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Hilarious backyard-garage sales fails

Maybe the weekend is coming up, or your neighbors are moving out, and you’re looking for a way to pass the time? Perhaps you have realized how much stuff you have in your house and need to clear it all out? Have no fear; a yard sale is a perfect option.

Now, people can come to you as you haggle and bargain with customers from across the neighborhood, or you can enjoy looking through your neighbors’ belongings as you try and find the next best steal. Luckily, they aren’t always full of junk. Sometimes people might have been holding onto treasures all these years and never known the true value.

Just take the person that bought a mirror for $2 at a garage sale. Little did the previous owner know but they had been holding onto a Tiffany Peacock Mirror valued at more than $25,000. Another person left forever kicking themselves is the previous owner of an Egyptian cat bust. The artifact never sold at the yard sale, so they merely tossed it in the trash. Thankfully, someone fished it out as the piece dated all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians and is now valued at around $80,000. As if they weren’t enough, someone once sold an Andy Warhol sketch for just $5 only to find out the doodle has now been valued at around $2 million.

It seems as though we should start holding onto our child’s drawing after all as they could one day grow up to become world-famous artists. So what happens if you think you’re holding onto the next best seller only to find out you’re actually looking at a piece of junk? That’s how you make the most hilarious backyard-garage sales fails ever.

Here’s looking at you

We have so many questions. Just what is this piece? Is it a human or an animal? Is it supposed to look like that? We’re starting to wonder if someone left this sculpture in the oven for too long as it seems as if it’s started to melt. That or the artist was looking to recreate one of the undiscovered yet terrifying monsters of the deep. We might not have been there to see them yet, but judging by this piece, we won’t be booking tickets anytime soon either.

DIY makeup

Bride of Chucky – is that you? After all, that can be the only explanation for this hilarious yet terrifying doll found at a backyard sale. It seems as if the person wanted to make sure the makeup was perfect for their grand debut to the world after so long hidden away at the back of the cupboard. However, perhaps it would have been better left behind lock and key after all? That way no one would have to see this monstrosity or the staggering $150 price tag it comes with.

History in the making

Thousand island dressing is something many of us have enjoyed over the years. Burgers, salads, and just about any food you can think of would never be complete without a blob of this sauce to finish it off. However, we hope this buyer saw the funny side after getting their new purchase home. It seems as if it might be a tad out of date. 40 years to be precise. Hopefully, they didn’t eat too much and managed to figure out what that strange taste was in the end.

Picture purrfect

Many artists have attempted to recreate famous paintings over the years. It can be the perfect place to start and offer up a way to make some quick money on the side. However, we’re not sure this piece could have been passed off as an original. Although we are left wondering who could have thought about putting a cat and the Mona Lisa painting together, we’re pretty sure this is more or a backyard-garage sale win than fail. After all, no one else will have one like it

A piece for the living room

It seems as though Stevie Nicks was the perfect inspiration for this budding artist who decided to incorporate the musician into their latest piece. However, why stop there when you could add in your favorite animal, too? Sure, many of us have a spirit animal that helps guide us through this world. We’re just not sure we’d want to get them tangled up with our hair. At least it makes for an interesting conversation starter, right?

Play us a tune

There is finding something hilarious at a garage sale, and then there is running into this creature. Why buy a doll full of life when you could have one that apparently has had the soul sucked out of it instead? We thought as much. Although we have no idea what happened to her eyes, it looks as though this doll is only ready for one place: the trash can. Hopefully, it wasn’t long before someone bought the toy and put it out of its misery.

Put your heads together

No, we have no idea either. Many of us have seen some weird and wonderful things from the years gone by. After all, the ancient civilizations of this world used to make some pretty interesting pieces that are still enough to keep us talking. It seems as though someone was merely trying their own hand at an expressionist piece of art. Sadly, their work seemed destined to end up at a yard sale where someone was about to see a real-life nightmare in front of their eyes.

Rat o’clock

It seems as though when you run a rat and mouse bait company, it’s always vermin o’clock. So why not get a clock that keeps your mind focused and your eyes on the prize? If that sounds like you, then this could be the piece you’ve been looking for all these years. Who needs to tell the time when you could spend hours looking at this hilarious backyard sale fail instead? Your friends just might have to get used to you being late.

Grandma’s surprise

The holidays can be the perfect chance for us to get together with our families. However, this is usually something kept within relatives. So when someone found this hilarious piece at a yard sale, they were about to get a glimpse at what life is like for this family. Apparently, it’s terrifying. Grandma and grandpa seem happy enough with their clown cross santa helpers, but the many of us in the rest of the world would be seen running for the hills.

Perfect starter kit

So you’re looking to start a life of crime and thought that being a robber would be the perfect place to start? Look no further! Staked out some houses? Check. Hired a getaway vehicle? Check. Got a big bag for all the loot? Check. Now, all that is left on the list is to find the perfect terrifying mask for your life of crime. After all, no one can know it’s really you. Look no further as here we have the solution to complete the home invasion starter kit.

The stuff of nightmares

Apparently, yard sales can be the perfect place to find all kinds of hilarious fails collected over the years. So if you want to give your kids nightmares then look no further than this rocking toy. What is supposed to be a horse appears to have morphed into more of a kangaroo cross rabbit cross Jar Jar Binks creatures instead. At least from the back of the animal, no one will be able to see its face, right? Still, we’re not sure we’d want it in our home.

Hidden at the back

Did you know that having a fear of dolls is a legitimate phobia for many around the world? It’s thought that many people living with the phobia fear many things that look like humans but aren’t, such as mannequins or animatrix. Perhaps that is why the person at this garage sale thought it was best to hide this piece at the back? Although the doll is meant to be a happy childhood toy, we can’t help but notice that its teeth look a little too pointy for our liking…

Help from above

As Christmas rolls around every year, it can be a chance for many of us to remember the true meaning of the holidays. Although it might have been a while since we read the story of the nativity, we can’t remember anything about it going intergalactic. However, that fact didn’t stop this backyard sale artist from creating a brand new piece that was about to change it all. Who wouldn’t want Joseph with a shaved head and galactic Santa at their Christmas?

Crunch gone wrong

We love a Crunch bar as much as the next person. However, we don’t like them enough to cuddle up to one each and every night – each to their own we guess! This hilarious fail appeared at a yard sale after the owner had put plenty of time and care into creating a piece of their own. Thinking about it, this could be the perfect hiding place for all those candy bars you want to keep secret from everyone else in the house.

House of horrors

It looks as though this buyer has stumbled upon one of Tim Burton’s garage sales thanks to this homemade masterpiece. Who would have thought someone could take some wire and papier-mâché and turn it into something so terrifying and hilarious at the same time? Certainly not us. It looks like his beast has seen somethings over the years thanks to its missing horns, but at least it gets a pretty regal stand to sit upon. Now, it just needs to find its new forever home.

Box of wonders

When browsing any yard sale, it’s essential to go through all the boxes. After all, there could be a secret item lurking at the bottom of one that could be about to change your life. Maybe it’s the collector’s item you’ve always been looking for, the childhood toy you thought had gone forever, or an item that is about to make you a whole lot richer. Whatever it is, chances are you’re not looking to find a terrifying box of old bones to take home.

Time to go nuts

There are many types of sculptures. One for the yard, ones for the home, ones that should never see the light of day again – whatever floats your boat. This person thought they would bring out this random yet hilarious piece for their yard sale, but little did they know how much their fail was about to get the world talking. After all, what is anyone meant to say to a giant smiling peanut? At least this nut has some impressive teeth.

Vegging out

We’re starting to think that yard sales are the places to be if you want to find some new art for your home. From the weird and wonderful to all those hilarious fails – there is no telling what people have kept hidden away all these years. This piece is one that might seem ordinary to start with but soon becomes stranger the longer you look. After all, having vegetables for your hair, jewelry, and outfit isn’t something we get to see every day.

Seen better days

Perhaps it’s no wonder that so many people have a fear of dolls after seeing toys like this still exist in the world? The clothes on the toy suggest it was once a much-loved part of someone’s childhood while the face and arms make it look as though the doll was once part of a ritual. Maybe we’re looking at a former voodoo doll? That would be alright until you realize the hair on its head is actually from your hairbrush. No wonder you’ve been so clumsy lately…

Swim with the fishes

The existence of mermaids is something that has kept many of us guessing over the years. Although no one has been able to prove they are living in the waters below, there have been many sightings that have kept up the rumors. Various people have their own idea of what these mythical creatures might look like, but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen an image that’s so reptilian. It might be no surprise the owner only wants $9 for this hilarious backyard sale fail.

Chair of worry

Many of us grew up with a timeout spot. It could be a step on the stairs, a corner of the room, or being sent to our room. Wherever it was in the house, chances are it probably wasn’t as terrifying as this creation. It looks as though the owner put a lot of effort into creating the piece, but we’re not sure how much use it would have got after the kids saw where they might be spending their time.

Green with envy

There are many people in this world that take former dolls and transform them into new and beautiful creations. It could be any kind of supernatural creation from zombies to mermaids, werewolves to vampires, and mummies to fairies – there is no end to the possibilities. However, it seems as though this toy has taken on a new form of its own judging by the glowing green eyes. We never knew we should be afraid of reptilian toys until now.

Always has your back

Sports memorabilia is a huge market that has given people some incredible payouts over the years. Just take Babe Ruth’s 1920 jersey that once sold at auction for over $4.4 million. Maybe it’s no surprise that so many people are trying to collect their own pieces to make a buck or two? That’s great until you find yourself walking away with a pretty interesting piece. Maybe we’ll never know if Jesus is there to give this player a helping hand or a backrub?

Those hands though

Who wouldn’t want to buy a Jesus action figure at a garage sale? Yeah, that’s what we thought. After all, he is pretty much the most well known guy with supernatural powers of all time. But what makes this one really special is the glow in the dark hands. The box boasts other pretty unbelievable features (we don’t think the toy can really turn water into wine), but at least the glow in the dark hands are bound to work.

Where’s the front half?

The only thing weirder than buying a taxidermied squirrel at a garage sale is buying the back half of a taxidermied squirrel. A number of questions come up when we look at this picture, the first one being: is it really funky? There are a number of words we can think of to describe this piece, and none of them are “funky.” We also want to know what happened to this poor squirrel that led him to end up taxidermied in this position.


If you were to ride this dragon bicycle down the street, you would definitely get a lot of weird looks. But weird looks aren’t always a bad thing. This is one quirty item that we would actually consider buying. It would be really useful for any neighborhood parades and events, and the kids will love it for sure! The bike could use a little bit of fixing up, but we can’t imagine it’s terribly expensive anyway.

It’s raining

We know that some people enjoy collecting things, so we’re trying our best not to judge the person who is selling a table full of very creepy and very furry mini cat and dog toys. There really are a lot of them for sale, and we’re not quite sure what anyone would do with so many. But to each their own, and maybe someone out there thinks they’re really cute and would make good decorations all over their house.


Remember when Justin Timberlake was a part of boy band NSYNC? Well, in case you don’t, you can buy this candle to remind you! Then, you can keep it burning just like your heart always will be for those ‘90s stars that were oh so popular. Printing NSYNC on a candle is a pretty bizarre choice, but we’re sure there were some preteens in the ‘90s that were all over that, and that’s why it’s for sale today at a yard sale.

Rhino, hide!

The shape of this chair made someone at some point in time think of a rhinoceros, so they made their best efforts to paint it as such. It is one of the weirdest chairs we have ever seen, and although the artist demonstrates some creative capability, this one just doesn’t seem to have the whimsical effect that we think was intended. It looks quite scary with those sunken eyes, and we prefer to sit somewhere else, thank you very much.

Not quite a flower girl

Do you want to give children nightmares? Then go ahead and place this horrifying cactus child among the plants in your yard. Anyone who sees it will most likely do a double take and then run for their lives. We don’t know why this even exists – maybe someone thought it was cute at one time. We also noticed the price is a bit high for such an item, at ten dollars. We wouldn’t even take it if they payed us ten dollars!

Cat got your tongue?

Cats seem to be a common theme on weird garage sale items, and we’ll never know why there is such an abundance of strange items with cats painted on them. Take these plates for example. The plates are perfectly nice, and the pictures of cats are perfectly nice, but would you really want to eat your dinner off of a plate with the perfect likeness of a cat on it? It would make for a good conversation starter, though.

Creepiest painting ever

There is a near universal consensus that clowns are creepy. There’s just something off-putting about that white make-up, goofy smile, and red nose. But clearly someone is into clowns, otherwise this super eerie painting wouldn’t exist. We certainly wouldn’t hang it on our wall, or put it anywhere that was visible to anybody, but if it’s for sale, it means that the people selling it must have bought it (or perhaps painted it) for themselves sometime in the past.

Chickening out

It took us a few minutes to determine what exactly is being sold here. It turns out that this is a plastic baggie full of little toy chickens. We are puzzled as to why someone had this many small plastic chickens in the first place, and it’s certainly an odd item to find at a garage sale. While it’s not as threatening as some of the other things on this list, it’s still probably not such an easy thing to sell, and we wish the seller the best of luck.


We highly discourage buying any sort of toiletries at a garage sale. Take this ancient looking dandruff shampoo. We have no idea how old it is, where it’s been, or who may have used it before it made its way to this particular yard sale. We also can only guess that icky things have happened to the chemicals in there during the many years it sat gathering dust, and would not recommend putting it anywhere on your body.

Haunted portrait

We don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but if we’ve ever come across a haunted painting, this is it. There’s something about the girl’s eyes that make it look like she’s staring directly at you in the most sinister way, and her face looks super threatening. On top of that, the way she is peering out of the darkness behind her is eerie and foreboding. We wouldn’t want that hanging anywhere we could see it, and definitely not in our house.

Keep it cool, cat

This may or may not be someone’s strange sense of humor, but we can’t imagine anyone wanting pictures of cats looking like they have to get to the litter box ASAP. The person who painted these was clearly somewhat talented, and decided to use their skills to draw, well, these bizarre pictures that were spotted at a garage sale somewhere. Maybe there’s a cat lover that will want to hang these pictures up, but we’re not counting on it.

Home video

We have a feeling that this got into the garage sale by accident. Or maybe the family got rid of their VHS player so they no longer have a way to watch this video anyway. Either way, this ancient (well, dated 1996) video tape of dad’s funeral is not something that anyone would expect to come across while picking through garage sale items. Actually, we weren’t even aware that filming funerals was a thing. We hope the family has other, more reasonable ways to remember dad, anyway.

Pigeon vending machine

In this day and age, vending machines aren’t limited to candy and soft drinks like they used to be. There are now vending machines for nearly anything that you can imagine, from medical supplies to pizza. But this is the first time we’ve seen a vending machine for pigeons. It’s very strange, and we’re not even sure how the pigeons fit through hole in the machine. This sure would make an interesting addition to the living room decor, though.