Hilarious beach photos taken at the perfect moment

The worst combination

We’re not gonna brag and call ourselves technological wizards because we can just about turn a computer on if we really try hard enough. However, we do know one simple fact about tech; electronics and water do not mix! Unfortunately, the sea air seems to have gone to this woman’s head, as she seems to have forgotten this little nugget of information. In fact, we’re not even sure what this woman is smiling about. Yes, the beach is incredible. Sure, the sand feels amazing in between her toes. Of course, the cool water is perfect for chilling out… But she’s now lost all of her work. Rookie error, lady. Hope that wasn’t important.

Got a headache

There are endless possibilities for fun on the beach – especially in the sand. You can build cool sandcastles, or you could bury your friend in the sand. Because why not, right? These guys decided to take their fun in the sun even further than your average burial and decided to freak out the other people who were trying to enjoy their day on the beach. However, we do have to wonder whether the person who belongs to the body is okay. After all, you kinda need oxygen to breathe. Just a small little survival tip.

A family photo

If you’ve ever wanted to take a family photograph, we would recommend going to the beach. The sunset can provide the perfect backdrop, your smiles will never be forced, and you can just act naturally as your frolic in the sand. This family had this bright idea and took their two children for a family photo shoot down by the ocean. Yet, things started to go wrong when they decided to fling their kids in the air and let go of their hands. By accident, of course. Well, it’s definitely one to put in the photo album.

Splashing around

One of the main reasons people take a trip to the beach is to enjoy the ocean. After all, it’s kinda big. With so much space and so much water to enjoy, we do have to wonder why these children are playing in a paddling pool just meters away from the waves. Perhaps they don’t like what the salt water does to their hair? Perhaps they can’t swim? Well, whatever the reason, it looks like they may need a bigger pool. You know what they say, three’s a crowd.

Pose for the camera

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a walk along the beach with the love of your life and watching the sunset. You can frolic in the waves, walk hand in hand, and even take photographs of your time together. These two lovebirds thought they had got the perfect shot when they asked a passerby to take a picture of them both, but didn’t realize that they weren’t the only ones posing for the camera. We’re not sure who this guy is, but we like his style.

Monkeying around

Around the world, there are various beaches that have been taken over by animals. There is the Pig Beach in the Bahamas, there’s Flamingo Beach in Aruba, and there’s even Penguin Beach in South Africa. Although we don’t know where this beach is, we have a feeling it may need to be called Monkey Beach – because no matter how hard this lady tries, she just cannot get away from the monkeys! In their defense, she is carrying loads of bananas. That’s just asking for trouble really, isn’t it?

Surfing the waves

Taking a trip to the beach gives you the perfect opportunity to try out a few water sports. Yet, the majority of people who go to the beach want to get their surf on and ride the waves. While we can safely say that we’ve seen people surfing before, we can also say that this is the first time that we have ever seen a nun jump onto a board and float through the water. As if that wasn’t weird enough, Spider-Man is getting ready for the next wave behind her.

The ultimate photobomb

Sights like this one are not uncommon when you go to the beach – especially during Spring break. Each year, thousands of college kids descend on beaches around the world to celebrate a little break from their studies, and it’s basically the law that they need to take as many photographs as possible to show that they had the best time of their lives. Although these beautiful ladies thought they were alone in their perfect posing, it seems the guy in the water just couldn’t stop himself from joining in. We don’t blame him.

Getting comfortable

If you plan on spending the day at the beach, it’s important to remember the essentials. You need to remember your sun lotion, your towel, your swimwear, a few snacks… Oh, and you need to remember your pull-out couch! Yes, these guys decided to become the epitome of comfort during their beach day and weren’t content with just laying low on the sand. Instead, they wanted to be as comfortable as possible. We wonder how they got the couch there? They’re going to be picking sand out of that for months.

Staying cool

In the summer months, the beach can be the perfect place to top up your tan and really feel the heat from the sun. While the hot weather is perfect for a few hours, sometimes you just really need to cool down. There are a couple of ways to cool down at the beach, and most people would opt to take a seat under an umbrella or even take a dip in the ocean. However, this woman decided to just cover herself in cucumbers instead. Well, whatever floats your boat, we guess.

A bit of a sting

When you go abroad, there’s nothing better than going on a boat trip and checking out the local wildlife. If you’re lucky, your guide might even stop in the middle of the ocean and let you swim with the fishes. Quite literally. Unfortunately, we have a feeling that these three ladies wouldn’t count themselves as lucky for encountering this sea creature. As they were taking a photograph, this stingray decided to pop up and say hello – although the women didn’t have it in them to say hello back. Their faces say it all, really!

Beach strength

A trip to the beach is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends and have a laugh. Apparently, it’s also a chance to prove to your boyfriends that you are just as strong as they are! Yes, these strong ladies were so fed up with hearing their boyfriends talk about how muscles and strong they both were that they decided to put that to the test. Amazingly, these ladies managed to carry them from one side of the beach to the other! That’s much more impressive than those biceps.

The beach copycat

For some people around the world, a trip to the beach is a chance for them to upload their modeling portfolio, or a chance to get their latest Facebook profile picture. We have a feeling that that was exactly what the brunette in the yellow bikini was up to when she struck this sultry pose. However, her plans were thwarted when an uninvited guest decided to get in on the action. Now here comes the big question; who posed better? The woman? Or the photo bomber? We’ll leave that one to you.

One of the gang

We’re not sure why, but people find it much easier to photobomb when they’re at the beach. Perhaps it’s the wide expanses, or perhaps it’s the sea air, but some people tend to become much more confident when wandering across a group of people taking a selfie. At least, that’s what we think is going on here. You never know, he could be one of the gang! Knowing our luck, he’s probably the leader of the group and the most popular cheerleader on the squad. You just never know these days!

The wrong way

This here, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should never trust the GPS system in your car. While we have no idea how this car managed to get itself lodged in the waves and away from the actual road system, this picture does make us laugh. After all, you can just imagine the conversation going on between these three men. “I told you to take a left at the junction, Jeff!” “Yeah, but the GPS system told me to go right! I wasn’t going to listen to you after you said that you don’t like Krispy Kreme donuts, was I?!”

Tying the knot

One of the best things about many of the beaches around the world is that they are dog-friendly. You can give your dog the chance to swim in the ocean, or just laze in the sun by your side. Yet, there are often times when these little doggies get bored of sitting around and doing nothing. They just want to play! Rather than playing with the sand or trying to catch the waves, this puppy decided to play with the ties on his owner’s bikini. Well, this is awkward.

(Don’t) feel the burn

So you’re all ready to head out to the beach and soak up some rays – you have your bathing suit, your sunscreen and your beach chair, but then you realize you’re really, really afraid of the sun. A hat won’t do. Sunscreen won’t, either. What do you do? Well, if you’re the people in the coastal Shandong province of China, it’s a no-brainer – just wear the face-kini. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a bathing suit for your face. Just don’t wear it off the beach, or someone might think you’re a bank robber.

Lost on the way to Gotham

We don’t think this is the superhero we need or deserve right now. This low-rent Batman seems to have gotten lost on his way to crime fighting in the city of Gotham, and looks just as excited to be on the beach as you would be, if you wore a black plastic suit under the weltering sun. This is probably why the Dark Knight usually operates after sunset. What the pink-haired viking in the background of the photo is doing, meanwhile, is anyone’s guess.

Do have a cow

You’re on the way to the beach, and you have a favorite spot. You always set up in the same place, right near the water. It’s yours, and no one’s going to take it from you. And then you arrive to the beach only to find out it’s been occupied… by a herd of cows? You can get angry, but that’s not going to move a cow that weighs three times as much as you do, let alone a whole herd of them. Best-case scenario? Politely ask them to moo-ve.

Beam me up, Scotty

There’s no shame in growing old. It happens to the best of us, and when it does we all use a little help. Many people in their golden age use walkers, for example. Now, this photo raises a few options. First, the person using it may have been beamed up by a spaceship and taken to another planet. Secondly, they may have been completely cured just at the sight of the waves, and went sprinting into the water. We know which option we’re rooting for.

When you can’t afford a lifesaver, improvise!

We all know the first rule of swimming: safety first. This guy seems to have taken it to a new level. Can’t afford a life preserver or some other flotation device? No problem, just make your own at home. Tie some soft drink bottles together with string, go in the water and let physics take care of the rest. And if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll be able to offer the lifeguard a drink when he runs into the water to save you.

The case for flip-flops

Flip-flops are a fundamental part of beachwear, and for good reason. They’re light, comfy and – best of all – leave almost no tan lines. Sometimes, it’s best to just go with what works. Don’t believe us? Check out the guy who didn’t listen, and decided to wear Crocs to the beach instead. His punishment? Having everyone think he has some weird skin condition for the foreseeable future. Bet he now wishes he went barefoot.

A gi-rough time

There are all kinds of animals you expect to see on the beach. Fish, obviously, but also crabs, seagulls and if you’re really unlucky, jellyfish. Probably on any list of animals you wouldn’t expect on the beach? A giraffe. This guy went all-in, too, and it looks like he spent quite a lot of effort on his getup. Judging by the face of the woman on the foreground, though, it was a wasted effort. Oh, well, back to the savanna.

A mark of Cain

You’ve seen it in photos a million times, people burying themselves in the sand – it’s always a recipe for a good time. One thing you might not have taken into consideration, however, is quite how vulnerable you leave yourself. This is a less that has absolutely been learned by the guy in the photo, when some friendly seagulls after a large breakfast needed to go… while the poor guy seen here had nowhere else to go.

Beach bodies

You work out all through winter and spring, just to have that beach body ready for the summer. You hit the gym, lift weights and burn all that fat away. Summer finally comes, and you’re ready to make your grand entrance… only to realize you’re just a little shy. The two muscleheads in the photo found a quick, efficient solution, which gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Do you even lift, girl?”

Happy as a clam

In this day and age, you haven’t really been to the beach unless you also captured the perfect moment for posterity – and your social media following. Everyone knows there’s no better way of doing that than snapping a selfie. This dog knows what’s up, and took a breather from chasing waves and trying to catch a beach ball to pose for the perfect snapshot. The result? He looks like he had a whale of a time.

Somewhere over the rainbow

It’s a once in a lifetime moment, where everything falls into place just right – the sun is at the perfect angle, the lighting couldn’t be better, the rainbow is amazingly clear, and you… Wait, what are you doing? Not quite what you’d expect for that sort of picture. And while we’re certainly impressed with the positioning and angle of this photo, the guy featured in it seems a little too into the whole thing.

Exclusivity has many faces

There’s no better feeling than walking into a place, seeing a “Members only” sign and knowing you’re in. You march right inside, as if you own the place. The fine folks at this particular beach, however, got a little lost somewhere between exclusivity and inclusiveness, and made a sign that accepts both groups and somehow still manages to alienate everyone. Here’s a tip for next time, guys: pick a lane.