Paige Spiranac’s most daring Instagram photos

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Social media has been a big part of our lives for years now, since the beginning of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Whether we’re posting our inner thoughts to share with our friends, uploading pictures from our everyday lives, or looking through other people’s accounts to see what other people are doing – we do it on a day to day basis, as part of our routine.

Instagram in particular has become a place where we can follow other people for inspiration, not just received by the beautiful pictures they post, but also by their lifestyles and everyday activities. Some Instagram accounts gain a huge following and become so popular, millions of people look through them every day.


Golf player Paige Spiranac never expected her Instagram page to become quite as popular as it did, but it gained fans extremely fast and is now standing on 1.4 million followers. Now standing alongside famous golfers such as Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, which opened up many opportunities for her professionally.

But even though she became a social media influencer, many people have questioned her actual contribution to golf, and judged her for some of the more risqué pictures she’s posted online, claiming outfits like shorts skirts and plunging necklines don’t shine a positive light nor add respect on female golfers.

Paige insists on sending out a message against this kind of shaming, encouraging people to love their bodies and wear whatever they feel comfortable in. But what were some of these pictures that had people criticizing the beautiful golfer? Let’s take a look.

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Practice makes perfect

Being a talented golfer isn’t always enough to achieve success in this highly competitive field. Everyone knows that in order to truly succeed in anything, one of the most important things is to practice, practice, practice. In this Instagram shot, Paige is on her way to practice those swings in a very sporty getup. Paige says she loves the thrill of heading to the golf course, because you never know whether you’re going to have the game of your life or having a bad game and consoling yourself over a pint of ice cream “because golf is the hardest game ever.” Whether she had a good game or not, Paige looks great in this picture.

At home

Everyone needs some down time in order to relax from their hectic routines – especially athletes, who go through heavy training sessions, weary practice routines, and exhausting matches. In this picture, Paige is winding down at home on the couch with a fuzzy blanket that’s great for cuddling in. She writes, “Lazy nights in are the best kinda nights. Give me a movie and snacks and I’m one happy camper.” And we have to admit that smile on her face proves that home is the coziest place of all, even when you’re a gold player and love hanging out outside in the sun. After all, what’s better than chilling at home?

Getting ready

It’s always fun getting ready to go out and have some fun, and taking snaps of your complete look is just part of the experience. The golfer definitely cleans up well (and by well, we mean amazingly). She looks stunning in this snug, grey off shoulder dress, which shows off her beautiful features. Along with the hair slicked to the side and the smokey makeup, this girl is ready for a night out on the town.


A playful side

One of the best parts of having an Instagram account is just taking playful pictures of yourself at home, when you’re at your most comfortable and natural. This is where we can truly be ourselves and express it by snapping pictures for our Instagram followers to see a different and more laid back side of us. Paige is showing her followers her playful side while modeling this golfing t-shirt in the mirror of her bathroom.

On the course

One of the things Paige has been taking criticism for, is wearing revealing outfits out on the golf course. Some say that it supposedly “cheapens” the idea of golf, but we think Paige is looking great, and it seems that she’s also feeling great out there. Just because her neckline is lower and her skirt is shorter than those usually worn by ladies on the golf course, doesn’t take away from her game, or her talent.

Getting sporty

Paige is showing off the new sports attire she received from Chive Golf Polos and Gear, wearing a revealing tank top, a pair of short shorts, and golf socks. One thing’s for sure, if she stepped out on the golfing course wearing this, the other players might have a hard time concentrating. We’re pretty sure this outfit isn’t meant for the course, but Paige never shies away from exchanging that traditional polo shirt for much trendier attire.

Relaxing in bed

A lot of us like to read something in bed, whether it’s a book, a magazine, or even a comic book. But few of us do it while looking as good as Paige Spiranac does. Paige is sharing her love of comics with her fans, while cozying up in bed in a cherry red bralette and a bunch of blankets. We’re sure many of her fans would love to keep her company while she’s reading those comics.

In with the new

Paige is saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 in this breezy white dress, which she wore on several of her Instagram posts. This dress definitely shows off the golf player’s long legs, especially when paired with this pair of high heeled sandals. Paige actually told her Instagram followers that she had bought these shoes to try and cover up the fact that her feet are the only part of her legs that isn’t tanned, since she’s out on the golf course wearing socks.

Keeping the fitness

When she’s not golfing, Paige is often busy engaging in other forms of exercise, to keep herself fit and in shape. Paige is looking fierce on her way to an outdoor workout, with fashionable sportswear and beautifully braided hair. The golfer and social media influencer is also holding a skipping rope around her neck, which can be a great cardio workout for those who like it. But whatever workout she’s doing, we’ll be willing to follow her fitness routine in order to look like that!

Santa’s little helper

It’s always exciting when that time of the year comes around, and it’s time for decorating the tree, wrapping the presents, and spending some time at home with your family and friends. Paige is looking excited as well, all ready for Christmas in her green sweater, Santa hat, and matching red lipstick. We think she looks absolutely adorable wearing it, and her smile is already spreading that Christmas joy to all of her Instagram followers.

Geek chic

Paige is getting her geek on in this picture. She’s wearing jeans and an Iron Man top, showing off her love to the superhero franchise. The beautiful golfer is a self proclaimed geek, and she’s not afraid to show it. But let’s face it, not even an Iron Man top can make this girl look like a nerd – and we’re pretty sure not even a full Iron Man suit wouldn’t make her look like a nerd.


Another big part of owning an Instagram page, is uploading pictures from your recent holiday. Everyone loves vacationing, and when you can’t go on a vacation yourself, it can be fun to look at other people having fun on their vacations (and of course, get jealous). Paige is making us particularly envious by looking stunning in this yellow wrap maxi dress, with trees in the backdrop. She looks totally relaxed and ready to have some vacation fun!

Christmas time

As a child (and sometimes as an adult) there is nothing more exciting about Christmas than getting to open all of your presents on Christmas morning. After having stared at your presents and trying to guess what’s inside all evening, Christmas morning is when you finally get to sit by the tree and see what Santa (well, your relatives) brought you for the special holiday. In this picture, Paige, wearing some plaid pajamas, is looking particularly exciting doing so.

All white

When you’re doing as much exercise as Paige Spiranac does, training for her career as a golf player, you need as many outfits for working out as possible! Paige definitely loves showing off some of her workout attire to her Instagram fans, and this is another example of that. This time the athlete is wearing a white tank top and a pair of white gym shorts with slits on the sides. And we have to give it to her, even when working out, her hair and makeup are always flawless.

Gym time

Working out outdoors can be fun, but it’s also important to keep up with your gym action when you’re a golfer. Those arms won’t be strong enough for those powerful swings if you don’t lift some weights on a regular basis, right? In this Instagram picture, Paige is making working out seem so easy and effortless. Her hair and makeup are flawless – it doesn’t even look like she’s breaking a sweat. One thing’s for sure, not everyone could look this graceful in the gym.

Wonder Woman

We don’t know if she meant to or not, but in this picture Paige is totally channeling Wonder Woman in this picture, while getting ready for the U.S. Open golfing competition. She looks absolutely beautiful in this red strapless top and short blue jeans that remind us of the beloved superhero. And we think anyone who can keep a successful career while maintaining nearly 1.5 million followers on social media, is definitely a Woman Woman.

Puppy love

Paige took this photo of herself along with her puppy, Niko, riding together in her car, to show her Instagram followers how much she loves the sweet pup she’s adopted. The beauty adopted the Australian cattle mix dog in April 2017 when he was only 7 weeks old, and completely fell in love with him. “Love this pup more than anything!” she wrote on her Instagram page. We think this dynamic duo is totally adorable!

Looking elegant

In this picture, Paige is showing her Instagram followers her more feminine side. Wearing a head band and letting her hair down, wearing delicate makeup and a dress that shows just a little bit of side cleavage – the golf player looks like a model between the pages of a fashion magazine. With this elegant yet flirty outfit, she’s all ready to have some fun in the sun, looking lovely on what seems like a summery day.

Valentine’s Day

Paige is looking perky and extra flirty, wearing this pink top especially for Valentine’s Day. The golf player went for a romantic look for the occasion, matching her pink lipstick to her outfit. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” she wrote to all of her Instagram fans, “I think I’m mostly excited that all those heart shaped boxed chocolates go on sale tomorrow.” We love this girl’s sense of humor, as well as her love for heart-shaped chocolates.

Surf’s up

Having some friend time – hanging out and taking some Instagram selfies – is important and can be a lot of fun, especially when one of these friends just happens to be professional surfer Anastasia Ashley, who has quite a bit of Instagram followers of herself. Paige captioned this picture of the two gorgeous and lovely girls, saying she was excited to receive surfing lessons from Anastasia, and we wouldn’t mind joining in on those lessons either!

Ready for summer

Some outfits just scream the word “summer”, and this is definitely one of them. Paige is giving off major summer vibes in this flowery orange sun dress, and her blonde hair in two sweet braids. “Over 100 degrees in Arizona today!” the golfer writes. “Ready for summer, not ready for the Arizona heat.” We’re pretty sure that looking like that only serves to raise the temperatures! But all kidding aside, Paige looks great and pulling off that orange color amazingly.

Pulling off the golfing look

A lot of people play golf professionally, and are pretty great at it. But it’s a whole other talent to not only play well, but also look incredible while you’re doing it. Paige Spiranac is one athlete who knows how to impress us not only on the gold course during competitions, but also by how fashionable she dresses and how gorgeous she looks in every outfit. Having the looks as well as the talents is one of this girl’s many advantages.

Natural beauty

Paige is showing off her naturally beautiful features in this picture, with that flowing blonde hair and those stunning, piercing blue eyes. Taking selfies to post on Instagram is fun, but it’s probably a lot more fun when you’re as photogenic as Paige Spiranac is! The talented golfer is wearing a pink-beige top with some deep cut cleavage, and giving off an especially sweet and romantic charm with her natural makeup and wavy hair style.


The golf player is looking like a model in this picture as well, standing in front of a wall and smizing at the camera like she’s been given lessons from Tyra herself. Wearing a white body suit that shows off her back, along with cream colored lace shorts, Paige looks summer vacation ready (and also kind of matches the wall with her shorts). Looking at this picture, it’s not difficult to see that the golfer has certainly been blessed with an amazing figure.

Beach ready

In this particular Instagram post, Paige is showing off her fun and flirty side in this pale pink bathing suit, along with a red short beach sarong. The color of the suit perfectly matches her complexion, and her bouncy pony tail adds to this fun look. The golf player is totally ready to hit the beach and catch some sun in this cute getup, and we think she looks absolutely gorgeous in her beach style.

Pretty in pink

We all know that half the fun of working out when you’re a girl, is getting to pick out a sports outfit for the gym. There are so many cute outfits you can wear while engaging in the tedious task of doing exercise, that it makes the whole thing seem more bearable. This working out set that Paige is wearing is particularly fun – the grey and pink sports bra and pink leggings match perfectly and make for an awesome gym outfit.

Good hair, don’t care

Have you ever had such a good hair day, that you had to let the whole world know about it? We suspect this is the case here for Paige, whose hair always looks great, but in this picture looks absolutely gorgeous. Paige donned quite a revealing crop top decorated with flowers and some short shorts. You can tell she’s feeling super confident and ready for a day of having fun, and we love that fun attitude.

Cold shoulder

Paige is giving her Instagram followers the cold shoulder in her off shoulder light sweater dress, and a particularly wavy hairdo. While not exactly the right outfit for training on the golf course, she seems comfortable enough wearing it out in the nature. Although most of her pictures are playful and flirty, this time Paige is showing a more serious side of herself – but the talented golfer looks just as lovely as she always does.

Great abs

Many of us like taking pictures of ourselves in front of the mirror. It can be a lot of fun – you take a few snaps, pick the best one and upload it to your social media account to hopefully give something interesting for your followers to see. And if we had the abs that Paige Spiranac does, we would probably post pictures of it all day, every day! All those workouts and training is definitely working out for this golfer.

Sports Illustrated

Earlier this year, Paige did a photo shoot for one of the biggest and most well known sports magazines out there – Sports Illustrated. By doing so, she not only made it to where many athletes dream of getting, but also received inspiration regarding her self confidence and female power. “Different women feel empowered in different ways. After this experience, I’ve never felt so comfortable and confident in my own skin. I feel empowered,” she wrote, telling her followers to do whatever is necessary to feel empowered themselves.