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These former NCIS stars are back together again

There are countless crime dramas to choose from today, and you don’t have to flip through your TV guide for too long before finding a great one. However, it’s fair to say that there is one crime drama that sticks out more than most – mostly because it’s been on our screens since 2003! Over the course of its 15-year run (which is still going strong today), NCIS has entertained millions of fans and given us all the chance to get engrossed in the lives of those in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Not only is NCIS the second-longest-running scripted, non-animated U.S. primetime television series, but it’s also pretty darn incredible. Much of this is down to fans’ two favorite characters: Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David. Although they no longer appear on-screen together, you’ll be happy to know that these guys have since got back together again…

A long run

If you’re a fan of CBS, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of NCIS. After all, it’s one of their most popular shows of all time! This crime drama follows the lives of those who work within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the criminals that try to escape their grasp and has been on our screens since 2003.

Although it was initially pitched as a spinoff show from JAG, NCIS has since been able to surpass all expectations and bring us some of the coolest characters of all time – including Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David.

A man of many talents

Although they may no longer appear on NCIS, these two characters have certainly made an impression. In fact, it’s allowed Michael Weatherly to prove to the world that he is a man of many talents.

As well as taking on the role of Anthony DiNozzo on the show, Michael has made his mark in terms of directing and producing – and he’s proven to be skilled at both. But where did it all start for this actor, and why is he getting back together with Cote de Pablo? We need to go back to the beginning to figure out why…

His early years

From a young age, Michael had always been interested in performing and acting. He loved movies and TV shows, and always dreamed that he would one day join some of the greats on the screen.

However, life took a hold of him, and he eventually decided to take himself to college in order to gain a higher education. Although he tried to put in the work to obtain his degree, Michael knew that something wasn’t quite right. So, he dropped out of college to pursue his acting career.

Grabbing new roles

Thankfully, this risk seemed to pay off for Michael. Before too long he had managed to bag himself small television roles that would help him get his name out there.

His first acting credit came in 2000 when he was offered the chance to take on a minor character on the popular sitcom, The Cosby Show. He soon made his way around the Hollywood television and movie sets to add even more work to his portfolio. Yet, his true claim to fame came in 2003 when he was cast as Anthony DiNozzo in JAG.

Anthony DiNozzo

To start with, Michael played Senior NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo in just a couple of episodes of the crime drama. However, the producers were impressed with his work and his character development and decided to transfer him over to their new world of NCIS.

He quickly became one of the main characters of the show and even appeared on its sister shows; including NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. In fact, he is only one of two cast members to ever appear in all four shows that have come from their predecessor.

The goofball character

Michael Weatherly took on the role of Anthony DiNozzo until season 13 when he finally decided to call time on his NCIS career. During the course of his run, fans fell in love with his character.

Anthony was incredibly smart and charming, but he was also a bit of a goofball. He would spend his free time watching movies and learning pointless trivia knowledge, and then he would mess around with his colleagues at work. He quickly became a favorite on the show, alongside the likes of Ziva David.

Starting young

Like Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo has spent a huge portion of her career playing an iconic role on NCIS. Unlike her co-star, Cote was not actually born in the United States. Instead, she was born in the capital city of Chile, Santiago.

She lived there for much of her childhood before her family packed up their bags and moved to Miami when she was just ten years old. After watching her mother work as a television presenter, Cote caught the performing bug and eventually decided that she wanted to study acting.

Making her entrance

As she made her mark in the United States, Cote did everything she could to get herself noticed. She bagged herself her first professional gig when she was just 15 years old and was soon standing in front of the camera and presenting a talk show called Control.

She quickly became the star of the show and decided to hone in her craft. She enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University and soon graduated with a musical theater degree. This helped her get to the top much quicker.

Working up

After graduation, Cote de Pablo made her way to New York City where she worked as a waitress and tried to achieve her dream of becoming a successful actress.

She worked part-time in a restaurant while attending auditions and working on small projects, and she soon worked herself up the acting ladder. To start with, she was offered minor roles on major television shows, such as All My Children and The Jury. Alongside this, she also worked on the stage and played as part of the New York City Public Theater.

Getting the part

In 2005, Cote de Pablo heard the news that a Broadway production she had been cast in had been canceled before rehearsals had even begun – so she found herself in a tight spot.

It was during this time that Pablo was made aware of a new role on NCIS that was available. She sent in her video reel on a whim and didn’t think much of it. Two days later, she was asked to fly from New York to Los Angeles to audition in the flesh. When she turned up, she was greeted by a familiar face we all know and love…

Palpable chemistry

Because this new role on NCIS was going to be spending a lot of time with Michael Weatherly’s character, the producers of the show wanted Cote de Pablo to audition with Michael Weatherly.

They wanted her to work with the actor and pretend as though she was Ziva David talking to Anthony DiNozzo. However, what she didn’t realize was that the producers had set her up. They asked Michael to try and throw her off the audition – but Cote wasn’t having any of it. She maintained her focus and their chemistry was palpable.

Offered the part

Although she tried to maintain her composure during the audition, Cote de Pablo thought she had blown it. Michael had distracted her, and she didn’t know if she had impressed or not.

She made her way out of the audition room and called a taxi to take her back to the airport and back home to New York. Yet, as she put one foot inside the cab, she was called back by the director of the show. They loved her audition, and they wanted her to offer her the part right there and then.

An on-screen love

It seems as though the producers were incredibly impressed with the chemistry between Cote and Michael – and that’s exactly what they needed for their characters of Ziva and Anthony.

During their time on the show, these two characters enter into an on-and-off-again relationship that kept fans entertained for hours. The tension between the pair of them was clear, but they were both incredibly strong characters who knew what they wanted. Because of this, they often tried to stay away from each other… but sometimes they just couldn’t.

Welcome Ziva

This relationship was an immediate hit with fans at home. Their cat and mouse relationship drew in more and more viewers every single week, and they couldn’t wait to see whether Ziva would eventually end up together or not.

However, their road to love would not be easy. Anthony struggled with commitment, Ziva struggled to trust those around her, and the world seemed to be against them being together. Because of this, they eventually tried to make it work but often struggled to maintain a realistic relationship.

Parting ways

After countless years on the show, both Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly decided that it was their time to leave. Cote left her character behind towards the beginning of season 11, while Michael waited until season 13 to say his goodbyes.

Their parting broke the hearts of fans across the world, as it ended in travesty and destruction. Ziva David had sadly passed away, but she had forgot to mention to her former flame that they had had a child together. Because of this, Antony decides to leave to raise his new child alone.

What was next

Although fans were sad to see their two favorite characters leave, they were excited to see what they would get up to next. Sadly, the two actors also parted ways and focused on their own projects.

Michael continued his reign in the world of television and eventually scored a leading role in the 2016 drama show, Bull. For this role, Michael took on the character of Dr. Jason Bull and helped tell the story of the famous Dr. Phil and his work as a trial consultant.

The movie world

Unlike her NCIS co-star, Cote de Pablo chose a different path after leaving the show. Although she did work on numerous television shows, she largely spent her time on movie sets.

Most notably, she was cast in the American-Chilean disaster movie, 33. This film followed the events of the devastating Chilean mine disaster in 2011 that left 33 miners fighting for their lives. She starred alongside the likes of Antonio Banderas and James Brolin for this epic role. In 2016, she also appeared in a television movie called Prototype.

Together again

After watching their favorite on-screen couple part ways, many NCIS fans were left with a hole in their hearts, They missed seeing the two actors using their natural chemistry for the sake of law and order, and they wondered whether they would ever work together again.

For the most part, it seemed as though they wouldn’t. However, they received some news in August 2018 that changed everything. The two actors would be getting back together and working on something special.

Behind the scenes

Yes, Variety confirmed the news that the two former lovebirds would be working together again to the delight of fans across the world. Yet, they were a little shocked to learn that they wouldn’t be reprising their roles as Ziva David and Anthony DiNozzo and that they wouldn’t even be starring in front f the camera at all.

Instead, they would be working together behind the scenes to bring a brand new crime drama show to life. Thanks to their experience on the set of NCIS, they were the perfect candidates.


So, what will this new show be about? What will it be called? Well, the duo will soon be serving as the executive producers for a brand new crime drama by the name of MIA.

This show will follow the life of a new homicide detective as she tries to make a good impression during her first few months on the job. Throughout this whole ordeal, she is paired with an experienced cop who knows exactly what they are doing – and doesn’t she know it! As well as her own professional problems, this cop also has a few personal ones.

What the fans want

Although there’s no telling whether this new show will be a hit or not, it’s fair to say that fans are pretty excited to have Cote and Michael working together again.

Their two favorite characters are coming together to work on another crime drama, and there’s even talk that they may put their own acting skills to good use in the production. While this has yet to be confirmed or denied, fans will still hold out hope that Ziva David and Anthony DiNozzo will have a rendezvous to will go down in history.

Behind the scenes

It seems as though Cote and Michael will be taking their relationship further than their rumored on-screen romance. These two stars are also said to be taking leading roles in producing the show.

The pair will be teaming up with Shepard Boucher, who is also responsible for producing and writing for the likes of the sitcom Undateable, the comedy Angie Tribeca, and the teen drama Riverdale. It looks like these three could be about to make the next greatest dream team.

First time for everything

Both Cote and Michael have built incredible careers for themselves in front of the camera. However, they have never been involved with producing before. Could this be a huge risk for CBS to take two of their biggest stars behind the cameras?

Although it might be a brave move, fans are excited to see how Cote and Michael will adapt to life on the other side of the lens. It looks like they will be able to put their acting knowledge to use in a way like never before.

Tied to a contract

Although Michael has been working with CBS for many years, it seems as though this actor might not have had a choice about whether he will be working on the show or not. So what was it keeping him a part of the network?

Apparently, the actor is tied into a contract which means he is unable to leave CBS for the foreseeable future. However, with everything that has been going on with CBS officials and stars, it looks as though that could all come to an end.

Moving on

CBS was forced to let Les Moonves walk after a number of allegations were made against the star. Although he had been on the network for a decade, CBS knew they had to ax the actor. However, this affected many actors in unimaginable ways.

Michael was one of the many left in the wake of the exit of the star and is now considering his future at the network. After all, it looks as though he might not want to be associated with them for much longer.

Speaking the truth

Michael has been very open and honest about his time with the network. The actor has publicly spoken about how he is trying to process the news of the allegations that have come forward.

However, Michael also knows that it was NCIS that helped to build his career so strong in the first place. Without the show, he might not be the star he is today. Although there have been some tough emotions for Michael to overcome, could this really be the end of his CBS road?

No exit news

The news of Michael’s troubled thoughts emerged in September 2018, just a few days before the latest season of Bull is set to air. The network has announced it will continue to show the new series as planned and hopes that Michael will return for season four in the future.

Thankfully, there has been no news from Michael that he is planning on pulling out of MIA. It appears as though the plans are still in place for the latest cop-filled drama to hit our screens.

Creating a romance

Although Cote and Michael had a serious on-screen romance that had many people on the edge of their seats for many seasons, the actors never took their relationship further than the show.

Many fans were disappointed that the two stars never sparked a romance, but it seems as though the pair wanted to stick to the belief never to mix business and pleasure. Plus, it hasn’t stopped them from having a number of romances throughout their lives.

First time around

Michael has been in a variety of high-profile relationships, but his first marriage came shortly after starring in the soap operas Loving, and The City alongside actress Amelia Heinle.

Sadly, The City was canceled just one year after the pair tied the knot and it looked as though it was about to take a significant toll on their relationship. The couple struggled to cover the bills, and the stress was too much for Michael. The pair later divorced leaving their son, August, stuck between his two parents.

Moving forward

One of Michael’s many shows he has appeared in over the years is the cyberpunk series, Dark Angel. It was while on the set that Michael met and fell for his co-star Jessica Alba, and the pair immediately hit it off. Could it be second time lucky for the young actor?

It wasn’t long before there was a ring on Jessica’s finger and they were the latest engaged Hollywood couple to grace the red carpet. Unfortunately, it once more ended in a split after two years of engagement.

Third time’s the charm

It seems as though Michael was destined to end up in troubled waters every few years into a relationship. However, that all changed in 2007 when he met Dr. Bojana Janković. The couple were dating for two years, and it seemed as though everything was finally going to plan.

They tied the knot in September 2009, and have even gone on to have two children together, a daughter named Olivia, and a son named Liam. Even so, Michael admits their relationship is still a learning game.

Keeping it together

Michael admits he had learned the key to making his relationship work is to leave work at the door. Plus, the actor wants to continue making as much time for his family as he can. Amazingly, Michael admits that it is acting that has helped him become a better person.

The star reveals his profession has enabled him to grow as a person and now understands the importance of devoting time to his young family. Hopefully, MIA won’t take away too much of Michael’s new family time.

An unwelcome split

Cote was once in a long-term relationship with fellow actor Diego Serrano. Although the pair seemed as though they were destined to be together forever, they, unfortunately, split back in 2015 after 15 years together.

It wasn’t long before Cote pairing back up with Michael for the creation of MIA sparked rumors the pair were beginning an affair that many felt had been a long time coming. However, both the actor and the actress are adamant they are merely friends who work together.