47 really useful cleaning hacks for your car

Cleaning those rims

It’s amazing how the little details on a car can really make a difference in how it looks. Take your tires, for example. It’s possible most people won’t really be looking at your tires, but when all four of them are dirty and covered in mud, it can make the car as a whole look dirty. Luckily, there’s a great cleaning hack for them! Find yourself some bleach powder, NOT liquid, like Clorox or something similar. Put some on a rag and add a splash of Lysol. Next, scrub your rims until they shine. You’ll love how they look like new!



Dusting the vents

If you’re one of the many people out there who suffer from allergies then you’ll understand how problematic it can be to have air vents in your car filled with dust. Well, getting rid of that pesky dust might be easier than you think. What you’ll need is a simple foam brush. If you don’t already own one you can likely find one at your local hardware store, or at any arts and crafts store as well. The brush will help you reach those hard to reach places in the vents, and you’re days of getting a face full of dust when you turn on your car’s AC will be over!


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