Couple take in starving husky dog and his transformation is incredible

The phrase, “Adopt don’t shop” is now a huge part of our daily lives, and there’s a high chance you’ve been a part of this movement. People all around the world are urged to take in abandoned animals that somehow make their way into animal shelters, rather than buying a brand new puppy who has been bred for the purpose of being sold. These animals may have been abandoned by their previous owners, they may have been mistreated, or they may have even been abused. Thanks to the passion and dedication of volunteers in animal shelters around the globe, these animals are given a new lease of life and cared for until new owners come to take them to their forever homes.

However, this doesn’t always happen. With millions of stray animals around the world, animals shelters are finding themselves overwhelmed by the number of abandoned and injured animals that need care and attention – and some of them just don’t make their way into the shelters. Instead, they have to fight their own battles on the street in the hope that they can pull through. Thankfully, there are some people who see these animals struggling by the side of the road and just can’t stop themselves from stepping in. That’s exactly what one couple did when they took in a starving husky dog, but nobody could believe it when they saw his transformation.

A new forever home

Every year, thousands of animals across the world are left abandoned by their owners. They are often mistreated, malnourished, and they are even left at the side of the road with no food, water or shelter from the elements. While many animal shelters aim to help these abandoned animals, these places are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer number of animals that need their help – which means that some aren’t getting the care and attention they deserve. Thankfully, there are people who find it in their hearts to help these creatures and adopt them into their own homes, and this husky transformation will make you want to do the same.

A stray husky

However, to learn more about the husky, we need to learn more about the people who found him. The couple in question were wandering around their neighborhood in 2015 when they spotted a stray husky going about his business. Although it was not uncommon to see dogs off their lead around their neighborhood, they could immediately tell that something was not right about this dog. As they tried to approach the dog and see him more closely, they noticed that he was extremely jumpy, and was afraid of anyone coming close to him or touching him in any way. His fur was also ragged and had fallen out in many areas of his body.

A trip to the vets

The couple knew that they had to do something and knew that they couldn’t just leave the stray husky abandoned in the street. So, they decided to name him Wulfgar and took a trip to the vets to give him the once-over. As soon as they got to the vets, they were told that the husky was severely underweight. Normally, adult huskies weighed between 45 to 60 pounds, but Wulfgar was nowhere near that number. Instead, he was teetering on the brink of 39 pounds. But that wasn’t all he was suffering from…

Suffering with mange

As well as his weight, it turned out that Wulfgar was also suffering with mange – a skin disease that is caused by parasitic mites that result in hair loss, skin abrasions and severe itching. Wulfgar had all of those symptoms, which was very uncommon in huskies. Because this breed have two layers of skin, it’s normally difficult for mange to work its way through both layers. However, Wulfgar’s condition had become so severe that it had made its way through and had made his skin extremely irritable and sore.

Taking him home

After seeking advice from the vet and getting Wulfgar checked over, the couple realized that their husky didn’t have a chip or any information about a previous owner – so they took him into their own hands. The couple took Wulfgar home with them and immediately bought him a kennel so that he would have somewhere to sleep. Instinctively, Wulfgar made his way into the kennel without any fuss, which made them wonder where he had come from. Had he been abused? Had he run away?

An exhausted pooch

As the couple wondered about the dog in their home, they did everything they could to get him back up to full health. They fed him, they cleaned him, and they let him sleep. Although they knew that Wulfgar was in a much better place, they couldn’t help but worry about him. He spent most of his time sleeping in his kennel because he seemed so exhausted from the experiences he had had to go through in his past. Thankfully, they soon started to notice a difference…

Living the life of luxury

Before too long, it seemed as if Wulfgar was appreciating his new life and the luxuries that he was allowed to enjoy. One week after he entered their home, the couple started to see differences in his personality and his appearance. He was becoming less shy and frightened about their place in the house, and he became much more inquisitive about his new owners. He would also enjoy all of the treats the couple would give him, and would often pine for the yummy biscuits they would hold in their hands.

A relaxed dog

One of the aspects of Wulfgar’s personality that worried the couple the most was the fact that he did not like being around other dogs, or even out of the house and away from the safety of his kennel. Yet, as the time went on and Wulfgar became more comfortable with himself and his surroundings and started to act like a more relaxed dog. He would put on his friendly face during trips to the park and would run around and play with other dogs like a typical husky.

Peace and quiet

Although he loves to spend time in the park with other dogs, Wulfgar is still wary around other dogs – especially those who are much more aggressive than he is. There have often been instances where other dogs have barked at Wulfgar and jumped on him. Yet, rather than running away or barking back at them, Wulfgar remains fairly quiet. He will simply stare at them and look at them with a confused look on his face as if wondering why they are barking in the first place!

A husky way of life

As time went on, there were still aspects of Wulfgar’s appearance that showed signs of his traumatic past. His tail was taking much longer to regain the hair and often looked sparse – but that didn’t stop him from enjoying his life. He especially liked playing with the another local husky. He would wag his sparse tail whenever he came near to the other husky, and would often try to play with it and make friends with another just like him. He was finally making friends after a traumatic past.

Changing color

The couple noticed a dramatic change in Wulfgar as soon as his hair started to grow back on his body. When they first rescued the pooch, he was sporting a red coat that had fallen out in places but was still beautiful. As he started to regain strength and happiness, the color of his hair was changing from a red color to a more grey color that would have copper flecks in the sunlight. The couple couldn’t believe that he looked so different, almost like a whole new dog!

Riding in the car

As the weeks and months passed, Wulfgar became much more comfortable with his new owners and he treated them as if they were his new best friends. He started to look forward to their trips to the park together and loved to go on walkies. However, there was one thing that he loved more than anything. Riding in the car! Wulfgar would become extremely excitable at the thought of going for a drive and would pull happy faces just like this one…

Getting bigger

The couple couldn’t believe how much Wulfgar had changed in such a short amount of time. Not only had he come out of his shell and grown to care about and trust his new owners, but his appearance had changed dramatically. In fact, the couple almost forgot how thin and unkempt he looked in the first place. With a new thick coat and more meat on his body, Wulfgar started to look like a real husky. It was hard to believe that this was a dog they found abandoned wandering around their neighborhood.

All about the tail

However, what impressed the couple more than anything was the transformation of his tail. After months of struggling to regain the hair and strength in his tail, Wulfgar finally looked like a real husky. His tail was bushy, it was thick, and it was constantly wagging because he was having so much fun with his new forever home! The couple were over the moon to see that all of their efforts had paid off, and they couldn’t believe that a bit of care and attention could make such a difference to an abandoned dog’s life.

A healthy life

Now, Wulfgar is a happy and healthy husky that has not only fallen in love with his new family, but his family has also fallen in love with him! The couple are overjoyed to learn that their efforts have helped Wulfgar both physically and mentally, and they now can’t get enough of staring at his beautiful blue eyes. From now on, they know that the only way is up and that Wulgar will continue to improve and show his love and affection to his new forever home. His transformation is truly incredible!