Hilarious Comic Con photos

If you just can’t get enough of all things pop culture, anime, sci-fi, video games and everything in between, comic-con events are for you. These events can be found across the world, when fans come together to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and characters. In recent years, cosplay at comic-con events has completely blown up, and countless people are dressing up as their favorite characters. These are the most hilarious Comic-Con photos.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Pug

If you have a pet, you’ll know that it’s hard to leave them by themselves – especially if you have an exciting day ahead of you.

This lady was obviously gearing up to get her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on when she attended this Comic-Con event, but it seems as though she just couldn’t bring herself to leave her adorable pug at home. So, she did what any normal geek would do, and got her pug involved in the whole process. Teenage Mutant Ninja Pug… at your service.

D. Viddy

Darth Vader has always had a pretty bad rep in the Star Wars world. Sure, he really enjoys destroying the universe and throwing a real spanner in the works; but in reality, he’s just a man who wants someone to love him.

Kinda. Apparently, this Vader wanted to try and find a new way to attract the ladies, so decided to transform himself into D. Viddy. He had a little costume change, picked up his boom box, and got ready to spit a few bars. Impressive, huh?

Batwoman will see you now

Cosplay is a huge part of Comic-Con, and you’re the odd one out if you don’t don your favorite superhero costume for each event. This woman dug the perfect outfit out of her closet for this occasion and made sure that she looked her best.

Many people are familiar with Batman, but not everyone knows there’s also a Batwoman. She could definitely play the character in a future movie based on the comics, because this femme fatale wasn’t going to take any prisoners. The spikes on her arm cuffs will tell you that.

The hipster princesses

Although we love Disney princesses more than anything in the world, Disney is a little behind the times when it comes to their representation of these women. After all, we now live in a world full of hipsters!

These hilarious women decided to take matters into their own hands for this Comic-Con event, and transform themselves into the ultimate hipster princesses. From the wide-rimmed glasses to their funny signs, these ladies have got the hipster vibe down to a T. In fact, we have a feeling that they are definitely not at risk of becoming mainstream…

The beautiful droogs

If you’ve ever seen A Clockwork Orange, you’ll know that it’s one of the most bizarre movies out there. However, there is a reason that this movie is a cult classic – and some people just love to show off their love for the lovable droogs.

These women have nailed this cosplay outfit, and they definitely would have looked out of place on the movie set. They’ve got the the Moloko Plus from the Korova Milk Bar, they have the bowler hats, they have the white outfits, and they even have the baseball bat!

Going nuts

There are some superheroes in the superhero universe that just don’t get the recognition they deserve, so we’re glad that Squirrel Girl is finally getting noticed.

For this particular San Diego Comic-Con event, the sci-fi actor, John Barrowman, decided to go a little nuts and bring Squirrel Girl to the masses. We have to give him credit for his outfit. It can’t be easy carrying that bushy tail around for the whole day – especially when he’s covered in fur! At least he’s still got a smile on his face.

I don’t choose you

If you choose to dress up in your best cosplay when attending a Comic-Con event, you always run the risk of wearing the same thing as somebody else.

It’s always a little awkward when this happens, but sometimes you just have to laugh it off and take a photo together. After all, that’s what these two did! While the woman on the left looks as though she’s rocking the Pikachu look, the man on the left isn’t quite pulling it off because he’s missing a tail! Apart from that, he looks great.

Prince Leia

Princess Leia is perhaps one of the most iconic Star Wars characters of all time, and you can guarantee that there will be countless women donning their Leia buns at Comic Cons across the world every single year.

However, we now live in a world of gender equality where men and women can do anything they put their mind to. With that in mind, this guy decided to ditch the gender stereotypes and dress up as Prince Leia for this event. We think his buns look fabulous with his beard.

Mrs. Mushroom

Every year, video game fanatics across the globe dress up as their favorite characters for the sake of these incredible Comic-Con events. While most of them transform themselves into the most popular characters, this woman wanted to do something a little different.

Instead of dressing up as Mario or Princess Peach, she decided to take her love of Super Mario Bros. to another level and become one of the mushrooms! Kudos to this woman for the attention to detail on this outfit, because she’s even got mushrooms in her hair!

The gingerbread man

The aim of any Comic-Con event is to show off your cosplay skills and to mingle with like-minded people, and we have a feeling that this guy probably made a lot of friends during his Comic-Con experience.

After taking on one of the most famous fairytale characters and transforming it into an outfit, he did what no other person could really do. Yes, he used the color of his hair and the fact that he was a man and rolled with it. Quite literally. He really does have bread hanging off of his body…

More Pledge, please

If you’re a fan of the hilarious animated comedy, Family Guy, you’ll know that there are a few characters who go under the radar.

This woman obviously thought the same, because she decided to use her Comic-Con experience as a chance to bring one of our favorite characters to life. For this event, she dressed up as the Lemon Pledge-loving maid, Consuela. Not only did she take along a replica of Stewie, but she also looked as if she had stepped right out of the TV! The glasses are spot on.

Not quite the Hulk

No Comic-Con would be complete without everyday people turning themselves into superheroes for the day, and this man knew that there was only one super that would work for him; The Hulk.

While he managed to paint himself green and even rip his shorts just like his favorite superhero, it’s fair to say that he’s not quite the Hulk in terms of his physique. He could definitely pass as Bruce Banner, but maybe not the Hulk. Not yet, anyway. He probably has a few more months in the gym before that happens.

The storm pupper

If you’ve always wanted to go to Comic-Con but were a little worried about feeling silly or out of place; there are a few things you can do to make you feel more comfortable.

The first thing you can do is wear a cosplay outfit that covers your face so you can blend into the crowd. The second thing you can do is take your dog with you for moral support. This person was obviously feeling super anxious about their Comic-Con experience, so decided to do both of those things. The storm pupper is incredibly cute.

The mother of masks

Nowadays, you can’t talk to anyone without them bringing up Game of Thrones. It’s taken over the world one Red Wedding at a time.

One of the most popular characters from this fantasy franchise is Daenerys Targaryen – who is also known to be the Mother of Dragons. On this particular occasion, this woman decided to don her long, blonde wig and her floaty dress and become the Queen herself. Yet, she wanted to make her costume a little more modern, so she added a DIY eye-mask into the mix too. We kinda dig it.

Let’s check

If you’re a fan of movies, TV shows or video games, you’ll know that they are all filled with weapons. Because of this, cosplayers and Comic-Con fans have to be true to their characters when the day comes.

They can’t just wear the clothes and hope that people know who they are. They need to wear the shields, the swords, and all of the fake weapons that will transform their outfit into something much more authentic. However, this can be a little difficult when these events need to check the weapons. That’s gonna be awkward.

Wolverine, the banana

Wolverine is one of the most famous X-Men in the superhero universe, and everyone knows him for his hairy face and his giant claws.

Yet, it seems as though we missed a vital part of his appearance while watching his movies – because apparently, Wolverine is also a banana? We’re not sure if this man knows more than we do or simply got confused, but his outfit is certainly something very special. We especially like the fact that the banana is not just any banana… it’s a super banana!

Here’s a clue

If you cast your mind back to your childhood days, you might remember an epic show by the name of Blue’s Clues where we were introduced to a man named Steve and his dog, Blue.

This show was a staple of any child’s life, and this guy decided to go back to his roots and fill this Comic-Con with nostalgia. In fact, we have to give this guy credit for his outfit. Not only are the clothes on point, but he’s also got Blue and the mailbox involved! That’s dedication.

Quick as lightning

We all know The Flash; but did you know that there was a new lightning-fast superhero on the block?

This woman wanted to prove to the rest of the people at this Comic-Con event that she was more dedicated than any of them with this impressive outfit. While we agree that this woman looks absolutely incredible in this outfit, we can’t help but wonder how she got in and out of it. After all, that doesn’t look like stretchy material you can just whip in and out of…

The man behind the mask

It’s not unusual to see cosplayers wearing masks at Comic-Con events across the world, so they probably didn’t bat an eyelid when they saw this person wearing a Walter White mask during this event.

However, what they didn’t realize was that the real Walter White was actually underneath! Yes, Bryan Cranston walked around for the whole of the San Diego in the mask, before unveiling his true identity to the crowd in one swift movement. We bet the crowd went wild when they saw who they had been walking alongside for the whole day.

The fighting Fiona

Fiona is one of the most recognizable characters from the Shrek movies, mostly because she transforms from a princess into an ogre as soon as the sun sets!

Yet, this woman wasn’t content with taking on this character for her Comic-Con experience. She wanted to ensure that she stood out from the crowd even more and really made her mark. Because of this, she made herself into an ogre warrior complete with a kilt, furry boots, and a Labrys axe! It looks like she means business.

How far they’ll go

Unless you’re not a fan of amazing animated movies, you’ll know that Moana has quickly become one of the greatest Disney movies of all time.

Because of this, Comic-Con fans have added Moana cosplay into their locker and come up with incredible ideas like this one. Although Moana and Maui look pretty impressive, we have to give kudos to the woman dressed up as Te Fiti. We can imagine it’s not easy to go to the restroom in that outfit. She was probably green for days after this event.

A little hairy

Chewbacca is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all time, and cosplayers around the world have constantly tried to add a little originality to their Chewbacca outfits.

These three people definitely need to win some kind of award for this outfit choice, because it just gets weirder and weirder the more you look at it. While we can imagine that the fur would get pretty itchy after a while, it’s the masks that are intriguing us. We just can’t look away. They’ve hypnotised us.

Wonder Man

Over the past few years, Wonder Woman has won us all over with her strength and her beauty – and women around the world constantly wish to look more like Diana Prince.

However, it seems as though women aren’t the only ones who want to look like Wonder Woman because this guy decided to go full Wonder Man for this Comic-Con event. While we may have shaved the chest to add a little realism to the outfit, this guy doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he’s rocking it.

An unusual joke

Ariel, Tinkerbell, and Captain Jack Sparrow walk into a Comic-Con event… sounds like the start of an unusual joke, doesn’t it? Yet, this was a reality for the people of this Comic-Con, because these guys smashed their cosplay out of the park.

While we’re not sure why Ariel is wearing a school uniform, Tinkerbell and Captain Jack Sparrow look as though they’ve just walked out of our screens and turned up in the middle of the event. Of course, they had to pull a funny face for good measure.

Big Mac

We have no idea what to call this cosplay. Comic-Con gives people the opportunity to dress as whatever they want, and this guy wanted to dress like some sort of weird Ronald McDonald-Thor mashup.

We’re guessing he loves McDonalds, and who doesn’t love Thor. It’s cool, but it takes the idea that clowns are creepy to another level. Let’s just say that we wouldn’t want to run into something that looks like this in a dark alley.

Han and Leia

You know you’ve found a great partner in crime when they’re willing to swap genders so you can be the Star Wars character you admire most.

Whether you’re a guy who has always wanted to dress up like Princess Leia, or a woman who just feels like being Han Solo for a day, Comic-Con is the place for you to be exactly what you want to be. We think these costumes are awesome, and this couple looks super happy, too.

Split personality

Remember that Batman vs. Superman movie from a couple years ago? This cosplayer took the mashup to new heights with a combined Batman and Superman costume.

It seems that he couldn’t decide which DC superhero to dress up as so he just went with both of them. Or maybe his personality is experiencing an epic Superman vs. Batman battle. Both half costumes look pretty convincing, too, we’re just wondering what happened to the other halves of the suits.

Bulldog Arrow

What’s better than an awesome Green Arrow costume? An awesome Green Arrow costume on a bulldog! This dog looks super cute as the crime fighting vigilante hero billionaire Oliver Queen.

Just look at him gazing off into the distance, all ready to go be a superhero. While we don’t know what the dog’s owner is dressed as, we’re certain that this pup stole the show. It’s fun to cosplay, and even more fun when you get to dress up with your adorable pets.

Iron Man, Guitar Hero

Everyone loves playing Guitar Hero, the video game that transforms you into a rockstar, apparently even Iron Man. While it may not be the first prop you would expect to see Iron Man holding, it actually complements his suit nicely.

We’re not sure if the guitar will help Iron Man fight bad guys, but maybe it’s just for enjoyment, and while Iron Man probably doesn’t have an excess of free time (just ask Pepper), everyone’s entitled to a little gaming fun.

I am Groot

Groot is one of the greatest characters to come out of the hilarious Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This awesome tree is known for his limited vocabulary, his loyalty and friendship, and his super fighting skills.

We love Groot and would be thrilled to come across this fantastic cosplay at Comic-Con. He sure spent a lot of time putting his costume together and it looks amazing. We just have to ask – how can the guy inside see where he’s going?


This is an interesting choice for a Comic-Con costume. CatDog was a popular Nickelodeon animated series that premiered in the late ‘90s about a creature that was half cat and half dog.

The humor attracted both kids and adults with its clever writing and ridiculous antics. These two guys decided to bring CatDog back for Comic-Con, but didn’t quite pull it off as well as they might have hoped. They’re also stuck together for the remainder of the event, so there might be some CatDog-like bickering coming up.


Nobody would have guessed that Deadpool’s secret dream is to be a Stormtrooper. Or, maybe it’s a disguise to get him into places he otherwise wouldn’t be able to enter.

Either way, this costume is worlds colliding – we never would have thought to put Deadpool and Star Wars in the same universe! But anything goes at Comic-Con, the place where all universes come together in a beautiful melting pot of all things comic book, movie, and television related.

Not-enough-Iron Man

When Iron Man runs out of iron for his suit, he uses tape. At least, that’s what this cosplayer seems to think. His suit is just barely recognizable as Iron Man, so maybe he gets a few points for that.

It’s put together from a combination of construction paper, red fabric, and a whole lot of packing tape. It also looks like it’s going to be pretty hard to get off – someone might have to cut this guy out of his suit.

Can’t make up his mind

Sometimes, decisions are hard. This is definitely the case when it comes to choosing which Marvel hero to dress up as for Comic-Con. It only happens once a year so you have to really think about your costume and make it the best you can.

This guy couldn’t choose if he should be Spidey, Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor, so he went ahead and dressed up as all of them. It certainly makes for a unique and fun costume that’s also sure to cause a few laughs throughout the day.