A German Shepherd Grabbed A Kitten In His Mouth – And It Was All Caught On Camera

Sometimes, videos become internet sensations. Just take the likes of The Annoying Orange, the sneezing baby panda, or the Charlie bit my finger clip. All of these have been seen millions of times all around the world, and have given us some of the most memorable online moments. However, there is one genre of video that gets the world as a whole talking: animals. Unfortunately, not all of these clips have the happy ending we are looking for. Sometimes, these videos can show off the side of the internet we don’t want to see. However, these can still spread far and wide all across the web as millions of people stare at their screens in awe.

So when a German shepherd grabbed a kitten in his mouth, no one knew what could possibly happen. It might look bad on the outside, but could everything be as it seemed? Animals growing up together can form unbreakable bonds, especially when they are together from the very beginning. Just like us humans, those early days can be the basis for a lifetime of friendships, regardless of their species. Occasionally these pets have a closer relationship than we might think. Only, this friendship went a lot further than anyone could have ever predicted.

Creating new homes

Many families all across the nation have pets, with dogs being one of the most popular choices. Did you know there are over 3.5 million German Shepherds alone living in America? In fact, this makes them the second most popular breed choice across the country. As if that wasn’t enough, more and more people are beginning to foster and adopt animals than ever before. Although there are 3.9 million dogs in shelters, millions are now making it out the other side to find their forever home. This is all thanks to the hard work and dedication put in by the foster families. One woman was about to prove how life in a foster animal home can quickly take a turn.

Internet sensations

One woman has made it her mission to document life with a home full of foster animals. On Facebook, the page named ‘Ten Shakes of Grace’ showcases the family’s daily antics as well as their new additions that come and go. The page started with two German shepherds but has since grown to include a whole host of other animals as they are looking for homes. As if that wasn’t enough, the woman behind the page also runs a YouTube account to show off all her furry friends. However, it was Tennyson the German shepherd and Moo the kitten that managed to get the world talking. What could have been so bad?

Growing family

Tennyson isn’t the only German shepherd living in the house. No, ‘Ten Shakes of Grace’ also features another pooch, a girl named Harper Grace (HG). The pair have grown up with cats coming and going from the house so it might be no surprise to hear they are used to having felines around the house. This is why their owner was so confused as to why Tennyson took such an interest in one kitten in particular. Perhaps it was something he did?

Feathered friend

HG and Tennyson are also joined by a third permanent member of the family: a cockatiel named Shakespeare. This bird loves to steal the camera and has gained quite the fan club online thanks to his many camera-hogging moments. However, he also has a close bond with the two dogs. Shakespeare loves to ride the dogs around like they are horses, as well as sit on their heads and watch the world pass by. It’s no wonder they have become such an online hit.

Counting down the days

Back in June 2016, the family were all on the edge of their seat as a new member joined their growing family. Shay they cat was heavily pregnant. Now, they were all waiting in anticipation to see when she would welcome her kittens into the world. It wasn’t just the family’s owner that was anxiously waiting either. Tennyson and HG stuck by Shay’s side to be there when she needed them the most. They really did have an incredible bond.

The next challenge

Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait long as Shay soon welcomed three bundles of fluff into the world. After a few weeks, the kittens began to get braver until they started venturing around the house. Moo was one of the kittens from the litter and was soon becoming the bravest. However, he was about to face his biggest challenge yet. He had never been to the top floor, but something was standing in his way – the stairs. How would he make it?

Follow the leader

Tennyson was a pro at getting up and down the stairs with ease. However, his new friend didn’t quite understand how they worked just yet. Rather than sitting back, the German shepherd decided to show Moo how it was done. Up Tennyson went and down he came. It was easy, right? That is if you are a fully grown German shepherd. Moo was still only a tiny kitten. It looked as though he might not make it to the top after all.

One step at a time

Moo was determined that nothing was going to stand in the way of exploring the wonderful new world around him, no matter how big the stairs were that stood in his way. After leaning back as far as he could, Moo bounded up the first step with ease. He’d done it! Only, there were still a whole host more to come until he would make it to the top. Moo needed to save all of his energy if he was going to do the entire climb…

A friend in need

Although Tennyson had been by Moo’s side since day one, the German shepherd still didn’t understand what his new feline friend was doing. Why couldn’t he just walk up the stairs, too? After all, Tennyson could do it so everyone should be able to make it to the top. Perhaps the pooch should lie in wait and watch his new friend? He could even meet him at the top? Something just wasn’t right, and Tennyson was starting to get distressed.

Ready to give up

The little kitten continued to climb as high as he could. Soon, he was up to the second step. Then the third. He was making it! Even if it was a lot slower than his friend. However, he was so exhausted from pulling his tiny body up the great mountain in front of him. It looked as though Moo was going to have to give up his dreams of seeing the top floor of the house. After all, there was always another day to see the mysterious level.

Devising a plan

Tennyson couldn’t sit back and watch the plan unravel before his very eyes. Moo had made it so far already – he couldn’t give up! There was no way this German shepherd was going to leave his friend behind. However, his plan was about to unravel so quickly that no one knew what to do. Had Tennyson got Moo confused with one of his toys? They were both small, but this little kitten was a lot more delicate than one of the dog’s tennis balls.

No one could help

Before anyone knew what was happening, Tennyson was putting his plan into action. The video had started so innocently – how had it all gone so wrong? Tennyson now had the kitten in his mouth! What was the dog doing? Surely he would end up hurting the little guy? No one knew how to react to the events unfolding in front of them. In fact, their owner even tells her dog to let the kitten learn on his own, but it was too late.

Getting a better grip

Tennyson might have grabbed the kitten, but now it looked as though the German shepherd had no idea what to do next. Instead, he slowly lowered him back to the floor. Was it over? No, this was merely so he could get a better grip on Moo as he now had the little cat by the head. If anyone made a wrong move, then it could have marked the end for the kitten. Everyone just had to hold their breath and hope it would be over soon.

Unexpected boost

No one could bear to watch. That was until they realized what the German shepherd was doing. Tennyson wasn’t trying to hurt Moo – he was helping him up the stairs. It seemed as though Tennyson was getting distressed by watching his struggling friend. Rather than sitting back and seeing him suffer, the dog had stepped in to lend a helping hand, or paw. After all, Moo couldn’t miss out on seeing all the wonders that lay on the top floor of the house.

Going viral

Ten Shakes of Grace quickly uploaded the video to YouTube where it gained thousands of views almost instantly. They were quickly becoming a viral sensation. However, that all changed when DailyPicksandFlicks uploaded the clip to their own page. Now, the video has more than 9.9 million views as well as over 10,000 comments. Plus, it is still gaining plenty of support today even though it was uploaded back in August 2016. Unfortunately, not everyone was pleased to see Tennyson’s behavior…

Causing a stir

Not all the comments were happy about Tennyson helping Moo climb the stairs. Many users wrote how they felt as though Moo was in danger, or they were worried the kitten was hurt after being carried by his head. However, there were also several kind comments that spoke about how beautiful it is to see two animals working together. Plus, many other YouTube users have written stories of their own pets helping each other out when they need it.

Getting plenty of fans

Although some YouTube users weren’t happy with the video, Tennyson still has a considerable number of fans from Facebook that just love to see what this pup and his furry friends get up to every day. Many comment about how well behaved the German shepherd is while others have pointed out that he is always ready for a photo opportunity. Even with the backlash from the video, there are still thousands of people that love and adore Tennyson’s kind nature.

Not the only time

This isn’t the only time that Tennyson has been spotted carrying his friend around by the head. In fact, just a few weeks after the initial video, Ten Shakes of Grace uploaded another clip of the pair making their way around the house. Here, Tennyson is carrying Moo around just like he was up the stairs, only this time he keeps putting the cat down and pulling him back over. However, Tennyson is always incredibly careful not to hurt his new friend.

A natural instinct

It isn’t uncommon to see cats carrying around their kittens just like Tennyson was carrying Moo. In fact, mother cats will use the back of their kitten’s necks as there is a lot of loose skin to hold on to. Plus, kittens have an inbuilt instinct to go floppy and remain still whenever there is pressure on this part of their bodies. This makes them a lot easier to carry around. So perhaps Tennyson was just acting naturally this whole time after all?

Best of friends

Thankfully, Moo and Tennyson make it to the top of the stairs in one piece. As if that wasn’t enough, the two best friends even celebrate their accomplishment. Ten Shakes of Grace’s video ends with Tennyson placing down his new friend as they are ready to explore the new floor of the house. However, before they set off, they snuggle up to each other for a cuddle before their next grand adventure. It looks as though these two are best friends after all.