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American eating habits that people outside the country just don’t get

Every part of the world has its own unique eating habits. The things that people choose to eat depend a great deal on their location and culture. Even though we know that not everyone enjoys the same cuisine, it’s still rare that we question the foods that we are used to. The things we grew up with simply seem normal to us, and we don’t think twice about it.

But some of the foods we take for granted seem really strange to people from other cultures. We love our food, but people from other countries see the things that Americans eat on TV and movies and wonder how and why we eat those crazy things. They come visit the United States and they are shocked by some of our most beloved food habits.

Here’s what people from around the world think are some of the strangest American eating habits. They might sound weird to people who don’t live here, but we will proudly stand by our cuisine!

American foods

American foods

There is so much to love about American food. From peanut butter and jelly to cheese burgers, from bacon to bread sticks, we’re all about that life. But when we read some of the reactions that people from other countries have to our food, we have to admit that we kind of get it. Some of our eating habits are pretty weird, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop them any time soon!


The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Of course, not all Americans eat bacon every morning, and some Americans never eat bacon at all (hello vegetarians). Those who do, however, swear by this savory breakfast treat no matter how much research comes out claiming that it’s really not healthy. That never stopped an American from enjoying their favorite food!

Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese is one of those classic comfort foods that warms your soul as it fills your tummy. Why do Americans eat so much macaroni and cheese? Because it’s delicious, that’s why! You can make it from a box, you can make it from scratch, and you can get it in a restaurant. In fact, there are entire restaurants devoted to serving just different types of mac and cheese. Yum!

Peanut butter and jelly

Peanut butter and jelly goes together like… peanut butter and jelly! We feel personally attacked by this one because peanut butter and jelly is one of the most delicious foods there is. We can tell you from experience that there are some American children who eat peanut butter and jelly every day at school for lunch, and they will always have a soft spot in their heart for a good PB&J sandwich.


Yes, it’s true that Americans can add cheese to nearly any dish without thinking twice. It’s also true that cheese makes almost any food even tastier. But we understand why this might look a bit weird to someone who isn’t used to it.


We looked up the definition of casserole so you don’t have to. A casserole is a dish that is cooked slowly in a deep pan in the oven. There are many types and some a super delicious. It’s true that Americans eat casseroles a lot, but certainly not every night!

For the crunch

In America, “chips” are potato chips but in the rest of the world, “chips” are French fries. The truth is that Americans eat both potato chips and French fries with their sandwiches. Potato chips add a nice crunch and French fries are straight up delicious.

Ice cream

You mean you don’t eat ice cream when you’re sad? If you try it maybe you’ll understand. There’s just something comforting about digging into a carton of ice cream with a spoon when everything in your life is falling apart. We highly recommend it.

Carbs on carbs

We understand why this might sound a little weird. Pasta is carbs and bread is carbs, so there is very little variation here. That being said, bread can be used to soak up the extra sauce, which adds so much to the meal.

Sweet and savory

Mixing sweet and savory foods for breakfast is one of the greatest joys in life. Bacon is delicious and pancakes are delicious, so we have no problem eating them together. In addition, bacon actually tastes wonderful with pancakes and maple syrup.

Grilled cheese

This guy actually has a point. While sometimes people do grill their grilled cheese sandwiches, they are most often made using plenty of butter and a frying pan. It doesn’t matter so much if the name isn’t quite right because the sandwich itself is so tasty.


Hey, don’t judge a food based only on what it looks like! Sure, not all meatloaf is the most wonderful, but a good meatloaf is truly yummy. It’s one of those foods that mom makes best, and it’s a nice comfort food in the winter.

Because they’re tasty

Wings and ribs are two of the best foods out there. Not only is meat on the bone the most flavorful part, wings and ribs are so much fun to eat. They may make a little bit more mess but the taste is so worth it.


Ranch is a creamy dressing usually made with buttermilk, mayonnaise, and a variety of seasonings. And Americans eat it with everything because it tastes good! It’s just the right mix of flavors to enhance anything from salad to pizza to wings.

Pizza with pineapple

Yes, pizza with pineapples is a thing, but it’s far from being accepted by all Americans. There is actually an ongoing debate among groups of pizza-loving friends and families about whether or not putting pineapple on pizza is blasphemous. We personally think it’s great.


It’s true that many Americans eat just a bowl of cereal for breakfast nearly every day. And there are long aisles filled with every imaginable type of cereal in American supermarkets. It might not be the most nutritious way to start your day, but it’s quick, easy, and tasty.


On Thanksgiving, Americans eat a huge dinner that usually consists of turkey and then whatever side dishes are traditional in their family. Sure, sometimes this includes mac and cheese and sweet potatoes, which are often topped with marshmallows. Don’t bad-mouth it till you try it, though!

Early dinner

Compared to the rest of the world, Americans do eat a really early dinner. We think it’s because Americans usually eat a smaller lunch, so they’re hungry earlier. Dinner is also the main meal of the day, so they don’t want to eat so much food too late at night.

More butter

Yeah, Americans like butter with our butter. There’s something really delicious about that movie theater popcorn slathered in butter. We try not to eat it too much, but there’s nothing better to snack on while watching the latest action flick.

Fake cheese

There are some things that Americans eat that are truly pretty yucky, and fake liquid cheese is one of those. Despite the fact that we all agree that it’s not a good thing to eat, we’ll still gladly take it on our nachos.


This is indeed something that many Americans do. We think it’s because Americans prefer more flavor in their tea, so they leave the tea bag inside to let the water soak up all the flavor. What’s so bad about this, anyway?

Chicken and waffles

Chicken and waffles is a uniquely American dish. We understand why it sounds weird – waffles are usually a breakfast food and fried chicken sounds more appetizing for lunch or dinner. But we strongly advise you to taste it because it’s really quite enjoyable.


We feel you on this one. When you’re really hungry, a leafy salad doesn’t help much. But if you add some protein to the salad it can become pretty satisfying. Try adding meat, eggs, beans, or nuts, and see if that does the trick.

He’s got a point

This is actually something that we have wondered about as well. The name “hamburger” sure is a bit misleading. Maybe we should change it to “beefburger” or “meatburger.” Oh well – the misleading name doesn’t stop hamburgers from being one of our favorite foods.

Frozen peas

Those movies are not far from the truth. Many people use bags of frozen peas as ice packs for when they get hurt. The peas mold to the shape of whatever body part you’re trying to keep cold, and they’re softer than ice. Some people do eat them, though.

Pizza and ranch

Eating pizza with ranch dressing is definitely not a joke! We already discussed the joys of ranch, and dipping your pizza in it makes both foods taste even better. It might sound weird but we are big proponents of this delicious combination.

Dessert for breakfast

Americans are unique in that they tend to eat very sweet foods for breakfast. Sugary cereals, pancakes, muffins… these foods are definitely more like dessert than a meal. But hey, what’s wrong with starting your morning with a little something sweet?

Chinese food

When you order Chinese takeout in America, it comes in those paper cartons that you see in the movies. And yes, a lot of people eat it straight out of the carton. It’s comfortable and it also saves you from having to do the dishes afterwards.


We had no idea that Funyuns were a uniquely American snack! Funyuns are an onion flavored ring-shaped corn snack that are really popular. They come in a distinct yellow bag and can be found in vending machines and supermarkets all over the country.