Juicy facts about Graham Norton and his Show


How it all began

Norton rose to prominence basically overnight back in 1992, after he performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe dressed as Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a tea towel on his head, behaving like an Irish housewife. This act made it to the press and shot Graham up to fame, making him a star. But instead of having his 15 minutes in the lime light, he managed to turn them into a successful career that’s been going on for over 25 years. He performed in drag again in 2009, starring in the West End musical La Cage aux Folles for three months.

A horrifying attack

Despite Graham’s unbelievable success, his career was set in jeopardy when he was brutally attacked in 1988. The TV host resided in London at the time, when he was stabbed on the street and sent to the hospital for over two weeks. This incident was a near death experience for Graham, as he lost a lot of blood lying there in the street after he was attacked. Thankfully, the presenter made it through to make a full recovery. That terrifying experience might have been enough to scar him for life and end his career, but instead of letting it phase him, he chooses to handle it with humor, laughing about it openly on his show.

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