This policewoman is dealing with the consequences of her internet fame

We all have to make difficult decisions sometimes. Whether that be deciding on where to eat or whether or not to emigrate, every decision we make, be it small or pivotal to our future can cause a huge amount of internal conflict. Some decisions don’t matter much, or they’re a no-brainer. Others, however, can have huge impacts on our lives and can trouble us for many days, weeks, or even months. Luckily, a lot of the decisions we make, although they might seem tough and important now, won’t matter in years to come. For this German woman though, her decision will be life-changing. Her photos went viral, and she is now being forced to make one of the biggest decisions of her life. This ultimatum could make or break her.

The European woman

Adrienne Koleszár is a policewoman from Germany. She is currently 34 years old and works in the German police force, where she has been for several years. She is from a town called Freital which resides in Dresden, Saxony, in the eastern portion of Germany.

Saxony is a popular state, which comprises of numerous attractions, palaces, castles, churches, gardens, World War II buildings, and other historic locations which date back to the Middle Ages. Dresden is the state’s capital and therefore requires a large number of emergency departments, to control the area and ensure everyone’s safety. Adrienne is one of the many workers in these roles and plays a very important part in protecting the residents.

Working in the police department

Working as a police officer is a physically demanding job, as well as mentally. She spends most of her free time working out so that she can keep in shape for her job. She has worked for the police for a number of years and thoroughly enjoys her work. She is a highly regarded officer and has been successful in her role since the start.

It’s not very often you find a job that you genuinely love, enjoy, and excel in, but for Adrienne, this job is exactly that. Despite assuming she’s the same as any other police officer, Adrienne is remarkably different. Two years ago, she was named the most beautiful policewoman in Germany – what a feat!

On the side

Adrienne isn’t just a police officer, however. As well as her grueling shift work and day-to-day police duties, she also models. Adrienne has an Instagram profile with a follower count that currently stands at 606,000. Thanks to her fitness and beauty, Adrienne is becoming surprisingly popular in Germany and around the world.

She has taken to posting awe-inspiring images of herself on her Instagram, which seem to be professionally taken. Hundreds of followers comment on her beauty on every post, as well as each picture receiving roughly 15,000 ‘likes.’ Just three years ago, Adrienne had just 1,000 followers, with many of her first pictures getting less than 200 ‘likes!’

Broadcasting her thoughts

As well as becoming an almost overnight Instagram sensation, Adrienne has also been putting her thoughts out to the world for quite some time. Adrienne runs a blog where she discusses her travels, workouts, and inner monologues. Many of her Instagram fans are also avid readers of her blog posts, where they can feel a little more connected to Germany’s alleged most beautiful police officer.

Her blog, of course, features some more images of her in swimwear and on trips and subsequently has a vast following. Although, her blogging is most definitely not what earns her the majority of her fame, but she has stated that it is a source of enjoyment for her, alongside her modeling and career.

Paid to be pretty

With her insane number of followers, as well as her blog, Adrienne gets paid to do what she loves. As a fitness fanatic and someone who regularly preaches about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s no surprise that some big workout attire and healthy eating companies snapped her up as an ambassador for their companies.

When Adrienne posts her impressive pictures on Instagram, they are often accompanied by a caption which lets her followers know where the products or from or who has sponsored her for that photo. This earns Adrienne quite an impressive amount of money, seeing as she has so many followers and posts very regularly about her workouts and diet.

Taking a break

Earlier this year, Adrienne decided to take a little break from her career. She took a six-month unpaid leave from her work in the police department and went traveling. Though she was not paid in this time, she certainly wasn’t going without.

Adrienne spent the money she had in a savings account, which she had been adding to over the years. She also had a significant amount of money from her social media promotions which she was able to spend on her trips.

Around the world

Adrienne has always been a keen traveler. She desperately wanted to see the world and experience different things, so that’s exactly what she did. As an added bonus, it also allowed her to get a whole hoard of extravagant photos taken on warm sandy beaches and in the mountains.

She was definitely living her life to the fullest while she traveled. Her trips produced many beautiful images of her in swimwear and on foreign streets, as well as, no doubt, some incredible memories.

Growing and growing

Thanks to these new, remarkable photos of the German policewoman, Adrienne’s Instagram was growing more popular by the day. With every new picture that was uploaded, more followers and likes swarmed along with it.

For this reason, the promotions from other businesses and the number of companies who wanted to cast her as a brand ambassador increased too. Her fame seemed unstoppable until her lavish break came to an end. Reality always hits hard after a vacation, but for Adrienne, being home wasn’t the worst of it.

Fame comes at a price

Upon arriving home, Adrienne discovered that she was much more famous than she had previously thought. As her followers and brand connections had grown, the more people who saw her pictures and shared them around.

It wasn’t long before she found out that her work superiors had seen the hundreds of photos of her posing on vacation and in her own home. She never thought it would be an issue, but turns out, it was the start of a horrible ultimatum for Adrienne.

The dreaded phone call

Shortly after she found out that her bosses had seen many of her photos, her phone rang. She heard the words that no one ever wants to hear. Her boss wanted her to come in for a meeting. Suddenly, alarm bells rang and questions spiraled around her head.

Was she going to be fired? Was there a problem? Did they need her to work an emergency shift? Like all of us, those few words sent her into manic worry and didn’t pass until she arrived at the meeting – and maybe not even then.

Police department in need

Though we’d all like to believe that police officers have got it all covered – they can handle any situation, they’ve got the perfect team, and they know exactly what’s going on – unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case.

When Adrienne arrived at the office, she was informed that the police force in Dresden was under a lot of pressure. They were struggling significantly and needed another 1,000 officers before they would be functioning efficiently, and that wasn’t exactly easy to do.

The first ultimatum

After letting Adrienne know the news of their great struggles, they gave her another piece of information. They were lacking police officers at such a high amount, that she had to return to work almost immediately.

If she decided that she wanted more than the six months she had already had off, she would be removed from her position. She was told that she was allowed no more leave, and it wasn’t up for debate. Frankly, it was either quit or return to work full-time.

But that wasn’t all

For Adrienne, it was a no-brainer – of course, she’d return. However, what came next was much harder on her. The pictures of Adrienne had brought her modeling career to her superiors’ attention and had posed an ultimatum.

Adrienne was told that she had to make a decision between two terrible choices – give up working in the police force or give up modeling and promoting. The two were getting in the way of each other in their eyes, and it was time for Adrienne to choose her career.

It’s a tough one

This is one of the hardest decisions Adrienne has ever been forced to make. She adores working with the police, but also loves modeling and making her fans happy.

While she might always remain ‘the most beautiful policewoman in Germany’ if she continues working with the police, she won’t have her biggest passion in her free time. Adrienne was given until Monday to make her decision, and she was simply torn between her two biggest loves. How was she supposed to choose?

The impossible decision

Though she was given until Monday to make her decision, there is still no answer as to what choice she made. She continued posting her modeling pictures on Instagram over the weekend. Could this be a hint that its the path she has chosen?

Are they her last posts? Deciding between the two biggest things in her life is no doubt devastating, but ultimately, what will she go for? Will she continue her career with the police? Or will she become one of the biggest brand ambassadors of our time?