These are the inspiring daughters of legendary athletes, and their stories

Sports stars are as important to some of us as if they were our own family. We follow their careers and personal lives and take part in their triumphs and defeats. However, it’s their achievement off the court or field that we are here to discuss – their daughters. These tough men go all mush on the world when they are surrounded by their family, and become especially delicate when it comes to their little girls. Some daughters followed their fathers in their athletic abilities and business acumen thereafter, while others decided on a whole different career path for themselves.

On this list of athletes, we have professional baseball players, golfers, basketball and football players and coaches. The evolution of these men and their careers have gone through the process of metamorphosis in front of the world’s eye, as did their respective little girls who have become the next generation of athletes, models, actresses, and businesswomen. Take a look at this list of the incredible daughters of legendary athletes, you may be surprised to learn that some of these women are more well-known than their fathers are at this point.

Gina Carano | Glenn Carano

Glenn was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys while in his prime. His daughter, Gina, is both an athlete and an actress. She has competed in a wide range of mixed martial arts (MMA) events over the years.


These days she focuses on her acting more than anything. You may recognize her from films like Deadpool, Fast and Furious 6, and Extraction. Gina’s piercing eyes and ridiculously good physique make her a perfect candidate in the Hollywood fame game, and she is getting to a pretty incredible start for herself.

Laila Ali | Muhammad Ali

We all know Muhammad Ali as the boxing legend that he was. In his youth, Ali won the heavyweight title, among the many others that he garnered along the way. His daughter, Laila, is a case of the apple not falling far from the tree.


Laila became a very successful fighter, continuing the Ali name in the work of boxing. She retired a year ago, but remains very involved in the world of boxing. Much like her father, at her prime, Laila won 21 out of 24 matched by way of knockout; float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Bianca La Russa | Tony La Russa

Tony is famous for his longstanding career with Major League Baseball. Tony is currently the chief baseball analyst and advisor for the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, his daughter is the one getting noticed.


Bianca takes after her mother when it comes to her physical appearance, but after her dad in her love for sports and her connection to sportsmanship. Bianca is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader, and likes to remain close to her athletic roots by keeping close to the field; doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely gorgeous and has a high kick to boot!

Britney Calcavecchia | Mark Calcavecchia

Mark Calcavecchia is a pro golfer and a former member of the PGA Tour. He’s well known within the golfing community and has won thirteen PGA Tour events and is currently playing in the Champions Tour. Daughter Britney, is not a part of the golfing game.


She graduated from Cal State University, and proceeded to work for the College Poker Tour and the Spring Training Crew of the Los Angeles Dodgers, followed by the Chicago White Sox. Brit is unlike her father in the athletic abilities and prefers to have her sport skills stay among the virtual.

Alexandria Schlereth | Mark Schlereth

Mark Schlereth transitioned from a successful football career to being a very successful NFL analyst. Alexandria is one of Mark’s three children, all of which are successful. Alexandria is a reporter for Bar Fly on the Fox Sports channel.


She is currently making moves to try her hand at acting in Hollywood, we don’t doubt that she will be able to make a name for herself.

Angela Rypien | Mark Rypien

Super Bowl MVP, quarterback, Mark Rypien, has spent time with the top teams in the US – Washington Redskins, Browns, Rams, Falcons, Eagles, Seahawks and Colts; he retired in 2002.


Angela, his daughter, is also into football! She is the professional quarterback for the Legends Football League, also known as Lingerie Football League, hence her work attire. When Angela isn’t playing she is a model and ad person for brands like ThermaPearl and Under Armour.

Brittany Viola | Frank Viola

Frank Viola was a pitcher in the Major League Baseball organization from 1982 to 1996.


He played for teams like the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays. Brittany is very successful herself, as an Olympic diver. She got her start while she was attending the University of Miami and continued thereafter with the Olympic team.

Nastia Liukin | Valeri Liukin

This is a case of father and daughter legend team! While dad, Valeri Liukin is a household name in gymnastics, winning medal after medal in the 80s and 90s. Daughter Nastia has become an even bigger name! At the young age of 14 she won the gold medal at the Pan American Games, and went on to be a part of the Olympic team in 2008 in Beijing.


Nastia won the gold medal for the all around competition, and an additional three silvers and a bronze medal to that. She is now retired from gymnastics and is engaged to hockey player, Matt Lombardi.

Alexa Flutie | Doug Flutie

Doug Flutie jumped around a lot of Football teams before resting on the perfect one – the Buffalo Bills. Alexa Flutie, on the other hand, was dad’s cheerleader throughout her life. In 2010 she won the Miss Massachusetts pageant before becoming a New England Patriot cheerleader in 2011.


She moved from the Patriots to the San Diego Charger before moving on to becoming a professional dancer, cheerleading coach and choreographer. Alexa is, as you can imagine, a very fit woman who takes after dad in putting 100% of herself into her work.

Bianca Gascoigne | Paul Gascoigne

Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne is an English soccer star who spent time with teams like Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Boston United, all while also being a part of England’s National Team.


Paul’s daughter Bianca is one famous lady across the pond, too. She is known for her modeling and television hosting gigs. Bianca has been on reality television show’s in the UK, such as, Love Island and Big Brother’s Big Mouth and Celebrity Coach Trip.

Courtney Force | John Force

John Force is a 16 time NHRA Funny Car champion, the drag racing man is one of the top men in the sport. His daughter, Courtney, is his youngest and has gone into the drag racing world as well.


She joined her father’s team, John Force Racing Team, in 2012 and drives the Traxxas Ford Mustang. This really is a case of like father like daughter!

Mariah Woodson | Mike Woodson

Mike Woodson is a former NBA player, former coach of the New York Knicks, and current coach of the Los Angeles Clippers.


His daughter, Mariah, was a college volleyball player for Georgia Tech, and has since graduated from the university. Mariah is one of Mike’s two children, she has a sister Alexis who is also a volleyball player, interesting that they both went into the game.

Brooke Hogan | Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is known for his wrestling days, as well as his not yet forgotten reality television show with his family.


His eldest daughter, Brooke, is also a wrestler these days, taking after her father. She is signed with TNA. Brooke made waves also while on the reality show as it did not show the family in the best light.

Deepika Padukone | Prakash Padukone

Prakash Padukone is a retired badminton player. He was the first Indian to win the 1980 All England Championship.


Daughter, Deepika has become one of the biggest names in the Bollywood world, as well as becoming the high-paid model as of 2017. Deepika’s face is known throughout India and Europe, and her name is as familiar as her father is at this point.

Cassie Trammell | Judy Trammell

Like mother like daughter in this case! Judy Trammell was one of the best Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders back in the day, her long blond hair and thin features were talked about as much as the football game going on behind her.


Her daughter, Cassie has followed her mother’s footsteps and also joined the ranks of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Deiondra Sanders | Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is a legend in the NFL. He played the position of cornerback for teams like the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys, to name a few.


He also played baseball for the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braced and San Francisco Giants. He is a jack of all trades. Daughter, Deiondra, named after him of course, is a stunning young woman who is using her famous name to get her places.

Alyonka Larionov | Igor Larionov

Igor Larionov is a hockey legend. He won two Olympic gold medals and joined the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks and later with the Detroit Red Wings, winning three Stanley Cups! Igor may have quite a name for himself but daughter, Alyonka is stopping people on the street.


Alyonka works at Vice Media in Los Angeles, where she also lives, and is a very high profile figure on social media. The blonde stunner can be seen on all forms of digital media, and looks to spread her influence farther with time. So she isn’t interested in hockey, we are sure dad was disappointed initially but got over it.

Jordin Sparks | Phillippi Sparks

Phillippi Sparks is a retired NFL player who played for the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys before retiring in 2000. Daughter Jordin is very well known herself, she was on the reality musical competition show, American Idol, and won!


She has successfully launched a musical career thereafter, winning herself a Grammy Award and releasing three studio albums. Jordin also had a high profile relationship with fellow singer, Jason Derulo, that has since ended but left a mark on the collective psyche of the millennial generation.

Sara Kosar | Bernie Kosar

Another quarterback to our list, Bernie Kosar, played for the Cleveland Browns, before joining the Dallas Cowboys and then the Miami Dolphins. His name is synonymous with NFL.


His daughter Sara is, how shall we say, different. Sara, now known as Lexxi Silver, decided to take an alternative path to fame – adult movies. She entered the adult film industry in 2011 and left shortly after, lucky for poor Bernie, we aren’t sure his heart could take it!

Kate Mara | Art Rooney Sr.

Kate Mara is famous in her own right but it’s her grandfather that is the really famous one. Art Rooney Sr. was the founding owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and is considered NFL royalty!


He is a member of the NFL Hal of Fame and was also a boxer, a very good one at that. His granddaughter, Kate, is a successful actress herself, who has been in films like, Iron Man 2, Brokeback Mountain, Transcendence, and The Martian.

Tracy Phillips | Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips is a former NFL coach for many top teams in the league, and a current defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams.


His daughter, Tracy, is not only a beautiful woman but is an up-and-coming actress. She has been in films like Water for Elephants, 500 Days of Summer, and Charlie Wilson’s War.

Rachel Bradshaw | Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is a famous face because of his commercial work, but mostly for his role as quarterback in the NFL. Terry spent his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, being a part of the team when they won FOUR Super Bowl titles. Rachel went to Belmont University in Tennessee.


She is a widow, after her husband of just one year was killed in a car accident. She used her talent of singing to work through her grief and started the band, Stella James Band. The band is doing very well in the music scene, making Rachel as known around Nashville as her dad is.

Avery Schlereth | Mark Schlereth

Former NFL player gone ESPN sports analyst, Mark Schlereth is very popular with football fans. He spent his career with the Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos. Avery is the middle child of the three Mark has.


Her other siblings are also very successful but we are going to focus on Avery here (sister, Alexandria was already the sixth on our list). Avery has made her own path with her very successful modeling career. Avery uses social media to show her fans and other interested people where she is going and what she is doing in terms of her work adventures.

Stephanie Turner | Norv Turner

Another coach for the team! Norv Turner was most recently the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, before retiring this past November.


His daughter, Stephanie, is a working actress. She has been in television shows like, Bones, 7th Heaven, and CSI; and in films like, Monster In Law, and Paper Cuts.

Jasmyn Wilkins | Gerard Wilkins

Gerard Wilkins is a former NBA star who played for some of the greatest teams in the US like the New York Knicks, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jasmyn, nicknamed Jazz, was also a basketball player, in high school.


She went on to attend Clemson University and Georgia State, after which she started competing in (and winning) beauty pageants. She is Miss Georgia 2012 and was fourth runner up in the Miss USA Pageant. Jazz is currently a model, as you can see, and looks to continue in that line of work as long as she can.

Nicki Meyer | Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer is a former football player gone coach. He is currently the head football coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes. In the past he was also the coach for the Florida Gators.


Nicki Meyer, his daughter, is a college volleyball player at Florida Gulf Coast University. She has stated that being athletic runs in her family and it is very important for her to maintain that.

Kristen Saban | Nick Saban

Nick Saban is the head football coach for the University of Alabama. Before his job with them he was head coach for the NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.


Daughter, Kristen, followed in her father’s footsteps, attending the Alabama school, but getting a pretty negative reputation due to a problem she got into with her sorority sisters.

Brittany Favre-Mallion | Brett Favre

Brittany is the successful and beautiful daughter of former NFL player Brett Favre. Brett was with the Green Bay Packers for most of his athletic career.

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Brittany, his eldest, is in her late 20s, married and making a name for herself. The mother of two herself, graduated with a law degree this year and is proving that she is capable of doing it all.

Kendall Jenner | Caitlyn Jenner

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know who Kendall Jenner is, and who her parent, Caitlyn Jenner, is (Caitlyn has stated she prefers her children call her “Dad”). previously known as Bruce, Jenner was a famous football star who made it big in track and field, winning the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic games.


Her daughter Kendall is a very well-known model, appearing in runways all over the world. She is also a part of the Keeping Up with the Kardashian reality television show on E! Channel.

Paulina Gretzky | Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky, NHL legend, also known as “The Great One” due to his record breaking career. Gorgeous daughter, Paulina is one of Wayne’s five children, and is one of the most famous of them all due to her very successful modeling career.


She wanted to sing initially but her singing career never took off so she switched things up. Paulina has been on cat walks from the US to Europe as well as many magazine covers.

Brittny Gastineau | Mark Gastineau

Mark Gastineau was one of the top names in football back in the ’80s, during his days as an NFL defensive end. These days, Mark and Brittny are not very close but the world knows more of her than anything else.


She was formerly close to reality stars, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, with a reality show about her and her mother as well. Brittny is a model these days, and you can see why – the woman is quite striking. She has contracts with L’Oreal, and has appeared in various magazine spreads.