The funniest T-Shirt jokes we’ve ever seen

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how much are pictures of words on a T-shirt worth? Probably a lot more, but we’re not word scientists. You could honestly spend countless hours thinking of the perfect comeback, and it won’t come even close to matching what these heroes accomplished just by putting on a shirt.

A lover of arts and crafts

Judging by the epic spelling mistake, we can only assume that this blonde bombshell is a college freshman getting sucked into the college way of life.

Unfortunately, it seems as though she needs to spend a little more time in her English Language classes rather than painting the town red with her sorority sisters. Maybe she’s unaware yet that college isn’t just a time for tearing it up on the dance floor and hanging with your closest friends. Of course, we could be totally reading this situation wrong, and this woman could just really love arts and crafts. In fact, her favorite thing to do is collage. Join the collage club, lady.

Do I?

If you’re the kind of person that is self-conscious about your body, you might constantly ask your boyfriend or girlfriend whether you ‘look fat’ in your brand new clothes, or in an outfit that you’re both excited and scared to try out.

Of course you only expect to hear that one correct answer (hint, men: the answer is “no”) yet you ask anyway. However, there are somehow other people in this world who don’t have any insecurities about their body or weight (we know, we know). Instead, they’re more conscious about how their perfect beach bodies affect those who aren’t quite on their level. How nice of her!

Telling it as it is

There’s nothing worse than being accosted by men and women on a night out, and trying to have fun with your friends while a potential suitor gets all up in your grill.

Thankfully, this lady has used her hilarious slogan T-shirt to show all of the creeps out there that she is just not that into them. Of course, after a few different drinks her rose-tinted glasses might say otherwise, but for now, she’s pretty happy being single and getting ready to mingle after she’s quenched her thirst.

Almost there… but not quite

We really hope this is not a recent photo because nobody has worn an outfit like that since Elle Woods and Paris Hilton reigned supreme in the early ‘00s.

Yet, if you saw this woman walking down the street, there’s a high chance you would stop in your tracks and take a photograph. If you have walked past this woman and done just that, you might be in the money, because if she was ‘almost famous’ back then – who’s telling how famous she is now?! She’s on this list of hilarious T-shirt jokes, after all!

Look but don’t touch

It’s a good thing this girl has cropped out her face because we can imagine her parents might have a few stern words to say about this photo – and that could be pretty darn awkward.

Nowadays, you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone attached to their phones. Most of the time, they look up from their screens after they’ve walked into a pole, but this woman obviously wanted the distracted passers-by to give her more attention. Why else would she replicate the Apple lock-screen on her chest?

Always want what you can’t have

Let’s be honest, if you choose to eat an apple and see a person eating a donut – there’s a high chance you’ll chuck your piece of fruit in the trash and run to the nearest donut stall because you always want what you can’t have.

This woman decided to use this hypothesis to her advantage while in the club, and use her hilarious slogan T-shirt to grab a kiss or two. We’re not sure whether she does have a boyfriend or whether she made it up for a kiss, but she should probably change just in case her real boyfriend decides to show up…

This really sucks

If you wake up in a bad mood, you might choose your outfit based on your lack of motivation to deal with people.

You might wear a T-shirt that reads, ‘I got up on the wrong side of the bed,’ one that says ‘this really sucks,’ or even not wear clothes at all because you can’t even be bothered to leave the house and interact with other human beings. This person managed to sum up his day perfectly when they chose to wear that T-shirt, and you can’t help but laugh at the irony of the whole situation. Indeed, it really does suck.

Now I’m a Belieber

Alright, hands up who loves a bit of Justin Bieber? We can imagine only a small majority of you raised your hands, but those who did – we commend you.

While Beliebers are often associated with screaming teenage girls, sweeping haircuts and hoodies, these guys wanted to show the world that there is a new generation of Beliebers taking over popular culture. In their eyes, real men respect Justin Bieber, and we have to give them credit for their sheer courage. May the odds be ever in your favor.

The proof, and nothing but the proof

We’d like to think that most people don’t wake up in the morning with the intention of committing a crime, but it just goes to show how different we all are.

Of course, there are people who try to get away with breaking the law and will feign innocence in front of the cops, but this guy decided to write his own fate before he’d even done the crime. Although he may have tried to plead innocence, his T-shirt says otherwise. It’s the proof and nothing but the proof.

I’m sorry Little Friend

Okay, we have so many questions when it comes to this hilarious slogan T-shirt. Are these some new and unique song lyrics? Was this a dare? Or is this just an epic apology?

Well, we’re not too sure, but it does make us wonder why anyone would apologize to their ‘little friend’ for being hasty and calling them a duck. Of course, if the letters were a little different we could understand the confusion and the anger, but this is just something we can’t quack.

Smile for the camera

Across the world, millions of people struggle with their weight. Whether they put on a little podge over the holidays or struggle to put on weight at all, we normally all have insecurities when it comes to our body image.

However, this guy seems to have found a way to deal with his own weight and is making light of the whole situation. Although it might not make everyone laugh, it’s definitely tickled him, as he has no problems smiling for the camera.

A sucker for love

There are some people who are just real suckers for love, but struggle to say the words that they really mean in person.

Luckily, this guy has found a way to impress this lovely lady – and is hoping that the ‘force’ of his chick magnetism will bring her body even closer to his arm. Unfortunately, we have a feeling he may be barking up the wrong tree, as this lady doesn’t seem too happy to be sitting next to this chick magnet…

Gotta keep positive

If you struggle to attract a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, you might change your fashion style or your clothing to show a brand new you.

While this guy may not have had any luck with the ladies while wearing a simple plain T-shirt, he’s full of hope that this brand new slogan T-shirt will show potential suitors that he is there and ready for action – multiple times if needed. We don’t have the heart to say that we’re not worried, but we’re glad to see him keeping so positive.

Looking for the beer goggles

It’s plain to see that this guy just doesn’t quite know how parties work and that standing directly behind someone and staring into their soul will not get him a kiss – but he’s going to try anything he can to steal a smooch.

In fact, he might be standing so close to her to ensure that she has read his hilarious slogan T-shirt loud and clear. It seems she has, as she is determined to finish her drink before turning around. Either that, or he’s patiently waiting for her to empty her glass.

Keep clear

There’s nothing worse than having people invade your personal space. Although we would love the chance to scream in the invaders’ faces and swat them away with a fly swatter – those kind of actions aren’t socially acceptable, so you have to think of new ways to keep them at bay.

If you need any ideas, it might be a good idea to take a leaf out of this lady’s book, as we can’t imagine too many people will be getting near to her. The fart is almost at 100%, y’know.

Make noise!

This guy looks like the kind of friend you could take to music concert and have a whale of a time, but his love for music seems to have overpowered his ability to spot spelling mistakes – because this is one embarrassing typo.

Of course, this could be completely innocent. After all, the letter ‘r’ does often look like the letter ‘l’ if you really squint your eyes, but in this case, we think it is just an epic mistake. Hopefully, nobody will take on his advice, as that could be a very messy ending…

Too late to apologize

As One Republic once sang, “It’s too late to apologize” – and that’s exactly what we’d like to say if we ever had the pleasure of meeting this man in person.

Although we would have loved to have had the chance to taste his food, one look at his hilarious slogan T-shirt has sent us packing. While we admire his high standards, we can’t imagine Kate Moss or Gigi Hadid would be wandering around his town anytime soon, so he might want to lower them just slightly.

The truth hurts

Okay, back away kids, because this dude does some dumb things – and you DO NOT want to get in the way of this guy and his street cred.

Throughout our lives, we’ve all done a few stupid things every now and then, and most of the time we simply walk them off and ignore the fact that they ever happened. It’s always the best way. However, this dude seems to revel in the fact that he can just break his hand on cue, and likes to advertise his dumbness on his slogan T-shirt. Well, whatever floats your boat.

School vacations

When you were a child, there was nothing more exciting than taking time off school for summer vacation or the Christmas break.

Indeed, these vacations meant that algebra was out of the window, and compiling coherent sentences could also take a break for a few weeks. Who needs to make sense, anyway? Not this girl. She wants everyone to know that she is on her school vacation and that people can talk to her if they want, but that she’s currently in stupid mode…

Destroying Disney dreams

There are some people in this world who just want to watch the world burn, and this man is one of those people.

While on a trip to the happiest place in the world, this guy should have been screaming his head off on the rollercoasters, eating the ‘grey stuff’ in the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant – we’ve heard it’s delicious – and knocking shoulders with some of Disney’s greatest characters. Instead, he decided to destroy all of our Disney dreams and crush Minnie’s heart with his ‘deadmau5’ slogan T-shirt.

Continental drift

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we can’t always believe everything we read on a T-shirt – and that fills us with little hope for the future.

No longer can we memorize historical quotes, or take in ancient paintings, or learn new languages thanks to someone else’s slogan T-shirt. Instead, we have to give everything a good ol’ Google search, which is how we’ve come to learn that this is definitely not Asia. It’s not even close. We spy a little bit of continental drift here…

Friendly fries

Alright, does anyone want to count all of the mistakes on this hilarious slogan T-shirt… or shall we do the honors?

Although we will happily buy any T-shirt that features yummy fast food, fries, and burgers, it’s safe to say that this shirt would not be ending up in our closet. From the awful misspelling of ‘hamburger’ to the fact that the owner of this shirt feels “Happiness when I eat a him,” we’re not really sure what to make of it. It’s actually making us feel a little differently about hamburgers, so we’re going to move swiftly on.

Age is just a number

In today’s day and age, age is just a number, and more and more older people are choosing to get themselves back in the dating game and making an impact on the world of love.

This guy obviously needed a way to stand out of the crowd when it came to the ladies, and chose this hilarious hot pink slogan T-shirt to fit the bill. While we’re not sure whether offending other people is the right way to go about his day, you can’t deny that he’s made an impact…

Reliving the glory days

In a world of increasing technology and fashion, those who have missed the boat are swimming back to shore and getting on the trendy boat – just like this guy.

In an attempt to be youthful again, this guy has donned his best diamante shades, slicked his hair forward, and thrust on his favorite ‘YOLO SWAGG’ T-shirt. We don’t have the heart to tell him that ‘SWAG’ is spelled a little differently, but we have a feeling that someone younger may have pointed it out for us.

Safety last

Nowadays, we constantly have to be aware of hazards and dangers around us, and it’s much easier to do so when you have signs and wardens all over the place.

Without them, it can be easy to forget that you need to stop at a stop sign or buckle your seatbelt. Unfortunately, it seems as this safety worker is taking a day off from the world of health and safety, and is ignoring his own rules to hitch an unbelted ride in this pickup truck.

The life of a hustler

Back in the day, we knew a hustler as someone who feigns ignorance during a game – before stealing all of the money in a victorious win.

Yet, in recent times, the word ‘hustler’ has become a major part of everyday life, with many people calling rich celebrities and businesspeople the modern-day hustlers. We’re not sure to which ‘hustler’ this woman is referring to, but we can only assume she doesn’t mean the illegal kind as she might not be able to take that epic slogan shirt with her.

In the deep end

We all know that honesty is the best policy, but sometimes a good ol’ white lie wouldn’t go amiss. You can tell by the beachside sunsets and the men and women in their swimsuits behind this brave soul that this dude is chilling by the pool – while he’s advertising the fact that he goes to the bathroom in pools.

Whether he has yet to go in the pool is something that remains to be seen, but we have a feeling he may be stuck in the deep end if innocent swimmer suddenly feels a warmth around their ankles. There’s a time and a place, y’know.

Shame on you

Thankfully, we’ve moved past a time where it’s okay to publicly shame men and women in the dating game, but this guy just couldn’t resist giving his potential suitors a piece of his own medicine.

While we’re not sure why these ladies should feel ashamed that this dude is still a bachelor, we have to admire the courage to wear this slogan T-shirt out in public. The bachelor life chose him, after all! We also really appreciate the font. That’s a really nice font.

Seemed like a good idea

Okay, this is not only one of the most hilarious T-shirt slogans of all time, but this photograph is also one of the most perfectly timed photos in existence.

Of course, we’re not sure whether this man was a passenger on the boat and jumped out to show off his ironic T-shirt, or whether he just happened to stumble upon this unfortunate situation and decided to make light of it – but we have to give this guy a medal, because it really did seem like a good idea at the time.

Honesty is the best policy

When you think about it, being gassy is all natural, baby. Yet, society squirms and cries out against those that do it in public – and this guy has had enough. He’s fed up.

He’s tired of holding in his gas, and he wants to let it out pronto. While he’s not afraid to let it all out, he does want to give those around him a chance to get away from him before he stinks the place out. At least this way he’s warned everyone. You can’t blame a man for that!

Down with the kids

Nowadays, more and more grandparents are getting down with the kids and trying to get in on the new and ‘hip’ lingo of the world – and it’s the perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.

Although this cool grandpa may look old and fragile, he’s getting himself ready to whack a few haters with his umbrella if they step a toe out of line. However, he’s not the kind of non-millennial who isn’t polite, so he’s gonna say hello to them first…

Smells like Mmm-bop

If you’re a fan of ‘90s music, there’s a high chance you were probably huge fans of both Hanson and Nirvana.

While their styles of music were totally different, it’s no secret that the long hair and necklaces were synonymous with most rock and pop bands of the ‘90s – so we can see why this designer got a little confused between these two bands. However, you’d like to think that the designer of such an iconic T-shirt would Google a few things before going to print. Lisa Simpson sums it up perfectly.

It’s all fun and games

It’s another rule breaker! There is a part of us that really hopes this photograph is not a mug shot, as we’d like to believe that this guy hasn’t broken the law – but there’s another side to us that really hopes this is a mug shot because this is just too good a photograph to pass up.

If it is indeed a mug shot, you just have to laugh at the irony that this guy was having a bit too much fun and games… before the cops showed up and ruined it all for him.

Return to sender

If you’ve recently moved into a new house or apartment, you’ll know how annoying it can be to constantly receive the last tenants’ mail.

Thankfully, the ‘return to sender’ option exists, so you can simply send the mail back to where it came from. This couple were obviously so intrigued by this idea that they tried to replicate it in human form – and we have to say, it has worked perfectly. At least now we know where to look if we ever lose the old guy. We have to return to Rita, of course!

Keeping the world safe

Thankfully, we live in a country where it is unlikely that we’ll get kidnapped on a regular basis. Indeed, you can rest easy knowing that you can sleep soundly in your bed without being rudely interrupted.

However, we do live in a world of uncertainty, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry and avoid all chances of it happening. As this guy has truthfully mentioned, fat people really are harder to kidnap – so if you want a side of fries, you order a side of fries!

Hi hater, bye hater

It takes a certain kind of person to comfortably pull off a crop top – and some people have it, while others just look silly.

Amazingly, this guy looks better than we ever would expect in a crop top, but we can imagine he’s had a few stares on the dance floor. Luckily, this man is too focused on his moves like Jagger to care about what other people think of him… so he’s let his crop top slogan do the talking instead. Short and sweet, we love it.

Take me drunk

Let’s be honest; we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve had a little too much to drink. The night has worn on, your feet are torn to pieces from all of the dancing, you’re hot and sweaty, and you just want a McDonald’s chicken nuggets selection to take to bed.

Yet, you have to actually make your way from the bar or club to the taxi before you can snuggle with Ronald McDonald, and that can often make you feel even dizzier. In fact, you might even ask a friend to “Take me drunk; I’m home.”

TMI, man

Anyone else completely miss the picture of the truck on the back on the T-shirt? We did too! While you need a good few looks at this shirt to truly get what it means, it’s fair to say you had a little chuckle to yourself while checking it out.

There’s a good chance this guy does love a good dump and spending his days on the toilet, but there’s also a good chance that this is a hilarious pun that would definitely get our attention.

Speaking the truth

Although she may be older than most of us, we really and truly relate to this woman on an emotional level – and we would really love to put in an order for 20 more of these T-shirts!

Once you’ve been on this world for a fair few decades, we can imagine that seeing the human race become addicted to their smartphones and make slime for fun can allow you to lose all faith in the world. This lady has made no secret of that fact, and is wearing her bright yellow shirt with pride. Can we just be you already?

Aching for bacon

Of course, we all have foods that we prefer over other delicacies, but we rarely ever advertise our love for Hershey’s candy bars or our hatred of avocado.

However, this cool kid wanted the world to know that he was a lover of bacon and that he doesn’t care what anyone else says. In fact, he was more than happy to proclaim his love for the pink stuff right in front of an adorable little sleeping piglet. You can just about see the drool coming out of his mouth if you look closely enough…

Run, Forrest, run!

Unless you’re the kind of weird person that likes to exercise on a regular basis, there’s a high chance that you need motivation or inspiration to run from place to place.

For example, Forrest started running to get away from the bullies – and the person taking this photo used the fact that a 50-year-old, fat, diabetic man was running in front of them to push themselves into gear and step up their running game. Kudos to this man for simply telling it as it is. Run, old man, run!

What a moo-ment

When this little kid woke up that morning, we bet there was no way he knew that he would be coming across a cow throughout the course of his day.

So, he probably shoved on his favorite cow T-shirt without a care in the world. Things took an alarming turn when he realized that he was taking a trip to the farm, especially when a real cow came face to face with his T-shirt equivalent. We can’t tell if he’s excited, confused or scared to see his face on a shirt, but he’s definitely mesmerized.

A feisty percentage

While looking for a life partner, some people choose physical appearance, others choose humor, others choose their kind nature – and there are some people who choose confidence.

After all, someone who is confident in themselves will also be confident in their relationship. Because of this, we can imagine there were people standing in line to date this woman who claims to be 20% hotter than the rest of the world. If she believes it, then we believe it. You do you, girl!

Knowing your limits

While confidence is often key, knowing your limits is also an important trait to survive in this world. Knowing what you can and can’t do, your strengths and weaknesses and knowing your limits can really help you set realistic goals – just like this guy.

With his hilarious slogan T-shirt in tow, this guy doesn’t have to explain to people that he may not be packing in the brains department, but he has some pretty strong muscles. Well, that could come in pretty handy.

The naughty list

It’s fair to say that we all have a bit of darkness in us. While we all try to be as good as possible all the time, it’s unlikely to expect everyone to be the perfect angel 24/7.

Although most of the world is probably made up of around 98% niceness and 2% naughtiness, this woman claims to be the other way round. It seems she’s also made up of a little bit of irony, as she could not have picked a better day to wear this hilarious T-shirt…

Hold tight… say squeeze!

Hands up who needed a few seconds to actually understand what’s going on here? Guilty! This hilarious T-shirt is both genius and creepy, and makes us feel both uncomfortable and tickled at the same time.

If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your recent food baby, this would be the best T-shirt to wear to hide that, but you’d have to be careful to keep on a happy face at all times – because this guy looks like he is genuinely in a lot of pain.

Nobody listens to me

If you’ve grown up in a large family, you may have realized that it is pretty darn hard to get a word in edgeways with seven brothers and sisters.

Because of this, many people will do anything to get people to notice them – but we’re not sure whether farting is the best way to get people’s attention. While it will definitely do the trick, it might actually push those closest to you away, rather than bringing them closer. After all, nobody wants to smell that all the time.

A holiday souvenir

When you travel to a new country, it’s an unwritten rule that you need to buy a cheap little souvenir to remind you of your travels. In some cases, this can be an ‘I love’ T-shirt that features the country or city name.

Of course, we understand that this guy probably wanted a little memento to remember his trip by, we’re sad to say that the grammar really lets this T-shirt down. Did he meet the love of his life in Thailand? Does his family live in Thailand? We’ll never know.

Would you rather?

We’ve all played the party game where of ‘Would You Rather?’ where you choose between two pretty horrible options and state your answer.

Amazingly, this old dude seems to have skipped the game in general and just printed his answer on his hilarious T-shirt instead. Of course, most of us make fun of the smart alecks in life, but when it comes down to it, most of us will choose to be smart rather than dumb. This guy is just making that pretty clear.

An awkward compliment

If English isn’t your first language, buying hilarious slogan T-shirts can often be pretty awkward. While you think that your shirt offers the world an inspiring or funny quote or slogan, the reality is that they can often fall short – just like this one.

We can assume that this shirt was supposed to say, “your boyfriend seems nice,” but it has just become an awkward compliment that nobody can really gel with. Maybe you should retire that T-shirt to your closet for a while…

The perfect pickup line

If you’ve ever been single and ready to mingle, you may have been the victim of some pretty awful pickup lines – and for that, we can only apologize.

Although most people like to say these lines to their crushes faces, there are other people who like to advertise to a wider audience, and permanently print their perfect pickup lines on their T-shirt lines. We’d really love to know whether this one worked on any potential suitors because this would totally work on us.

Not a meeting person

Okay, we have to say that this hilarious slogan T-shirt gave us a chuckle or two. While we dislike the fact that this photograph is so obviously a mug shot, we have to love this woman’s tenacity and honesty.

Like many people, this woman likes a drink. However, we have a feeling she likes a drink a little too much – but it’s okay because she’s in control of her behavior. She might not be going to the meetings, but acceptance is the first step to change, right?

Knock, knock! It’s the FBI!

We can only imagine what this man has done to wind up in jail, but the police officers were probably too intrigued by this hilarious slogan T-shirt to care about what he had done wrong.

Either that or they were thoroughly disgusted by it and punished him even further for his crimes. Nevertheless, you have to give this ‘Female Body Inspector’ credit for having the courage to wear this out in public, even if he probably did get a few shifty looks along the way…

The V shirt

Emily Ratajkowski may be a well-known and famous model, but that doesn’t mean she always wears the highest quality and best designer clothing out there.

In fact, she has been seen out an about wearing this shirt that says a certain “v” word referring to a part of the female anatomy. People were obviously shocked by the shirt, but when you’re Emily Ratajkowski, you can pretty much get away with whatever you want. Freedom of clothing is just as important as freedom of speech.