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The most memorable looks of Loni Anderson

Miss Loni Anderson has managed to stay in our hearts for a very long time, and there are a number of reasons for that. Let’s start with her talents as an actress. She’s perhaps best known for her appearance as Jennifer Marlowe on the old CBS series, WKRP in Cincinnati. In fact, she was so good on the show that she was award with three Golden Globes for the performance! And that’s not all she’s still remembered for… To this day, people will never forget how she thrived as a model as well, and how they knew it was their lucky day whenever they came across her picture in a magazine.

There’s just something about her smile, right? Or is it something else? Perhaps it’s just that “it” factor, the kind of intangible force that can sometimes present itself a person. There are some who reckon that the “it” factor we just referenced is in fact the same thing as “star quality.” Well, tomato tamato. Whatever you want to call it, Loni Anderson has got it, and she always has. From the notable movies and television shows she’s appeared in over the years, to her various modeling photos before Instagram ever existed, this woman is in the Hollywood books for the ages.

She’s electric

There are many reasons that people know Loni Anderson. One of the main things they know her for are the various roles she played in a number of television shows. Another way that people know her is from the work she’s done as a model, and the picture you see here is just one of the many wonderful photoshoots she’s done in the past. Setting certainly has a lot to contribute when it comes to what makes a good shoot, and the natural atmosphere in this picture definitely adds to what makes it so special. Of course, if all we saw was a forest, and no Loni Anderson… you can be sure that it would’ve been much less electric.


Ever since the dawn of time, people have been getting dressed up into costumes. Obviously that might be a little bit of a stretch, but you catch our drift. We’re not even sure whether Loni is dressing up as a cowgirl, or whether she just enjoy wearing cowgirl hats as a regular accessory, but either way… we can all agree that she looks great in it. Plus, let’s just saw it’s not a look that we’re accustomed to seeing Loni with, so it’s definitely nice to see – regardless of how to came about. Loni has always had a flair for the camera, and this picture is yet another example of how photogenic this girl is.

Pembrook Feeny

A lot of people know Loni for her appearance on a show called Stroker Ace, which is what this picture is from. On the show, Loni stars as Pembrook Feeny, alongside the main character who is played by Burt Reynolds. In fact, the two had the quite the level of chemistry on the show, which inevitably led them both to eventually get married. Although the marriage didn’t last, people still remember their interactions on the small screen together.

Beach lounging

Decades before the concept of social media came out, let alone selfies, there were still pictures that could be interpreted as “selfie-like.” The truth is that this picture of Loni lounging on the beach was probably not a selfie, but the way it’s angled makes it look like it certainly could be one. After all, you can be sure that if smartphones had been invented by that point in time, she would have happily snapped this shot herself for us to enjoy.

Fun with glasses

In the the modern day and age, wearing glasses are some kind of a fashion statement, interestingly enough. In fact, there are some celebrities that have taken to wearing glasses without any prescription at all, just because they like the way it looks! This young picture of Loni happily holding a pair of glasses to her face shows that she was truly ahead of her time. She was clearly one of the first trendsetters for wearing glasses.

Vintage look

Everyone needs a classic black and photo of themselves every now and then, and you knew that we’d eventually show you one on Loni. Even today, there are filters on our smartphones that can allow us to filter our images to appear black and white, to give it that “vintage look.” Of course, this picture isn’t trying to be vintage… it simply is. In addition, the logo at the bottom left corner suggests that this picture was a cover for Life magazine, which is impressive.

Sci-fi Loni

As we already mentioned, Loni Anderson has done work on many different television shows and movies, and if this picture is any indication, it seems that she may have appeared in a sci-fi film at one point. Of course, this may not even be a film appearance, but rather just another fun costume that she wore as part of a photoshoot. Sci fi was pretty popular in the 80s, so we wouldn’t put it past them… either way, we love the look!

Baywatch look

We know what you’re thinking… “What? Did Loni Anderson appear on Baywatch, and we never realized it?” Well friends, the answer is no… Loni never appeared on Baywatch, but this picture suggests that there were some folks out there that wished to see her in the classic red Baywatch uniform. And we think you’ll agree with us when we say that she would have fit in perfectly. Just let us know when she appears in the reboot.

Glam shot

There are many things that you can say about Loni Anderson, and one of them is that she absolutely exudes glamour. Even when she isn’t dressed up in a lavish gown like you see here, she always looks like she could be on a red carpet. That’s not something you can say about everyone. That being said, she looks extra special in this picture, wearing a lime green shiny long gown, with creative floral patterns that compliment her wide smile.

Night at the Roxbury

It’s time to call out the fans of the cult comedy film known as A Night At The Roxbury, starring Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan. In the movie, Loni plays their oblivious but hilarious mother, and this picture pretty much sums up her and her sons’ relationship perfectly. Her character doesn’t pay much attention to her kids, but a lot of attention to her looks. Still, she manages to be a beloved character in the film, and it’s pretty obvious why.

Personal touch

When you’re an actress or a model as beloved as Loni Anderson, it stands to reason that people all around the world would pay big money to have a poster of you. And on that note, they’d probably be willing to shell out a lot more money for a signed picture of you… and that, friends, is what we are looking at right now. The picture itself is obviously sensational, but the personal autograph gives it that extra special touch for some lucky fan to enjoy at home.

Barbie lookalike

The Barbie franchise is one of the most popular toy companies of all time, and it goes without saying that Barbies have had an impact on the way women have shaped their perceived image of beauty on some level, for better or worse. But there have been some women who have actually had some strong resemblance to the plastic toy, such as Loni Anderson herself. With that perfect blonde hair and smile that never quits, the connection is uncanny.

Something pure

There’s something wonderful about the way Loni looks in this picture that isn’t easy to explain right off the bat… but we’ll try. We obviously think that her outfits great, and it goes without saying that she always manages to pull off a good pose. But we think that there’s something in her expression here that lets off an air of innocence… or is it kindness? Or perhaps it’s both? Either way, it’s something pure that isn’t easy to find, and we’re deeply touched by it.

Game show appearance

Perhaps it’s a sign that you’ve truly made it as a celebrity when you get invited to participate on a game show. In this case, the game show is called Match Game, and when Loni Anderson got the invite… boy, were people at home to see her grace their screens once more. When she appeared on the show with her blonde feathered hair, and a sky blue blouse that she rocked pretty darn well, it made just have added to the show’s ratings for good.

That smile though

We absolutely love this picture of Loni, for a number of reasons. First you’ve got her outfit, which has a sort of pinkish color theme to it. Then you’ve got her hair, and believe us when we say that we’ve never seen a bun pulled off as well as she’s managed to pull this one off. And last but not least, there’s that smile again. It’s truly one of her most memorable features, and it may even be the number one thing that fans love most about her.

Warm and cozy

In a rare high quality picture that she took back in the day, Loni has a very low key appeal in this picture. We definitely don’t mean that in a bad way. We mean to say that it’s a subtle art that she’s very good at working with. Pictures don’t always need to be flashy, and Loni understands that very well. Sitting in a homey environment on a couch can be just as effective a picture as any other, and that purple sweater certainly doesn’t hurt.

Tying the knot

We already mentioned previously that Loni had gotten married to the notable actor Burt Reynolds, who she also co-starred with on the television show, Stroker Ace. But we felt compelled to show you a picture from their wonderful wedding, and how lovely they both looked. Burt looks great with that stache of is, and Loni is obviously sparkling as usual. Although their relationship didn’t last, we pretty thankful that this picture stood the test of time.

White wedding

Since we’re on the subject of weddings, we decided to show you yet another picture that looks like it may have been from a wedding. We’re not sure if this was from another one of her weddings (she got remarried a few times), but we think that the white dress certainly helps the case for the argument. Regardless of where, or what, or why the picture exists, can’t we all just agree that we’re happy it does?

Wild hairstyle

Considering the fact that Loni is known for making some stellar red carpet appearances, we knew we had to share with you yet another one of her gracious looks. First off, check out those massive earrings… they must weigh a pound each! Next, she’s wearing a red dress that certainly compliments her skin tone fairly well. And finally… there’s her wild hairstyle. We’re not used to seeing her wear it that way, but we’re sure that it probably went off with a bang at this event.

Serene presence

Can a picture even get any more perfect? It’s as if all the planets have aligned, and we are now understanding what the meaning of life is. We may have gone a bit overboard with that comment, but it’s only because this picture deserves a little bit of outrageous statements. Her serene presence in the midst of nature, her matching light green blouse, and of course, that smile again – it’s all too much to truly comprehend fully.

Repping the show

As we’ve already discussed, one of the most popular places on any screen that Loni is known is on the show she appeared on, WKRP in Cincinnati. In the picture here, she’s clearly doing something off of the set, but it seems that she’s repping some serious love for the show, judging by the shirt she’s wearing. It’s nice to know that she appreciates the show just as much as the fan’s of the show appreciate her.

Miss Marlowe

But since we just love talking about Loni on the show, we thought we’d give you an exclusive screenshot from Loni as Jennifer Marlowe. On a list where we go through all of the wonderful looks and outfits that she has worn, it would be a crime to leave out the different outfits she wore on the show. Just check out this soft red blouse with a golden belt wrapped around her waist. Simple, elegant, and getting the job done like Jennifer herself.

Dressing room

Now ain’t this treat. It’s one thing to show you pictures of Loni on the shows and movies she’s appeared in, and it’s another to gaze upon pictures of her off of the set. But how about this one, where she’s in the dressing room, and the production staff of makeup artists are in the midst of working on her. This right here in the pinnacle of show business, and this rare behind the scenes shot is certainly one that displays our lady in a good light.

Summer of Loni

For anyone that lived in the 60s, and for all of the young kids that have heard endless stories of Woodstock and the Summer of Love, this picture pretty much sums it all up. There’s just something about the exuberant expression on Loni’s face that embodies the spirit of the time back then. And then there’s the bathing suit she’s wearing, combined with the car she’s sitting on top of – she practically looks like she’s on her way to a festival.

Purple rain

Here’s another picture of Loni doing a photoshoot that is simply sensational in a number of ways. First there’s the purple dress. We thought that we loved the color purple before, but it wasn’t until we saw her wearing this that our love for the color took a whole new meaning. Then there’s the plush grassy setting, setting the mood a little bit. And then there’s her twisty pose, the kind that can only be pulled off right by a natural photo taker.

All eyes on her

Here’s another photo of Loni from WKRP in Cincinnati that we felt was also too good to withhold from you all. As you can see, in this picture Jennifer Marlowe is wearing a maroon-ish modestly long sleeved blouse, and a thick gold necklace and gold earrings that show she means business. For anyone that watched the show, they understood this all too well, because every time Miss Marlowe graced the screen, all eyes were on her.

Magic with Burt

This is just a lovely picture of Loni and her ex-husband, fellow notable actor Burt Reynolds. Of course, this picture itself isn’t from “real life,” as one might call it, but from the television show that they appeared on together, Stroker Ace. That being said, this picture makes it pretty clear how good their chemistry was on the show, and when two souls have that type of undeniable connection, it can lead to magic off the set – which it eventually did.

Making friends

Here we have another picture of Loni with another man, except the one you see here obviously is not Burt Reynolds. We think it goes without saying that Loni was a girl who probably attracted quite amount of attention from all kinds of men, and this young photo of her is a perfect example of that. It’s unclear whether or not these two were romantically involved or just friends, but this picture indicates that she certainly wasn’t afraid to make friends with the boys in her life.

Co-star love

We may not know everything there ever was to know about the love life of Loni Anderson, but that’s probably for the best. After all, everyone needs their fair share of privacy, right? That being said, here is a picture of Loni and her WKRP in Cincinnati co-star Gary Sandy, who played the lead role of Andy Travis on the show. It is said that the pair allegedly enjoyed their fair share of romance off of the set, but of course, it never led to anymore more.


You didn’t think that we’d let you go without showing you a picture of Loni in a good old fashioned bestie shot, did you? There’s nothing like a picture of two girlfriends embracing and smiling for the camera, and it’s even better when those two girls are Loni Anderson and Morgan Fairchild. These two women are among the elite when it comes to nostalgic women of the 80s, and we thought that you’d appreciate this wonderful picture of the two of them together.


Standing gracefully with her smile shining brightly for the world like it always does, Loni Anderson made her presence known at yet another red carpet high class event, which took place at the Paley Center for the Media. In this picture, she wowed the crowd and cameras alike with a skin tight jet black dress that was just modest enough for people to not feel intimidated around her. Her presence is just that intoxicatingly powerful – but in a good way.

Like a diamond

Here’s another picture of Loni dressed up nicely for a nice event, but the way this picture is taken gives it more of an amateur-ish Instagram feel to it. She wore another jet black skin tight dress, and this time she added a black neckwear accessory to round out the whole ensemble. The entire outfit is especially shiny, but in a good way. When it comes to Loni, she pretty much shines bright like a diamond anyway, so it all fits pretty well.

Staying in shape

One of the most popular hobbies in the world today is to work out – and it seems as though this was a fun thing to do back in the 80s as well. Loni seems to be participating in yet another modeling shoot, except this time, the focus on her pictures seems to be health and exercise. She looks like one of those fitness gurus we’re always reading about in bodybuilding magazines, and whether or not she actually is one of them, she looks great as usual.

All that glitters

Every actor and actress has a certain thing about them that makes them tick. Everyone has a theme, or a niche if you will, that people tend to associate with their vibe or appearance. When it comes to Loni, she has always exuded this feeling of glamour. You can’t deny it. This woman has glittered and shined brightly from the very start, and this picture kind of exemplifies that in one fell swoop, with the frilly background and the glittering dress.

Pearl white

Just to nail our point in there nicely and firmly so you don’t forget it, we felt that this picture would allow us to do that without even feeling like we were trying too hard. Like a pure white pearl that has been discovered deep within mines, such is the case with Loni Anderson. Once she is found, she is understood – and at that point, all we can do is accept her for what she is: A very special individual we’ve had the fortune of watching on screen.