Most paused movie moments


Cabin in the Woods

Remember in Cabin in the Woods, when the people in the headquarters made awful bets on which monster will attack the protagonists and manage to kill them? In this scene of the movie, we can see the bets made on the sweepstakes board. Every department bet on different possibilities that await the poor victims of this experiment gone wrong, out there in the cabin. Viewers paused on this scene in order to see which monsters they would have wanted the protagonists to have to face, instead of what we were shown in the movie. In fact, many fans asked for sequels with different types of monsters and gruesome deaths.

Indiana Jones: Raider of the Lost Ark

The Indiana Jones franchise has many dedicated fans, who enjoy watching the movie series for many reasons – like the high adrenaline action scenes. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first film in the series, and for some people the best one. The incredible stunts shown in the movie might have been the main focus, but one moment had the viewers reaching for their remotes to hit pause. In this scene, Belloq has a fly running across his mouth – but wanting to continue the scene anyway, he carries on and seemingly eats the insect. It might be gross, but that’s what dedication looks like.

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