Celebrities who drive pretty normal cars


Dwayne Johnson (Ford truck)

Would any car live up to the legend that is The Rock’s super-sized personality? After breaking out into the world of show business as one of the world’s most renowned professional wrestlers, this star has gone on to conquer the world of acting as well. Dwayne has appeared in hits such as the action flick The Fast and the Furious franchise, as well as the action comedy Baywatch, the animated musical Moana, and the action-adventure Hercules – to name a few. Now, the star squeezes his oversized frame into a Ford truck as he can’t fit into the smaller sports cars.

Jennifer Lawrence (Volkswagen Eos)

For two years, this star was the highest-paid actress in the world. Jennifer’s fortunes came from her time in the sci-fi action Hunger Games franchise, as well as starring in the rom-com Silver Linings Playbook, the comedy biographic movie Joy, and the superhero X-Men franchise. At one point, J-Law was one of the most sought after actresses in show business. However, even with all that money in the bank, this actress continues to drive her $35,000 Volkswagen Eos. We wonder if she is saving her money or if there are some lavish secret purchases hidden away? Perhaps a Bentley in the garage?

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