Celebrities Net Worth That Will Astound You

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It’s no secret that actors, musicians, athletes and other famous people make an obscene amount of money for their efforts. Each and every project they do piles on more and more money to their net worth. While managers, agents, and publicists take a cut of the star’s earnings, the celeb is still left with a hefty sum. We went through the biggest stars throughout Hollywood, some that were super famous years ago and some that are in the glare of the spotlight today. What they all have in common is a net worth that is very impressive. 


Our piece starts with the $1 million mark. Now that may not seem like a lot when we think of celebrity paychecks but do take into consideration that some of these men and women haven’t been around for very long and their earnings are just beginning to show. The bulk of the net worth comes from the stars main job – acting, singing, etc. – while another portion of it comes from other business ventures and endorsements.

You are sure to recognize every name on this list, but what they are worth is the real question. From cosmetic lines, perfumes, and clothing lines to business investments in tech companies, Super Bowl commercials, and modeling; these celebs have money coming in from every angle. Hopefully, the net worth of these stars will only grow with their good decision-making skills and not plummet thanks to questionable transactions.

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