Hilarious sibling pictures

Many of us have grown up with a brother or sister over the years. In fact, as Americans have an average of 2.4 children in each house, then the chances are you’ve had a sibling by your side this whole time. They are the ones who take joy in pulling the heads of your toys, putting makeup on you while you sleep, and getting out of trouble by shifting the blame onto you when you’re not around. They’re great, aren’t they? However, having a sibling doesn’t always spell trouble. In fact, they can also be the defining people in our lives that turn us into who we are today.

That’s right; it’s shown that the oldest sibling in the house is typically the smartest while the younger generation are the ones that make the world laugh and enjoy rebelling against their parents. As if they weren’t enough, the middle child feeling is a real thing. It’s said this unlucky bunch are usually stuck between the favorite child and the baby of the family. Perhaps that’s why they are the ones that usually end up compromising?

Although our brothers and sister might have caused plenty of headaches over the years, at least they have been there with some hilarious moments to make it all worthwhile and prove why we will always love them unconditionally.

Never alone

When asking for a blanket for as a gift, perhaps it’s best not to ask your brothers? Not unless you want a nightmare-inducing spread that will undoubtedly be enough to keep any guests from visiting your room. However, it seems as though this hilarious pair were just looking out for their sis. After all, if she is ever feeling alone, all she needs to do is grab her trusty blanket and cuddle up in the warmth of their faces. Perfect.

Not quite right

Imagine the moment. It’s time to open a gift from your sibling, and you rip back the paper to see an iPad box staring you in the face. Who knew they could be so generous? Well, it’s not always on the outside that counts but what lies beneath the surface. This hilarious sibling thought they would prank their sister with this clever gift. Although, we’re pretty sure that it will be the person that gave this present that will need the eye pad. Maybe next time she should be more specific about the kind of gift she would like?

On the turn

It seems as though this sibling was just looking out for their brother or sister. After all, how many times have you taken a gulp of milk only to find out it probably should have headed to the trash can two days before? However, we’re sure this sibling got a surprise when they opened the fridge door to find the true meaning of the note. Hopefully, they put their hands in the air and backed away before there was any spilled milk.

Mission impossible

Perhaps you spent your childhood years playing with your siblings? This is a chance for all those dreams to come to life before your very eyes, no matter how crazy they might seem. Playing cowboys, the floor is lava, or even spies are all great games. Although we are now all grown up, that doesn’t mean we have to give up our dreams of one day making it through a laser maze as the next top secret agent of the world, does it?

One of a kind

The best thing about a gift is when someone has gone to the effort of creating a unique present that no one else has. Now, you can proudly display your new piece and be the envy of the town. That would be great if your gift didn’t include two cans and a headband. Beats and beets might be two different things, but this hilarious sibling was determined to make their brother or sister’s dreams come true with a homemade take on the headphones.

Tales of times gone by

There comes a time in most of our lives when we get to have the awkward talk about when a mom and a dad love each other very much. Yes, we can still feel the shivers now. Rather than letting their sibling go through the awkwardness for themselves, it looks as though this brother wanted to tell Emma where she really came from. It has all been a lie. Hopefully, Emma wasn’t too traumatized by the nightmarish thought of living in the yard.

Merry fridge-day

Although Christmas is a joyous time for many all around the world, it can be sad once all the presents are open and the decorations get taken down. Plus, we are often left with miles and miles of extra gift wrap that sits in the cupboard only to be forgotten about and replaced next year. Instead of letting their’s go to waste, this sister and her fiancé thought they would keep this sibling on their toes with a present for every day of the week – and probably the rest of the month.

Slice of pie

Mmm, a slice of warm, fresh pie after a long day outside. Does life get any better? Well, it would if there was a pie to come home to at all. It seems as though brothers are the masters of deception as he has cleverly eaten the perfect amount to cover his tracks. We just hope he was far enough away when his sister discovered the disappointment that lay beneath the surface. At least he left her some at all, right?

The thought that counts

Although people’s birthdays come at the same time every year, it can be hard to remember, and before we know it it’s time to fork out on an expensive gift to make their day special. However, sometimes there is no choice, and we just have to admit defeat. Rather than let their sibling sit there disappointed at the lack of gifts, it seems as though this sister wanted to take her love of memes and a good practical joke to the next level. Cue this hilarious “gift.”

Looking for help

What starts out as a fun idea can soon turn into a nightmare experience, especially when you are the youngest sibling and totally outsized by your older brother. Who wouldn’t want to know what it’s like to be taped to a skateboard? Actually, we think we know the answer to that one. Plus, judging by this kid’s face, it isn’t such a great idea after all. Hopefully, someone was kind enough to cut him free before their parents got home.

Player one

Sometimes we just want to be left to play our video games alone, but parents don’t seem to get it. Instead, they make us share with our siblings. Where’s the fun in that? Plus, they only want to play because we have it – they’re not even any good! This clever youngster thought on his feet and found the perfect way to trick his younger sister. All he needed to do was give her an unplugged controller and tell her it was a wireless set. Now, he could sit back and win with ease.

So many questions

There are so many things wrong with this t-shirt that it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, who could even get Nirvana confused Hanson? Sure, both bands feature long blonde-haired singers, but we’re pretty sure that’s where the similarities end. After all, we’re not sure we can imagine Kurt Cobain jamming out to his rendition of MMMBop. As if that wasn’t enough, this brother didn’t want either shirt; he’s actually a Foo Fighters fan… At least he has a talking point at parties thanks to his hilarious sibling.

New nominee

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a phenomenon that took the world by storm back in 2014 as people all around the globe sat under a bucket of freezing water and ice in a bid to raise money towards the research of ALS. However, this woman was about to be in for a surprise when she learned that she was the latest person to sign up thanks to her brother. Hopefully, the surprise wasn’t too much after cooking in the sun.

Cooking up a storm

What happens when you ask your brother to make you some food? Apparently, you get a hilarious response. Many of us might expect to get a slice of toast or even a bag of chips. However, it looks like this sibling got an entirely new type of food thanks to their hilarious brother. You might have heard of Sugar Puffs, but now you get to take a glimpse at a bowl of Struggle Puffs instead. Watch out Gordon Ramsay; you might have some competition.

A jar of lies

Peanut butter is an excellent choice with just about any type of food. Plus, it’s packed full of healthy stuff that keeps us going throughout the day. Maybe that’s why so many of us choose it as a mealtime solution? Unfortunately, this sister was going to be in for a surprise after unscrewing the lid to find this lie lying in wait. It turns out her brother is more hilarious than anyone once thought as he went to all the effort of deceiving his sibling in the most amusing way.

One slice at a time

Apparently, this is what happens when you decide to sleep in your sister’s room for the night. No bedtime stories or cuddles here. No, it’s all about playing bread Jenga to see just how high that stack can go before it comes tumbling down. We won’t lie; we’re pretty impressed at how high she has been able to get the piece without a whiff of a tumble. You know you are the master of stacking when you need to get another loaf of bread to complete your masterpiece.

Prepare for battle

There is wrapping a gift well, and then there’s this. Who even knew you could get so many cable ties onto one present? We’re sure it would have taken hours to assemble this wonder, but nowhere near as long as it would have taken to cut them all loose. We just hope the pay off was worth it, and her brother didn’t fill the box with empty cable tie wrappers or a pair of scissors. Oh, the irony.

The thought that counts

This person when in for heart surgery and needed something to keep their spirits high the other side. That’s when they decided they needed an Apple Watch so they could track their heart rate throughout the day. Although she couldn’t afford the real deal, this hilarious sister did the best she could and created this replacement instead. See, funny siblings don’t always have to be bad. Sometimes they can have a heart of gold. Plus, we’re sure it only cost a fraction of the price of a real one.

That sinking feeling

If you have ever shared a bathroom with someone that shaves over the sink, then the chances are you have experienced this sister’s pain. How can hair get into so many places? The sink, the side, the mirror – we’ve even heard tales of beard hair making its way onto the ceiling before! She had it one too many times and told her brother how his facial grooming was making her feel. Rather than clean up, he thought he would retaliate with this hilarious and ironic response.

The truth hurts

Sometimes, it can seem as though our siblings never express their true feelings towards us. Although a siblings’ love is unlike any other in the world, it can be nice to hear it every now and then. Today wasn’t that day. No, this brother thought he would hit his sister right in the feels by sending her a Valentine’s Day gift. We’re sure she was surprised to see a parcel with her name on it, but that smile soon turned to the realization that she is single and her brother is hilarious.