Meghan Markle’s journey to becoming an inspiring Duchess

Room for one more?

October 15, 2018 is the day the news broke that everyone had been waiting for: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child together. It seems like only yesterday the couple were walking down the aisle, and now they’re about to become the next parents in the Royal Family.

Hopefully, there is room in Buckingham Palace for one more set of little feet. Meghan and Harry are over the moon with the thought of becoming parents. However, life wasn’t always royal for Meghan Markle. In fact, this star was once living an entire world away.

Stuck between two worlds

Rachel Meghan Markle was born on August 4, 1981, and was immediately thrown into the world of TV thanks to her producer father, Thomas Markle Sr. The youngster spent many of her childhood years growing up on TV sets where she got to meet with all kinds of stars.

However, things weren’t always easy for Meghan. The star admits she was always confused about her ethnicity, with her teacher telling young Meghan to identify as Caucasian as that’s who she resembled the most.

Finding her place

Thankfully, Meghan had her father there by her side to help her every step of the way – even when she was learning who she was on the inside. Thomas told his daughter that she would have to carve her own path in this world. If she was asked to choose her ethnicity on a form, Meghan should create her own box.

She needed somewhere to belong in the world, even if that meant she had to make it herself. It wouldn’t be long until Meghan would learn to stick to what she believed in no matter what.

Learning the ways of the world

Meghan Markle was just 11 years old when she took her opinions to the TV. The youngster had seen a commercial on TV and thought it was sexist. This would never do. She contacted everyone she could, and soon Meghan had changed the entire premise of the ad.

Meghan quickly understood how important it is to stand up for what you believe in, and it seemed as though she was already becoming a strong, independent young woman. This was only the beginning.

Coming into her own

Meghan spent her teenage years attending various private schools here the teen learned all about hair and beauty from her friends. It was around the time she was 16 that Meghan admits she discovered hair straighteners. This was about to change her hairstyle forever.

However, as soon as Meghan graduated from high school, she was thrown into the big wide world of work. The youngster began to use her calligraphy skills as a way to pay her way through life.

Following in the family footsteps

It wasn’t long before Meghan discovered her true passion was always destined to be on the screen; she needed to find a way to make it as an actress. It turned out she was determined to follow in her father’s footsteps only this time it was to be in front of the camera instead.

Young Meghan began to take smaller acting roles until she found a part that stuck. At last, Meghan was cast to become one of the briefcase girls on the game show Deal or No Deal.

Proud of her roots

2006 finally rolled around, and Meghan was getting used to a life on the red carpet. She was such a natural it was as though Meghan had been born to be a star. It was around this time that Meghan began to experiment with color, such as her green eyeshadow for this look.

However, there was a good reason. Thomas Sr. had always told his daughter that her skin without freckles would be like the night sky without the stars. Meghan was so proud of them that she asked makeup artists to forget foundation.

Continuing her work

Thankfully, Megan’s time on Deal or No Deal soon led to much bigger and better things. The actress was seen in a whole host of shows over the years, including the soap opera General Hospital, the sci-fi legal drama Century City, and the police procedural CSI: NY. It looked as though Meghan was beginning to get used to a life on our screens.

To show off her new career, Meghan opted for a brand new hairdo complete with side swept bangs.

Going back to her roots

By the time it was 2010, Meghan had already appeared in a host of shows and made quite the name for herself in Hollywood. However, it turned out she couldn’t leave her Californian roots behind her. The actress stepped out with a much lighter shade of brown to show off her sun-kissed locks.

As if that wasn’t enough, Meghan also began to appear at some of the biggest events and parties on the West Coast. She had finally reached true celebrity status.

Lading the big role

It was in 2011 that Meghan was about to land the most prominent role of her career: Rachel Zane. The actress was offered to play the character in the legal drama series Suits. To go with the part, Meghan also readied herself for many red carpet premieres to show off her latest work to her fans.

As if that wasn’t enough, Meghan also found her center parting look for the first time. This was about to become the hairstyle that many of us have come to know and recognize over the years.

Climbing to the top

Although Meghan had now cemented her name in Hollywood, she was still going through quite the transformation on her climb to the top. By 2012, the light locks were back. Plus, Meghan had also relocated to Toronto, Canada to dedicate all her time to acting in Suits.

The series really had changed her life as Meghan had suddenly shot to the height of fame. She had always been used to hanging out with the rich and famous, but now Meghan was one of them, too.

Taking some time out

It looked as though Meghan was ready for a break from it all in 2014. Perhaps she needed to take some time away from Hollywood? Whatever the case, the actress was soon jetting off on a 10-day trip around New Zealand. Many of us were now used to seeing Meghan Markle looking glam on the red carpet.

However, the actress was about to sport a much more relaxed style as she traveled around the country. Even in fur-lined boots, it seemed as though Meghan could rock any look.

Making a grand return

It seemed as though Megan’s time halfway around the world was just the opportunity the actress needed to mature into a young adult. The star soon embraced her fame and hit the red carpet looking much more grown up than she ever had before.

That wasn’t all. Meghan also began to put her fame to good use by arriving at many different charity events, such as ones for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Plus, Meghan’s darker hair was officially here to stay.

Stealing the entire show

Meghan has had to adapt to many rules now she is part of the Royal Family. Everything from the way she conducts herself in public to her wardrobe has been specially controlled to ensure she is maintaining the high standards of the family.

However, back before Meghan was part of the Royals, the actress could wear just about whatever she liked. During one of her many appearances on the red carpet, Meghan stole the show thanks to her low-cut silver gown.

One step closer to the family

2016 was about to be a monumental year for Meghan Markle thanks to one of her friends. She was finally introduced to Prince Harry. The pair instantly hit it off, and it wasn’t long before they started to date. Little did either of them know, but they were about to become the talk of the entire world.

Meghan took to her new role as a royal girlfriend and began to wear suits and jackets while on the red carpet. Meghan was also experimenting with her hair as she found a style that worked.

Showing dedication to the cause

The media went wild the day they realized Meghan Markle was officially dating Prince Harry. Although her fans had always been used to growing up as part of her life, it looked as though Meghan was about to slip further away than they ever imagined.

The Royal Family are banned from having social media, and Meghan had to shut down all of her pages. However, the star could still hold onto her relaxed dress sense – including her love of jeans.

Moving across the world

Back in November 2017, the world learned that Meghan was officially going to be welcomed as part of the Royal Family – she was engaged to Prince Harry! The pair emerged to the media to announce their big news where Meghan showed off how she had officially taken on her royal wardrobe.

Plus, her long hair was now falling past her shoulders for the first time in a long time. Meghan Markle’s transformation was about to go one step further, too, as the actress moved to London and gave up her career as an actress.

The talk of the town

Meghan Markle has been a style icon for many years thanks to her daring yet stylish looks. Plus, she once ran a blog named The Tig where Meghan would document all aspects of her lifestyle – including her fashion thoughts and tips.

Now, it seems as though she is setting a whole new kind of trends thanks to her time in a brand new spotlight. To top it off, Meghan was about to become the style talk of the town as she showed off her wedding dress in May 2018.

Changing her entire look

Long gone are the days of messy hairdos and glamorous dresses. Now, it seems as though Meghan has adopted a much neater hairdo teamed with a wardrobe fit for royalty – literally. It looks as though all those months of practice at being a royal are paying off as Meghan is now a pro whenever she is spotted out and about with her husband, Prince Harry.

However, their love for one another makes it pretty rare to see Meghan out and about without Harry by her side.

Covering up the truth

There have been many rumors floating around over the last few months that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could be expecting their first child together. Of course, many have been carefully studying all of their movements and outfits to see if there were any clues. One of the many things people noticed was Meghan’s wardrobe.

The star was once seen in a whole host of figure-hugging outfits. However, it looked as though the Duchess was now opting for looser fitting clothes with large coats.

Spreading the word

At last, the couple were ready to announce they are expecting a child at some point in Spring 2019. Many rumored the Royal Family were seen congratulating Meghan and Harry at Princess Eugenie’s wedding a few days before, but the news to the rest of the world came on October 15, 2018.

Now, it seems as though the entire family is ready for the newest addition. Meghan and Harry are currently busy on their tour of Australia as they celebrate while announcing their grand news.