Celebrity kids who strikingly resemble their famous parents



When people decide to bring children into the world, they usually hope that their offsprings will get the best of both sides. Whether it’s their parents’ IQ’s, their awesome personality or just their good looks, at the end of the day, most parents want their kids to be as similar to them as possible, while allowing them the space and freedom to build their own personality. What happens, though, when they end up having a child that is basically their mini doppelganger? Some may think that it’s the best thing in the world and they couldn’t be more proud of their creation, others may hope that their kids won’t feel the pressure that they constantly have to prove they are different from their lookalike parents.


If you ask us, we think it couldn’t be more adorable to see how nature (and a good gene pool) works its magic and literally creates apples that simply don’t fall far from the tree, and if we’re speaking about celebrity trees, the apples couldn’t be any more stunning. We’re pretty sure that as much as celebrities these days try to stand out in the crowd, especially with all the ‘new reality celeb stardom’ that has grown recently,  when it comes to their own flesh and blood, they are happy to be know that their best piece of work in life looks exactly like them.

When it comes to the kids of our favorite stars, they are usually the end product of two extremely talented parents, not to say beautiful, so it only makes sense that not only looks, but also talent runs in the celebrity family. Some of these parent-kid duos are so similar in the way that they look, that it’s actually hard to tell them apart. These are 30 celeb children who are basically like a mirror image of their parents.

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