Funny street signs that will surely make your day

There is not a single street on this planet that doesn’t have a few signs plastered around the place. They might be street signs that give drivers and residents a little info on what lies ahead and the rules of the road, or they might be signs posted by residents to keep their fellow townspeople informed. You know the ones? The posters that are stuck to the lamp posts with sticky tape or staples? They’re everywhere!

New and improved versions of these posters and signs are making their way into towns every single day, and they might advertise Simons’s yard sale next weekend, Dave’s intention to start a new band and find a drummer for their heavy metal sound, or it might even be an advertisements for Janice’s new yoga class. They’re pretty darn standard. But what happens when you discover a poster or sign that you just have never seen before? These funny street signs will have you giggling for days…

Need a babysitter?

When you live in a small town, finding a babysitter is easy. You simply ask your next door neighbor, you ask your parents, or you even ask the teen down the road that’s trying to bump up her college fund. Yet, when you move to a bigger town or a city, you soon realize that finding someone you can trust is almost impossible.

How the heck do you find someone to look after your pride and joy? Are they worthy of caring for your tiny human? It’s debatable. So, parents often have to look at street signs for potential babysitters, and check out their qualifications. While this pair have kindly offered their babysitting services for just $10 an hour, there’s something about them that doesn’t sit well with us. It must be the color clashing…

Oh, how tearable!

Street signs can be found across the world, but if you’ve ever seen a street sign in a movie, you’ll know that the head honchos in Hollywood just love a tearable street sign. After all, what’s the point of spending all of that printing credit without getting something fun out of it?

Whoever decided to plaster these posters around town deserves a medal. Although this poster is not offering a reward for a lost animal or a number for a music teacher, it’s spreading joy with its amazing jokes and tearable format. Our personal fave? Acupuncture is a jab well done! Sure, we know they’re awful, but they’re so tearable they’re actually rather great.

We’re starting to tingle

Hang on a minute. Our spidey senses are tingling. Is something going on here? As you drive or walk through your village, you’re probably graced with all kinds of street signs that point you in the right direction or point out a cool and quirky landmark.

This street in England is obviously trying to steal Spiderman from the American clutches because we don’t like this combination. A nuclear power plant and a spider farm right next door to each other? Something’s not right, and we think we might need to investigate. Let us just get our super suits.

Not what you’re looking for

Let’s be honest; there is nothing cooler than a Star Wars pun. In fact, you could say they are out of this world! To spread a little joy one day, the creator of this amazing poster decided to use one of the most quotable movie quotes of all time and turn it into something extraordinary.

After all, we would love to find the right droids for us, but we just can’t find the droids we’re looking for. Were both happy and sad at the same time, but we might try and cheer ourselves up in a galaxy far, far away.

Maybe it will help

Although the world may seem as though it’s going down the lavatory, it’s important to remember that there are people out there to help. They are people who are willing to sit with you while you rant about your boyfriend, there are people willing to cheer you up after a hard day at work, and there are people who just want to be kind to strangers.

We have a feeling that this is exactly why the maker of this poster decided to post this on their local lamp post. Maybe it will help. Who knows. It’s worth a shot.

Don’t mess, bro

There’s nothing worse than losing your wormhole. Yes, of all of the things you could possibly lose in your lifetime, it’s important to keep your wormhole close to your chest at all times. If you do get into the unfortunate situation where you’ve lost your wormhole, remember that there are people out there who can help you.

They can help you search for it, but they have to be careful. After all, wormholes are not to be messed with, bro. They can totally turn the space/time continuum upside down! Nobody wants that.

Eye, eye, captain

No matter how old we get, nothing will come close to the joy we feel when we buy a pack of googly eyes. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, we think it’s about time you bought a pack of googly eyes and took them around town. The aim of this game is to stick googly eyes over things that already have eyes.

It could be photographs in your home, it could be posters on the walls in town, or it could be on street signs that warn drivers of cows. After all, they need to moooooove out of the way.

Not house trained

If you have a backyard, you’ll know that it’s always a hive of activity. Birds flit around the place, squirrels jump from tree to tree, raccoons rustle through your trash cans, and you might even have a few badgers around the place. Of course, things aren’t always that exotic.

Sometimes you just get the odd dog or cat whose a little lost – and it’s down to you to find their owner. In this case, Paul just couldn’t understand why people weren’t getting back to him on the cat he found in his backyard? Hmmm…

Have you seen me?

When you live in a large neighborhood, it’s common to find posters for lost animals around the place. You might take a photograph of the poster for later use, or you might just pull it down completely because you’re definitely sure it’s in your front yard right now!

Although we hope that Klaus was found safe and sound, we can’t help but feel sorry for the people or person who found him. Do they still have their face? Do they have bite marks in their legs? We’re thinking about you, Klaus-savers.

Thank you for noticing

Do you ever drive along the road and see a sign that makes absolutely no sense to you? Well, this is one of them. While we appreciate the notice of thanks, noticing this notice has actually made us a little anxious. Should we be noticing this notice? Should we not be noticing this notice?

Should we be getting ready to hand ourselves in to the authorities? Perhaps we could make a notice for when we got to the authorities so they can notice the notice we made? We just have too many questions, but we doubt anyone would notice.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Parrot)

We love a good BBQ as much as the next guy – and the next guy really loves BBQ. These little events always have good food, good company, and good conversation, and it gives everyone a chance to enjoy their free time and the good weather.

However, we can’t help but question the motives of this parrot BBQ and question the event as a whole. We’re unsure whether the parrot himself is hosting the BBQ, or whether parrot will be served on the BBQ. We really hope it’s the former.

Who’s a good boy?

Nowadays, we all do everything we can to train our pooches. We take them to doggy training schools, we put in hours of practice, and we even watch YouTube videos to make being a dog owner even simpler.

We don’t want to have to pick up their doo-doo all the time, we don’t want to have to take them for walks in the rain, and we definitely don’t want to have to scratch their belly when they don’t scratch ours. Ah, if only they could pick up after themselves! Life would be so much simpler, and we wouldn’t have to read these silly signs.

Schrodinger’s Cat

Okay, someone call MENSA, because we’ve found your next genius. There’s nothing better than an intelligent pun, and this person really does deserve an award for such an incredible idea.

Although we’re not sure whether this person really does have a lost cat or not, what we do know is that we don’t know anything! There could be a cat, but there also couldn’t be a cat. The cat could be alive, or the cat may no longer be alive. We don’t know, and that’s the beauty of Schrodinger…

Please take a look

As you make your way through your local town, you probably see the same signs every single day. There are those STOP signs that tell you when it’s time to brake, there are those signs that point you to your destination, and there are those signs that tell you to look underneath your car for penguins. Wait…what?

Yes, you’re reading that correctly, this street in South Africa has obviously had a few problems with those pesky penguins getting under the exhaust, so just be careful, alright?

A man of many talents

Do you ever take a look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what you’re bringing into the world? Don’t worry; you just haven’t found your groove yet. It will come with time.

You just need to try out a few hobbies and find what your true passion is! We really hope that this man is currently going through that stage because we can see no reason why he would be a car impersonator in real life. The fact that he’s italicised “am” is also a little worrying. We won’t be letting you know if we want you to do it.

Time to moonwalk?

The more you look at this sign, the more confusing it becomes. How the heck can we walk without walking? Do you want us to moonwalk? Do you want us to swim? But as soon as we stop walking were no longer walking?! Aaargh!

Although this sign is pretty darn hilarious, it’s also incredibly infuriating. We have so many questions and nobody here to answer them. What shall we do? We don’t know whether to walk away or not? Shall we stay? Shall we go? Oh, we don’t know…

A dangerous combination

What would you get if you crossed a pet turtle and nunchuck? Well, it seems as though you would get a very dangerous combination! We can understand why this owner was worried about their pet turtle going loose because it was at the same time that they noticed their favorite nunchucks were missing.

It’s a tough ol’ world out there for turtles, and they will do anything to survive. So, it’s best that you stay vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for any feisty shells coming your way. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Erm, which way?

Although we are now graced with the wonders of GPS, we can now plug into our phones or our fancy cars to take us to our destination. Yet, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from technology and go back to basics. You switch your GPS off, you grab your map, and you follow the road signs.

How hard can it be? Our parents and grandparents used to have to do it all the time, right? Sadly, it seems as though road signs have also changed, and this one is just too much. It’s actually starting to hurt our head.

Seems legit

If you’re a proud owner of a pet, you’ll know just how important they are to you. You will do literally anything to keep them happy. You’ll walk them at all hours of the day, you’ll feed them, you’ll give them a good ol’ back scratch after a long, hard day of catching birds, and you’ll make sure they are safe at all times.

Because of this, you tend to freak out when you can’t find them. Things get even worse when you realize that you don’t have a printer or a photo of your cat to post around town. I guess this will do.

Lost and found

Lost and found posters are great because there will always be one kind soul out there who finds your lost item and returns them to you. Unfortunately, the person who lost a stack of 20s wasn’t as lucky as other people, because someone with a tainted soul found their money..

Although they found the 20s and realized that they must have been someone else’s, they decided to keep the bounty for themselves and return the rubber band they came in. I mean, that’s both genius and horrific at the same time

One ring to rule them all

There are some people who just have way too much time on their hands, and these are the kind of people who make our lives better. Just imagine you’re walking down your street when you spot a new poster plastered on a lamp post.

Intrigued, you make your way over to the post and inspect the poster, expecting to see “Lost Dog” or “Jumble Sale” at the top of the page. Instead, you realize that it’s a freaking Lord of the Rings poster. What this person hasn’t realized is that the person who now has the ring is now probably invisible…

So much nope

For the rest of our lives, we will always have to deal with doo-doo. Yes, unless the greatest minds of today create an invention which stops human and animal waste from being a thing, were always going to have to watch our step as we walk down the street.

Of course, there is a way to stop pet owners from simply walk over their pets’ excrements. You just pick it up and shove it in the trash! It’s not rocket science, you know. Stepping into doo-doo is just a whole load of nope.

The evil place

Many people use posters and signs on the streets to reach out to the kind people in the world, in the hope that they will give them a helping hand. Perhaps they lost their pet, perhaps they lost an important item of jewelry, or perhaps they lost their wallet.

In this case, this person lost their wallet, and they were in a bit of a tizz. After all, we all hate the DMV and never wish to venture into their buildings if we don’t have to. Stop this person from taking a trip to the evil place. Please.

Chop, chop, chopping

We have a feeling that the people who walked past this poster on the street had to double-take because we did. Don’t worry; your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this man really is advertising his chopping skills. Not only that, but he is challenging the general public!

Oooh, we love a good challenge. Although we appreciate the fact that he chops to keep his mind thinking about his good thoughts, we don’t think he’ll be able to chop a brick wall. Might as well just hand us that $400 now, man.

We homies now

If you’ve ever found a lost pet, you’ll know that it’s a fairly stressful situation. You’re a little scared of the animal, they’re scared of you, and you just want to get them back to their owner. Of course, there are instances where you instantly click with the lost animal.

All you want to do is play and have fun together, and you soon become homies. Because of this, this person just couldn’t let go of their found dog. I mean, we wouldn’t either. Just look at that little face! You can’t give up that face.

I’ll sing for you

Hmmm, where do we start with this one? We’re not too sure whether were impressed or a little scared about this man and his cojones. He’s obviously gone to a lot of trouble to create these posters and those interesting photographs, but his business model is a little bizarre.

So, he’ll pay us to listen to him sing for an hour? But we can’t have anyone else with us, and he must be able to sing his original songs about the moon and the stars? I mean, I’m not sure.

What you get for being nice

If you need any encouragement to be a mean person, let it be this. Although this woman thought she was being a nice person by taking in this pigeon and looking after it while it was quite obviously lost, she just couldn’t keep it going anymore.

It wasn’t house-trained in the slightest, it doesn’t respond to any name, and it doesn’t even have a nametag. To put insult to injury, it’s terrorising her daughter! We do sympathize with this woman, but do you think it could be a wild pigeon?

Rogue panda?

When you’re driving down the street, it’s always good to keep an eye out for any new street signs that will keep you up to date on traffic jams or roadworks. As soon as you see these signs around town, you always know that something has gone down. An accident? A new speed limit?

Well, it seems as though this town had fallen victim to the horrific rogue panda! Perhaps he was sleeping on the highway? Eating all of their bamboo? Cuddling too many people at once? It’s a wild one, that panda.

You will hit that bridge

If you’ve ever driven a large vehicle, you will know that there is nothing more scary than driving under a bridge. You have no idea whether you will fit, and you have horrible visions of your truck slicing in two. It’s a tough world out there.

Amazingly, this town decided to help out their truckers and give them a little pointer. As they drive closer to the bridge, they will be able to check whether they will fit underneath. If they hit the sign, they won’t fit! What an incredible idea.

Musical dogs

Have you ever felt like you were failing your wife? Do you want to impress your significant other? Sometimes going the extra mile for your partner is hard, especially if you don’t have the time or energy to do something fun and exciting.

Because of this, this person decided to reach out to their local community to train their dog to play the trombone. We can’t imagine too many people would have responded to this poster, but we hope somebody did, and we hope this dog is now making sweet, sweet music.