The ladies of A Nightmare on Elm Street are still dreamy

Along with Friday the 13th and Halloween, the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is a pillar of horror filmmaking. With seven films in the series – not to mention the crossover with Friday the 13th named Freddy vs. Jason and the 2010 remake – it’s one of the most impactful horror stories ever woven, and is especially spine-tingling.

The basic premise of all films is always the same – teens are plagued by nightmares in which they are haunted by a ghostly killer named Freddy Krueger, only to find out that when they die in the dream, they die in real life as well.

A lot of horror movies go for the low-hanging fruit of shock value and jump scares. While the Nightmare series wasn’t completely innocent of that practice, it was singular in the subtext it always carried. Freddy was our subconscious mind preying on us, and his attacks symbolize the sway it holds on us even in our waking hours.The films were notable for another reason as well. Many horror franchises are equal-opportunity slayers, but the protagonists – if there even are any – are usually male. Nightmare – and to a lesser extent, Halloween – always featured a female lead, or at least a female who ended up saving the day.

From the 1984 original film to its 2010 remake, women were never reduced to being just victims, and always stood up for themselves. Read on to find out what the women of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series have been doing since waking up for the final time.

Amanda Wyss as Tina Gray

Wyss was discovered doing local theater in the Los Angeles area, and went on to be cast in several television shows and movies, the most notable of which was 1982 classic teen comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High, where she played Lisa, who breaks up with Judge Reinhold’s Brad. She was the one hurting on Elm Street, however, as the audience is led to believe she’s the film’s protagonist, only for her to be killed by Freddy in the franchise’s first on-screen death. Not only that, but she got vertigo from her death scene’s spinning room.

Amanda Wyss – Now

The actress then went on to appear in Western Silverado as Phoebe, love interest for Kevin Costner’s character, and Better Off Dead, in which she sets the movie’s plot in motion by breaking up with boyfriend John Cusack. Noticing a theme yet? Television beckoned after that, with guest spots on St. Elsewhere, Cheers, and three episodes of Cagney & Lacey. Like Langenkamp, she also appeared on JAG. More recently, she had a recurring role on the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, starred on short-lived crime show Murder in the First, and occasionally ventures back into horror.

Ronee Blakley as Marge Thompson

Appearing as Nancy’s mom in the first film was Ronee Blakley. Marge was part of the group of parents who killed Freddy while he was still human, and later becomes his fourth and final victim in the first movie. Blakley was a seasoned actress by the time she appeared in Nightmare, having starred in Robert Altman’s Nashville in 1975, where she played popular country music star Barbara and sang all her own songs – a role for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. That wasn’t a stretch – she was actually a singer, releasing two studio albums.

Ronee Blakley – Now

A year after Nightmare was released, Blakley produced, wrote, starred in, and directed her own feature music documentary, called I Played It for You, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival and later played at several more festivals. She appeared in a handful of movies more, including horror sequel A Return to Salem’s Lot, but retired from acting in 1990. In 2012, Blakley made her first foray back into movies with the release of experimental drama Of One Blood, which she wrote, directed and produced. The movie also starred her daughter, Sarah Blakley-Cartwright.

Kim Myers as Lisa Webber

The second movie focused on a new group of teenagers, and a new protagonist – teenage boy Jesse. In truth, it might be argued the film’s true hero was actually a heroine: Jesse’s girlfriend Lisa, played by Kim Myers. Case for the prosecution: when Jesse gets possessed by Freddy, he’s saved by Lisa, who confronts the evil force head-on alone and defeats it – with the power of love. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge was actually not only Myers’ big screen début, but her acting début in general.

Kim Myers – Now

Like many of the scream queens on this list, Myers also stayed within the genre, appearing in another horror franchise sequel: 1996’s Hellraiser: Bloodline. She also had a handful of television guests spots on shows such as L.A. Law, The Pretender, Six Feet Under, and – you guessed it – JAG. She also participated in documentaries about the Nightmare series, the most recent of which will come out sometime this year. She is married to Eric Small, a television and film producer, writer, and director.

Sydney Walsh as Kerry Hellman

Kerry was part of the second group of friends that Freddy goes after, and she actually makes it to the end of the movie… sort of. In the film’s twist ending, Jesse and Lisa take the bus to school along with Kerry when Jesse notices the bus is going a little too fast. Just when it seems like his fears were unfounded, Freddy’s hand bursts through Kerry’s abdomen, sending the audience home with his disembodied laugh playing in the background. The movie was Walsh’s second ever role, after an appearance in the new version of The Twilight Zone.

Sydney Walsh – Now

Walsh went on to have a long and prolific career in entertainment, racking up more than 80 credits to her name, most of them in television – though sadly none in JAG. She did have guests stints on T. J. Hooker, Who’s the Boss?, and Murder, She Wrote, and recurring roles on soaps Melrose Place and The Young and the Restless. Her most substantial role came in Hooperman, in which she played a patrol officer intent on wooing her partner despite the fact he was not into women. The show was notable for coining the term “dramedy,” for a comedy-drama.

Christie Clark as Angela Walsh

Another actress making her big screen premiere was Christie Clark, who played Jesse’s sister Angela. Despite this being a small role for the young actress, she was quite memorable as Jesse’s worried little sister, who grows increasingly agitated as her brother slowly descends into possession by Freddy. In one memorable scene, she pulls a prize of Freddy-like fingers from a box of Fu Man Chews cereal, and also performs the unnerving “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” nursery rhyme for the first time in the franchise by jumping rope. In her bedroom. In the dark.

Christie Clark – Now

While not a scream queen per se, Clark did participate in another horror sequel – 1994’s Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice. Her biggest claim to fame, however, came on the small screen. She appeared in one episode of soap opera General Hospital, and in quite a few episodes more of Days of Our Lives. How many more? 465, to be exact. Originating the role of Carrie Brady in 1986 when she was just a teenager, Clark has been appearing on the show – off and on – ever since, in episodes aired as recently as February, 2018.

Patricia Arquette as Kristen Parker

In 1987’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Heather Langenkamp returned as Nancy, who has begun working in a mental asylum in which several of the surviving Elm Street children have been hospitalized. One of those children is Kristen, played by Patricia Arquette in her first cinematic role. A member of the Arquette acting family – which includes siblings Rosanna and David – Patricia’s Kristen discovers she has the power to draw others into her dreams. She does just that, and forms the posse of Dream Warriors to vanquish Freddy. They seemingly succeed, but it costs Nancy her life.

Patricia Arquette – Now

Arquette went on to star in True Romance and Ed Wood, among other movies, before appearing in the universally acclaimed Boyhood, Richard Linklater’s ambitious coming-of-age movie, filmed from 2002 to 2014, for which she was an Academy Award. Arquette also won an Emmy Award for her portrayal of real-life medium Allison DuBois on the series Medium. She also had a successful turn as FBI Deputy Director Avery Ryan on the final show in the CSI franchise, CSI: Cyber. She has been married twice – to actors Nicolas Cage and Thomas Jane – and has two children.

Tuesday Knight as Kristen Parker

The role of Kristen was recast in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, with Patricia Arquette declining to reprise the role. She was replaced by Knight, who was making her – you guessed it – big screen debut, after guest spots on General Hospital and The Facts of Life, among others. Knight was also a singer, releasing self-titled album “Tuesday Knight” in 1987, and cult hit Nightmare, which played in Nightmare on Elm Street 4’s opening. In the film, she battles Freddy again, only this time he has the upper hand, throwing her into a raging furnace.

Tuesday Knight – Now

Knight still acts, and was busy throughout the 1990s, appearing in guest spots on Profiler and The X-Files while starring in short lived soap opera 2000 Malibu Road and equally short lived police drama Sunset Beat. She also appeared as herself in 1994’s New Nightmare, a meta-sequel taking place in the real world where Langenkamp, Wes Craven and Freddy actor Robert Englund all appear as themselves. She’s also a jewelry designer, opening a brand called ToeBrights along with co-star Lisa Wilcox, and her own line called Tuesday’s Hip Vintage, worn by Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and many others.

Lisa Wilcox as Alice Johnson

Speaking of Lisa Wilcox, she appeared alongside Knight in Nightmare 4 as Alice Johnson, and again in the next film in the series, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Alice is the aforementioned Dream Master, with the power of controlling good dreams, which she inherited from Kristen. She’s the only heroine to face Freddy twice, and survive, defeating him in the much darker fifth entry with help from the spirit of his mother, Amanda. Also a former model, Wilcox had television guest spots on Mr. Belvedere and MacGyver, and a recurring role on soap Knots Landing.

Lisa Wilcox – Now

After appearing in two successive Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, Wilcox’s status as a scream queen was forever cemented. She appeared in guests spots on television – such as Murder, She Wrote, Boy Meets World, Walker, Texas Ranger and others – but her true calling remained horror. She appeared as a nurse in Fear Clinic, a horror series about a doctor who treats phobias with… unconventional means, played by her old buddy Robert Englund. She’s done a whole host of horror films, mostly small productions, and appeared as herself in the Nightmare documentary. She now owns ToeBrights with Knight.

Katie Cassidy as Kris Fowles

In 2010, A Nightmare on Elm Street was remade, with the hopes of rebooting the entire franchise. Kicking off this new film was Kris, a teenager who suffers horrific nightmares whose boyfriend is murdered while he sleeps. She becomes fearful of sleeping herself, but ends up falling asleep – and being murdered by Freddy Krueger, revealing her to be a false protagonist. Something of a scream queen herself, Cassidy made her film debut in the 2006 horror movie When A Stranger Calls, and appeared in another horror remake, Black Christmas, before appearing the short lived Melrose Place sequel.

Katie Cassidy – Now

Not to be pigeonholed into the horror genre forever, Cassidy decided to take a different turn towards drama. She appeared in 11 episodes of the fourth season of Gossip Girl as Juliet Sharp, the arch nemesis of the show’s heroine Serena van der Woodsen, returning in the series finale. She is currently portraying Laurel Lance, better known as Black Canary, on the DC Comics show Arrow and Flash. Lance possesses the Canary Cry power, which is an ultrasonic scream. Not a stretch, considering she’s the daughter of David Cassidy, of The Partridge Family fame.

Rooney Mara as Nancy Holbrook

The true protagonist of the new movie turns out to be Nancy, named after the original film’s heroine. The social outcast waitress much prefers art to people, but eventually manages to lure Freddy from the dream world into the waking one, where she defeats him by stabbing him with a paper-cutter blade. Rooney Mara, the younger sister of House of Cards’ Kate Mara, is part of the family that founded both the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants. She made her acting debut in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Rooney Mara – Now

Mara hated the experience of doing the movie. So much, in fact, that it made her question whether she wanted to be an actress altogether. Thankfully, she reconsidered after being cast in The Social Network. Her next role was meatier – computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the American adaptation of the Swedish film, itself based on a book. She was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar – lucky she didn’t quit acting! She most recently starred in Mary Magdalene in the title role, and is still a busy actress.

Jennifer Rubin as Taryn White

Another one of the Elm Street kids, Taryn had a troubled childhood and suffered from substance abuse problems, and was later committed to the Westin Hills Asylum along with the other teens. She joins the Dream Warriors group, and undergoes a stunning transformation to a punk biker with twin switchblades. “In my dreams, I’m beautiful,” she exclaims, “and bad.” Not bad enough to ward off Freddy, sadly, who transforms his fingers to syringes and kills her. Nightmare 3 was also Rubin’s big screen debut, and she modeled for Calvin Klein and Vogue before going into acting.

Jennifer Rubin – Now

Just a year later, Rubin starred in Bad Dreams, a horror movie about a horribly burned cult leader who strikes at teens from beyond the grave… Sound familiar? The film wasn’t a success. She tried horror again with 1995’s Screamers, which became a cult hit. On television, she appeared in two horror-suspense anthology series – The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt – and in the 1995 remake of the 1955 horror classic The Wasp Woman. Most recently, she participated in a documentary about the Nightmare series. She was married to Chicago P.D. actor Elias Koteas for two years.

Heather Langenkamp as Nancy Thompson

You can’t talk about Nightmare on Elm Street without mentioning Nancy, the plucky girl-next-door in three of the franchise’s movies, played by Heather Langenkamp. She made her big screen debut in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic The Outsiders, where she was an extra. She was a star on the first Nightmare, released in 1984, playing the teen who realizes her nightmares are hiding something far more sinister. She was chosen over 200 other actresses, as she had what director Wes Craven described as a “non-Hollywood” quality.

Heather Langenkamp – Now

Being a bonafide scream queen, Langenkamp is still busy on the convention circuit, where she appears to meet and greet her fans. She also never strayed too far away from her horror roots, appearing in another of Craven’s horror movies, Shocker, as well as other entries. On television, she starred in sitcom Just the Ten of Us, and guest starred in an episode of JAG. She also played figure skater Nancy Kerrigan in a TV movie based on her life. Despite still acting, these days she mostly does prosthetic make-up for her firm, AFX Studio, co-owned with her husband.

Lin Shaye as Teacher

Playing a small but pivotal role was Lin Shaye, whose character remained nameless. She was one of Nancy’s teachers, and it’s during her class about Shakespeare that Nancy first falls asleep and meets Freddy Krueger. On a foreboding tone, the teacher opens the class by saying, “What is seen is not always what is real.” She then goes on to discuss how there might be something inherently rotten in human nature, as reflected in the Bard’s works. A student then reads a passage from Julius Caesar, and Nancy dozes off.

Lin Shaye – Now

Shaye had multiple credits dating back almost a decade prior to the first Nightmare film’s 1984 release, but what landed her the job was far more prosaic – her older brother founded New Line Cinema, which distributed the film! Despite early nepotism, Shaye became a bonafide scream queen in her own right, appearing in the cult hit Critters and its sequel, the Insidious trilogy – playing demonologist Elise Rainier – and 2001 Maniacs, alongside Robert Englund. She also stretched her comedy chops in several Farrelly brothers film such as There’s Something About Mary.

Leslie Hoffman as Hall Monitor

As Nancy falls into that fitful first dream, she follows a bloody trail across the hallway, hoping to find her friend Tina. Instead, she runs head-first into a hall monitor, portrayed by Hoffman. “Where’s your pass?” the guard demands. Nancy brushes her off brusquely and runs forward, only to be stopped again by a call of “Hey, Nancy!” As she turns around, the guard – wearing Freddy’s distinctive red sweater and knife glove and bleeding from the face – says, “No running in the hallways” as an eerie laugh rings out.

Leslie Hoffman – Now

Impressive though her performance was, Hoffman’s day job wasn’t actually acting – she was an accomplished stunt performer, having racked up almost 80 stunt-related credits across four decades. She worked on M*A*S*H and Charlie’s Angels, to name but a two shows, and also acted as a stunt double for Lainie Kazan, Doris Roberts and Laurie Metcalf. She was later the first stuntwoman elected to the Screen Actors Guild’s board of directors. She has been retired since 2002 after years of stunt work took their toll on her body.

Penelope Sudrow as Jennifer Caulfield

Nightmare 3 was chock full of teenagers for Freddy to prey on, and Jennifer was one of them. She’s one of the teens treated at the hospital due to her refusal to sleep. She practices self-harm to stay awake, but falls asleep just once. An aspiring television actress, she had perhaps one of the more notable deaths in the franchise, as a television she was watching sprouts hands and Freddy’s head. He informs her, “This is it, Jennifer: your big break in TV” before slamming her head into the screen.

Penelope Sudrow – Now

The daughter of acting nobility and actual nobility – her father Lyle Sudrow was the original star of the soap A Guiding Light while her mother was an actual Swedish noblewoman turned professional dancer – she had guest spots on The Waltons and Mama’s Family. Like many of the franchise’s other stars, she took part in the 2010 documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy in which she discussed her part in making horror history. She seemed to have retired from acting in the early 1990s.

Brooke Bundy as Elaine Parker

Appearing in both Nightmare 3 and Nightmare 4 was Brooke Bundy, who portrayed Elaine – the not-so-understanding mother to Patricia Arquette’s Kristen Parker. Elaine was part of the group of Elm Street parents who burned Freddy alive, leading him to target their children as a spectre. Throughout the course of both movies, she ignores her daughter’s pleas that she’s being hunted in her dreams. In fact, in the fourth movie, she drugs her daughter so she can sleep, which results in her eventual death at Krueger’s hands.

Brooke Bundy – Now

The veteran actress – whose career spanned thirty years from the early 1960s to the early 1990s – appeared mostly on television, with guest roles on shows too numerous to mention. Arguably her two biggest roles came on soap operas – two years on Days of Our Lives and an additional four on General Hospital – but she also appeared in such iconic television properties such as Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Charlie’s Angels, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family and many more. She is now retired. Interestingly, her daughter, Tiffany Helm, also appeared in an iconic horror sequel – Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.

Zsa Zsa Gábor as Herself

What set the Nightmare series apart was its humor. While other horror franchises such as Halloween and Friday the 13th largely largely skirted (intentional) laughs, Nightmare reveled in the humor to be mined from the macabre. Perhaps the most notable instance was the aforementioned scene of Jennifer watching television, which shows a supposed episode of The Dick Cavett Show in which he hosted the Hungarian starlet. Jennifer falls asleep, and then the esteemed Cavett transforms into Freddy, who asks “Who gives a (expletive) what you think?” before attacking Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa Gábor – deceased

Gábor wasn’t originally penciled in to appear in the film. The script called for another actress – Sally Kellerman, who played Major Margaret “Hot Lips” O’Houlihan in the film version of MASH – to appear, but Cavett was allowed to choose his own guest. He chose Gábor, as he thought she was the dumbest person he’d met in his life and he’d never have her on his show in real life. Predating stars like Paris Hilton by several decades, she was the original Hollywood socialite. She passed away in 2016, aged 99.

Brooke Theiss as Debbie Stevens

Appearing in the fourth movie as part of the ragtag group of teens was Brooke Theiss as Debbie, a tomboyish, sporty girl who’s friends with both Alice and Kristen, and acts as defender of her best friend, the bookish Sheila. Debbie remains skeptical of Freddy’s existence throughout the film, but discovers he does exist in the most unfortunate way possible – he enters her dream, and uses her fear of insects against her by transforming her into a cockroach and then crushing her in one of the series’ more disgusting moments.

Brooke Theiss – Now

Theiss made her acting debut earlier in the year of Nightmare 4’s release, appearing in a small role alongside River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier in the cult drama hit Little Nikita. Tons of television roles followed, most notably a regular role as Wendy Lubbock on ABC’s Just the Ten of Us, part of the network’s iconic TGIF sitcom lineup. Her sister on that show? A young actress named Heather Langenkamp. Another sister, JoAnn Willette, also appeared in Nightmare 2. In fact, Theiss filmed her Nightmare role in between seasons.

Toy Newkirk as Sheila Kopecky

Playing Debbie’s socially awkward best friend Sheila was Toy Newkirk. Sheila is portrayed as a genius who enjoys thinking up new inventions. Her motto – “mind over matter” – ends up becoming ironic, as Freddy appears in her classroom mid-test after she falls asleep. “Wanna suck face?” he inquires, and then proceeds to literally suck the air right out of her, leaving her a dried out husk. In the real world, she seems to be suffering from an asthma attack, which ends up killing her.

Toy Newkirk – Now

Newkirk began acting at the age of 5, appearing in a commercial for Tide, before going on to appear in guest spots on various television shows such as Diff’rent Strokes, A Different World, and Beverly Hills, 90210. She later transitioned to directing, writing and producing. In that capacity, she was involved in creating televised biographies of Vanessa Williams and Billy Joel, while also working on reality shows such as Gastineau Girls and Ingenious Minds. She later worked on the first self-branded show for online streaming service Hulu, The Morning After.

Kelly Jo Minter as Yvonne Miller

Appearing in Nightmare 5, Yvonne is Alice’s best friend, but nevertheless remains skeptical that Freddy exists. Luckily for her, she fares better than Debbie in the previous movie, as she helps Alice vanquish Freddy by releasing the body of his mother to eternal rest. Her path is not without adversity and danger, however, is she herself is attacked by Krueger, only to be saved by Alice, who rescues her from drowning in a water pit.

Kelly Jo Minter – Now

Minter appeared in numerous films prior to appearing in Nightmare 5, most notably The Lost Boys and apocalyptic thriller Miracle Mile. She appeared in two more horror movies in 1991 alone – the largely forgettable Popcorn and The People Under the Stairs, which was also written and directed by Nightmare creator Wes Craven. Various guest spots on television followed, the last of them coming in 2008. Like many of her Nightmare cast mates, she participated in the documentary about the series.

Erika Anderson as Greta Gibson

The humorous and outgoing Greta rounds out the Nightmare 5 trio of girl heroines. When she hears Alice’s story about Freddy, she – like her friend Yvonne – refuses to believe it, but tells Alice anyone going after her will have to go through Greta first. Those statements become something of a “famous last words,” as the aspiring model who is always told by her overbearing mother to watch what she eats is forced by Freddy to chow down on things you wouldn’t normally consider food. Despite Alice’s attempts to save her, she succumbs to the attack.

Erika Anderson – Now

Playing a model wasn’t too much of a stretch for Anderson, as she worked shows in New York City, Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles and appeared in magazines such as Vogue and Interview. She subsequently appears in the David Lynch thriller show Twin Peaks, in which she played twins Emerald and Jade. she also appeared in the titular role in erotic thriller Zandalee, opposite Nicolas Cage. She has been retired from acting since 2000, but appeared in the Nightmare documentary.

Lisa Zane as Maggie Burroughs

The true protagonist of the sixth film, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, is Maggie, who’s a counselor for troubled teens. As she travels with the last teen to survive Freddy’s earlier attacks to Springwood, where the previous movies took place, she discovers Freddy had a daughter – Katherine Anne Krueger, and that she is her! Facing off against her dad in the dream realm, she not only disarms him of his glove but also stabs him with it. She then shoves a pipe bomb in his chest for good measure.

Lisa Zane – Now

Zane, as her name implies, is the older sister of Billy Zane, most famous for playing the villainous Caledon Hockley in Titanic. She had a regular role on legal drama L.A. Law, where she played attorney Melina Paros, and had guest spots on shows such as ER and Law & Order. She’s an accomplished singer-songwriter as well, and has appeared in numerous stage productions. Her last pop music album, Val D’amour, was released in 2013.

Lezlie Deane as Tracy Swan

Appearing as part of a group of teens staying at the shelter in which Maggie works who then stow aboard her van on her trip to Springwood is Lezlie Deane, who plays headstrong, rude Tracy. While her two male accomplices, Carols and Spencer, both fall victim to Freddy, Tracy survives his attack, waking herself up from the nightmare by burning her hand on a stove top. She later helps Maggie defeat Freddy, and throws her the pipe bomb that does him in.

Lezlie Deane – Now

Interestingly, Deane appeared in the television series based on Nightmare on Elm Street before she appeared in the movie! Freddy’s Nightmares was a short-lived horror anthology series that ran in syndication from 1988 to 1990. Deane appeared in a 1989 episode, before starring in Freddy’s Dead in 1991. She appeared in another horror movie, 976-EVIL, but perhaps is most famous for being part of Fem2Fem, an all-female techno band comprised of mostly LGBT women. Her current band, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, has made waves in the punk scene.

Tracy Middendorf as Julie McKenna

You know you have a memorable role when the audience might not remember your character’s name, but they definitely walk out of the theater remembering how she died. Middendorf played Julie, who babysits Heather’s son Dylan in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, the meta horror film in which Freddy escapes into the real world. She cares deeply and is protective of Dylan, but Freddy uses the little boy’s nightmares to ambush and kill her. In the gruesome scene, his unseen claws drag her across the ceiling as she struggles to escape.

Tracy Middendorf – Now

Remember how Christie Clark played Carrie Brady on Days of Our Lives? Well, while Clark was away from the show, producers recast the role… going with Tracy Middendorf! She stayed on the iconic soap for just under a year, however, before Clark returned. She also had a recurring role on Beverly Hills, 90210, and guest spots on many other shows, including The X-Files, Chicago Hope, and JAG. More recently, she appeared on Scream – not the movie, the horror anthology series broadcast on MTV – playing the female protagonist’s mother.

Monica Keena as Lori Campbell

Lori is the main protagonist of the 2003 crossover film Freddy vs. Jason, which pitted Freddy against Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees. Lori has the unfortunate honor of being targeted by both monsters, and succeeds in evading them both just long enough for them to turn on each other. In the film’s climactic moment, Jason – thought to be dead at that point – reemerges to impale Freddy with his own glove, at which point Lori uses Jason’s machete to remove Freddy’s head from his body. It was that kind of movie.

Monica Keena – Now

Keena appeared in another horror movie, Night of the Demons, which was a remake of the 1988 original. Much like Freddy vs. Jason, sadly, it was poorly received by both critics and audiences. She also appeared on Snow White: A Tale of Terror, a dark reimaging of the fairytale, as the titular heroine. Previously, she had a recurring role on teen drama Dawson’s Creek, playing the troublemaking friend to Michelle Williams’ Jen, and starred on the short-lived Judd Apatow college sitcom Undeclared. She’s still acting, with several projects in development.