Big Brother UK women – where are they now?

The Brits love their reality television. The U.K. is one of the biggest countries for reality television programs from Strictly Come Dancing to Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex. These hit shows are constantly talked about on social media and in the tabloids when they air – with many of the stars going on to find successful careers in other fields.

With all the reality television shows that come in and out of production there is one that remains constant: Big Brother. The uproarious and outrageous show has been on the air for years and features a rotating cast of characters that are forced to live together as strangers and avoid elimination through a series of challenges. The show has been produced in dozens of countries worldwide but remains a staple in the U.K.

The show has produced reality stars such as Nikki Grahame whose temper tantrums were so iconic they remain popular memes and videos today. The show proved to be a great launching pad for her and she continued a successful career in modeling, reality television, and even publishing. Many of these women were amazing then and remain amazing today. Check back in with your favorite housemates and see what they’re up to today.

Chanelle Hayes – Then

Before she entered the Big Brother house for season eight of the reality TV show, Chanelle was just your typical 19-year-old college student. Yet, in 2007 she was offered the chance to appear on the show – and she just couldn’t turn it down! While in the house, Chanelle quickly rose to fame after entering into a showmance with her fellow contestant, Ziggy Lichman, and fans couldn’t wait to keep up with how things were heating up in the house between the two of them. Sadly, Hayes left before the pair could really ramp things up.

Chanelle Hayes – Now

After leaving the Big Brother house, Chanelle Hayes was inundated with calls to appear on TV shows, have her photos taken for national magazines, and even appeared in an MTV commercial. While the rest of the Big Brother series was ongoing, she became a columnist for Star magazine to shed some light on the goings-on in the house. Chanelle then tried her hand at a singing career – before that crashed and burned. After releasing her own autobiography, Chanelle soon realized that her time in the spotlight was over, and she now owns her own cake business from her home in Wakefield.

Nadia Almada – Then

Nadia Almada rose to fame during season five of Big Brother as the first ever transgender person to win the whole show – and what a contestant she was! Throughout her time in the house, Nadia kept her identity hidden from the rest of her housemates, although the viewers at home were privy to the information. With her extravagant accent and her larger-than-life personality, Nadia was the kind of person we all wanted to be best friends with – and that’s not just our thoughts. Nadia was so popular that she won over the public and emerged victoriously.

Nadia Almada – Now

After winning Big Brother, Nadia’s life got a whole lot busier. Alongside all of the interviews and photoshoots, Nadia also set her sights on being a pop star, and soon released her debut single, ‘A Little Bit of Action.’ Amazingly, Nadia’s song managed to peak at number 27 in the charts – and it was a definite banger. She later managed to score herself various television appearances, including talk shows, fitness workouts, and she even entered the house once more in 2010 for Ultimate Big Brother. Nowadays, her life has calmed down slightly, and she is now a hairstylist in London.

Imogen Thomas – Then

When she was just 13 years old, Imogen Thomas entered into the world of modelling, and by 2003 she had already been crowned Miss Wales. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Imogen later became a glamour model and was soon chosen as a contestant in the seventh series of Big Brother just three years later! Because of this, Imogen was extremely popular with the viewers and managed to stay in the Big Brother house for a whopping 86 days before she was eventually evicted through the public vote. Nevertheless, she made a lasting impression on the country.

Imogen Thomas – Now

After leaving the Big Brother house behind her, Imogen Thomas managed to keep herself in the limelight through her modelling career. However, she also rose to infamy when rumours of an extramarital affair between Thomas and the professional footballer, Ryan Giggs, made their way to the press. Yet, Imogen carried on with her career and has since had two beautiful children with her long-time partner, Adam Horsley. In January 2018, Imogen shocked fans when she announced her retirement from the world of modelling.

Sam and Amanda – Then

Known more commonly as ‘Samanda’ these two ladies rocked the Big Brother house when they entered as a duo in 2007. Of course, you can probably tell that these two are identical twins, but what won over the nation was that they were also best friends. They were silly, they were funny, they were chatty – and we all fell in love with them! While on the show, Samanda broke the record of the longest time housemates have ever stayed in the Big Brother house, a record which is still going strong today. If you were wondering, the record is 94 days!

Sam and Amanda – Now

After leaving the Big Brother house, Sam made a whopping £1 million thanks to their newfound fame. Not only did they start their own music career – which included a strangely catchy version of Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ but they also released their own skincare line and a fitness DVD. Nowadays, the pair have toned down their extravagance and are living relatively normal – yet fabulous – lives. Amanda currently works at the clothing brand, ASOS, as an assistant merchandiser, and Sam works for a fashion company as a senior sales manager! Also, how amazing do they look now?!

Nikki Grahame – Then

Oh, Nikki! What a housemate! After landing herself minor roles as a wannabe actress, Nikki scored the role of a lifetime in 2006 when she was chosen to appear on season seven of Big Brother. Although Nikki looked small and harmless, we soon realised that things weren’t quite as they seemed. Even today, videos of her crying episodes and screaming moments within the diary room are still going viral and making the rounds, and we’ve lost count of the memes associated with her. Nevertheless, her temper tantrums didn’t seem to scare off her beau, Pete Bennett.

Nikki Grahame – Now

Despite the commotion that she caused in the house, Nikki Grahame is one of the few Big Brother contestants that has managed to maintain her fame. As well as landing acting and hosting jobs on various shows and channels, Nikki was also given her own show on E4 called Princess Nikki that followed her life and her attempts to maintain a normal, everyday job as a personal assistant. In 2010, Nikki once again returned to the house to take part in Ultimate Big Brother, and in 2016 she travelled across the pond to appear on Big Brother Canada. She has also written two books!

Sallie Axl – Then

With her tattoos, her northern accent, her unique style, her makeup and her… ahem, assets, Sallie Axl was one of the most extravagant contestants to enter the Big Brother house during season 14 of Big Brother. While on the show, Sallie was the kind of housemate that would not hide her annoyance or her disdain, which meant that more often than not, she was the cause of altercations within the house. While many housemates and viewers thought this was entertaining, there were others who just couldn’t quite ‘get’ her – which is probably why she was voted out on day 9.

Sallie Axl – Now

Although she only managed to stay in the Big Brother house for 9 days, Sallie has built up a major fan following of those who are genuinely interested in her life – and those who are a little scared of her. Yes, Sallie is now a huge social media superstar. While she is a mummy by day, she spends most of her free time going under the knife and cosmetically enhancing her body to look like a human cartoon. In March 2018, Sallie wowed her followers when she showed off her latest addition, a plumped up backside!

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace – Then

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace rose to fame in the same series as Nikki Grahame – and we would love to say that the two ladies got on like two peas in a pod, but that just really wasn’t the case. In fact, the two women were often at loggerheads with each other, which wasn’t helped when Aisleyne was chosen to move to the ‘House Next Door’ which separated her from the rest of the house. Despite the fact that Aisleyne spent most of her Big Brother experience yelling at people, fans really took to her personality, and she managed to come third overall. Go, Aisleyne.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace – Now

Since appearing on the reality TV show, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has managed to maintain a constant stream of work as an actress – which is pretty good going! In recent years, she has worked on reality TV and talk shows such as The Charlotte Church Show, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, The Kevin Bishop Show, Snog Marry Avoid? and more. In March 2018, Aisleyne suffered a deep emotional upheaval when invaders entered her home in an armed robbery and stole many of her possessions, including money, designer clothes, and expensive jewellery. During this robbery, Aisleyne feared for her life but was not physically harmed.

Josie Gibson – Then

Josie Gibson had not one, but two whirlwind experiences within the Big Brother house – and it’s fair to say that she absolutely smashed it. In 2010, Josie entered the house and immediately won over the public and her fellow housemates. Throughout her time on the show, she never faced the public vote, and won the whole series! However, her run was not over. After filming her live exit interview with Davina McCall, Josie confirmed that she would be returning to the house less than 20 minutes later to take part in Ultimate Big brother! Sadly, Josie left of her own accord just three days later.

Josie Gibson – Now

Since her time on two different seasons of Big Brother, Josie Gibson has proved that she was ready for the celeb life. Not only has she released her own line of perfume, had her own weekly column, presented her own segments on television and become a popular figure, she has also undergone her own transformation. After seeing paparazzi shots of herself on the beach, Josie realised that she needed to lose weight, and soon embarked on a weight loss journey that would soon inspire others through her own fitness and workout videos. In 2016, she even appeared on the ski jumping competition, The Jump but refused to actually do the ski jumping.

Kate Lawler – Then

Kate Lawler made history in 2002 when she appeared on season three of Big Brother. In the previous two series, the show had been won by two males – but Kate was going to step in to change that. While her time on the show was fairly uneventful, she managed to impress both the viewers and her fellow housemates to ensure that she was safe throughout the duration of the show. In fact, she was only nominated for the first time on day 39! Eventually, she won the whole series with 58% of the public votes in favour of her win.

Kate Lawler – Now

Straight after she left the Big Brother house, Kate Lawler was given a chance to take up a permanent radio spot on Capital FM – which she excitedly accepted, until she called it quits in 2003. After this brief radio gig, Kate tried her hand at acting and television presenting and even appeared on the popular reality dating show, Love Island. Nowadays, Kate has returned to her roots and is now a radio presenter for Virgin Radio. Yet, when she’s not on the airwaves, you can normally find Kate and her six-pack in the gym.

Rachel Rice – Then

Before she debuted onto our screens through the wonder that is Big Brother, Rachel Rice had already tried to establish herself as an actress – and she even worked alongside Hugh Grant! Nevertheless, she took a chance and applied to be a contestant on Big Brother, and she made her epic entrance in June 2005. While on the show, Rachel formed bonds with most of the housemates, thanks to her kind nature and her sensitive view on life. She managed to fly through all of the evictions, and eventually landed victorious as the winner of season 9.

Rachel Rice – Now

After winning Big Brother, Rachel Rice tried her hand at modelling, and also managed to score herself small acting and hosting gigs for a few years. However, it seems as though she soon got bored of life in the limelight, and decided to settle down in the real world. She later obtained a degree in English and Drama, and in December 2017, she attended her graduation to pick up her master’s degree in Leadership and Management! She is now a teacher as well as a mum. Things really have taken a different turn for Rachel, but we kinda dig it.