Most expensive and eyebrow-raising things celebrities have ever purchased

We can all probably think of something that we really wanted, but did not necessarily need. Or maybe, we did need this thing, but not to an extreme extent and not enough to spend a lot of money on it. That being said, sometimes it is okay to splurge on expensive and lavish things. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself when you deserve it, or even just when you feel like it. However, this can often be taken too far.

Who always takes things too far when it comes to luxury items? Celebrities, of course. They are known to splash cash on things that no regular person would ever need. Sometimes these things are actually gifts, but, in reality, did Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s kids really need a room full of candy? Probably not. Regardless, the big stars of the world tend to spend extravagant amounts of money on things that can often be considered a bit ridiculous. Here are some prime examples.

Beyonce – gold leggings

In case you didn’t know, Beyonce gets what Beyonce wants. This goes even if what she wants is a pair of $100,000 gold leggings. The R&B singer spent that much on a pair of Balenciaga leggings for her 2007 BET Awards performance.

We have to hope that she wore these again, but it’s not every day you can whip out an outfit like this. Her and her her rapper husband are accustomed to a certain way of life – Jay Z has spent hundreds of thousands on champagne at one time.

Dwayne Johnson – a private jet

We get it, Dwayne, you’ve got money to spend. We have to imagine, however, that you did not need this $65 million private jet. This makes jetting around the world for filming and film premieres easier for the actor, so in a way, it’s necessary. He makes up for his ridiculously expensive purchases by giving his family members generous gifts – like cars.

When you make as much as he does, you can afford to splurge on yourself every now and then, too. The Rock also has multiple sports cars and a $4.5 million home in Florida. When he’s not busy being the biggest movie star in the world, he can be found in his at-home gym.

Celine Dion – a humidifier

When you’ve got vocal chords like Celine Dion’s, you really do need to protect them and keep them functioning at their best possible capacity. That is why Dion requested a $2 million humidifier to help keep her voice at its peak while she was living in the harsh desert climate of Las Vegas.

The device hung above the stage as she performed and made the air around her moist, and therefore her vocal chords were not damaged or negatively affected. We kind of understand this one, but did you know they made $2 million humidifiers, because we sure didn’t. Whether this is a diva demand or not, Vegas is a dry environment, so Dion did what she had to.

Mike Tyson – pet tigers

Amongst many things, Mike Tyson is best known for being one of the best boxers in the world, biting off part of Evander Holyfield’s, and his infamous face tattoo. We want to talk about something else that he is most well known for, though: his pet Bengal tigers.

It turns out, Tyson did not pay for his cubs with cash. He actually traded some of his cars for them and got the idea from his car dealer while he was in prison. How this works is beyond us, but somehow when Mike got home from prison, his new pets were there waiting for him. It’s believed that each of the three cost around $70,000.

Kim Basinger – a town

Kim Basinger had the right idea when she purchased almost an entire town back in 1989. The Georgia native decided to buy the township of Braselton with the intention of turning it into a tourist attraction and production studio. She purchased 1,751 acres of the 2,000-acre town for a cool $20 million.

Unfortunately this was a bad investment and the town ended up being auctioned off for only $1 million after Basinger filed for bankruptcy years later. While she was unable to turn a profit and somewhat embarrassed herself with this purchase, at least she has been able to come back from this and she is now worth about $40 million.

Johnny Depp – wine

Something you may not have known about legendary actor Johnny Depp is that the man really loves wine. Allow us to fill you in on just how much he loves it. Depp spends about $30,000 on wine…every month!

He has the grape delicacy flown in to him from all around the globe just for his personal consumption. Apparently when you’re Captain Jack Sparrow, you can afford a monthly allowance for your favorite luxurious beverage. Now if only he would invite us over for a glass of red!

Kesha – glitter

If you know anything about the energetic pop singer Kesha, you know that she loves one thing above most others: glitter. Anyone who has been to her concert will be shaking the sparkly stuff out of their clothes for a week.

The artist allegedly loves glitter so much, she spends about $2,000 a month on it. While she isn’t such a glitter queen anymore, we have to wonder if she still has her glitter specialist – whom she calls Santa – follow her around to make sure she’s covered, just in case.

Ashton Kutcher – a trip to space

Admit it; you’ve probably thought once or twice about how cool it would be to take a trip into outer space. That being said, you’ve probably stopped at just thinking about it and never actually looked into it or bought yourself a ticket.

Well unless you’re Ashton Kutcher, that is. The actor apparently spent up to $200,000 for a trip to space on Richard Branson’s spaceship. At least this was for him, Katy Perry bought a spot for her then-husband Russell Brand.

Daniel Radcliffe – a mattress

Do you remember the last thing you spent $17,000 on? Most people only have a few things in their lives that are that expensive, if any. On the other hand, Daniel Radcliffe – better known as Harry Potter – dropped that amount on a mattress.

What’s even better about this is that he was only 17 at the time. Apparently a good night’s sleep was extremely important to the young actor. We wonder if he upgraded to an even better one as his career progressed.

Victoria Beckham – a gold iPhone

She may be soccer star David Beckham’s wife now, but before she met him, Victoria Beckham was the beloved Posh Spice of the girl group Spice Girls. Posh has been used to a life of luxury since the mid-90s when she was an international star.

So, it really should come as no surprise that she owned a gold iPhone. No, we don’t just mean the color; her phone was actually gold plated. She does know that this technology is literally designed to become irrelevant and outdated, right?

Justin Bieber – a Halloween costume

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest names out there, and he has been for over a decade. His music has garnered quite an impressive net worth – about $265 million.

Of course, this is his money and he can do with it what he pleases, but wasting it on a part of a Halloween costume seems a bit silly to us. The singer spent about $5,000 on custom-made gold grillz (a decorative teeth accessory) in 2011. It seems less crazy when you know he also spent $100,000 on a bat-mobile.

Oprah – a body-shaped bathtub

When you’ve got over $2.5 billion, people expect you to buy some ridiculous things sometimes because, well, you can. Oprah is no exception. We have to say that with how much the generous woman donates to those in need, she deserves to treat herself every now and then.

So, what does a person who can afford anything buy for herself? Apparently, a bathtub hand made to be in the shape of her body. We can only imagine how much something like this costs – not that it matters to Oprah.

Nicolas Cage – a dinosaur skull

It seems like back in 2007, Leo Dicaprio and Nic Cage were in a bidding war over a 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull, and the latter was the one who took it home for $276,000. Unfortunately, years later, Cage had to give up the skull because it turned out to be stolen.

If you think an expensive dinosaur skull is a waste of money, what about spending $1.6 million on a comic book collection? Cage did that, too. Maybe he was saving these items as investments to sell later on.

Miley Cyrus – hair extensions

Back in the day, Miley Cyrus was known for having long, beautiful hair – aside from being Hannah Montana and her solo music, obviously. It turns out, those wavy locks weren’t even real. The superstar paid good money to make sure they looked authentic, though.

It’s believed that Cyrus dropped $24,000 for hair extensions. She admitted in an interview later on that her hair was never real, and the look was thanks to about 350 extensions. Could have fooled us, that’s for sure. We guess she was just being Miley.

Bono – a plane ticket for his hat

Most people are used to flying economy class when traveling. Obviously, we understand that rock stars live a different type of lifestyle, one that is usually filled with plenty of first class trips. The U2 frontman, Bono, knows this life all too well, and apparently so does his hat.

When he was traveling to Italy, he realized he forgot his hat and refused to continue without it. The artist paid about $1,500 to get his hat there, including insurance, a first class airline ticket, cab rides, and tips.

Paris Hilton – a dog villa

For those who don’t know, Paris Hilton is rich, but few probably know exactly how rich. This hotel heiress is worth about $300 million and she loves to spend it on only the most luxurious things. She is no selfish lady, though, because she actually doesn’t use her money only for herself.

Paris loves to buy things for her dogs, and that’s why she spent $325,000 on a villa – which replicated her home – for her pets. These animals have a home that costs more than some people! While most people spend less than $100 on their dog houses, that just wouldn’t cut it for Paris’ fur babies.

Lady Gaga – a ghost detector

We all know Lady Gaga is fabulous, but she is also a little bit…strange. The pop sensation wants her tours to be ghost-free at all times. In fact, she put in quite a bit of money to make sure this happens.

Gaga spent about $50,000 Electro-Magnetic Field Reader to detect ghosts and make sure they stay away from her. She believes in paranormal activity, is famously afraid from ghosts, and will do what it takes to protect herself while performing and touring.