Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has received backlash for her plea to the public

In today’s day and age, social media takes up a huge portion of our lives. While some may say that we spend too much time on our phones, there are also many positives to this modern invention. We can connect with friends and family across the world, we can keep up with the goings on in the world, and we can even check out the lives of the rich and famous. Celebrities reign supreme on social media and they often have millions of followers to their name. With 6.1 million followers on Instagram and 1.55 million followers on Twitter, Sarah Hyland has certainly used her Modern Family fame to her advantage. However, it seems as though some people believe she has taken this too far, as her recent plea on social media has received backlash…

A true star

When you find a television show or movie that you love, there’s a high chance that you immediately reach for your phone so you can follow the stars on social media. As one of the stars of the super successful sitcom, Modern Family, Sarah Hyland has racked up a huge number of fans over the years – and she loves nothing more than showing off her life to the rest of the world.

However, after receiving backlash from a recent social media post, Hyland made the decision to take a break from social media for a while. She told her fans that they had finally “broken” her and that she couldn’t cope with their comments. She has since come back into our virtual lives, but have people forgiven her for her post?

An impressive acting career

It was clear from a young age that Sarah Hyland was destined to be in the spotlight. She made her professional debut when she was just 7 years old, and she has since been able to forge an impressive acting career for herself. However, while Sarah’s professional life has flourished, she has struggled immensely with her personal life.

This has largely been due to her ill health, which has faltered ever since she was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia as a youngster. This condition is caused by the malformation of the kidneys while in the womb, and this diagnosis has since followed her for the duration of her life. In fact, it has caused numerous health scares over the years.

A kidney transplant

When Sarah’s health suffered in 2012, the doctors had to take drastic measures. She needed a kidney transplant in order to survive, and they needed to do the transplant quickly. Thankfully, her father offered up his spare kidney for the cause, and Sarah’s health started to improve. As the years went by, she thought that her struggles were over, but this was just the start.

Her body started to reject the new kidney in her body, and it eventually failed. In December 2018, Sarah confirmed that a year earlier she had undergone a second kidney transplant. This time, the kidney was donated by her younger brother. Altogether, Sarah has undergone a whopping 16 operations to keep her as healthy as possible.

The repercussions

To maintain her health, Sarah lives on a concoction of medicines and steroids – but these have had an adverse effect on her. She has lost a huge amount of weight and muscle mass in the process, and this has not gone unnoticed by her fans. Over the course of her career, Sarah has largely kept her kidney troubles away from the limelight.

She has instead decided to keep the process as personal as possible and avoid questions and queries from the media. However, as she has become even more popular on social media, this secrecy has worked against her. Because her fans do not know about her health concerns, her photos have often caused controversy…

You’re too skinny

Sarah Hyland has always been relatively thin in terms of her physique, and we now know that this is due to the medication that she takes on a regular basis. However, when her health was at her worst, she was still posting selfies and photographs of herself on her Instagram pages. Immediately, fans started calling out the actress for being too thin.

They noted that she was “too skinny” and stated that she needed to eat a burger or a decent meal. Sarah tried to hold her opinions to herself, but the constant bombardment of criticism did not help her mental or physical health. She became depressed, and the ability to maintain her weight became even more difficult.

More understanding

Now that fans know the full extent of her health problems, they are now more understanding of the young actress. They understand why her body looks the way it does, and they no longer accuse the actress of not looking after herself.

They see her working hard in the gym to improve her muscle mass, and they can see that she is eating properly through her other Instagram posts. However, that doesn’t mean she has strayed away from social media controversy completely. In fact, she caused a ruckus after the 2018 Golden Globes.

Sarah and InStyle

After the prestigious awards ceremony in 2018, Sarah Hyland teamed up with InStyle to produce a short video that she later shared on social media. Within this video, Sarah pretends to be intoxicated as she swigs from a bottle of champagne in an elevator.

However, she’s not alone in this elevator. She is joined by a bellhop, who seems a little too happy to be in a small space with the beautiful woman. She then falls into his arms before the doors close, and although it was created to be silly, it was not well received by people at home.

They weren’t happy

In fact, people at home weren’t too happy with Sarah, especially as that particular event was shrouded in support for the Time’s Up movement. Advocates of the initiative thought that Sarah was discrediting the idea of misconduct in the world of Hollywood, and the fact that she later shared this video on her own Instagram page was criticized even more.

She was inundated with comments about the video, and she even lost a huge number of followers because of it. You’d think that this would be the end of her social media controversy, but in December 2018, she was hit again.

A family tragedy

On December 2, 2018, Sarah Hyland took to Twitter and Instagram to share a family tragedy that had happened the day before. She confirmed that her cousin had passed away at the hands of an intoxicated driver and that her uncle had also been seriously injured.

She asked her fans to pray for her family during the tough time, but she also had another plea. Alongside this post she attached a link to a GoFundMe page, that was raising money for her cousins funeral and her uncle’s medical expenses.

Not the only one

Sarah was devastated by the loss of her cousin, especially because he was wearing a seatbelt at the time. The force of the collision had caused the 14-year-old to be ejected from the car, and she wanted justice for the family that had been torn apart by one inebriated man.

To start with, however, she wanted to help her family raise enough money to cover the surgery that her uncle required, and to give her cousin the burial he deserved. While Sarah is not the only person to reach out for donations on social media, her plea was not well received.

Working towards a goal

With millions of followers on social media, Sarah hoped that at least a few of those who had followed her life and career would reach into their hearts and their pockets to donate to the cause.

The family wanted to raise $34,000 to cover their expenses, and Sarah was on a mission to get them there. While her fans were upset to hear that a life had been lost and that another was teetering on the edge, they couldn’t help but question her plea. After all, she is not short on money herself.

A hefty wage

As one of the leading cast members in Modern Family, Sarah Hyland has earned an impressive net worth over the years. Her acting career has helped her create a $9 million net worth, and it’s been noted that she earns a whopping $100,000 for each episode of the sitcom.

Given this wealth, she was inundated with comments and messages from her followers that brought this to her attention. They noted that just one episode’s worth of money would cover the money her family was asking for, so why didn’t she give it to them?

Wondering why

While many fans rallied around the actress with support, the negative comments kept coming. Fans were wondering why she was asking her fans, many of whom do not have a lot of money, to donate to the cause when she could easily cover the expenses herself without making a dent in her bank account.

They wanted Sarah to recognize the privileged lifestyle that she was living, and they wanted her to realize that she had the chance to make a difference without bringing her followers into the loop. Their confusion was heightened when they saw just how much Sarah actually donated.

Shared by her co-stars

However, Sarah wasn’t the only Modern Family star to share the GoFundMe page. Her co-stars, Nolan Gould, and Ariel Winter, also shared the link and asked their followers to donate to the cause.

Anyone can see the donation records on this page, and so it was clear to see how much they had donated respectively. Ariel Winter donated $2,500, while Hyland herself donated $1,000. When fans saw just how little Sarah donated in terms of her wealth, they were even more irritated with the star. Why hadn’t she donated more?

Keeping quiet

On the day she posted the link to the fundraising page, Sarah kept schtum. Although she was inundated with comments, she wanted time to grieve a loss in her family, and she didn’t want to rise to the insensitive trolls who were bombarding her with negative comments.

However, as the next day rolled around, she just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. She once again took to Twitter to ask those who had “negative thoughts or opinions” to keep them to themselves, and that these people didn’t know “all the details.”

Calling them out

Within this post, Sarah also called out her followers for attacking her when “a beautiful life had been lost.” She had no idea that her followers would react in such a way, and she simply wanted to raise money for a family who had been struck a devastating blow.

While she hoped that this post would push the haters away, they just kept on coming. In the end, Sarah had had enough. On December 3, 2018, she posted another heartfelt message on Twitter, and this time she stated that she was “broken.”

Taking time out

In fact, Sarah noted that the “horrible ignorant words” that she had received online had hurt her in ways that she could never comprehend. Not only was she going through a family bereavement, but she was also having to deal with thousands of menacing comments from people who were questioning her allegiance to her family.

She told her fans that she would be signing off social media for a while and that she needed to take time out. In her words, “You guys finally did it… Happy?” She has since returned to social media.

The video

The video that Sarah had mentioned in her previous tweet was a heartbreaking and raw depiction of what she had been going through over the last several years, nay, her whole life.

She explained everything about her kidney troubles and transplants, including the surgeries, complications, rejections, dialysis, and all that goes along with this. Here, we saw a person, not an actress, not a millionaire, a human being. Hyland had finally opened up about the difficulties she had faced.


This video, produced by SELF – an online health and beauty publication – was an interview full of emotion. Sarah, who claims she rarely cries broke down in tears because it was so hard for her to discuss such matters.

Her fans reacted with love, support, and appreciation for the actress and the strength she has. The young woman has had to overcome more in her 28 years than most people can even imagine, and her followers finally started to realize this.

Second chance at life

The Modern Family star mentioned in this tearjerking interview how much her family meant to her. She gave special thank you’s to her mom, dad, and brother – her mom for constantly being there to care for her, her dad for giving her a second chance at life, and her brother for giving her a third chance.

As she wiped tears from her eyes, she recalled feeling like a burden for most of her life as her family always had to drop everything because of her illness.

Mental health

Hyland also claimed in the video interview that she always felt like she was letting her family down and that she would continue doing so. She felt like a failure because her dad’s kidney went into rejection and she was terrified that her brother’s might as well.

All of these feelings caused her mental health to take a toll and she fell into a deep depression. It got to the point where Hyland didn’t even want to be on this Earth anymore.

MADD donation

As people attached Hyland for not giving more money toward her uncle’s recovery and her cousin’s funeral costs, there was more that they didn’t know. It turns out that the actress made a generous and sizable donation to an organization called MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving – whose mission is to end intoxicated driving.

It seems she really is trying to do everything she can in the middle of this tragedy, and was only only sharing the GoFundMe, as countless people do every day when they are fundraising for something.

Never forgetting her friends

Sometimes when we’re going through a difficult time – illness or death of a loved one – we forget that the wold goes on around us. It can often seem like things are closing in around us and little things like friend’s birthdays can pass us by.

That is not the case if you’re friends with Sarah Hyland, though. She may have a lot – and we mean a lot – going on in her life right now, but that did not stop her from publishing adorable and heartfelt social media posts for some of her besties, like Vanessa Hudgens and Hailee Steinfeld.

Supportive boyfriend

When we have someone to go through life with, it tends to make it a bit more exciting, fun, and a little bit easier. This is especially true when we are going through a hard time.

Thankfully, Sarah knows this and has someone by her side throughout the tough moments. She has Wells Adam, that adorably attractive gentleman we fell in love with on the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. The two have been together for a bit now and he has been there for her every step of the way as a supportive, loving boyfriend.

Spreading awareness

Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets, are not just to share selfies – though people do that a lot. People, especially celebrities, use it as a platform to raise awareness of things like mental illness. SNL veteran Pete Davidson has been struggling significantly lately and countless celebs jumped to his support, sharing kind words and sending loving thoughts his way.

Hyland was one of these celebs, but she was more subtle. She simply retweeted another’s share of Pete’s alarming post. Sometimes all it takes is a post like this to show you understand and care about what someone else is going through.

Becoming relatable

Many people thing that celebrities are perfect and don’t have every day issues or struggles like us “regular folk.” Hyland proved by her sharing that people can now relate to her more and that she really is just like everyone else.

Fans have been sharing their stories of kidney problems and family members who have sadly passed. Her story has inspired them and one girl even thought it was cool that she and Sarah had matching scars.

Words can hurt

If anything, Hyland proved that celebrities aren’t bulletproof. They have feelings just like any other person and can be hurt just as easily by harsh and cruel comments. Her story is a heartbreaking one, but in reality, she is just a woman trying to make it through lifelike everyone else.

She may be wealthy and famous, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel pain and have a difficult past. Bad things happen to everyone and we never know what other people are going through.