These grocery stores are living in the future

Grocery stores are hugely popular, but there is a risk that in the future they could be replaced by online retailers, much the same as other retail industries. Shopping for your groceries online is becoming more popular, and grocery stores need to find a way to innovate their shopping experiences before they get left behind. If you choose not to shop online, then you have little option but to shop in store once or twice a week. While it is ultimately very convenient, there are many common issues we are faced with each time we step into one of them.

There are always such long lines that we feel like we are losing vital hours of our lives every time we have to wait in one, and then there are the broken cart wheels to contend with. Lumbering around a store with a cart that wants to go in any direction other than where you are going can be a real challenge. These are common problems that just don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Thankfully some bright people at these grocery stores have found ingenious solutions to our everyday struggles. They have discovered what awaits us in the future of grocery store shopping and have brought us one step closer to enjoying the shopping experience.

Try before you buy

How will you know if you like a certain toilet paper over another without buying all the varieties? Testing out each variety of toilet paper could involve purchasing all of them, which is going to cost you either a lot of money or a lot of time as you slowly work your way through the range the store has to offer. Plus you’ll then need a whole grading system so you’ll have to ask yourself if it is all really worth it in the end or not. Luckily that is not a problem the customers of this store have to worry about as they can try all the ranges in one go if they really want.

For the small print

Many people have to be careful what they eat nowadays. Lots of us have food allergies, while others are on strict diets to help with certain illnesses they have or to help them lose weight. It is important that we get a good look at the labels on our food to ensure we aren’t eating something we shouldn’t be, but the print is often so small on the packaging that we aren’t able to read the ingredients. This store has seen that this is a problem for its customers and has gone above and beyond to try and find a solution. They attached magnifying glasses to their carts to be able to read the small print, how helpful.

Dance while you wait

If you are growing restless while waiting in line, you might start inadvertently walking around the waiting room of this pharmacy area of the store. This store has put a helpful dance instruction on the floor to help you occupy your restless feet, and teach you some new dance moves. Now as you wait you can learn to dance the waltz, forgetting you are even waiting in line in the first place. Maybe you’ll even dance your troubles away too.

Always fresh

When picking up fruit and vegetables at the grocery store we often worry about how fresh the produce really is. Sure it looks alright, but is it going to start growing mold any day now? That is not something that customers at this store will have to worry about as they are able to pick their mushrooms fresh from the dirt. Most chefs argue that fresh food tastes better, so these mushrooms must be some of the nicest in the world.

Item finder

You have done eight laps of the store now, and you can’t find an assistant anywhere to help you. All you want to find is the canned sweetcorn, but no matter where you look you just can’t see it. This store has attached a handy tablet to their carts which allows customers to locate any item they have in stock. All you’ll have to do is look it up, and the handy little pad will direct you to the exact aisle that you need.

Carts need love too

We all get a bit run down from time to time, it is the nature of always working so hard. We are lucky enough that a good night’s sleep will normally sort most of our problems. Unfortunately for carts in many grocery stores, they often get forgotten about and don’t get much love. This store has found a way to make sure their carts are always in working order, and customers don’t have to struggle for too long pushing a broken cart around.

Saving the planet

Prices in grocery stores seem to change as often as the wind, this usually means printing out a whole bunch of new stickers to put on the aisle. This store has found a genius solution to the problem while helping to save the planet one price tag at a time. They have managed to turn the price tag digital which means they can easily change it without having to get out a label printer, using expensive ink and stickers.

Ice bags

While this store is helping you to pack your bags, they are also helping you to prioritize unloading them too. They will put your chilled and frozen items in a blue bag, meaning you can easily identify which food needs to go into the freezer and refrigerator before they go off. This is especially going to be useful in the summer when stuff can go bad super quickly, particularly if forgotten about for an hour or two.

A timesaver

Lots of people will buy a box of Lucky Charms to pick out the tasty marshmallow treats inside. This store has saved us all a job we don’t really like doing by picking them out for us. Now we don’t need to buy a box of Lucky Charms to throw the cereal part in the bin. Caring for the planet is important and, if anything, this store is preventing food waste, and we support that 100%.

Quick lines

This is one sure fire way to pile a load of pressure on your staff working at the checkout. If a line gets four people deep, the store is claiming they will give the fourth person their groceries for free. They have a lot of faith in their staff as we can guarantee they won’t be wanting to hand out free groceries. At least customers will be happy as they will hopefully never have to wait for what feels like an eternity in line ever again.

Aisle directory

A handy store directory has been attached to the carts of this grocery store to help shoppers navigate their way around much quicker. No longer will people have to aimlessly walk around trying to find the last thing on their list, as they can just take a look at their cart and find out exactly where it is they need to be. Now all they need is a directory to which checkout is running the quickest, and we think we might have just found our new favorite store.

Free food is the best food

We all know that if you can get something for free, then it will taste all the sweeter. This store has offered up free fruit to children helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle without adding the burden of having to buy it for the adults. While we reckon most children would prefer if it is free candy, there will still be a large chunk of kids happy to munch their way around as they follow their mom or dad around the store.

Knowledge is power

Too often we have gone to the store to get fresh fruit only to discover that it isn’t ready to be eaten yet. We put it to one side in our kitchens or pantries and then simply forget to check on it daily and all of a sudden it is rotten. This handy in-store guide will allow you to prepare yourself for when your bananas are ready to eat, meaning you can check in on them in the allotted time and avoid peeling them to find they are mush inside.

Not enough hands?

We can feel this woman’s pain. You think you’re just running into the grocery store to pick up a couple of times and before you know it your hands are full and you still haven’t even picked up what you came in for. Thankfully this store has strategically placed an additional cart station to allow customers with more stuff than they anticipated the chance to continue to shop. Now your hands will be free to add even more items to your shopping trip!


If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store with kids, you’ll know the hardest part of the whole experience is getting through the checkout without them picking some candy up. Now shoppers can head to a checkout that has no candy, meaning they can keep their children from adding more sugary treats than they already found in the store. It also helps people on a diet because temptation is hard to resist, if you managed to avoid the candy aisle you’d still have to stare at it when you pay.

More bacon is always a win

This store understands meat eaters. Why provide a tiny little morsel of food when you can give your customers exactly what they want, large free samples? Even better is that they are samples of bacon so we can imagine behind this camera was a very long line of people all scrambling to get some. This store has gone big on what their customers want rather than saving a few cents by cutting up the samples into tiny little portions. This is surely the future of sample tasting at grocery stores.

Air-conditioned doggies

Most dogs are not allowed into the grocery store pretty much for hygiene reasons, but also we reckon they couldn’t help themselves to a bite or two of the produce. Instead of having to leave their dogs in hot cars, where they can overheat and get very ill, this store has provided air-conditioned booths for our furry canine friends to chill out in. This means that while their owners are browsing the aisles for bargains, the dogs can be chilled out and safely stored in these cool kennels.

Unattractive fruit needs love

Most of the time when we are picking fresh produce we will pick out the nicest looking items as a lot of the time we eat with our eyes. This grocery store is offering the not so pretty fruits and vegetables at a lower price to make sure that they don’t go to waste. Perhaps by sitting in this box, they won’t be overshadowed by the more attractive fruit and will get their chance to find a home of their own.

Unwanted items

If only we had a penny for every time we walk into a store and pick up more than we need. Sometimes we ask ourselves if we really need something and choose to put it back, but there’s nowhere to get rid of it. Some of us might feel compelled to buy the item as we don’t want to walk back to where we found it, while others will abandon their unwanted stuff anywhere. This store applied some common sense to the problem and installed a rack for unwanted items.

Meat vending

We know we can get chilled drinks and some snacks such as chips and candy from vending machines. What this store has introduced are vending machines that dispense meat after the store has closed. Anyone wanting to get some meat for dinner but left it too late and their store is closed can now get the vital ingredient without having to drive for miles to their nearest 24-hour store. A stroke of genius from these store owners.