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Funny swimming pool photos just in time for summer

Ah, summer. Who doesn’t love laying under the scorching hot sun in a bathing suit and sunglasses (and sunscreen!), soaking up all that vitamin D? Summer is the best time to relax and perhaps even take a vacation. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the ice cream truck is always somewhere nearby. But one of the most fun aspects of summer is getting some pool time. It doesn’t matter if you have your own swimming pool at home, if you go to the public pool, or if you’re subscribed with the local country club. Either way, chilling by the pool is a great past time during the summer.

Whether you’re getting your tan on at the side of the pool, playing water games with your family and friends, or even taking Instagram pictures on inflatable swans, there’s plenty to do. But being inside the pool also means you’re (quite literally) on treacherous water. Anything can happen when you’re at the pool. There are people jumping in and doing back flips, girls tumbling off of their inflatable animals, and even people shaving their hair off at the pool (this actually happened). It’s a place where many hilarious things take place, and we’re here to bring you the pictures.

Bad flip

Have you ever tried doing a back flip into a pool? It’s the coolest thing ever… err, when you get it right, that is. This guy was going for the ultimate move, and as you can see, the camera caught him in a regretful moment. This is a moment for introspect, where one asks himself why he felt the need to show off his back flip in the first place. Why he wanted to impress the people around him. And within the following second he would come to deeply regret that decision, as his face hit the curb on the edge of the pool. All we can say it ouch!

Just chillin’ at the pool

We’re not really sure what this picture is all about, but it’s pretty darn funny. We can already see the tiger’s Instagram page, as it uploads this picture and captions it, “Just me and my girls kicking it at the pool.” Honestly, we think these girls are pretty crazy to get in the pool with a lion, a tiger, and a grizzly bear like it ain’t no thing. All we can do is hope that none of these girls wound up as these animals’ barbecue lunch. Everyone knows swimming makes you hungry, and when the meal is right in front of your eyes (or with you in the pool), you take it.

Unicorns happen

Everyone has their embarrassing moments at the pool, and yes, that includes celebrities. They may have private pools of their own, but they’re still human. Kylie Jenner was chillaxing in her pool on a unicorn float and taking some pictures for her Instagram page, but she leaned forward on the inflatable unicorn a little too much. Next thing you know, the whole thing flipped over and she was thrown into the water. Thankfully, Kylie can somehow even make falling over look good.

Star Wars

Storm troopers have a very difficult job. It can be exhausting to guard all of the Galactic Empire facilities and making sure no intruders infiltrate them. So no one can blame these storm troopers for just kicking it back at the pool after a hard week at work. We’re not sure if it was such a good idea to wear their full body uniform to the pool, though, it seems rather uncomfortable for a swim.

Keep on falling

This is why you should never go on a water slide together. These two girls thought it would be fun to go down the water slide one after the other, but as luck – or gravity – had it, it didn’t turn out very well for them. The first girl just touched the water, when her friend landed right on top of her, and we’re pretty sure it was painful. The guy in the back, however, is looking pretty pleased with the whole thing.

Shaving those legs

It was a quiet afternoon in this Florida public pool, before this woman got into the water and began shaving her legs. The kids swimming around her didn’t really take notice of what was happening, but as they do – some people caught the action on video. They were shocked to discover this woman was shaving her legs in the pool, and they weren’t the only ones. That video went viral once it was uploaded to Reddit. We’re not sure we’ll be going in public pools anytime soon…


If you ever hung out at the public pool as a kid, you probably know this situation. You swim around, do your own thing, when suddenly you notice there’s a large shadow above you, covering the rays of the sun. You look up, but it’s already too late. The big man has already jumped into the pool, stomach first, and is coming your way. Now all that’s left to do is hope that you don’t drown under there.

Improvised pool

Those summer days can get scorching hot in some countries. Not everyone has their own pool, or can afford a subscription to the nearby country club. Sometimes there isn’t a pool to be found for miles and miles! So what do you do on a hot day? You improvise like a champ. All you need to do is spread some tarp inside the back of your truck, cover it with a nylon sheet, fill it with water, and call your best friends to hang out in your brand new pool.

Like father, like son

This picture of a father and son at the swimming pool gives us all the feels. It’s just so adorable seeing them relaxing at the pool side by side, each of them floating in their own individual way. They’re both wearing super cool shades to protect them from the sun and enjoying a nice refreshment. This takes father son pool time to a whole other level. We definitely think many people would could this their “daddy goals.”

Syncronized swimming

You’ve gotta give it to these guys. They’ve managed to create one of the most amazing, breathtaking pictures we’ve ever seen. The way they all succeeded in jumping into the pool at the exact same time is unbelievable. We have to wonder how many takes it took to get this picture just right, and we’re also kind of wondering what happened as soon as they all landed. Did nobody think to capture this moment on video?

Outside living room

When you have your own pool and you spend a lot of time in it, you’re bound to come with some creative ideas as to getting comfortable in the pool. Sometimes, an inflatable pool mattress just won’t do. You want the experience of relaxing on your living room couch, but on top of some water. So this guy decided to just move his living room outside and into the pool. And one couch wasn’t enough – it’s two couches that really hit the sweet spot of comfort.

Cool as a cucumber

If we thought we looked good chilling out in the pool with your sunglasses, we feel humbled by the picture of this dog. His coolness puts us all to shame, as we will never be able to achieve it. If this dog had an Instagram account, it would be booming with followers after posting this pic. All he needs is a Mohito in his hand (well, paw) and he’s ready for the pool party of a lifetime!


Another celebrity who took a pool tumble is Sofia Vergara. The Colombian actress is 45 years old, but you really couldn’t tell just by looking at her. The bombshell was getting her picture taken sitting on this “Inflatabull”, but found herself in the water very soon after. Someone should really tell celebrities these inflatable things aren’t very stable. But even falling down, she looks like she’s having the time of her life in this picture.

Dude, where’s my car?

The people in this picture look just as baffled as we are, as to how this vehicle ended up inside a home’s swimming pool. We are honestly very curious to learn the events leading up to this unfortunate incident. What happened? Did someone forget the car on neutral and it went downhill into the pool? Did someone drive it into the pool? If they did, we would advise them to take a few driving lessons before getting back on the road.

What? I was hungry!

As we’ve said, swimming in the pool can really make you hungry after an hour or two. But it sucks having to leave the pool in order to get some lunch. So why get out of the water when you can bring your meal to you? This is exactly what instant noodles are for. Just bring them by the poolside and eat a few bites in between laps. Actually, this is not really recommended – don’t mix swimming and digesting!

Pool activities

Guys are really impressing us today. These fellas were a bit bored at the pool, so they decided to create something spectacular. They took a bunch of ball-pit balls and sorted them by color, to create several different sections in the pool. While impressive, we genuinely have no idea what this is for. It basically seems like they all have OCD and just felt an overwhelming need to sort the balls by color. It’s pretty, we’ll give them that.

Boy’s best friend

Look at this little guy and his doggie buddy! We challenge you to find something cuter than a little kid and his puppy, sitting with their sunglasses on tiny chairs in a tiny pool – and smiling. This dynamic duo looks adorable, as they take a break from the hectic routine of being a toddler or a little dog. This picture proves that whether you’re a child or a dog, life is good when you’re this small.

Skeleton crew

The ladies of this swim team pulled an amazing move and wore skeleton bathing suits with water-like blue backgrounds. So when they hit the pool, the background blends perfectly with the water and it looks like they’re actually skeletons. But that’s not even what makes this picture so funny – it’s the expression on the girls’ faces as they pull a crazy maneuver in the water. Especially the girl who’s been turned upside down in mid-air.

The wicked witch

If you’ve ever wondered why women live longer than men, there you have it. This guy is pulling an incredibly dangerous move, as he jumps from the upstairs bedroom of his house into the swimming pool – on a broom. Sure, he looks like he’s flying off on the broom like the wicked witch, and yes, he looks incredibly cool. But we would love to know how this jump turned out for him. Even if he landed safely in the water, that broom can potentially do some damage.

Grizzly bear

This picture is actually taken from a video of this Grizzly bear, who managed to climb the ladder of a home pool. He then proceeded to fall down into the water and swam around for a while. While it’s definitely one of the most adorable pictures we have ever seen, we can only imagine how terrifying it is going outside to your yard, and finding a giant Grizzly bear just casually swimming in your pool.