A mother brings home a new dog that saves her child’s life

A mother brought home a dog from the kennel. She never expected that the dog would save her family. Dog is man’s best friend. We have all heard that phrase before and it is often proven to be true. Dogs are extremely loyal animals and tend to be fun loving and enjoyable to be around. They can even have health benefits to their human owners as they can make you feel less depressed and cause you to exercise more.

It is no wonder that so many people chose to keep dogs as pets in their home. While there is a lot of responsibility that comes with caring for a dog, the advantages are worth it to so many people. Dogs can bring fun and laughter into a home as they are generally excitable and happy animals that love to play. Families often become very close to their dogs and view them as a part of their family or even like their own child. They offer companionship and joy to many families and are a great addition. When their four-legged friend inevitably pass away, however, it can be very emotional and traumatic for the family members who have grown so close to their dog. But the choice to get a dog mostly stems from people wanting a happy and loyal pet around the house.

That was Catherine Svilicic’s thought process when she decided to adopt a dog from her local rescue kennel. Catherine had recently had a baby and she wanted to expand her family once more by adding a furry friend. Catherine was very disturbed, however, when her newly adopted dog began acting out toward her baby. She was scared and did not understand what was happening. Little did she know that her dog would end up saving her daughter’s life…


Unusual behavior

Catherine Svilicic is a loving mother to a beautiful daughter. She decided to adopt a Doberman dog to grow her family. She thought that the dog would be gentle and get along with her child. However, this did not seem to be the case once she brought her new dog into her home. Catherine did not know it yet, but the events that transpired around her dog would completely surprise her.


Her new dog

Catherine Svilicic decided to adopt a new dog as a fun addition to her family. She thought having a dog would be an overall positive experience like most dog owners believe. It did not cross Catherine’s mind that her new dog could behave negatively toward her child but she was slightly concerned at the fact that the he was from a kennel. Rescue dogs are generally more prone to an abusive past which can cause negative behaviors in the dog.



Along with rescue dogs, there are certain dog breeds that people consider more ‘dangerous’ than other breeds. Most people know that Pitbulls are considered dangerous from stories in the news of the breed attacking people or even children. Dobermans also fall into this category of dog breeds that pose a threat to human safety. However, Catherine decided to bring her new dog home and thought that he would easily get used to her family.


A new baby

Catherine had recently had her new baby, which she named Charlotte. She thought her new baby should have an animal friend that she could grow up alongside with. Many children have dogs that they have from childhood into adulthood and Catherine wanted this for Charlotte. The Svilicics thought that rescuing a dog would be the best option because, if other people did not desire the dog they could give him a good home.


Compassionate adoption

The Svilicics settled on adopting a dog as they felt that getting a rescue dog was the most compassionate option. Catherine began calling local dog rescues in search of the perfect new pet. She settled on a Doberman Pinscher a chose the dog which was the largest in the group at the rescue. She picked up her new dog and named him Khan and was told by the workers at the rescue that he had not had an easy life.


Lucky to be alive

When the rescue workers told her that Khan lived through a troubled past, Catherine thought that she might be taking a risk especially since she was bringing him home to Charlotte who was over a year old at that time. Any rescue dog could have had behavioral problems let alone a Doberman. Catherine was also surprised to learn that the kennel’s intentions were that Khan would be put down only a week prior to when she came in to pick him up.


A watchful eye

The Svilicics were the reason Khan was alive but due to his past, there were some behaviors that the Svilicics could not control. Everything seemed normal when Khan first came into the Svilicic house and he was even playing well with Charlotte. Catherine was very aware and watching how Khan acted around her daughter. But after only a few days of bringing Khan home, his behavior turned scary while he was outside playing with Charlotte.


No one beleived it

Catherine believed that she made the correct choice to bring Khan home until one fateful day when his behavioral issues showed and threatened the life of Charlotte. Khan was playing with Charlotte outside and everything was uneventful until Catherine heard something happening outside. Khan knocked Charlotte over and even threw her over the lawn. Charlotte was slammed into the ground by Khan. Everyone was completely shocked at what had just occurred and could not believe what Khan had done.


Khan hurt Charlotte

While Catherine knew the frightening behavior was a possibility, it was still very unexpected when it happened. Catherine was extremely angry with Khan for having hurt her child but she was also confused at what caused him to act out in such a way. Charlotte and Khan seemed to have been getting along fine until that moment. Catherine knew that her daughter could not have done something to provoke such a behavior in Khan.


Khan was acting out

Catherine had seen all of the events occur from her kitchen window. She saw Khan go from calm and relaxed to fiery and aggressive when he looked at Charlotte. In that moment, he thought Charlotte was a threat but Catherine could not understand why .Catherine thought that the incident was over and that it would not happen again, unfortunately, she was wrong and the dog continued to act out.


He treated her like a ragdoll

Initially, Khan had just pushed Charlotte, but things got a lot worse all of a sudden. Charlotte was not hurt when Khan pushed her over and she continued to walk around which seemed to bother Khan. Khan began to get angry and he ran after Charlotte and clamped his teeth onto her diaper and began to throw her around, this time it was very violent. Catherine recalls he treated her, “Like she was a rag doll.”


Charlotte was confused

Charlotte was visibly distressed by what she had just experienced but she was not screaming or crying. Catherine said, “Had I not seen it with my very own eyes, I’d never have believed it.” She ran toward Charlotte who was very confused at what had just occurred. While Catherine was tending to Charlotte, Khan fell and was barking wildly. No one understood what was happening with either Charlotte or Khan.


Kahn was hurt

When Catherine ran to help Charlotte, she was surprised to find that Charlotte did not have a scratch on her. Although Charlotte was unharmed, something seemed to be very flawed with Khan. After Khan fell over barking, he was totally silent and lifeless. Catherine did not understand what was happening but at that moment she knew that Khan wasn’t trying to hurt Charlotte but to save her. She could see that Khan got injured and that he needed medical attention.


He risked his own safety

It soon became clear that Khan had been poisoned and that he had an open wound. Khan, who had nearly escaped death at the rescue pound was close to death again after spending only a couple of days in his new home. Khan, who had only known Charlotte for a short time, risked his own safety to save her and now he was in great danger of losing his own life.


Catherine acted quickly

Khan was clearly poisoned by something that caused paralysis as he could no longer move. It must have been something very strong as Khan was a big and muscular dog. He was lying down and was not able to lift himself off of the grass and he would soon be unable to breathe if quick action was not taken. Catherine acted quickly and rushed to save Khan’s life as soon as she realized something was wrong.


Khan was paralyzed

Catherine told the rest of the family, who were outside at this point, to go back inside. She gave Charlotte to a family member and moved closer toward Khan to see what the matter was. She found Khan lying paralyzed with his tongue coming out from his mouth. Khan looked like he was no longer alive but Catherine still felt like she could save his life or she should at least try.


She knew she had to save him

Catherine carried Khan’s motionless body to her car and put him in the backseat. Catherine knew Khan was not dead because he still had a pulse but she knew that time was running out. Catherine did not know how long she had to save Khan’s life as she did not know exactly what had poisoned him but she knew she had to get her dog to the vet as fast as possible.


Catherine went as fast as she could

Catherine drove as safely and as fast as possible to get Khan to the vet. Catherine recalled, “I never knew I was able to drive this well. I guess adrenaline does its thing.” While she was driving she checked to see if he was ok in her rearview mirror and started thinking about how brave he was to sacrifice his own life for her little girl. Now it was Catherine’s turn to try and save Khan’s life.


Time was running out

Catherine knew that time was running out and she frantically tried to rush as fast as she could to the vet. Once they finally made it, she tripped out from the car and ran to get Khan from the backseat. She was very distraught and ran to the doors to get the nurse’s’ attention. The nurses could see that something was wrong and they rushed a stretcher outside, put Khan on and wheel him inside.


Khan was a heavy dog

Until the nurses had brought out the stretcher, Catherine was carrying her giant dog. She said, “If you asked me to carry his weight right now, I don’t think I’d be able to do it.” During those stressful moments, Catherine’s adrenaline must have made it possible for her to pick up and carry Khan who was not a small puppy. Now that she had handed Khan off to the nurses, Catherine realized just how strong she had been.


Catherine couldn’t do anything

Catherine felt like she owed Khan so much as she knew that he had just saved her daughter’s life. Catherine knew that if Khan made it through this ordeal, he would not be sent back to the rescue and he would become a part of their family. Catherine knew Charlotte was home safe but now she had to focus on her dog who was very close to death. She felt completely helpless.


She was anxious

Catherine was very nervous to know if Khan would make it through or not. She was waiting in emergency for half an hour when a vet came to speak to her. He could tell how frantic and anxious she was as she was walking back and forth around the room and sweating. When she saw the vet coming toward her, she went up to him and asked him if Khan was going to survive this ordeal.


His condition was unclear

The doctor told Catherine that it was not yet clear whether or not Khan would be ok. “We don’t know yet, madam. We did what we could, but now his body has to fight the poison,” the doctor explained. “The anti-venom will certainly help, but we don’t know to what extent. It’s best that you come back tomorrow morning.” That was not the answer Catherine was hoping for but she understood that the vets and nurses were doing their best.


Grateful to Khan

Catherine returned to her home feeling guilty and anxious about Khan’s condition. She was so grateful to Khan for saving Charlotte’s life and was tossing and turning in bed feeling guilt ridden over the fact that Khan put himself in great danger of losing his life. She also felt ashamed for ever thinking that Khan would ever intentionally hurt Charlotte when in fact, he had moved her away from something dangerous.


Going back to the clinic

Catherine woke up exhausted the next morning as she had not gotten much sleep the night before. After tending to her family’s needs in the morning, she knew she had to get back to the clinic and see how Khan was doing. Catherine got in her car and drove to the vet but this time the drive was not quite as stressful. She made it to the clinic right as they opened.


Preparing for the worst

Catherine sat waiting in the office and thought about Khan. She was preparing herself for the worst but hoping for the best. She wanted to bring her dog back home to join her family but she knew that she might not get the answer she wanted to hear. Catherine could not wait any longer and she went over to the vet and asked him how Khan was doing. She was finally going to learn about Khan’s condition.


What had poisoned Khan?

Before the vet told Catherine how Khan was, he explained what had poisoned he and what had almost poisoned Charlotte. He explained that there was something lethal living in the Svilicic’s backyard. When Catherine heard that, she was even more thankful to Khan as she realized just how lethal the poison was and could potentially have been to Charlotte were it not for Khan. Catherine was surprised to know what animal was living in her backyard.


A dangerous snake

The vet explained that there was a Mulga living on the Svilicic’s property. A Mugla is a very venomous and poisonous snakes that lives in Australia and is an extremely deadly animal. It was then very clear to Catherine that Khan did not intend to harm Charlotte, but rather save her from danger. Khan obviously saw the sake moving toward Charlotte and immediately moved her out of harm’s way and heroically took the poison instead.


Charlotte would not have survived

Australia is known for many animals such as kangaroos and koalas but it is also known for very dangerous snakes. A Mulga is just one of many poisonous snakes in Australia. It can kill an adult with one bite which made it even more clear to Catherine that Khan might not survive. It also made her think that if Charlotte had received the bite instead of Khan, things could have gone much worse.


Khan’s instinct

Khan had an instinct that the snake was very dangerous and that it intended to hurt Charlotte. He sprang into action and sacrificed himself for Charlotte. Even after Khan had gotten bitten, he continued to pull Charlotte as far away from snake as possible, which Catherine and her family had interpreted as Khan trying to hurt Charlotte. Even though Khan had a tough life before he was adopted, he attached himself to his new family, so much that he risked his life for them.


Would he have to lose his life?

Although Catherine now knew just how brave Khan was, she still did not know if he was going to be ok. He risked his own safety and life in order to save her beautiful daughter and she hoped that he would not have to lose his life for his selfless actions. Khan, who had picked Charlotte up by he diaper and thrown her to safety, was now paying the price for his kind heart and was now poisoned and almost dead.


The Wonder Dog

Catherine did not know whether Khan would be able to come home or if she would have to burry her newly adopted dog. Whatever the results, she knew that she owed Charlotte’s life to her dog and would feel thankful for the rest of her life. Catherine told the Daily Mail in an interview, “He saved her life by risking his own.” She went on to say, “From now one, he’s’ Khan the Wonder Dog.”


He was abused in the past

In her interview, Catherine also told the story of how the kennel’s owner had found Khan. She said, “When Kerry Kinder rescued him, he was starving, had broken ribs and had been beaten– he was an abused dog.” Catherine went on to explain, “It was borderline on whether or not he should be put down because he was in such a bad way.” Khan’s past was so difficult, Catherine hoped that he could have a better future.


Was he going to be ok?

The vet revealed Khan was very weak but that his condition was slowly improving! They had given Khan anti-venom and he was not paralyzed or at risk for death from the poison. Catherine was very relieved to hear the news but it was still unclear if Khan was expected have a full recovery. Snake bites are very dangerous and she wasn’t sure what kind of effect the poison had had on Khan’s body.


He was going to be ok!

The vet predicted that Khan would have a full recovery. It was thought that the snake had only injected a small quantity of venom in Khan and as a result, Khan was going to get better. Had the snake injected a normal quantity of venom, it would have resulted in a completely different end. Khan got very lucky and so did Charlotte and Catherine. So where are Charlotte and Khan today and how are they doing?


Where are they now?

Khan and his family were reunited after his condition improved. They were very excited to have their dog home and Catherine made sure to protect Khan to ensure that such an incident would not occur again. Charlotte is not a baby anymore and loves Khan who is a hero in the hearts of the Svilicics. Khan showed so much kindness in the sacrifice he made for Charlotte and is still and kind and happy dog!