Carrie Underwood’s transformation – From American Idol to post facial injury

A strange incident

Carrie Underwood is one of the most famous and beloved country singers in the world. But in 2017, her fans got quite a scare when they heard the singer took a tumble down the porch stairs outside her Nashville home. Carrie shared the incident with her concerned fans, saying she had undergone surgery and her face no longer looked the same. Her fans weren’t only worried, but also anticipating the reveal of her mysterious “changed face”. Carrie’s been through quite a lot of struggles in recent years, so let’s take a look at the full story.

Standing out from the crowd

After 16 seasons of American Idol, you’d think all of the contestants would blur into one. However, some have managed to stand out from the rest, like Carrie Underwood. The country singer has had more success than any other artist since leaving the competition, and it’s made her the name on everybody’s minds. Just because her career is striving, though, that doesn’t mean life has always been easy for the star. Following a devastating injury in 2017, she’s struggled to reclaim her confidence, and it’s changed her as a person.

Blowing everyone away

When Carrie Underwood first walked onto our screens, she was a young twenty-something looking for a way to achieve her dreams. After her rendition of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” received praise from the judges, the singer landed a place in the competition. From there she excelled. Each successive performance earned her greater acclaim from the audience and panel alike, with Simon Cowell even making claims that Underwood would go on to win the competition. This down-to-earth country girl was taking America by storm, and nothing could stop her.

Destined for victory

It turned out Cowell wasn’t wrong in his prediction. After proving her skill week after week, Underwood was finally named the winner of American Idol season four in May 2005. The singer was overwhelmed by her victory, but apparently, she’d had it in the bag from the very start. Although the show didn’t release the figures after the season ended, a producer hinted that Underwood had been dominating the votes every single week. That’s not bad going for someone who’d had little success with her career in the past.

Instant success

If you want to remain in the public eye after winning a competition like American Idol, you can’t waste any time. It was only a matter of weeks after Underwood was crowned the victor of season four that she released her debut single, “Inside Your Heaven.” The song was an instant success, hitting the top spot on the Hot 100 and breaking records in the process. Underwood became the first country artist to debut at number one on the Hot 100. Everything was coming together.

Smashing her debut

That instant success extended to her follow-up singles, as well as her debut album. Although her songs “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and “Before He Cheats” didn’t hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, they did both sell massively. The former shifted over 2.5 million copies in America, while the latter exceeded sales of 4.3 million. It’s no wonder that her first album, “Some Hearts,” has gone on to sell over 7.5 million units in the U.S. alone. Underwood was destined for greatness.

An unstoppable force

The success didn’t stop there for Underwood. Unlike many of her contemporaries, the singer didn’t face the ‘sophomore slump,’ with her second album going on to hit number one on the Billboard 200 in 2007. Her next two albums managed the same accomplishment, with all of them going on to shift several million copies in America. The singer was riding high on her success, and it seemed there was nothing that could stop her from taking over the music industry. What was about it her that charmed so many people?

Crossover success

When Underwood entered American Idol, it was clear she was a country singer. She had a voice and soul designed for the genre, and initially, that’s where she stayed. However, Underwood has shown that she’s not afraid to experiment, and each successive album has seen her play around with her sound in an exciting new way. Crossover stars aren’t common in the music industry, but some are able to make the transition with ease, just like this Idol winner. She paved the way for future singers like Taylor Swift.

Taking creative control

The reason that Underwood has managed to successfully dip her toe in various genre pools is due to the creative control she’s taken with her music. When she won the reality show, the singer was a little fish in a big pond, so she needed guidance from the experts around her. However, when it became clear that her fans weren’t going anywhere, Underwood found the confidence to express herself more in her music. She went from a young girl overwhelmed by her win to a self-assured superstar.

Exploring other avenues

Underwood was growing up before our eyes, and the changes were a delight to see. Her American Idol win hadn’t been a fluke, and it seemed like nothing could stand in the way of her career. Although the singer was incredibly devoted to her music, she was interested in exploring other avenues. Underwood wanted to try her hand at acting, and she was lucky enough to land parts in the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” and musical drama “Nashville.” She even appeared in the biographical film “Soul Surfer.”

Falling in love

At the same time of exploring her other career options, Underwood was enjoying life as a loved-up superstar. She met her partner, NHL player Mike Fisher, back in 2008, with the two later tying the knot in 2010. Underwood had always been a passionate fan of hockey, so finding love with a star of the sport was like a dream come true. Her professional life was already going places beyond her wildest expectations, but now her personal life was getting great success too. Could anything ever go wrong for her?

Becoming a mother

Having a husband wasn’t enough for the singer, though. Following the release of her greatest hits album, Underwood took some time off to bring her son, Isaac, into the world. He was born in February 2015 and proved to be an inspiration for her fifth release, “Storyteller,” which now stands as her most critically successful album. The introduction of a child into her family brought Underwood more happiness than she could have imagined. She welcomed the role of motherhood with open arms, but it never interfered with her flourishing career.

On cloud nine

Carrie Underwood was on cloud nine, and she wanted everyone to know it. The singer could have easily faded into obscurity after winning American Idol, but over a decade later, she was still very much in the public eye. Her transformation from a bright-eyed country girl to a mature, passionate woman had been aired for the world to see, and it made her fans love her even more. Unfortunately, no matter how much her career was going from strength to strength, she couldn’t stay on top of the world forever.

A devastating fall

In November 2017, Underwood went through something that changed her forever. After experiencing a fall outside her home, Underwood was taken to the hospital where she was treated for multiple injuries. The incident left her with a broken wrist, as well as a scar on her face that had required stitches to keep together. The singer was left shaken by what had happened and didn’t know how to recover from it. Her confidence was in pieces, and she had no idea whether or not she’d ever get it back.

Away from the spotlight

In the weeks following her fall, Underwood virtually disappeared from the spotlight. She made few appearances out in public, and could barely bring herself to even use social media. Her silence left many fans worried about her wellbeing, and there was little that could be done to reassure them. The singer no longer felt like herself, and she didn’t know if she was ever going to be able to fully recover from what had happened. Underwood no longer liked the woman she saw looking back at her in the mirror.

Preparing to return

It took a long time for Underwood to recover the confidence she’d lost from the fall. Although she couldn’t look at her scars without feeling self-conscious, they gave her inspiration for new music. She dedicated her time away from the spotlight to songwriting, and when 2018 came around, she felt ready to debut some of it. Underwood wasn’t sure if she could handle returning to the public eye so soon, but she knew she couldn’t disappear forever. She had to face her fears if she wanted to keep her career.

The champion

Underwood made her comeback with her song “The Champion” at the start of 2018. The promotional single marked a change for the singer as it was more pop-oriented than most of her previous releases. However, reception to the song was positive, with many people simply happy to see Underwood slowly returning to form. The song received plenty of attention after it was used for the Super Bowl game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, and it marked the start of her sixth album campaign.

Staging a comeback

After the reaction to Underwood’s new music, the singer continued working on her next album. Come April of that year, she felt ready to return the stage which she did at the 53rd ACM Awards. There, she debuted her next single, “Cry Pretty,” from her upcoming album of the same name. Reception was once again positive, with praise being heaped on the song for its strong delivery and powerful lyrics. It was now clear to see just how much her trauma had influenced her new music.

Cry pretty

Several months later, Underwood felt ready to share her sixth album with the world. As with her other releases, “Cry Pretty” was an instant success, becoming her fourth number one on the Billboard 200 and selling over 250,000 copies in one week. The singer was commended for broaching topics on the album that most other country stars are too afraid to mention, including gun control. If Underwood had been worried she was too late to return to the spotlight, this showed she was right on time.

Losing a child

In the same week that Underwood dropped her sixth album, she revealed some rather heartbreaking details about her personal life on the news program “CBS Sunday Morning.” Having announced that she was pregnant a month earlier, the singer confessed that this was the fourth time since Isaac that she’d tried for a baby. In the space of two years, she’d suffered three miscarriages, all of which had left Underwood feeling scared and angry. She couldn’t understand why her body wouldn’t allow her to have another child.

She’s a fighter

With the trauma of losing a baby three times and the effect that her fall had on her self-confidence, it’s no wonder that “Cry Pretty” is one of the star’s most personal albums to date. However, rather than wallowing in pity, the release is incredibly empowering, and it shows just how much strength Underwood has inside. She could have crumbled under the pressure of everything, but instead, she came back fighting. So many years after entering the spotlight, she was stronger than she’d ever been before.

A changed woman

Carrie Underwood isn’t the same woman she was when she appeared on American Idol in 2005. The singer has grown tremendously, both in her music and attitude towards life, and she’s been shaped so much by her experiences. Things haven’t always been great for her, but she’s used the negative times as a learning curve for the future. Hopefully, in time, she’ll gain back the rest of the self-confidence she lost in 2017. After all, as the top-earning Idol winner, there’s a lot for her to be happy about.

Battle scars

Carrie may have suffered a great ordeal, but now that she’s recovered, she takes pride in showing off those battle scars. The country singer recently posted this throwback picture from 2017, which was taken after her terrible accident had occurred. In this picture, you can clearly see the nasty scar Carrie got as a result of the accident, stretching from her upper lip to her nose. The photo sparked quite a debate between commenters on that scar, but it seems that Carrie herself has moved on from her facial injuries.