Hilarious airport photos

There’s just something magical about airports – being in one feels not quite real, a little bit like the normal rules governing the rest of life don’t quite apply. Well, we sometimes wish those rules did apply, because people often takes things a step too far, as these photos show.

Make your own bed

We have all been in those moments when you have a layover and you are waiting for your flight but have hours to kill. What better way to kill time than to sleep a little, right?

Well, you would be correct but the fact is that it is super hard to find a comfortable spot. This guy did it right, though! He found a way to kind of lie down and get a 3-star snooze. We wonder if he woke up with a neck ache though, that could not have been good for his posture!

Forrest is that you?

We wish we were there to see the live version of this photo! This guy on an air tram looks EXACTLY like Forrest Gump.


Do you think it was someone who was purposefully dressing up like the Tom Hanks character or was it sheer happenstance? We have no idea but we sure would have loved to be there. You think he can run like Forrest too? How about sailed on a shrimp boat? Or maybe a decorated war hero? No. Fine.


This reminds us of the countless times we were waiting for our luggage to come out but were the last ones to get it.


There is a certain place in hell for those who lose luggage for people, not to say that they are doing it on purpose but man is it hard to deal with when you are on your way somewhere only to be stopped by the fact that you have none of your belongings. This girl understands us, that’s for sure.


Obligatory airport faceplant

Flying usually happens in the strangest of hours. The fact that you have to arrive hours in advance and sit in uncomfortable chairs as you wait to board is enough to drive any child into a near (if not full on) tantrum.


Here we see a poor little child whose energy has entirely run out and has proceeded to faceplant on the airport floor. Hey, girl, we feel you. We have all been there at one time or another.

Classic writing tools

We have sure seen plenty of laptops in airports, iPads and such as well. NEVER have we seen something as ‘classic’ as this one.


A woman decided it would be the right time and place to open up what sure has to be a very heavy case with her type writer within. She just had to open it up and keep on writing on A4 paper with black ink and a special white out in case of errors. Talk about throwback Thursday!

Metal detector warrior

We like this guy’s style. He is trying to play around and defeat that mighty machine that is the metal detector!


Good for you sir, but we sure hope that security didn’t take your shirt as a threat, otherwise this fellow would have found himself in a little side room getting strip searched while his travel companions were kept waiting. But that’s just our theory, after all, he may have come out of it entirely unscathed.

Greatest translation ever

Just to make this clear, this sign reads: “For restrooms, go back toward your behind”. Excuse us while we just laugh to ourselves for a second.


Whether this airport sign meant to or not they ended up being very literal with their words. English speaking tourists were sure to find this sign as hilarious as we did. You think they bothered to tell anyone at the airport that their sign is a little more than they bargained for?

When you forget your eye cover

There is nothing worse than forgetting your eye cover when there is a ton of light, be it artificial or natural. This guy found a perfect solution to the problem – he took his newspaper and made an eye cover right then and there!


Good thinking. This is what we like to call airport survival methods at their finest. Now we hope that he ended up buying a real eye cover for the flight he would eventually be on, not sure if you are allowed to cover yourself in a newspaper on a plane.

Creepiest advertisement ever

We aren’t sure if this is super creepy (we are leaning towards that) or a brilliant marketing move on behalf of the company, but this piece of luggage with hands coming out of it can stop anyone coming in the general direction of it.


Whether they like it or not, the ad got people’s attention, that’s for sure. We would go ahead and try to see if there was something in the carry on but that’s just us.

Machine baby

Woman! Don’t take your eye off your baby when you put him on the conveyor towards the luggage and security screening!


We are sure she got the baby out of the container in time but wow, ask someone to hold your child or something, don’t put him or her like that. Although, now that we think about it, what would the x-ray personnel see if the baby did go through? That would be one shocking moment.

Unfortunate sign

Ah, the case of an extremely unfortunate sign. Of course, we obviously know that this sign means that both of these places are in the same direction, rather than literally together in some weird, unsanitary combination.


However, we still do find it very fortuitous – or unfortunate, depending on your point of view – that the sentence could be construed as one rather than not two… meaning that there is actually male toilet drinking water to be found to your left.

No duh!

The fact that humanity needs a sign such as this one means that we need to take a long hard look at ourselves.


OF COURSE the force from a plane during takeoff and landing will throw us to the ground and probably kill us, it’s a plane for crying out loud! Alas, we humans are not the brightest tools in the shed and need warning. Oh what a sad that this is.

Kid carrier

This is one of the more brilliant ways to carry your child through the airport when they are too tired to move and too big to be carried.


We think there should be a patented roller thing or other that can hold a child so they can sleep but can still be taken wherever the parent feels like it. Oh, there is something like that already, a stroller.

Timed kisses

Well, this airport sure has some nerve telling people how long they can kiss for!


While we do agree that a kiss lasting more than three minutes should be taken to a more private location, it’s not their place to straight up tell people that by way of an intrusive sign! Also, why three minutes? Who is the person who set that time limit to three exact minutes?

Passing through security

I am here to save the airport! Is probably what this guy was saying to the airport security person he is talking to.


She is probably ready to call for backup since he is a grown man in a tight knight costume walking through airport security, but still, A for effort, dude! We have only one question, though, did he ring when he went through the metal detector?

Landing fail

This pilot surely got fired after this fail landing. This looks like it could be a part of a movie or something but it is actually a candid photo from an onlooker at an airport.


We hope no one was actually on the plane as it skidded into the hanger, guess it’s lucky that it’s still in one piece and not engulfed in flames!

Put a leash on that child!

This mother of two thought she had it all figured out when she put her sons in leashes, didn’t she?


Well, her little guys are smarter than she gave them credit for and they managed to STILL driver her insane. Here we see the proof that she was outnumbered and they were misbehaved. Could the person taking this photo help her out instead of stopping for a second and snapping the photo?

UM. A person going through luggage machine.

Is this a joke? We have always wanted to go in one of the luggage conveyer machines! No fair!


This guy got to see the true behind the scenes as he went through there. The security person in charge of scanning the luggage sure wasn’t expecting to see bones and such on his screen, he must have jumped out of his skin!

The perks of being super skinny

Not that we condone or judge a certain look for women, but the fact that this woman could get through hand rests is downright disturbing.


She must have been hell bent on getting a snooze on in the airport and this was the only way she thought she would get one. What she woke up and had to rush to get her flight?


Very much like the little girl who passed out on her father’s roller luggage, this young little one is having the time of her life riding her father’s hand luggage!


Just look at her grabbing on for dear life and screaming with joy (or is it a temper tantrum and we totally missed the mark?). Either way, we kind of want to ride someone’s luggage too…

Placement error

This one is just a case of super unfortunate placing and coloring of a flight neck pillow.


This woman was just getting off of her flight and had no idea that her pillow resembled something entirely different when placed on the back side of her body. The guy taking this photo must have gotten a good laugh in though, and so are we.

All in one area

Women’s bathrooms are usually known as cleaner than men’s but does that then mean that they have to have their bathroom also turned into a severe weather area?


We think not! Fine, we know that the airport didn’t actually mean that the two be placed together on purpose and literally in the same place but we like to think they were that funny.

Forgive me father for I have sinned

What did this poor nun do to get that kind of search? Honestly, this one kind of threw us for a loop.


There are scans these days that remove every piece of clothing from a person without having them actually take their clothes off, but this poor nun had to be subjected to a full pat-down too? She sure must have prayed.

Watching the Avengers with an audience

When waiting for a flight, this man decided he would watch the Avengers movie.


Little did he know that there were three other children who love the movie too and would stand for as long as it needed in order to see the film. The guy took it in stride though and took a photo of the three taking in the film. Cute!

Nice legs, dude

A. stop looking at the woman in such a creepy way. B. Nice legs!


We love this optical illusion of this woman’s legs on this guys body, it took us a second to understand it but once we got it we had a pretty good laugh. Do you think he knows that he is half Jessica Rabbit and half Ed Sheeran?

Bachelor party T-Rex

What happens when you are waiting for your best friend to fly in for his bachelor party?


You put your best dinosaur costume on and wait for him while looking like a total buffoon, of course! This guy did just that at an airport as each of his friends was dressed in other sorts of costumes. We hope to find the photo of them all together!