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Mom couldn’t believe her ears when this cashier questioned her daughter’s choice of doll

A brand new friend

Many of us have grown up with our favorite toy. Whether it’s the well-loved teddy bear that still sleeps on our bed or the lego bricks that used to bring our wildest dreams to life, it can be hard to forget the hours of fun playing with them all.

Many children choose a doll as their favorite, and they can help teach all kinds of life lessons as kids grow up looking after their new friend. When one mom went to buy her daughter a new doll she couldn’t believe her ears when this cashier questioned the little girl’s choice.

Growing the collection

Brandi and Nick Benner have been married since November 2012, and welcomed their first daughter, Sophia, in July 2014. At last, their family was finally growing as they wished. It wasn’t long before Sophia fell in love with dolls.

Her parents just wanted to see their daughter enjoying her childhood and were quick to broaden her imagination. Now, they had the perfect excuse to head to the toy store and pick up the next latest addition for their two year old.

Choosing the perfect fit

Now that Sophia was almost three, the youngster was learning some valuable life lessons. Sophia was learning how to use the potty, but the good news didn’t end there for this toddler. Brandi had promised her daughter a brand new doll as soon as she was potty trained.

Now, the day had finally come. The pair headed to the local Target store in South Carolina to choose the perfect new doll. Little did either of them know, it would turn into the most memorable shopping trip of their lives.

Only one winner

The mother and daughter team weren’t in any rush to get home. In fact, Brandi and Sophia spent around 20 minutes walking up and down the aisle until they had looked at all the options more than once.

Although Sophia had carefully thought out her purchase, the youngster knew there was always going to be only one that captured her heart: a Doc McStuffins doll. Sophia loved watching the show on TV, and now she could have one in her own home.

The show in question

Doc McStuffins first hot our screen back in 2012 as the animated children’s show looked set to take the world by storm. The series follows Dotties, also known as Doc, who uses all her talents and skills to help fix broken toys that come into her surgery.

They could be anything from an airplane with a broken wing to a punching bag that’s losing air. Thankfully, Doc always has a plan up her sleeve to send her patients on their way.

Like mother like daughter

One of the leading attractions of Doc McStuffin is the fact the character wants to be a doctor just like her mom who works as a pediatrician. Doc has managed to help inspire many youngsters all around the world.

Not only does she show us how to aspire to be like our parents, but the character has also helped to show off what it’s like to be a doctor. Perhaps the series gives us a good reason to sit down in front of the TV with the kids after all?

Filling the market

The creator of the show, Chris Nee, saw the perfect gap in the market and was determined to fill the need with Doc McStuffins. The producer and creator realized there were no shows about doctors. How were kids supposed to know what to expect when they visited the hospital?

As if that wasn’t enough, Disney Junior didn’t have any shows with a black leading character. That was until this creation hit our screens, and children’s shows were about to change forever.

Learning the basics

Sophia loved Doc McStuffins and would often have the show on while she was at home. Here, she could see just what it took to be a doctor and soon realized that was her only dream in the world. As if that wasn’t enough, Brandi says the show was the reason Sophia learned how to say “stethoscope.”

It seemed as though the youngster already had a huge vocabulary, even though she was just two years old. Perhaps it’s no wonder Brandi was so happy with her daughter’s idol?

Learning the basics

To top it off, Sophia would often try and be a doctor while she was at home. Many kids enjoy dressing up and playing make-believe, but Sophia wanted to take her new role one step further. The youngster would often give people check-ups as well as diagnosing any guests that came to the house.

All Sophia knew was she wanted to be just like Doc when she grew up and was willing to put in hours of practice to make her dreams a reality.

Waiting patiently

The mother and daughter grabbed the Doc McStuffin doll and took the new purchase to the checkout. However, Sophia was so happy with the new toy that she didn’t want to let it out of her sight and didn’t even want to give her up in order to make the purchase.

Brandi and Sophia patiently waited in line until they were next to pay. At last, Doc would be coming home with Sophia after all her hard work. That was until the cashier had something to say.

A new addition

The cashier took the doll from Sophia, but she was confused by the youngster’s choice. Brandi had no idea what was happening but was about to find out. The cashier scanned Doc through the checkout and asked Sophia if the toy was a present for her friend.

Brandi explained how Sophia had worked so hard and was now fully potty trained. The doll was her special present. However, that didn’t sit well with the cashier – there had to be a mistake.

A look alike

The cashier wasn’t done there. No, the worker wanted to know if Sophia would like to go back and choose another doll? Why? After all, she had chosen the perfect toy to take home, and now Sophia just wanted to get back and play with Doc.

The cashier had one chilling response; they said it didn’t “look like you.” Sophia couldn’t understand what the cashier was saying. Now, she was hearing about all the other dolls sold at the store.

Backing up her response

Brandi was ready to step in and get defensive, but it seemed as though her daughter was prepared to handle the situation. Little did this cashier know, but they were about to get the lesson of a lifetime from a two-year-old.

Sophia snapped that she looked exactly like Doc as they were both doctors and pretty girls. Plus, Doc had a stethoscope just like Sophia. The youngster saw no other differences between the two and didn’t understand what was stopping her from taking Doc home.

Unexpected response

The cashier had no idea what to say so merely dropped the issue and continued to scan through the Doc McStuffin doll and send the customers on their way. Brandi couldn’t believe how they had been spoken to in the store.

However, that wasn’t the reason Brandi was speechless; she was so impressed by the way Sophia had handled herself that Brandi was lost for words. All Sophia knew was she was finally happy to be on her way home with the new toy.

Refusing to believe

It seems as though black dolls aren’t a new launch to the toy market, and have been available since Barbie first brought out “Colored Francie” way back in 1966. The company branded Francie as their first black doll, but many had plenty to say about the toy.

According to some, Francie had very European looking features meaning many refused to accept Francie as the game-changer they were hoping for. That wouldn’t come until a few years later.

Another new friend

It wasn’t until the release of Christie that Barbie was back on the map for including people of all color in their dolls. Christie was the black friend of Barbie who hit the shelves all the way until 2015. In fact, Christie was one of the first talking dolls in the range.

Unfortunately, it looked as though her time on the shelves had come to an end in 2015 when Christie dolls were canceled. That was until she was brought back and the toy is now more popular than ever.

A few famous faces

As if that wasn’t enough, Barbie has gone on to make a number of celebrity dolls over the years. Cher, Mary Poppins, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe are some of the many celebs that have been forever remembered as dolls over the years.

However, the likes of Diana Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Ava DuVernay have all brought color to the toy aisle thanks to their very own commemorative Barbie dolls from over the years. Now, it seems as though other toy manufacturers are finally catching up.

Taking to social media

Brandi was so stunned by what happened at the toy store that the mother took to social media to tell the world. Could she really just let this situation slip her by without saying a word?

Brandi explained the entire story, but wanted to make sure people knew why she was writing a status; it wasn’t to shame the cashier. No, Brandi wanted to tell the world how proud she was of her daughter Sophia and how her actions should go on to inspire others on the planet.

News all around the world

The post went on to be shared a massive number of times all around the world. However, it wasn’t just the 234,000 shares that got people talking, but it was also the 44,000 comments of people all praising Sophia for her behavior.

Many wanted the youngster to know they were proud while others shared similar experiences they had endured with their children over the years. Everyone knew they would be more than pleased to call Sophia their daughter.

Understanding it all

Brandi wasn’t done there. The mother explained she and her husband had never talked to their daughter about the color of people’s skin. It wasn’t because they didn’t want to, but merely because both Brandi and Nick felt as though they never needed to as Sophia had never asked.

To the youngster, the color of someone’s skin had never been an issue. All Sophia wanted to know was why the cashier had been acting so strangely in the first place.

Looking to the future

Sophia had no care for the cashier’s comments and was just happy to have her newly promised toy at home where it belonged. Now, the youngster seems to love dressing up as all kinds of characters. As well as still wanting to be a doctor, Sophia has even showed off her pirate skills for school.

Brandi now hopes that Sophia will teach her younger sister, Isabella, all about the importance of ignoring people’s comments, and striving to be whatever she wants in this world.