People who asked for Photoshop help and got hilarious results

There are Photoshop experts out there willing to lend a helping hand to people and thus fix their most awful picture-related mistakes, but one guy James Fridman, has decided it would be fun to troll people and Photoshop their pictures in a way they never imagined. Just like the genie of old, who used to grant one lucky person three wishes, you have to be very, very careful about how you phrase those wishes. If you’re not, you might end up like the people in this article.

You look grate

Sometimes, when you’re really into someone, you feel the need to eliminate the competition. Two girls liking the same guy is a recipe for disaster, and can bring out the worst in everyone. This girl, for example, wanted to send this picture to the guy she likes.

But since the other girl in the picture likes the same guy, she decided to make a special request for the photoshopping master. She requested him to make the other girl look bad, while making her look great. And as if that weren’t enough, she misspelled great as “grate”, which sparked the idea to make her look like she was actually grated with a giant grater. Unfortunately, this is what jealous people get.

Eyes wide shut

From time to time, we all have picture problems involving our eyes. Either they appear to be red, or we accidentally closed them while the picture was taken, or in this case, kept them open. It seems pretty creepy for this girl to be kissing her guy while staring at him, so he asked to close his eyes.

But he never expected for this photoshopping whiz to insert himself into the picture. Instead of making her eyes appear closed instead of open, James just photoshopped his arm into the picture, effectively closing her eyes with his hand. Problem solved! Only not quite in the most conventional of ways, we admit.

Just like a Kardashian

This girl asked James if he could make her look like a Kardashian. The Kardashian women are indeed very beautiful, and many girls aspire to achieve their signature look.

But this girl failed to specify which Kardashian she prefers to look like, and soon she regretted even making the request. Instead of looking like one of the Kardashian girls, she was made into the Kardashian male – Rob Kardashian, that is, complete with the hat, tattoos, and facial hair. That’s what you get for wanting to look like someone else!

Taking her out

Another one of those cases where a mean request is met with a clever response, is this one. For some reason, these ladies wanted to cut one of them out of the picture – which is a little mean spirited in our books.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who thought so, because James reacted accordingly. He left only that girl in the photo, and added himself in, saying he “took her out” and they had a blast together. Nailed it!

I’m pregnant!

These days, people can’t get off their phones and pay attention to the people with them. The girl in this picture actually had to request a Photoshop edit to make her boyfriend appear interested in her!

So James had a pretty helpful suggestion, adding a speaking bubble that says “Honey, I’m pregnant!”. And suddenly, her boyfriend seemed a lot more interested in her (and also a bit shocked). If this is what we need to resort to, something is very, very wrong with the world.

Calling it like it is

This is a textbook example of how people can be sometimes blind to situations. This girl asked to make her friend seem like he’s actually having fun with her, because he looks pretty miserable in this picture.

James had the perfect response to help her see the situation a little more clearly. All he did was change the guy’s shirt to say “Help! I got friendzoned,” which provides with the best explanation of why he doesn’t seem happier around her. Hope she gets the hint!

Make him rich

Many people want to marry someone rich. It’s a certain lifestyle that some people aspire to, sometimes without regard of who that person is.

And while this girl obviously prefers personality over riches, since she’s not dating a rich guy, she thought it would be nice to see what dating an upper class guy would look like. So she asked James to make her boyfriend rich, but he took it quite literally, adding a name tag that says Richard. Here, now you’re dating rich!

Brotherly love

All this girl wanted was for her brother to look like he’s enjoying their vacation together, and not wrapped up in his phone the whole time.

So in order to make it more realistic, James added a good looking girl walking past them – giving the brother a believable reason to be looking up from his phone. Not quite what she had requested, but at least he looks like he’s having a good time now, right?

He’s on it

There are times when you take a really nice picture, but there’s just one thing in the background that ruins it a little. This is probably why this woman asked James to clean up the graffiti marks on the wall behind her.

While she meant him to clean it up using Photoshop, he took it quite literally and just added himself to the picture with a rag, cleaning up that wall behind her. The graffiti might still be there, but this picture just turned epic.

What man?

This woman was concerned that the guy behind her ruined her photo. Honestly, we don’t think there’s any harm to the occasional photobomb, but we get why she asked James to edit him out of the picture.

Or rather, she asked him to “do something” with him, which prompted this photoshopped picture. Instead of erasing him, he made him blend into the background and look like another fire hydrant. Now, if you only look at the picture on the right, you may not even notice it’s a man.

Style problems

This girl felt that the man behind her was ruining her picture, claiming “his looks” don’t quite fit in the background. So this Photoshop master’s clever comeback was to simply change up his look.

Instead of the clothes he’s wearing in the picture, he photoshopped him into wearing the girl’s outfit instead. Now that he looks much more fashionable, similarly to the girl, “his looks” are no longer a problem. And to be honest, he kind of steals the show!


Whatever happened to just kissing your boyfriend? This girl made quite a unique request – she wanted it to look like she was kissing a dinosaur instead of her beau. She even had a preference as to which dinosaur she wanted to kiss!

But instead of replacing her boyfriend with a proper dinosaur, James simply turned him into one. Maybe now she’ll appreciate her partner more – but it might be hard to hold hands when he only has three fingers.

Harry Potter fan

There’s nothing wrong with being a die-hard Harry Potter fan. Many fans all over the world dress up and cosplay as one of the characters, wearing scarves and robes to fit their house of choice.

We assume that is what this girl meant when she asked to be photoshopped as one of the characters, but her mistake was clear. She didn’t specify which of the characters. And just like that, she was Dobby the house elf. How unfortunate.

I want to hold your hand

All this guy wanted was to be holding hands with his girlfriend in this picture. It could have been very romantic indeed, but this Photoshop master had other ideas in mind.

Now they are holding hands – only not each other’s hands. They’re each holding individual hands, ones that aren’t connected to anyone’s body. This photoshop is a perfect example of how one can turn any photo from lovely to creepy by adding detached limbs to it.

One and the same

This guy had a legitimate concern. He wanted to use this photo as a profile picture, but also wanted people to be able to tell which one of these people is actually him.

While he could’ve just edited the other guy out, he opted to ask James for help, and got just what he wanted. He turned the other two people in the picture into him as well. Now there’s no confusion – he’s simply everyone.

Short shorts

It’s hard to tell if you’re wearing the right outfit that’s appropriate for where you’re going. Sometimes you don’t discover your fashion faux-pas until it’s too late, and already ruins the pictures.

So this guy asked to Photoshop him some long-legged pants instead of the shorts he was wearing. Instead, he got this. Now that everyone’s wearing shorts (including an additional guy in the background who wasn’t there before), he can relax – now he looks fine!

Just like the Weasleys

This one is pretty darn cute, if you ask us. This guy is the only redheaded member in his family of brunettes (you’re not fooling anyone, bottle blonde). So he asked to be photoshopped to match their hair color.

But instead of making his hair brown, James turned the whole family into gingers! Now this guy doesn’t have to worry about not blending in with his own family – they’re all redheads just like him now.

Too scary

Scary is a subjective matter – something one person finds scary might not be what another person does. This girl asked to add something scary chasing her in the background, and as it happens, Teletubbies are James’ version of scary.

Even we have to admit, these creatures are pretty creepy. On the one hand, they look like babies. On the other hand, they look like aliens with antennas. What are you? No doubt we would run away if we saw giant Teletubbies in our backyard.

eyefell tower

People really need to start paying attention to their spelling, if they don’t wish to be trolled. When this woman asked to be put in front of the “Eyefell Tower” instead of the “Eiffel Tower”, the Photoshop artist just couldn’t resist.

He put her in front of a tower, alright, but one that has giant eyeballs falling off of it. And the caption that says “Voilà” is probably our favorite part of this award-worthy picture.


This man took a picture with his girl, but then asked to Photoshop her dress to look longer, feeling it was too short for some reason.

James complied to his request and made the dress longer, but he also photoshopped the girl right out of the picture. He cleverly told him that now he just needs to find a girl who’s willing to wear this dress and stand next to him, instead of the girl he had just insulted.

A tough battle

This guy took a picture with a goose, and thought it would be funny for some reason, if it looked like he was fighting the goose.

But when he asked James to Photoshop the picture, he didn’t really take under account that he might end up on the losing end of that battle. Next thing he knew, he found himself with his head in the ground, and the goose had taken over the entire picture!


It seems that everyone wants to look like they’re part of some action film. When this guy asked James to make him look like he was jumping away from something, he was probably thinking about an explosion or something of the sort.

We’re pretty sure he didn’t expect the realistic direction this picture got. In real life, the most terrifying thing you will probably ever run away from is responsibilities – an explosion, not so much.

Strings attached

This picture shows just how important people’s choice of words really is, especially when it comes to Photoshop requests.

This young man wanted it to look like his head is more attached to his body, because it turned out a little weird in the original picture. James took that very literally, and attached the boy’s head straight to his arm. Now that his head is “attached” to his body, he can show off this picture to everyone.

So strong

People often take pictures of themselves, wanting to look like they’re holding things in the background. It may be silly, but it can sometimes make for some epic pictures. Who wouldn’t want to hold up the Hollywood sign, for instance?

This girl just wanted to look like she was holding the mountain. But instead of relocating the mountains, James relocated her arm to appear much lower on her torso. Now she’s holding the mountain, but she might want to see a doctor about that hand coming out of her stomach.

Just what she asked for

We have to admit this play on words is pretty brilliant. This girl had only one request – to make her posterior side look much more on the Kardashian side. She just wanted it bigger!

Instead of getting what she wanted, James merely placed a donkey behind her, which is pretty darn hilarious. We think it makes for a much more interesting picture, and we’re also adamant on the fact that this girl looks perfect just the way she is.

Keeping him company

You can say what you like about James, but he does give people exactly what they ask for. This man asked to add a pretty woman in the seat next to him, and he got exactly that.

He got a poster of the bikini-clad Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, pinned to the seat next to him. It might not be a real woman next to him, but this poster of Pamela has probably kept many guys company on lonely evenings.

Pet me in a Bugatti

We get it. We’ve all told our friends things that weren’t exactly true, to seem like we have something to boast about. But we never really went as far as telling them we have a Bugatti.

This guy has, and then realized his friends would want to see a picture as proof. So he asked James to put him in a Bugatti, only he said “pet me”. We don’t really need to explain why he ended up as a dog being pet by a hand inside a Bugatti, right?

Looking profesh

There’s always that one guy in weddings who takes it too far, has a little too much to drink, and ends up ruining the wedding pictures.

This pissed off groom asked James to do something about his friend Jim, who was kicking it a little too much on the dance floor, and so James did. He put camera equipment all over him and made him look like a camera man. We have to admit, it looks so much better now!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Looking childish can be annoying. People look down at you and disrespect you, just because you don’t really look like an adult. This poor guy just wanted what Aretha Franklin has been singing about for years – he wanted respect.

Most of all, he wanted to look more like an adult. And what’s more adult than losing your hair? Once James gave him a balding head, no one would ever think of him as a child again. Problem solved!

Wear sunscreen

When you’re out in the sun, it’s very important to protect your skin. The sun can really damage your skin and potentially cause harm.

But other than that, you might end up looking like these two – a little more red than you wanted to look. This couple got sunburnt and wanted James to edit it out of their picture. So he gave them what they should have gotten in the first place. Some sunscreen to protect their faces from the sun.

One direction, two direction

Some people have the weirdest requests. These guys needed someone to fix their eyes, so they wouldn’t face the same direction. Why they didn’t want to look like they were gazing the same way?

Who knows? But James had the perfect fix for these two. He simply made their eyes face different directions altogether, making them extremely crosseyed. Well, at least they’re not staring in the same direction anymore. Is it better now? Only they can say.

No phone, no selfie

This guy looked at himself in the mirror, and thought he was looking so incredibly snazzy, he just had to take a selfie. But you don’t always want people to know you took your own picture (that’s what selfie sticks are there for, right?).

So he asked James to make the phone elegantly disappear from his photo. But he not only took the phone out, he always took the guy out – saying without the phone, there would be no picture. We have to admit he has a point!

Up and away

People will do extraordinary things to get a cool picture. These girls were trying for that “we’re jumping off the ground all at once” kind of picture, but one girl just didn’t play her part.

Instead of going back to the beach and trying again, they decided to ask for Photoshop help from James, who was happy to help. He put a trampoline beneath the girl to make her bounce off the ground, but she accidentally bounced way too high.


This guy sent a picture and told James to do whatever he wanted. This is where it gets interesting, because we get to see how James’ creativity works when he doesn’t have any instructions to work with, and he certainly delivers.

He flipped the image, so instead of having a guy wearing a shirt with a girl’s image on it, the girl in the picture is the subject of the photo, and she’s wearing a shirt with the guy who sent the picture on it. Clever indeed!

Looks delicious

These lovely girls, whom we assume were part of a wedding party, took this beautiful picture framed by a rustic looking window frame.

What otherwise would be an epic wedding picture, was a little bit ruined by a bald guy’s head popping up at the bottom. So the girls asked James to make the head go away. But instead of removing it altogether, he turned the head into an ice cream cone for some reason, and it’s hilarious.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

As we’ve said before, people will do anything in order to get an amazing picture of themselves. This guy asked James to make the waterfall seem bigger in the background, so he gave him what we wished for.

Now the waterfall is both bigger and closer – so close it actually covers the whole guy in streaming water. We personally think there’s nothing wrong with the original picture, but the photoshopped one is so much better!

Shake it off

This might be the sweetest picture yet. These girls took a picture together and wanted to add their idol, country pop singer Taylor Swift, into their picture.

They’re so lucky to be teenagers in an age where it’s possible to add your favorite celebrity into your pictures. However, they didn’t really specify where they wanted Taylor in the picture, so they ended up getting just her legs in high heels, standing in front of them.

Mirror mirror

Teenage girls can sometimes have the strangest arguments with one another. The girl on the left actually got mad at her friend in the middle for looking at the other friend instead of her.

Oh, the betrayal! To appease the jealous friend, this girl asked James to make it look like she was looking at the right girl. So he just put a mirror there, to reflect her image and make sure she’s looking the right way! Not quite what they asked for, but effective still.


It seems that if you make a simple enough request, there wouldn’t be any room for trolling you, right? Apparently not. This guy had one simple request – polish the picture to make it more appealing.

Sounds straight forward enough, but James decided to have some fun with it. Instead of polishing the picture, he simply made the picture look Polish, as in something from the country Poland. And the most hilarious thing about it? He even translated the caption into Polish!

Hands are essential

This beautiful girl took a picture of herself but felt her hand was in the way. So she turned to James and requested him to remove her hand from her face (which we’re not even sure is possible) using Photoshop.

Since she asked to remove her own hand, James saw a potential teaching moment and told her she might just need her hand for some things… like hanging onto poles inside a crowded bus, for example.

Hollywood sign

It’s always exciting to take a picture of yourself in front of the Hollywood sign. It’s one of the best things a tourist could do – especially if you’re pretending to hold it.

This girl took a picture in front of the sign, but felt like it wasn’t close enough. So she asked James to move the sign closer, and of course – he complied. He just put it a little bit too close than she had expected.

Help, dinosaurs!

People will generally do anything for a cool picture, and what could be cooler than pretending to be on the set of cult dinosaur movie Jurassic Park? Since the backdrop looked like it belonged on the set, they thought – why not throw in some dinosaurs in the background?

Perhaps they shouldn’t have asked James to do it, though, because he decided to just give them dinosaur costumes instead. We have to say the end result isn’t bad, though! Looks like Jurassic Park to us.

Not as romantic

When you take a romantic picture like this one, you want it to last a lifetime. You can look back on it decades later, show it to your children and grandchildren, and remember how wonderful your relationship was at the beginning.

But this couple wanted to tweak their picture just a little bit to make it absolutely perfect. They didn’t want it to look like they were sitting on the edge the bench, so he just moved the woman to the right side – and away from her spouse.

Up in space

We almost feel sorry for this girl, who asked James to Photoshop her into space. She did say it was her dream, and who among us doesn’t dream of going to space one day?

But James couldn’t help himself and photoshopped her into space… that is, the space key of a keyboard. Maybe she should have been more specific about what kind of “space” she intended when she made the request (like many of the people on this list, really).


Poor Oleg! He just wanted to find his other half, and thought it would be nice to do so on the Titanic. We’re pretty sure that’s a bad idea, because the Titanic might not have been the most ideal of places to meet your future wife.

But since he said he was “hungry for love,” James thought it would be nice to put him in a different kind of Titanic – Titanic cafe, where they’re serving food all day long! We hope Oleg finds his special someone, wherever he is.

Meet Ariel

Many girls want to be mermaids when they’re kids, especially after watching The Little Mermaid. Who doesn’t want to be like Ariel, the red-headed rebellious mermaid? Well, Ariel didn’t, because all she wanted was legs.

But either way, this lovely girl wanted to become a mermaid, and wore a beautiful crop-top and skirt set to make it work for the picture. However, James thought it would be funnier to make her into an actual fish at the supermarket instead. We hope she doesn’t get fried!

Find the differences

Many people ask James to do whatever he likes with their photos, wanting to see what funny thing he’ll do next. So when these guys sent in their picture and told him “anything works” he got super creative about it.

He changed 13 little things in the picture and made a find-the-differences game out of it! It takes some time and effort, and we only really found five, so these guys must have spent hours to find all 13!

An act of kindness

James is definitely funny, and has successfully trolled hundreds of people. But every now and then, when people send the Photoshop master requests, they are met with nothing but kindness.

When people ask him to make one of their flaws disappear, he tells them that flaws are what makes them beautiful, and they should accept themselves for who they are. This girl has a skin condition called vitiligo, and wanted James to remove the spots, but instead – he chose to boost her confidence. We need more people like that!