Where the cast of JAG is today

In today’s world of television, shows from the ’90s and early ’00s almost seem like they are from an entirely different era. But that doesn’t stop us from thinking back fondly on our favorites and finding ways to binge watch them now. Rewinding the clock back to 2005, people sat glued to their screens as they bid a fond farewell to the popular series, JAG. 13 years later, it’s hard not to think back and wonder what happened to all your favorite actors from the series.

JAG was on the air for an impressive ten seasons, and throughout the years fans around the country fell in love with the characters. JAG stands for Judge Advocate General, and in the real world they serve as the judicial court for the U.S. military. The show follows a fictionalized version of the organization and the challenges the military lawyers might face.

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The show centers around JAG lawyers Commander Harmon “Harm” Rab and Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie (better known as “Mac”). Together, the two tackle crimes committed within in the Navy and Marines. Of course, when they’re not in the courtroom together, the two also attempt to navigate their own romantic relationship. It has its ups and downs, but (spoiler) it ultimately ends with the two finally becoming engaged to each other in the series finale.

It’s not easy for a show to last through multiple seasons, but it is easy to see how JAG made it happen. It took the concept of a crime drama, but changed the setting from what most people were familiar with. It had everything you could want in a drama, from the high stakes of upholding the law, to the emotional highs and lows of a workplace romance.


But strong writing and good storylines would be nothing without talented actors to back it up, and lucky for us JAG had a top-notch cast. The cast of JAG had us fully believing they were their characters. We felt what they felt, we cheered on their relationships, and we mourned their failures. It was impossible not to care about them, and even miss them a little once they were gone.

Imagining an actor from a show you know and love so well in a different role can be strange. But no show lasts forever, and eventually when a series ends they move on to new and exciting projects. For while you might still hold that fateful day in 2005 when the series ended in your hearts, these talented actors had and still have so much more to give, and have proved as such in the diverse and brave performances that followed.

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