Confessions and secrets your teacher would never tell you

Stepping into school can sometimes feel as though you are entering a new dimension. Once the doors shut, it can be hard to remember that the rest of the world continues to turn and the adults go about their daily lives. No, once we walk down the hallways, it’s all about who’s wearing what and who is friends with who. School may seem like a breeze, but there is far more to these four walls than meets the eye. Did you ever have one of those teachers that just stands out in your mind for being epic? Maybe it was their lessons or their passion for their subject – these teachers really can change our lives.

Even if we do only see them for a few hours a week. However, while everything may seem fine on the outside, there is plenty going on beneath the surface that may leave you wondering how you never cottoned on. These teachers have confessions of their own that they always wish they could say but just can’t bring themselves to admit the truth. Whoever knew there could be so much going on when the door to the classroom shuts? Although the last bell may have rung, there is no end to the drama in these schools…

There are teacher fights

Yes, you may have been walking down the hallway and seen those fights between students. Ramming in a bunch of kids together will usually ruffle a few feathers. However, that isn’t to say it stops when you become an adult. Stepping into the teacher’s lounge can sometimes seem as though you have climbed into a wrestling ring as it’s all about gossiping, sitting with the “right” teachers, and becoming the most popular of the lounge. Whoever knew? Most workplaces have disagreements, and schools are no different. In fact, it’s almost like having a mini high school within the building. They may be teachers, but that doesn’t mean they are above letting their feelings be known when the doors shut.

Fighting off a laugh

Have you ever found yourself gossiping about another teacher or student only to find out your teacher has heard your entire conversation? Many of us have been there, and it usually ends with a telling off that we shouldn’t be talking about other people, but all may not be as it seems. Many teachers agree with everything you have to say – they just aren’t allowed to tell you! Although fighting back laughing can be one of the hardest things, it’s something these teachers have learned to perfect over their years in the classroom. After all, they can’t have it getting back to their co-workers that they were caught up in the amusement, can they?

Special nicknames for students

In school, it can be easy to pick up nicknames, whether they are good or bad. One wrong move and you could be stuck with it for life. However, it isn’t just the students you have to watch out for. No, these teachers are just as bad for giving you their own nicknames. They can have hundreds of students, and it might be hard to remember everyone’s real name. Unfortunately for us, these new names might not always be the ones we are hoping to receive…

Movies are quick breaks

Hands up if you have ever rolled over in the morning and wondered why you couldn’t just stay in bed rather than go to work? So it’s not just us. Teachers are no different, but they have to make it in to keep on top of lessons. That is until there is the option to watch a movie. Yes, when you hear the squeaky wheel of the trolley as the 1990s TV comes wheeling in, you know your teacher is having a hard day, and watching an “educational” film from twenty years ago is a lot easier than teaching.

Snow days are great

A bonus day off in the week thanks to the snow, what more could we ask? As soon as the flakes start to fall, many of these teachers begin to pray that it will lay enough that the few inches of white stuff makes it far too dangerous to travel. We are all human, and the idea of a day in bed is sometimes too good. You might think their days at home consist of marking work and waiting for school to start? In reality, it’s usually cocoa and a film.

Like parent like child

Parent-teacher conferences are usually a nightmare for everyone involved. However, it gives a chance for teachers to do more than keep your parents up to date with your progress; they can also see where you get your behavior from. Whether you like it or not, most of us inherit a lot from our parents, and now these teachers can have an answer as to why we act as we do. They have to make it interesting for themselves somehow.

Ninja bathroom skills

Teachers often don’t have time to go to the bathroom in between their lessons. More often than not, a student has a question they need to ask, or there are the stragglers that don’t make it out the door quickly enough. Then before they know it there is another classroom full of students waiting to learn. So when they excuse themselves to talk to another teacher or get something from another room, they are often running to relieve themselves.

No-shows are a bonus for some

As much as we may try, there are sometimes people that we just can’t get along with. Teachers feel the same. Those students that disrupt the class or make their lives difficult usually aren’t high on their list of favorites. So when they see their desk is empty, many teachers do an internal fist-bump as they know their day is about to get a whole lot easier. At last, they can get on and teach the lesson without constant interruptions. Perhaps the other students might actually get to learn, too?

Fake pep talks

There may be truth in the idea that by thinking negatively you will attract negative things. So if you believe you will fail, why will you ever try and succeed? Teachers can be quick to spot those that need a little pep talk. However, they might not always be telling you the truth. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of fake encouragement that you could smash your grade out of the park to get a student back on track, even if teachers know you will never get there.

Sneaky snack drawers

A pack of cookies, some chips, a bite of a sweet treat – even the thought of these has our mouths watering. Teachers can often find it hard to fit in time for lunch with all the other work they have piling up on their desk. When are they supposed to get some food? Although students may not be allowed to eat in class, that doesn’t stop teachers from having a secret snack draw in case they need that sugar rush to see them through the afternoon.

On the search for jobs

It can be hard to stay motivated at some jobs. Plus, there is no harm in seeing what else is out there on the career market, right? Precisely. Many teachers admit to looking for other jobs while they are still teaching, especially after a tough day at school. Sometimes, the thought of a quiet office job with no youngsters can seem like a dream. That is until many of them remember why they started teaching in the first place.

Homework gets forgotten

It seems as though we aren’t the only ones that “forget” our homework. Doing assignments at home isn’t the most fun in the world, but sadly comes as part of going to school. However, it appears as though even these teachers don’t want to spend their evening reading them either. After putting hours of work into those papers, they usually end up being glanced over for 30 seconds before having a grade stamped on the front. Onto the next one.

Tattoo cover up

We know this might sound out there, but sometimes teachers dare to get tattoos – wowza. You mean to say they are human? Yes, teachers all have their own personalities when they aren’t in the classroom. This can mean they might have the odd bit of ink on their skin here and there. However, outfit choices can be hard when it comes to keeping their artwork covered. Students can be nosey, and these teachers might not want to share the story behind that interesting choice.

Telling lies

As we grow older, it can be easy to see how many lies we fell for from adults. How could we have once been so naive? However, it hasn’t only been our parents that have twisted the truth over the years – teachers are just as guilty. From saying they can see you when they have their back to the class to secret ways they know you are hiding something, these teachers will do anything they can to keep a room of students in check.

Taking bets on students

Next time you are gossiping with your friends about your latest crush or who has fallen out with who, just remember to think about who is listening. Teachers are more skilled than we believe as they turn into bookies when school is all said and done. They often bet on who will end up dating who as well as who will be next to fall out, or what sort of stuff you are into. You may think teachers haven’t got a clue about what happens outside the classroom, but you’d be very much mistaken.

Student fashion contest

Have you walked into school wearing that new pair of jeans and thought you’re looking good? Maybe it was a new haircut that had you feeling on top of the world? Whatever it is, it can be hard not to follow the trends after being surrounded by hundreds of students all looking to stand out. Unfortunately, it isn’t just fellow students that are judging our looks – teachers are guilty, too. After all, people watching is a pastime of many. School is the perfect place!

Popular girls are a no go

Sometimes it can be hard to see how some of these girls become the most popular in the school. They can be mean or make everyone else’s lives difficult. Teachers often agree. This could also be their inner teenager trying to get back at the popular girls from their school years. Some teachers have admitted to purposely making these girls’ lives harder or even going as far as to give them a low grade. It might not be professional, but it makes them feel better.

Cringey flirting makes it awkward

Some of us have grown up with a crush on our teachers, even though we know it will never happen. However, that doesn’t always stop students from trying their hardest to flirt with their teacher in front of the rest of the class. They may think they are being harmless and making their feelings known, but these teachers would prefer they kept their emotions to themselves. After all, would you like to be cringely flirted with in front of all those people?

There are hungover workdays

Although most students probably have a curfew, these teachers can party until the early hours of the morning if they want to. However, doing so on a school night might not always be the best idea. Especially with a class full of rowdy pupils to teach the next day. Sometimes push comes to shove and these teachers are forced to go to work the next day even if they are feeling a little delicate, to say the least.

Quiet time is personal time

Those long essays or time to read might not be for the teacher to catch up on marking papers. No, these times can often be used for these teachers to run a few errands. Emails, ordering something online, and paying bills are all things that need to be done, but when do they get the chance? In class, of course. However, don’t think teachers sit on social media all day – they could run the risk of being spotted by another teacher or the principal!

They love to gossip

Gossiping doesn’t only stay in the hallway and cafeteria. Teachers love to get to the teacher’s lounge and get busy spreading all the latest rumors about the students. It is like living in a soap opera for these teachers. You might think that your secret has stayed between your friends, but the chances are it has already done a lap of the teacher’s lounge before the final bell of the day. Best to be careful what you say…

Recording conversations

This isn’t true for all teachers out there, but some have confessed to recording conversations between their students, or hitting record before they leave the room so they can listen to what is happening when they aren’t around. Yes, it really is that much of an invasion of privacy at some schools. So all those times when you thought you got away with shouting across the classroom when the teacher left may have been caught on camera after all.

Popularity contest

It can be hard not to get sucked into the popularity contest of school. However, you might be surprised to learn that teachers can’t help but get involved either. For teachers, getting the popular kids on their side may be their ticket to success. From there, their love grows as the rest of the school soon have a new favorite teacher. Before long, teachers have gone down as legends for future generations to come all thanks to a few people.

Answers can be laughable

Don’t worry; teachers don’t sit there and get amusement out of every single answer you give. However, they might find it funny if you leave a little message or make a complete shambles of a response on purpose. Plus, they might even win you a few extra points for creativity. Learning all those subjects can be tough, and teachers will often find it amusing to see the creativity come through in those problematic answers. It’s still probably best to try on some of the questions though…

Matchmaking in the classroom

So these teachers listen to our gossip and love to keep up to date with the latest rumors going around the school. Is there anything else they are doing without us knowing? Now you mention it; these teachers often pair you up with your crush. Yes, this gives you a chance to make all those awkward smiles and tense moments finally, but it also provides the teachers with plenty of entertainment as they sit back and watch it all unfold from their desks.

Skipping class isn’t only for students

It isn’t only the students that skip the odd class here or there to go to the mall or catch the big game. Teachers have been known to skip out on classes if there is something that just can’t wait or needs to be dealt with in the hours of school. Yes, teachers do get sick and need time off. However, they also have plenty of errands to catch up on, too. This plan works until they bump into a student after school. It seems as though their cover could soon be blown…

They have their own drama

There is a long list of confessions and secrets that your teacher would never tell you, and having their own dramas and issues is just one of them. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean that life is about to get any easier. In fact, there can be even more going on than before! Sometimes it can be hard to keep back the emotions, but that doesn’t mean these teachers aren’t worried about their own lives while they are sat at their desks.

Parent-teacher crushes

Those parent-teacher conferences may be boring for many, but that isn’t to say they don’t have their benefits for the teachers. Why? They get a chance to look at the potential eye candy on offer. Yes, our teachers and parents are all adults. Yes, they have emotions too. So these conferences can often turn into a singles night as they check out what’s on offer. Could you imagine having your teacher as your new parent? Oh, the nightmares…

Masters of procrastination

Think back to all the emotions you felt when trying to write that long essay about all those subjects you can’t stand. Believe it or not, that is usually how these teachers feel, too. Although we can try and put them off, the work must be done in the end. So when it comes time for a teacher to get grading, all those extra length answers can all of a sudden seem like a bad idea. Whose plan was it to make all the answers five pages long? That’s a lot of pages to read.

Teacher/teacher romances

Many schools may ban teachers from dating one another. However, that doesn’t stop them from breaking all the rules. After all, rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they? Being surrounded by teenage drama and blossoming romances can get these teachers feeling the love, and they can’t help but look for some themselves. So next time you see your two teachers at the dance together, just know they might really be there on their own date.

Outside of school is personal

Bumping into your teacher on the street can be embarrassing. Do you pretend you haven’t seen them or make awkward conversation about your last class together? It usually ends with 20 minutes hiding behind the potatoes until they are out of sight. However, we may be spotted by our teachers more than we think. As it turns out, they don’t like seeing us just as much! Once the final bell has rung they are free to be themselves; they don’t need a reminder they are meant to be responsible teachers.

Favoritism definitely exists

Perhaps you feel as though your teacher has taken a dislike against you for no reason? Maybe they always pick your friend for the fun jobs even though everyone else has their hand up too? Unfortunately, there may be a reason. Many teachers admit they have their favorites when it comes to their students. Sometimes we just don’t like people; it’s not our fault. This is no different when it comes to teachers – some students are just annoying.

What did you say?

Selective hearing is a skill that many teachers ace as soon as they start working in the classroom. Why? It is the get out of jail free card that can save plenty of time. Those snarky comments, 100s of questions, and silly answers can all be forgotten about if teachers simply act as though they haven’t heard them in the first place, right? Sometimes these teachers are just looking for a comfortable life; ignoring specific comments can be one way to see the day pass with ease.

Taken by surprise

All those times you didn’t raise your hand and were looking out the window to watch the world pass by only to find your name being called for the answer weren’t an accident – teachers love to see you squirm. In fact, many teachers admit to looking for pupils that aren’t paying attention or don’t know the answer rather than opting for those with their hands raised. Being a teacher can soon go from dull to a new game when it comes to creating your own entertainment.

No one can hide online

Have you ever been on social media and seen your teacher’s profile pop up down the side? How can they have a page? They’re teachers not humans with a life! Those profiles can come in handy when it comes to digging up some dirt of students. Teachers are masters of online stalking as they find out about all the latest gossip and what you get up to outside of the classroom, even if it is a secret most teachers never want to share.

The principal scares everyone

It isn’t only the students that dread a trip to the principal’s office. No, most teachers are left trembling when they find out they have to take a visit to the big bosses’ room. What have they done wrong? Is there anyone else that can go in their place? Seeing the principal often means you are in trouble and teachers are well aware of this fact. The worst bit? Most of the time no one has a clue why they are doing the walk of shame down the hallway.

Students opinions matter

You might think that teachers have no care what their students really think of them? You’d be mistaken. In fact, many teachers admit they crave to be liked by everyone in the class. Occasionally, they aren’t left with a choice about whether they are loved – especially when it comes time to teach algebra. However, these teachers often look for ways they can become the popular ones amongst the students. After all, everyone loves to be liked, right?

There are sitting exercises

Some teachers seem to stand all day long or move around the room to help any students in need. Other times, these teachers may find themselves chained to their desks as they need the computer or have grading that needs to be done. Although they are sitting down, that doesn’t mean they have to be inactive. Many teachers use this chance to strengthen their lower body by working out while sitting down. We finally have an answer as to what they’re doing back there!

Names count with grades

Teachers may not want to admit it, but a lot of the time they grade papers according to whoever’s name is at the top. It’s sad but true. This could also explain why certain students always seem to get all the good grades even when they appear to spend most of their time goofing off. A lot of the time these teachers may feel obliged to help certain students sail through if their careers are counting on their grades.

They pant cough around the room

Sometimes, when you’ve gotta let one out you are left with no other option than to drop the bomb. However, these teachers have an idea of how to get away with the potential stench coming their way. All it takes is a quick lap of the classroom to “check on the students,” and the opportunity is theirs. Now, merely return to the desk and act as if nothing has happened. The students will be left wondering who planted the stench bomb, while the teacher is safely at their desk away from the blame.

There is morning drinking

Many of us wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing away. The caffeine can be enough to lift us up out of bed and make the day seem somewhat normal as we cobble together words during the morning drag. Unfortunately, some of us need more motivation to get moving than other. Yes, some teachers really have confessed to drinking in the morning to get through the day. All those rowdy students can soon take a toll on people if they aren’t careful.

Parents are hard to deal with

Imagine having to deal with a parent that refuses to believe their child is anything other than perfect? What about the ones that are always calling up to check on how their little one is getting along? Some parents are the opposite and don’t have any interest in their child’s education. Although they are part of the school system, many teachers admit to struggling with making relationships with parents thanks to the various issues they bring to the table.

Teachers will copy others

Occasionally it might be tempting to copy and paste your essay from the internet. After all, it’s much easier than spending your free time actually thinking of an answer for the teacher to skim read before handing it back. Well, if you did copy someone’s work, you wouldn’t be the only one. Many teachers confess they copy lesson plans from co-workers or internet searches when they don’t have the time to think of their own. How sneaky!

Love for the loners

It can be distressing to see someone sat all on their own, but who will approach them and try to become friends? We aren’t the only ones that notice the kid sat all alone at lunch or the ones that don’t seem to have any friends. Teachers will often sympathize with the ones who are alone. Although we may see someone that has different hobbies to the rest of the school, teachers will recognize their ability to deflect any comments and are content with their own company.

Putting their fashion foot forwards

Being a teacher can be hard work for a multitude of reasons, but here’s another: how do you let your individuality shine through in the classroom while still dressing like a professional? Although it might take some practice, many teachers have perfected the art of looking fashionable while still dressed ready to take on the classroom. It’s a tough double act to juggle. However, looking good is just as important to the teachers as it is to the students.

Using grades to look good

That “A” might look good on your report card, but there could be more to it than finally achieving the grades you have been working toward. Teachers may sometimes use grades to make it appear as though the students are starting to excel in their class rather than giving them the grade they deserve. Some have even admitted they use the grades to make up for any harsh marks they have given in the past. Can’t we just have the one we have earned already?

Bullies can be scary

One part of being a teacher is looking after all the students in their care. They may have a close bond with some of the youngsters or feel obliged to help if someone is in need. So when it comes to bullying, these teachers can hear all kind of stories about the other students in the school. Although they are the ones left to deal with the bullies, many teachers admit they are often as scared as the pupils. After all, these can be intimidating individuals they are dealing with!

Standardized tests suck for them, too

Using standardized tests is a topic that has come under much discussion over the last few years. Can we really judge everyone by one score? Have no fear; it’s not only us that wishes the tests would disappear. Having downtime can be a chance for teachers to catch up on any missed work. However, watching students for hours as they fill in exams only to spend hours marking every single one isn’t most teacher’s idea of a good time.

Smelly students will disappear

Many people can’t stand the idea of being stuck next to someone that has a strange smell. A smell that we just can’t put our finger on, but it’s definitely there and eating into the room as we speak. Unfortunately, smelly students might not last in many classrooms for long if the teachers have their way. One of the oldest tricks is to send these students to the nurse. Now they are out of the way of any sensitive noses.

Free stationery cupboard

There are perks to many jobs. Working as a doctor means an endless supply of gloves, a baker opens up the door to all that “taste testing,” while being a plumber could help grow your tool collection. So when it comes to being a teacher, there are some perks of the job that help keep one part of their lives fully stocked: unlimited stationery. From pens to notebooks and everything in between, it would be a shame to see that unlocked cupboard’s contents go to waste…

Technology is changing students

How many times a day do you think you check your phone? 10? 20? Try 85 times a day. Many teachers have smartphones and social media. However, it isn’t until they stand back that they realize the effect all this tech is having on the young minds of today. A lot of teachers confess they find it infuriating to see students spend their lunch break on their cells, or get their phone out in class to reply to a text.

Passing class doesn’t mean you passed

Teachers can have a tough time saying “goodbye” to their favorite students when the end of the year rolls around. Of course, they need to move on, but can’t they stay just one more year? Thankfully, the end of the year also means waving off some of their least favorite students. Some teachers have admitted to passing the ones they can’t stand even if they fail. Why? All so they don’t have to see them again the following year.

Spring break madness

The week-long vacation that gives us a chance to get away from the rind of school and party – is there a better way to spend our time when the weather starts hotting up? Although we might be busy packing the bathing suits and getting ready to dance, it looks as though we could have some company: our teachers! Yes, they can’t wait to let their hair down either. From parties to festivals, these teachers are looking for a way to unwind after many weeks in the classroom.

Class is for nap time

Those late nights and early rises can soon take their toll on the best of us. How are we meant to make it through the day with so little sleep? So when you feel like laying your head down for a quick power nap, know that your teacher has probably been in the same situation. Those free lessons can be the perfect time to catch up on any lost z’s before the next buzzing class walk through the door. Just better hope no one catches them in the act!

Rich kid privileges

Teachers can have a hard time treating everyone equally when it comes to the classroom. Unfortunately, it looks as though some students get better treatment than others in the same class. Yes, we’re talking about the rich kids in school. Although teachers might not want to admit this secret, they can often be seen giving these students special treatment. You never know when you might need the help of someone powerful, and it doesn’t hurt to have them on your side.

They can see the future

The future is both amazing and terrifying at the same time. On the one hand, there are so many wonderful things to come, while on the other that is the issue – you never know what is in store! Some teachers feel as though they have everything mapped out when it comes to your lives thanks to years of experience. Your looks, personality, and grades all come into question as these teachers sit back and figure out where you will end up in life.

Getting that perfect outfit

Showing a bit of leg or an off the shoulder piece might be perfectly acceptable when out with your friends. Unfortunately, it can be hard to figure out what is too much when you’re about to spend all day in a classroom. Teachers stand in front of a room full of youngsters all day. What if they accidentally give away more than they hoped? It’s a risk as many teachers confess to worrying about wearing outfits that are too revealing every day.

Plenty of food envy

Being a teenager is hard as you battle between defining your looks as well as fitting into society and following your emotions. How is anyone supposed to know what to do? One part that many youngsters can struggle with is finding food that works. Many teachers confess one of their biggest secrets is watching what all the students eat. We’re not sure we could watch someone eat all that pizza – we’re hungry at just the thought of it all.

Teachers love pranks

Believe it or not, one of the biggest secrets from these teachers is their love of pranks. Students may leave all kinds of items behind in their classrooms when they go home. This is the perfect chance for a pranking teacher to strike. It doesn’t end there. These teachers have also admitted to writing on the windshields of student’s cars, blaming smells on their class, and even scribbling on the walls when no one else is around.

There are crushes, too

It isn’t only us that might develop feelings for teachers; it appears as though some teachers feel the same way about their students. Although they aren’t looking for a relationship, many of these teachers said there was some chemistry there. It could be a student’s personality or their looks, but sometimes these teachers just can’t help themselves. Thankfully, most of the time these teachers confess they merely see why the others in the school go mad for one student.