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Famous stars who married much younger guys

A cougar is an older woman who goes on the prowl for a younger, attractive looking guy, and there are a lot of them. Benjamin Franklin was all for it, saying that there is no better pleasure than being with an older, experienced woman. And it turns out that there are many amongst the rich and famous who feel the exact same way. From Madonna to J. Lo, here are some Hollywood A-List Celeb cougars and their cubs.

Courteney Cox – 36 & David Arquette – 28

Courtney Cox met her husband David Arquette during a joint shoot when the two fell in love, with David proposing to her and the two getting married in 1999. This was despite the decent age gap between the two actors – seven years! David was with Courtney while she was filming her hit show “Cougars,” but ultimately the two decided to split up. David Arquette called into the Howard Stern Show to admit to cheating on Courtney with a 29 year old waitress.


Susan Sarandon – 43 & Tim Robbins – 30

Susan Sarandon met Tim Robbins when the two were co-habiting while filming Durham in 1988, and the two immediately fell in love with each other. The couple – who remained unmarried throughout their whole relationship – had two children together, sons Jack Henry and Miles Guthrie. The two actors split up in 2009 after Robbins claimed to have a midlife crisis. While this was Sarandon’s second long term relationship, it was the first time she was romantically involved with someone more than 10 years her junior – and it wasn’t her last.


Demi Moore – 41 & Ashton Kutcher – 25

Film Stars Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were at a dinner party with friends when the two became simply infatuated with each other, despite their 16 year age difference. Ashton, who at the time was only 25 years old, reportedly continued to talk to Demi all throughout the next night, finally setting up a date with her. The two began going out and subsequently marrying, remaining together for eight years. The two split up in 2013, with Ashton going after the prettiest girl in the world, Mila Kunis.


Robin Wright – 47 & Ben Foster – 33

Having been married to the likes of Sean Penn and Dane Witherspoon, 47 year old Robin Wright was on the prowl for love once again when she came upon Ben Foster when the two were starring in Rampart in 2011. Despite the 14 year age difference, Robin says that she is addicted to her new husband, and that the rest of her family – including her two kids with Sean Penn – are happy with him as well.


Halle Berry – 43 & Gabriel Aubry – 34

Models Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are two classic models who met at a Versace store opening in Manhattan in 2006. The two immediately fell for each other despite the seven year age gap. Although the two never married, they are forever linked via their daughter Nahla who was born in 2008. In an unfortunate turn of events, the two super-models decided to split up in 2010, four years after they were first brought together.


Jennifer Lopez – 42 & Casper Smart – 24

Jenny from the block is known for her moves and hot latin style, but now she’s also known as a cougar. She has been on an on again/off again relationship with one of her backup dancers – Casper Smart. She definitely enjoys mixing both business and pleasure. Despite the two being together for several years along with an 18 year age difference, the two seem to hit it off very well, with Caspar even being involved with J. Lo’s kids’ lives!


Madonna – 55 & Brahim Zaibat – 25

Madonna makes the list again, but this time with former lover Brahim Zaibat. The two met when Zaibat was working with Madonna as a backup dancer, and the two immediately hit it off, even kissing each other on stage during performances. However, the two broke up due to conflicting schedules – specifically when Zaibat signed up to perform in the French version of Dancing with the Stars – something Madonna thought was trashy.


Susan Sarandon – 64 & Jonathan Bricklin – 33

Susan Sarandon, 68 met her boyfriend of five years Jonathan Bricklin, 31 during a road trip through Chile back in 2010, and the two immediately hit it off. This, despite the couple’s’ 37 year age difference, seemed to be working out really well, until the two called it quits back in 2016. It is now rumored that Bricklin, owner of a string of indoor ping pong halls, is dating a younger woman – Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter Maria, who is a youthful 64 years old.


Kris Jenner – 58 & Corey Gamble – 33

Despite being younger than her daughters, the queen of the Kardashian household Kris Kardashian has been seen for the past several years with Justin Bieber road manager Corey Gamble. Gamble has been well accepted by the Kardashian clan, and has been seen at many family functions despite him being a whopping 25 years younger than his girlfriend. But the two seem like a good fit together!


Ellen DeGeneres – 46 & Portia De Rossi – 30

Comedienne extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres has been in a relationship with actress Portia De Rossi since 2004, with the couple officially getting married at their mansion in Beverly Hills in 2008. Portia described meeting Ellen for the first time, describing it as love at first sight, and finally being able to understand love songs and poems. The couple have remained happily married for almost ten years, despite a 16 year age difference between the two!


Adrienne Maloof – 51 & Sean Stewart – 32

This 51 year old former starlet of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently dating 32 year old Sean Stewart, the son of Rod Stewart. Stewart has given up his hard partying ways to be with the mature cougar, with Malouff saying that Stewart is “a lot more mature than a lot of 60-year-olds at this time in his life.” The two are business people, and as they both say, age is but a number.


Julianne Moore – 35 & Bart Freundlich – 26

Julianne Moore met her current husband Bart Freundlich while the two were on the set of The Myth of Fingerprints. Despite the initial worries and shock over the age difference, the two realized that age differences get smoothed over as the relationship progresses. The couple have two children – son Caleb and and daughter Liv, and currently spend their time living in New York City’s West Village. The two seem to be very happy in their marriage.


Sam Taylor-Wood – 43 & Aaron Johnson – 19

Sam Taylor-Wood may have been 42, but that didn’t keep her from catching the eye of the star of her film Nowhere Boy, Aaron Johnson. The two met on set and immediately hit it off despite Sam being more than twice Aaron’s age. And despite only being seven years older than her oldest daughter, Johnson and Taylor-Wood got engaged and married, and even have a child together!


Gabrielle Union – 41 & Dwyane Wade – 31

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade had been dating each other for four years before the two finally decided to tie the knot in 2013 in a wedding which saw a performance by John Legend. This is neither of the two’s first marriages, but Wade did come into the marriage with two children, along with another son born out of wedlock which he calls “a blessing.” Despite being ten years apart in age, the two seem very compatible and happy to be with each other.


Tina Turner – 76 & Erwin Bach – 60

Despite being 16 years apart, Grammy legend Tina Turner married her longtime boyfriend and German music producer Erwin Bach in a star studded gala on a lakeshore in Zurich in 2013. The two met at an EMI record label party way back in 1988 and had been dating ever since. It looks like this is going to be a good marriage, especially compared to her relationship with Ike!


Eva Longoria – 29 & Tony Parker – 24

After getting famous from TV show Desperate Housewives, star Eva Longoria met San Antonio Spurs point guard and rapper Tony Parker, and the two immediately hit it off. Despite her being several years older than him, the two dated for some time before ultimately deciding to take their wedding vows together. However, despite five years of marriage, the two decided to call it quits, divorcing in 2012.


Joan Collins – 68 & Percy Gibson – 36

Despite being more than double his age, Joan Collins married her Peruvian born publicist Percy Gibson, making him her fifth husband. Interestingly, Percy is the same age as Joan’s son from a previous marriage, but her son is totally cool with it, always expecting the unexpected with his mother. When asked about the over 30 year age gap, Joan was quick to quip that had the tables been changed with Percy being the older one and her being the younger one, no one would have asked any questions.


Linda Hogan – 48 & Charlie Hill – 19

Hulk Hogan’s wife after she caught The Hulk with one of their daughters’ friends, so she too went younger and began dating a 19 year old friend of her daughter. The two fell in love, and Linda was engaged to be married to Charlie in 2009, with Charlie being 20 and Linda being 49 at the time. However, the couple split up in 2012, with Charlie suing Linda and claiming she used him as “a day laborer.”


Geena Davis – 56 & Reza Jarrahy – 41

Geena Davis was first married for several years to fellow film star Jeffery Goldblum before the two called it quits. She then began dating the man who would go on to become her current husband, plastic surgeon Reza Jarrahy. This 15 year difference has not seemed to faze either of them, and their over 16 years of marriage seem to prove it. The two have three children together – daughter Alizeh Keshvar Jarrahy and twin sons Kian William Jarrahy and Kaiis Steven Jarrahy.


Eva Mendes – 37 & Ryan Gosling – 30

After wrapping up on filing movie The Place Beyond the Pines, stars Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling took their onscreen relationship into the real world, first being spotted holding hands together at Disneyland. Maybe she was trying to play into Gosling’s younger side, or potentially go down to his level as this Hollywood starlet is nearly a full decade older than Ryan! But we would do the same thing a more for a glimpse of those abs as well.

Madonna – 42 & Guy Ritchie – 32

These two lovebirds got married in Scotland back in 2000 after Madonna came off of her marriage with Sean Penn. It didn’t seem like she minded that her husband to be was ten years her junior. She had a son, Rocco Ritchie, with her cub husband. Sadly, the two were not meant to be, and by 2008, the couple had divorced, but not before Madonna tried to adopt a child from Malawi!

madonna ritchie

Katie Couric – 60 & John Molner – 54

This 60 year old serious journalist can’t stop humble bragging about what a catch she landed in regards to her husband John Molner. She says that she is still as in love with him as she was on the day that they got married. Despite a six year difference, Kouric – best known for her role on The Today Show – still views Molner as her best friend and partner in crime.


Janet Jackson – 50 & Wissam al-Mana – 42

Qatari business mogul Wissam al-Mana married his dream woman and idol Janet Jackson in a private wedding in 2012, despite Wissam being a full eight years younger than the singer! The two had a child together before they divorced due to “cultural differences.” However, this wasn’t before she went on tour with an album inspired by him, with Jackson dedicating her hit “No Sleeep” to Wissam.


Julianna Margulies – 50 & Keith Lieberthal – 42

When Goodwife starlet Julianna Margulies first met her current husband, she couldn’t believe that he was any older than a teenager, with Keith Lieberthal allegedly telling her that he had been a lawyer on wall street for over six years. Despite his youthful looks, Keith is only eight years younger than his wife! The two got married in a ceremony back in 2007, and they seem to be going strong even to this day. The two also have a child named Kiernan Lindsay who was born two months after the wedding. Yikes.


Kathy Griffin – 56 & Randy Bick – 35

Kathy Griffin thought she was just in for another, typical Hollywood one night stand when she met marketing executive Randy Bick five years ago at a food and wine festival. However, despite the massive age difference (18 years!) the two are as strong as ever, both living in Griffin’s mansion in Bel Aire. Why does she stick around when there are so many other Hollywood A-List celebs to choose from? Because he’s “just a normal guy.”


Mel Sykes – 45 & Jack Cockings – 29

British TV presenter and cougar extraordinaire Melanie Sykes was dating a roofing contractor named  Jack Cockings when the two decided to get married. The cute couple stole the hearts of the entire United Kingdom throughout their courtship despite the fact that Mel was 16 years older than Jack! The two did indeed get married but split up a mere seven months later in what was termed a “painful divorce.”


Caroline Flack – 31 & Harry Styles – 17

TV presenter Caroline Flack was 31 years old when she was taken by the young, 17 year old One Direction singer Harry Styles. The two broke up after what Flack described as a “weird relationship.” However, she was quoted as saying that their 14 year age difference was definitely way blown out of proportion by the media. She also says that she doesn’t feel that she has anything to apologize for, as the couple were definitely in love at the time.


Deborra-Lee Furness – 61 & Hugh Jackman – 48

There may be tons of women trying to throw themselves at Wolverine, but Hugh Jackman has only one woman on his mind – Deborra-Lee Furness. The two Aussies have been married for over 20 years, which is a little more than the age difference between the two. Deborra-Lee is a whopping 13 years older than her superhero husband! The couple have two children together – Ava Eliot Jackman and Oscar Maximilian Jackman.


Shakira – 40 & Gerard Piqué – 30

The 10 year difference between pop superstar Shakira and her soccer-playing hubby Gerard Piqué is no match for the love that the two have each other. They enjoy doing everything together, including celebrating their birthdays which both fall on the same day! The two currently have two children – Milan and Sasha. The two met at the world cup in 2010, when Shakira’s song Waka Waka was the anthem. Gerard knew he wanted to meet her, so he decided to win the world cup for her!


Mariah Carey – 38 & Nick Cannon – 28

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s relationship was the definition of a cougar relationship. Being ten years older than her husband, the two met and quickly hit it off. They eventually got hitched, and very soon after, Mariah gave birth to twins Morocco and Monroe. However, the two called off the marriage and got divorced after it turned out that Cannon got a beauty queen pregnant. Mariah isn’t taking it so hard though and is in the arms of an Australian billionaire.