People who went too far at all you can eat restaurants

We hope you’re hungry

The best thing about an all-you-can-eat buffet is that it’s not telling any lies. There aren’t any limits. There aren’t any restrictions. You really can eat anything you want – and this person went to town with that kinda power under their belt.

While they tried to keep things sophisticated with a fully-loaded burger complete with all of the trimmings, they couldn’t help but grab another plate and fill it up with their favorite things. While we can’t actually tell what this mish-mash of food is, it’s making us pretty darn hungry.

A steak in the game

If you’re the kind of person that loves a good ol’ steak, there’s a high chance that you would love to sink your teeth into this hunk of meat. While most of us are used to eating 8-ounce steaks that are slathered in butter and cooked to perfection, you might not want to eat for a week if you’re planning on eating this particular steak.

As you can tell, it’s pretty big, and it actually weighs in at a whopping 72-ounces! Do you think you could take on this steak challenge?

A big ol’ burger

You might recognize the man on the left, because that’s Adam Richman – the man behind the legendary television show, Man vs. Food! Over the course of his career, Adam has made it his mission to travel the length and breadth of the United States to take on some of the most insane eating challenges around.

This is one of his most intense challenges to date because that is a big ol’ burger designed for one person. However, we do think you’d have to be some kind of monster to complete this challenge…

That’s pretty sweet

We love a dessert as much as the next person, and we kinda wish we had a second stomach specifically designed to hold all of the sweet stuff that we wish to pile into our bodies. We’re used to having normal sized desserts that give us just the right amount of sweetness and finish off any meal – but we definitely think we could take on this challenge.

This incredible ice cream sundae is chock-full of ice cream, whipped cream, brownie, chocolate sauce, and it looks truly scrumptious. We’ll take ten.

A bit of everything

This man looks pretty darn proud of himself, and it’s easy to see why. At this particular all-you-can-eat buffet, he decided to take a giant wooden plank along to the hot plates to ensure that he got his money’s worth. It’s fair to say that he has done just that because we can barely see the board underneath all of that foody goodness.

We’re going to have to play a game of spot-the-food with this one because we can see a burger, fries, sausage, pulled pork, beans, and bacon. What else can you see?

Getting stuck in

If we had that plate of food in front of us, we’d be smiling as wide as this woman as well. While the giant pile of fries may be daunting enough as it is, she has then topped off the whole meal with a giant burger complete with countless rashers of crispy bacon.

Anyone else salivating like Homer Simpson right now? Because we are. We don’t blame her for using her cutlery for this beast of a meal, because we doubt she can even get her hands around that burger.

A pizza my heart

Ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet and taken a slice from the giant pizzas that they lay out for their customers? Well, this man seems to have not got the memo that you normally just take a slice or two, because he’s decided to just take the whole thing and give it a go.

It’s actually a pretty smart idea because he has been able to have a little taster of three different styles of pizza in one – and that really is what dreams are made of. It’s no wonder he has a giant smile on his face. It’s proper cheesy.

Clowning around

While we have no idea what this Ronald McDonald knock-off is doing in this photograph, we understand why he looks so overwhelmed by the sight in front of him. When you see a bun that big, you know it’s a big deal. Yet, it’s when you look beyond the bun that things start getting even more overwhelming.

As you take in each layer of filling, you soon realize that everything has meshed together into one giant filling. There’s cheese,sausage, onions, and goodness knows what else.

Holy burrito

We love a burrito as much as the next person, but this seems a little extravagant in our opinion. I mean, we would definitely give this a go – but we have a feeling that we would be full after just a few mouthfuls. Just by looking at this dish, you can tell that the burrito is overflowing with filling.

There is cheese everywhere, the meat is spilling out, and the juice has formed some kind of moat around the burrito castle. It’s intense, and we’d love to know how this person got on.

A roast challenge

This woman earns her money as a professional food blogger, and she makes her way around the United Kingdom taking on challenge after challenge – not unlike Adam Richman. On this particular occasion, she decided to take on the largest roast dinner in the UK.

As a staple dish of the country, she was used to sinking her teeth into the roast beef, the vegetables, the roast potatoes, and the Yorkshire puddings, and the smile on her face shows that she was looking forward to the challenge…

Going to town

One of the greatest decisions you have to make when you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet is what kind of food you want to put on your plate. With so many delicious looking options in front of you, it can often be impossible to knock it down to just a few items.

This man obviously couldn’t deal with that struggle, so he decided to just go with everything and work his way through. This Chinese feast looks like a one of dreams, although we feel as though he needs another ten people to help him out with it.

An Italian feast

You just can’t go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs, and this restaurant obviously realized that people would travel from far and wide to taste their special sauce. Because of this, they wanted to make it worth their while – and this incredible dish rose from the ashes.

Not only is that just a humongous amount of spaghetti, but the giant meatball on top is probably the equivalent of 20 smaller ones. Nevertheless, we reckon we could complete this challenge in a record amount of time, and we could definitely do so without any help.

Close to the edge

It’s always a good day when you find an all-you-can-eat ramen joint, but it’s fair to say that these people went a little overboard. Quite literally. Because they were all about the ramen hype, they knew that they had to fill up as many bowls as they could with the delicious broth.

They did just that, but they didn’t know when to stop. The result is six bowls of spilled ramen that looks both appetising and unappetizing at the same time. We still wouldn’t say no to this buffet experience.

Big bowl of Pho

If you’ve ever had Pho Noodle Soup, you’ll know that it’s pretty darn delicious. It’s warming, it’s spicy, and it’s full of delicious ingredients that will make you ridiculously happy for the rest of the day. It’s no wonder that this man wanted to take part in the Pho Challenge and take on this giant bowl.

Thankfully, the restaurant decided to provide him with a giant spoon to tackle this challenge, but we have a whole heap of faith that he’ll be able to make it through the ordeal.

Noodles for everyone

When you make your way to an oriental buffet, you can always guarantee that there will be a whole host of noodles on offer. While most people tend to add a few onto their plate to have as an accompaniment to their other dishes, this person obviously went to town with their noodle options.

Yes, that really is a giant tower of noodles for one person, and that’s a definite challenge in itself. Hopefully, this person also has a giant bowl of sweet and sour sauce to give these noodles a little somethin’ somethin’ extra.

All the shrimp

If you recognize this image, it’s probably because you’ve seen the viral video that has been making the rounds on social media. This video showcases an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Bangkok, where they serve some pretty impressive shrimp.

In fact, it’s so good that customers have been physically fighting their way to the hot plates to fill up their own plates – and then the other five plates they’ve brought along for the ride. Things get pretty intense, and a few punches have been thrown in the past.

A little fishy

Yes, it seems as though people really love to go wild at the shrimp section of an all-you-can-eat buffet, because this restaurant has decided to stock up on their shellfish for the sake of their customers. While it may look like a sea of red and orange, this is actually heaven to many of the people who make their way to this buffet.

We hope you like shrimp because it’s soon going to take over the buffet world. You better prepare yourself for this seafood revolution, and you better train yourself to enjoy such delicacies.

A full English

If you’ve ever been to the UK, you’ll know that they do breakfast a little differently. They rarely have pancakes or waffles, but largely stick to their famous Full English Breakfast. With everything from sausages to bacon, to fried eggs, tomatoes, and black pudding, this breakfast food is something that Brits pride themselves on.

Amazingly, this person had such faith in their breakfast abilities that they filled their plate up with this incredible concoction. We feel as though the toast may be one step too far. Just saying.

Sharing is caring

Now, this is the kind of pizza we can get behind. Whatever your thoughts on square pizzas, you can’t deny that this doesn’t look delicious. With four different cheesy segments, this pizza is perfect for sharing – which is why these guys decided to fill their boots and have a lads day.

Although they have taken on a hefty challenge, we feel as though they may need to call some of their friends to finish this pizza off. Six men just doesn’t seem enough to devour such a monstrosity, and we will happily lend our services if need be.

Orange is best

You can tell a lot about food by its color, and orange food is always the best. It’s a fact. Pizza is orange, fries are orange, and a huge portion of Chinese food is orange. This person obviously had a craving for chicken balls when they attended their local all-you-can-eat buffet because they decided to fill up their plate with all of the orange food they could fit.

From the rice to the spring roll, to the sweet and sour sauce, this is just making us extremely hungry.

One mouthful at a time

Supersized food is becoming a trend, and we can definitely get behind it. On this occasion, this woman decided that she didn’t just want a normal size burrito. After all, you’ve gotta go hard or go home, right? She wanted to push her stomach to the limit, and that’s exactly what she did with gusto.

From the sauce that’s oozing out of the tortilla, to the cheese that is slowly but surely melting over the filling, we think that we could just inhale this burrito in seconds and it would be gone in an instant.

Donut worry about it

We love donuts so much we would definitely be able to devour this huge donut every single day for the rest of our lives. To show you just how huge this donut really is, this person has kindly placed a normal donut on top of it – and it’s pretty darn huge.

As if the size of it wasn’t enough, this donut is also boasting an impressive looking glaze all over it. While we can’t actually reach out and grab this food, we really wish that was possible right now.

The meat sweats

Although we are extremely hungry right now, this sandwich is a little intimidating. Of course, we love subs, we love cheese, we love meat, and we even like peppers. However, the tower of food that is standing in the center of this sandwich is making us a little uncomfortable – because there is just so much of it!

We feel as though we’re getting the meat sweats just from looking at it, and we can’t understand how anyone could fit that in their stomach…

A hunk of meat

You can’t go to an all-you-can-eat buffet without tasting a little bit of everything, and this person certainly did that. After lumping a giant hunk of meat onto their plate, they decided to add a few sumptuous sides into the mix.

They’ve got the fried bread; they’ve got the baked potato and cream cheese; they’ve got corn; they’ve got a little salad; and then they’ve rounded everything off with a giant ice-cream sundae. This is our kind of meal, and we’d like one right now, please.