by size and amount of teeth. In this case, the photographer, far enough away so as to make sure he doesn’t get eaten too, grabs this photo.


Catching a Plane

This giraffe looks like it’s taking a bite right out of that small plane. Alas, the giraffe’s head is just at the right angle as the sweet tempered animals would do nothing of the sort to the plane. The mother or father giraffe is looking at the plane land along with their young offspring. The photo itself is very beautiful, but we can’t deny the timing of this one is also impeccable.


Open Wide!

This leopard seal is about to eat his lunch, right in front of an underwater photographer and our very own delicate eyes too. This poor penguin has no idea what’s coming, we have a feeling the seal was quick with his approach and the penguin didn’t even see it coming. This is another case of seeing nature being as ruthless as it needs to be in order to move forward and survive. Still, we really wish the penguin didn’t have to be the victim.


Flying Boat

This is a case of optical illusion in conjunction with perfect timing. The boat in this instance is very much on the water, but the perfectly timed aspect comes in when something flies overhead to make it seem as though the shadow is from the boat, as they are very close to being the same size. The coincidence and beautiful location together, make for a pretty cool image, that the taker of this photo is probably very proud of.



This lizard was caught mid-bite in this photo. The poor bug that he was eating had no chance against the lizard’s quick working tongue, that is highly skilled at catching its prey. The nature photographer who captured this image must have left the shutter open and just taken photo after photo while in the middle of it all, capturing this clear shot of the lizard chomping away at his meal. Ah, mother nature in all her glory.


Horsing Around

This perfectly timed photo is a capture of two horses on two ends of a food cart seeming as though they are one long, two toned, horse! The cart is perfectly placed, while the location of each horse is perfect as well. We had to do a double take when we first saw this photo, then we laughed a bit and decided it was a good photo for us to share with everyone. It’s only fair!


Lemme Just Stretch

This elephant decided to stop and stretch at the worst possible spot for the people in this little car! Bet the people in the car just wanted a closer look at the animals, they probably never thought they would get THIS close to the animals. The elephant is just stretching himself here, not caring that a giant chunk of metal is between his arms and legs! Hopefully he didn’t crush the poor people.



The trucks are synced. The one on the top, passing on the bridge, while another passes below, seems as though they are coordinated. At the end of the day they are asking the other drivers a question, what do you think they each replied?


Fitting In

This trailer is designed perfectly to accommodate and blend into the natural scenery. It seems as though the camper is under some form of camouflage! The person driving behind this trailer must have found it to be as funny as we did when we saw it. We would have done the very same thing, taken our phone out and snapped this image!



One of these refs is not like the others! In a funny coincidence, the ref on the left of the three standing there, tips his head in the perfect angle to look as though he is wearing a crown on his head! Well, they do believe they are the kings of the game, with the power to make decisions, so it suits!



This is one of the most unfortunate situations we have seen captured in an image. This person was just trying to get from point A to point B and got totally soaked along the way. The truck looks like it is purposely spouting water, so it must be a cleaning truck, but didn’t they see the poor guy? And who is the horrible person who documented this one?


Upside Down Flyby

These two fighter jets are probably out for either a drill or a holiday; we bet our money on holiday. The two decided to make it very performance oriented and the top pilot flipped his jet upside down, so it looks like they are mirror images of one another, when in fact they are two seperate planes with REALLY good synchronization between them.


Got Your Nose!

This crocodile has some nerve biting the trunk of this elephant! The much smaller animal is very positive in his thinking if he thinks that biting the trunk is enough to take down an elephant. Ha! While we are sure he left his mark on the big mammal, it takes a lot more than that to take him down permanently.


Jesus and a Plane

The person who took this photo had a good eye. We see a statue of Jesus Christ, in what is probably a European or South American country, and a plane flying atop the statue. However, because of the angle at which the photographer is standing, it looks like the statue is trying to catch the plane!


Word Placement Fiasco

We bet this plane was supposed to say – Longer, Larger, Farther. Unfortunately, either the wording is misplaced or the door of the plane is, but when the door is open it reads something very different than ‘farther’. This is one funny situation, if you ask us!


Bond, James Bond

This guy is getting off his boat in a fashion that is unlike any person outside of a James Bond film. The guy is even fixing his tie as he cruises along the shore in order to get off the boat. In a full suit and sunglasses, he better not fall off the orange platform he is on.


Can I Join?

This seagull is trying to join the rest of the planes, or does he. The photographer of this photo probably tried to just capture the planes, when the seagull got into his frame too. Either way it’s very funny because it seems as thought the bird is trying to be social and join the rest of the flying objects.


Six Circle

The full moon at the opening games of an old Olympic games added a sixth circle to the usual five that embody the symbol for the Olympics. This is a pretty famous photo, but a wonderful one nonetheless. A clear sky with a full moon in exactly the right position is one hard combination to come by.


Do You Now?

This truck reads – we fit, yet when the truck tries to drive under a bridge it gets totally crushed; this is what we like to call irony. The hilarious situation was captured by a driver driving behind the truck. We would have acted in the exact same way, it would be too funny to just let this one slide.


Cycling On Water

We are not exactly sure how this photo came to be, if this guy was captured right before dropping into the water or what, but it is pretty amazingly timed either way. Some people have enough time on their hands to give their bikes a full washing while it’s hot out, but this isn’t the way to go about it, dude.



These two soccer players look absolutely terrified in this photo! The faces they are both making made us stop and do the ugly laugh! It’s not hard to tell that they are both on opposite teams and are expecting to get the ball thrown in their direction, hence the face of anticipation (and terror?) that is on both of their faces.


Tag Along

This is either one out of his mind player for the other team, their coach, or a crazed fan, but we vote coach for some reason. Either way, this photo shows his dragging one by the collar of his shirt and dragging him across the field, while also grabbing another player. He looks mad, like crazy mad, not angry mad!


Extra Handed

This perfectly timed photo captured two players, one directly behind the other but looking like the player in front has an extra pair of hands! Ha! We love these kinds of images, takes our mind a second to realize what we are looking at.


I Got This

Very much like those millions of people who come to The Leaning Tower of Pisa every year and place their hands to look like they are holding up the tower, this guy prepared his hand to be in the exact perfect position for when the plane flies over him and his photographer. Brilliant!


Eskimo Kiss

It may look like these two planes are crashing into one another, having the nose of their planes touch in some form or another, but in fact they are passing by one another very closely. Love these forms of optical illusions that are caught right in the nick of time.


Lost One

They say don’t drink and drive, but what they don’t say is don’t talk on the phone and ride a bike at the same time! This young man is somehow on the phone and on a bike that seems to have just lost it’s front wheel. The photo captured the very moment the wheel springs free from the bike itself.


Cloudy Music

The cloud placement in this photo couldn’t be more perfect. The statue at the entrance to a bridge, in Europe no doubt, is of a woman and her trumpet. The trumpet looks as though it is blowing out the smoke that is in fact the cloud. Now that’s a perfectly timed photo.


Hippo Bites

This croc had no idea what was coming his way when this hippopotamus decided to make a meal out of him. We see here the exact moment the hippo is about to take a bite right out of the croc. Most people don’t know that a hippo can chomp through practically everything.


Bubble Gum

This adorable dog loves bubbles, so much so that his owners make sure he gets his own for him to pop. Here we see the exact moment the dog goes for the popping motion of the bubble. He looks like he is having SO MUCH FUN! If only we could be dogs for a few days. Sigh.


Hats Off

This subway rider had no idea that when the train stopped at a station, his head would be in the perfect location in conjunction with a piece of art on the station wall. The person sitting in front of this guy decided to take the opportunity to grab this photo, especially because he most likely had his phone in his hands anyway.



This photo is a perfect example of how prey run away from those on the hunt for them. We see a deer fleeing what looks like a bob cat or mountain lion (hey, we aren’t really nature goers, okay?!). We sure hope this deer got away, and if he didn’t, we don’t want to know!


Where Do You Think You’re Going?

It’s almost like these two are sibling birds fighting about who gets to fly first. The photographer here managed to get the moment one bird grabbed the tail of another one in order to make sure he doesn’t take flight. Amazing!


Yankee Out

Alex Rodrigues, also known as A-Rod, is seen here holding his hands up with the baseball bat right in the middle of his body with nothing holding it. It’s all a matter of timing of course, as Alex must have just released his hands from the bat when the photo was taken, not giving the bat time to fall yet.


High Five

This scuba diver got more than he bargained for when he went diving one morning. This friendly shark just decided to come up and high five this guy! All the while another diver is capturing the moment. This is one for the books for sure.


My Mouse!

What happens when a fox spots a mouse outside in the snow? This very image. This photo perfectly sums up the relationship between a fox and a mouse, a sort of catch me if you can relationship. Mice are usually very fast, we wonder if the fox managed to catch him.


Sibling Rivalry

These two wolves were not having a good day together, it seems. This photo snapped the moment one of the wolves decided he or she didn’t like the other and was going to rip his head off! LOL. Very much like true sibling rivalry, except that with humans it’s figurative and not literal.


Splash Mountain

The advertisement on this bus seems to come to life with the giant puddle it is driving through. The person who took this photo was lucky they didn’t get totally splashed on, but they did manage to get this photo, and we are very glad for it.


Plane View

The person taking this photo was probably more impressed with the structure of the building and the inner rounded corners than anything else. So when the plane came through, adding a lot more character to the photo, making it more unique than they could have hoped for, they must have jumped for joy.


Grab the Ball!

Most people who go to a baseball game dream of having the ball thrown into the fan’s seats, and this is exactly what that looks like! Half of the people duck for their lives (getting one of these to the head is very painful!), while the other half reach out to grab it and later get it signed by a player.


Go Away

This mother giraffe was trying to scare away hyenas that were attacking her baby. This is the very moment the mother goes after the hyenas. The young giraffe seems to be there lying wounded (we are being hopeful in terms of survival!), but mom comes to the rescue and kicks the hyenas away.


Dog Head

Much like another photo we have towards the end, that is sure to make you laugh, this is the case of perfect placement. The dog seems to have a human body in this one, but we all know it’s just the angle. Still cute though!


Dancing Wrestlers

These two wrestlers were caught in a moment where their wrestling technique looks more like ballroom dancing than anything else. There isn’t a drop of sweat on either of them too, perhaps they were enjoying each others company more than they bargained for?


Great White Jump

Probably one of our worst nightmares right here, but nonetheless, this shark got caught jumping right out of the ocean water to grab his prey mid-air. This stunning photo was obviously caught on purpose but it is amazing to see the exact moment of feeding. The photographer of this one was safe on a boat away from the shark, so we are all calm about it.


Headless Gymnast

This flexible gymnast can bend so far with her back that it looks like she is headless in this photo. We all know it’s not possible but wow is she good if she can get to this kind of angle! The photographer must have done a double take at his screen once he saw what he captured. This flexible gymnast can bend so far with her back that it looks like she is headless in this photo. We all know it’s not possible but wow is she good if she can get to this kind of angle! The photographer must have done a double take at his screen once he saw what he captured.


Meow Mix

This cat was too hungry to wait to be fed, so when his owner came home to see him head first in his food bag, he couldn’t help but take a photo since the head of the cat on the bag was perfectly placed on the body of his cat. You just can’t make up this kind of photo!


Military Washed

This is what a perfectly timed photo really is. Here we see the precise moment a military pilot decides to shower his solider friend with water from atop the plane. This is probably a split second before the water his the poor guy below, nothing can be more perfectly timed than this.


Owling Around

This owl is not playing around, he is looking right at the little mouse and planning on making him his meal. We see here the exact moment before the capture of the mouse by the owl. It’s rather rare to see an owl in action when it comes to their hunting habits, so soak it in!


Silly Pickpocket

This guy thought he was so clever to pickpocket a girl who was busy taking a photo of herself and her friend. You think he stopped to think for a second that he was in the frame of the photo too? Man, how thick. Pretty sure this girl took this very photo to the police and showed them the culprit in detail.


Excuse Me

This pigeon has a lot of guts landing on the head of a beach goer like that. We wonder if the guy knew the bird was on his head and let it just stay there or had absolutely no idea he was there. Either way it was a great photo opportunity for the guy taking this snap.


Hug It Out

The poor goaly needs someone to hug too and has no one, so what does he do? He hugs his co-worker, the pole of the goal itself! We feel kind of bad for him but he looks like he is quite enjoying himself there. The guy taking this photo must have gotten a good laugh or two in.



This cat wishes he had a six-pack like the model on this shopping bag. The models for Abercrombie and Fitch are known to be quite stunning in their physical shape, and this cat must have heard the same; just look at his head peaking out just in the right line with the head of the model on the bag.


Hammock Fail

There are few true friends in this world, and the one taking this image is a true one at that! The exact moment this guy tries to lay down with a drink in his hand, the hammock buckles under the weight and the camera got it all! Pretty sure the guy was wanting to take a photo of his friend anyway but caught a moment much more precious.


Marble Hammer

The pigeon in this photo is one lucky bird that the statue he landed on is in fact a statue, because if it wasn’t, this bird is right in the line of fire for a hammer. We are guessing this image was taken somewhere in Italy, it looks like the type of statue that would be in a piazza somewhere.


Eagle Landing

This eagle is about to grab his lunch and the photographer could not have caught a more stellar moment to capture. This poor rabbit was probably not expecting to be lunch that day but nature does what nature wants and this is exactly what happens when you are higher on the food chain.


Kick It

The woman working at this shop, unpacking the merchandise had no idea how it looked to people outside the store when she was bending over the get the clothing out of the boxes. That mannequin has a lot to answer for! But in all honesty, this is an image that is great in its simplicity and hilarity.



Looking at this picture you would think for a split second that the dog grew a pair of hands, learned how to drive, and is now taking out money from the ATM. Ha. No, it’s just another case of good placement and someone behind this car who decided it was funny to see a dog be all human.


Cover Up

This perfectly placed and timed image is everything we hoped and dreamed of finding when we were making this list. The woman is probably not even aware of the image on the other side of the newspaper she is so deeply reading. The guy in front of her had no problem snapping this image up though. Classy.


Jersey Love

These two football players are probably talking amongst themselves, although looking more like they are embracing one another. The funniest part of this image is the name on the jersey on the guy next to the two players. We swear we didn’t plan this, and we are totally modern and find this to be completely adorable!


Bat Crazy

This photo was taken when people in the stands of a baseball game got more than they bargained for when a bat came flying into their seats. As you can see, they are all busy getting out of the bat’s way – duck and cover, guys!


Very Handy

These two friends just thought they were taking a photo together to commemorate their time together, little did they know that the guy behind them is perfectly placed so as to make it look like it’s his VERY long hand that is reaching to touch the girl on the right’s shoulder. The whole image is a little disturbing because of that but we know it’s just placement.


Plane Location

This colorful plane was snapped in the perfect location in comparison to the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While Jesus’ hands are splayed out like his crucifixion, the plane’s ‘hands’ are splayed out due to the structure of the plane in the direction of going upwards.


Jump On Over

This guy got snapped jumping from one train to the other, while holding a basket of products; all the while no one is really looking or caring, we guess this is a thing in India. There is another guy doing the very same thing a little ways down the train cars. Would you give this one a try if you were there?



Talk about timing. This poor soldier, who is undoubtedly tired, got caught yawning his little heart out in the middle of a military procession with the rest of his comrades in perfect lines, looking in the same direction, except him. Hopefully this guy didn’t get in trouble for looking in another direction.


Flying Board

This woman on the beach looks like she is on a flying board! Alas, this is yet another form of optical illusion. There is a flag pole we are not seeing in this image that is the exact size of the board, so it looks like the woman is standing on a flying board. If only life was that interesting!


Hanging Moon

This construction crane is perfectly placed, as is the full moon, in this photo. The person snapping this one was smart to do so as that is a rare moment to capture. We aren’t sure what country this is taken in, but the snowcapped mountains are a sight for sore eyes.


Headless Footballer

This football player had his photo taken at the exact moment when he was falling after a pass. The rush of the wind on his back with the energy of the upcoming fall, pushed his head into this jersey, making it look like he is entirely headless! Gotta love these perfectly timed moments in sports.


My Prey!

This wild cat is strutting his stuff with a pigeon in his mouth, and so proud of himself too! While we did wince for a second when seeing this photo (poor bird!), we couldn’t help but laugh at the confidence this cat is showing by walking with hie prey in his mouth with no concern over life whatsoever.