Hilarious tanning fails that will have you reaching for that sunscreen

We just love summer. Going to the beach, eating ice cream, attending pool parties, passing out of heat exhaustion… it’s the best! But seriously, it’s one of the best times of the year, where you can be spontaneous, go on a vacation, and most importantly – catch some sun and vitamin D. Many people enjoy going to the beach or the pool, just to sit under the sun and relax. And if you can get some color on your skin while you’re at it, then why not? Some people even prepare themselves for summer by getting spray tans or going to the tanning salon, just so they don’t look too pale in their bathing suits later.

But it’s important to keep in mind that the sun isn’t safe, and spending a lot of time under those sun rays can really damage your skin and possibly cause serious health issues. That’s why it’s crucial to wear sunscreen, even if you’re trying to get yourself tanned. Another thing you should keep in mind while getting your tan on, is which parts of your body are covered and which are not. Otherwise, you might just end up with a tanning disaster, just like the people in these pictures have. These photos are as funny as they are unfortunate – and mostly, they serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who’s planning on getting tanned.

The cute bikini problem

Everyone knows girls love their bikinis. For us, the general rule of shopping for bathing suits, is “the more the merrier.” And when we come across a bathing suit we love, there’s no stopping us from buying it – even if we have 30 other bathing suits in our closet. This girl bought what she thought was a “super cute” bikini – which, as you can see, ended up being a huge mistake. It might have been cute, but its strings caused what we call an unfortunate tanning fail. Now this girl can’t wear open V-neck shirts until it goes away, and we’re pretty sure next time she’ll be wearing a more traditional bikini.

Bright eyes

A popular way to get some much needed color for the summer before hitting the beach, is going to the tanning salon. But you probably want to do it more gradually, if you don’t want to end up like this girl. She spent so much time on the tanning bed with those goggles, that the skin of her entire body turned a million shades darker… except for the skin around her eyes. Now she’s going to have to walk around with sunglasses for weeks until it evens out. Hopefully the lesson was learned, and she’ll stick to tanning under the regular old sun instead of the tanning salon from now on.

Spray tan gone wrong

If you want that tanned look, but you’re not interested in the prolonged sun exposure it requires, you can get a spray tan. Some people get spray tans before their first time at the beach every summer, so they don’t look pale in their bathing suits. But getting a spray tan can result in mishaps as well, just like the one in this picture. This beautiful girl wears her tanning fail with pride, but we’re pretty sure she regrets getting it in the first place.

Suspicious tan lines

Hmm, something seems strange about this guy’s tan, doesn’t it? It’s usually the girls who wear the bikinis, but we guess some guys prefer those two-piece bathing suits as well. Perhaps this man loves tanning lines so much, he decided to wear a bikini to the beach to get some of his own. Either way, it’s pretty entertaining to see this manly man marked with a women’s bikini tan line. It doesn’t seem to bother him, though, so who are we to judge?

The horror

This is one of the most terrifying things we’ve ever seen. There’s almost nothing worse than suddenly waking up from a beach slumber and finding out you fell asleep for too long and you’ve been badly sunburnt. But it’s so much worse waking up to find out the only part of your back that wasn’t burnt – was the part that had crabs all over it! Well, either that, or this girl just wore a bathing suit with crab-shaped holes in it.

Two halves of a whole

If you’re walking under the sun and wearing long pants, try not to take your shirt off. We know many guys do it, and we usually wouldn’t be against it (at all), but this picture is proof that you really shouldn’t. This man got a very intense tan on his torso, but since he was wearing long pants, his legs remained as white as driven snow. We can only imagine how long it would take to even things out at the beach.

Don’t wear Crocs to the beach

Crocs have become a very popular shoe in recent years, since it’s both comfortable and airy. We personally believe it should be kept strictly at home, but to each their own. We will suggest, however, that you don’t wear it outside on extremely sunny days or to the beach. You might just end up like the man in this picture, who was given pretty unique tan lines thanks to his comfy Crocs shoes. Don’t do it, people.

Bikini clad

When getting a tan, it’s important not to overdo it. If you don’t believe us, just ask the girl in this picture. If you think she looks unhappy, you’re right – and there’s a good reason for that. She’s now forced to wear her bikini wherever she goes for an entire summer, whether she likes it or not. Remember folks, getting a tan is like getting a temporary tattoo. You always want to make sure it doesn’t end up embarrassing you.

Drifting to sleep

It can get very relaxing when you’re at the beach, lying on the comfy sand beneath the warm sun. Just listening to the calming sound of the waves, you can feel yourself drifting into peaceful sleep. Then you wake up, and find out you fell asleep and got sunburnt all over the front half your body – except for where you placed your hand on your stomach. At least it’s something funny you can show your friends!

Sunscreen stick issues

Today there are many options to be chosen for sunscreen – there are different levels of SPF, creams, lotions, transparent sprays, and even sunscreen sticks. It may seem like a good idea to use a tanning stick on your entire body, but you better make sure you have excellent painting skills. Otherwise, you just might end up looking like this guy, who thought he was covered – but obviously wasn’t quite as protected as he had thought.

But I was hungry!

When your out on the porch or by the pool, it’s nice to sometimes enjoy a snack or a light meal. Being in the sun can make you hungry, so why not bring something to nosh while you’re outside? Well, this is probably why. This girl enjoyed a nice bowl of cereal, when she was suddenly caught by unexpected fatigue and fell asleep in the sun. Probably an hour later, she woke up to find unique tan lines on her skin. We wouldn’t want to hit the beach like that!

Bat signal

Being a superhero isn’t necessarily about getting credit for the good deeds you do for other people. It’s about humbly giving back to society without expecting a return. That’s why most superheroes choose to hide their true identity. But this Bruce Wayne isn’t doing a very good job at hiding his real identity. He’s literally wearing the bat signal across his chest. He shouldn’t be surprised when the Joker shows up at his house to surprise him.

A strange hat

It’s really important, while walking under the sun, to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a hat to keep your head from getting heat stroke. That goes especially when you’re bald and need to protect that head from turning all read. Well, it’s a job well done for this guy. Except… he probably should have put some sunscreen on his face or turn his hat the other way. That way, he might not have turned out having these embarrassing tan lines.

Creative tan

This girl is sporting one of the most unfortunate tans we’ve ever seen, and we mean ever. If you’re wondering what this girl did to get these interesting tan lines, in order to avoid doing it yourself at any cost – we’ve got you covered. As we do have a theory on what happened to this woman. It looks as though she was lying under some sort of pergola, which covered very specific parts of her body. So whatever you do, don’t ever fall asleep under one of those things.

Catching some tunes

Nowadays, our phones are such a huge part of our lives. We can’t seem to go anywhere without our phone, and not only because we keep everything on it – but also because we like to browse our social media at any chance we get. This guy was using his phone at the beach to listen to some tunes, but as many people have on this list – he fell asleep. Next thing he knows, he has a big white rectangle on his stomach.

Kiss kiss

There’s probably a reason this guy is only giving his girlfriend an air-kiss in this picture. We’re guessing this is another spray tan disaster, but this time the problem wasn’t tanning lines. It was just the amount of material sprayed onto this woman. This crazy tan is so dark, it’s even worse than the spray tan Ross got on that Friends episode. Maybe this girl counted one too many Mississippis and forgot to turn around!

Sleeve tan

We almost feel bad for this poor guy. He was wearing his T-shirt for a long time under that sun, forgetting to protect his skin with sunscreen, and this tanning fail was the inevitable result. Most of his hand looks as though it’s about to peel off, while the shoulder part remains perfectly pale. But seriously, we hope he got some aloe on the bottom parts of his hands, because that tan does not look good.

Tank top problems

This guy looks both tanned and red to the extreme, you can hardly believe how pale his skin was before he went outside on a sunny day. In his case, we think it would have been better to just take that shirt off. Now he’s left with an artificial shirt kind of tan for weeks. There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here – none of this would have happened if he’d only been wearing some sunscreen. At least he finds it funny.

Tanning goals

The girl in this picture also tried her hand at getting a fake tan. Unfortunately, it didn’t go over very well, since her complexion turned from a very pale ivory to a shade that resembles a burnt Thanksgiving turkey. She thought if she’d cover herself with dozens of colorful flowers, it would catch the eye of the beholder enough to draw the attention away from her tan. But we don’t think it worked out so well for her.

Burnt to a crisp

If ever there was a proof that one should wear sunscreen when going out to the sun, it’s this photo. Especially if you have sensitive skin that’s extremely light – you might become as red as a ripe tomato. This British couple spent one day in Thailand without wearing sunscreen, but they forgot the Thai sun isn’t as meek as the sun in the UK is. After that day, we’re pretty sure they’ve learned that lesson.