ISIS Kills Real Madrid Fans

If there is one thing that everyone around the world has it common, that thing would probably be a love of soccer. Soccer brings people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds, together, and in some cases is the only thing that people may have in common. Across the globe people like to root for European Soccer Teams. The Real Madrid Club is one of the more popular teams to root for, and there are even people in countries like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan who support this club. I might also add, that these countries are for the most part experiencing civil war. Sadly politics and warfare affect everyone around, and yesterday, a group of terrorists from the Islamic State decided to shoot up a Real Madrid Fan Club in Balad Iraq.


Along with many countries in the Middle East, Iraq has been on the frontlines of fighting Islamic radicalism. Sadly, their efforts have not been enough, and yesterday, a group of terrorists managed to kill 16 people and seriously injure another 20, in a Real Madrid fan club in Iraq. This is a bit surprising, since even though they are religious extremists, ISIS fighters still play soccer. This shows that the Islamic State is becoming even more barbaric then ever, and that the war on extremism cannot let up, even for a second. In recognition of the loss, the Real Madrid athletes will wear black armbands during the game today against Deportivo.