Confessions and secrets your teacher would never tell you

Monday to Friday, seven hours a day, we are forced into the same building over and over again. No, we’re not talking about the military – although, sometimes that seems like a much easier option. We are, in fact, talking about school. For thirteen years we stare at the same four walls as we learn about everything from the way the world works to ancient history, how to cook for ourselves, the ins and outs of the English language, the lengthy process of algebra and the minefield that is learning a second language. Occasionally it may seem as though we will never use these skills in the real world. Unfortunately, we still have to turn up every day and memorize this knowledge that we may, or may not, use in later life. As much as it brings us down, these years are some of the most defining of our lives. We make friends, expand our minds, and become the next generation of tomorrow. However, have you ever thought about the ones that are helping us on our journey to adulthood? The teachers. It seems as though they may have a few things to remind their students but just aren’t allowed to say…

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There are over 3 million teachers working in our schools all across America. These great people help to develop the minds of the new generation as well as keeping their interest long enough that they make it all the way through school. Unfortunately, it might not always go to plan. It is thought that 14% of newly qualified teachers will leave within their first year of teaching, while 50% will resign before five years. How do schools keep them coming back? The summer vacation and shorter days? The passion for education? There are many things that can go into making a great teacher. It just takes the right mixture of fun and knowing your stuff to get the class on your side. At least, it can seem that way.

Perhaps you were always the class clown at school? Maybe slacking off and not doing your homework was more your thing, or you were the one continually going above and beyond the deadlines? Sometimes you may have plenty you want to say to your teachers – and sometimes some of us do. However, it’s not only the pupils with an opinion when it comes to education. No, these teachers have plenty on their minds but just can’t let their true emotions slip. That is until now. Maybe you always wondered what they were thinking as they sat typing away at their computer while the rest of the class was working away? They don’t have to be a secret any longer any longer as these teachers are willing to bare all, even those well-kept secrets…

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