29 Weirdest Moments On Reality TV

Justin Timberlake Cried Us A River

Who could ever forget the time when Ashton Kutcher punk’d Justin Timberlake so hard that he cried on national television? The IRS showed up to Justin’s Los Angeles mansion and started confiscating everything he owned, claiming that he hadn’t paid his due taxes. Justin called his mom, Justin called his friends, and then finally, he sat on his stoop and the tears streamed down his face. We started to feel bad for Sexyback singer until Ashton popped his head out and gave the whole prank away. In the end, Justin was a good sport about it!


Tyra Banks Loses Her Cool

Everyone froze in front of their television sets the night Tyra Banks screamed at America’s Next Top Model contestant, Tiffany Richardson. After the panel of judges eliminated Tiffany, she started laughing and made jokes to the girls as she said her farewells just before making her exit. Well, Mama Tyra didn’t approve of Tiffany’s inappropriate remarks and made a point to tell her so. Tyra unleashed the fury on Tiffany, yelling “How dare you! I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” She added in a “Do you think this is a joke?” line before sending a shameful Tiffany on her way. Never get on Tyra Banks’ bad side.


Snooki Gets Knocked Out

The Jersey Shore was a house full of loudmouth tri-state natives who enjoyed drinking and dancing the night away in Point Pleasant. Snooki got the type different type of shot she didn’t want, after a random muscle man at the bar punched her square in the face. Snooki immediately dropped to the floor and was taken into the bathroom by Sammi Sweetheart to wipe her bloody nose. JWow and the boys of the Shore house went after Snooki’s assaulter, only to be chased away by cops after they cornered him. Hitting a woman is never cool. Hitting ever is actually never cool to do. The silver lining here, is that the house grew closer as a group. Until they broke apart again.


The Newlyweds: Chicken Of The Sea

The world quickly became infatuated with Newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. She was the blonde, virgin pop-star and he was her hunky boy band member. However, Jessica made a fool of herself on national television after asking her new husband, “Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?” Nick asked her if she was joking and then continued with, “I know it’s tuna, but it says chicken of the sea.” We don’t know what’s more surprising. The fact Jessica didn’t know if tuna was a type of fish or chicken, or that the couple got divorced a few years later.


Survivor: Jonny’s “Dead” Grandmother

On Survivor: Pearl of Islands, castmate Jonny Fairplay did the unthinkable to win an immunity challenge. When the cast members were required to call in one person from their hometown, Jonny’s cousin showed up instead of his grandmother. When Jonny asked where his grandmother was, the cousin said, “Dude. She’s dead.” Cut to the confessional camera and Jonny tells the audience at home that grandma was alive and kicking! He planned the entire charade to guilt the other castmates into giving him the immunity reward, instead of competing for it. The Season 7 reunion wasn’t a pretty one; after the show’s contestants had watched what really happened at home, they wanted Jonny’s head on a stick… more than they did before.


Flavor Of Love… Or Flavor Of Spit?

Flavor of Love was the perfect Vh1 reality show. It was a bachelor-type contest for former hip hop artist, Flavor Flav, and it ensued just the right amount of crazy every single week. When Pumkin was eliminated, she was antagonized by New York as she was saying trying to convince Flav he was making a terrible mistake. Pumkin then created a diversion, hugging the only other remaining contestant Hoopz, then spit right at New York. New York lunged at Pumkin and threw her head first into the camera. After the women were separated and the coast was clear, the moment went down as one of the craziest moments in reality tv history.


Celebrity Big Brother: Racists Or Not?

The 15th season of Big Brother had some serious casting problems. Members of the show, and members of the crew, were caught on camera using racial slurs, making anti-semitic remarks, homophobic statements, and many other things of the sort. The camera feed is 24/7 in the Big Brother house, so why these cast and crew members thought they could get away with acting so crudely is beyond us, or anyone at all. After the show, GinaMarie Zimmerman was fired from her job, Aaryn Gries was dropped from her modeling agency, and Spencer Clawson’s name was dragged through the mud for jokes about child assault. Think before you speak, people! It’s 2016!


The Simple Life: Paris Visits Walmart

In her defense, Paris Hilton was probably never taken to a Walmart, or anywhere near one. The Simple Life gained massive popularity during its first season and we can see why. Two rich socialites stuck in the midwest, forced to do hard labor and live the lives of normal folk. When Paris asked what Walmart was and “like, if it sold walls or something?” the country rolled over from laughing so hard. This is statement is probably worse than Jessica Simpson’s inquiry about the chicken or fish thing. Eventually, Nicole and Paris both decided that they loved Walmart and all the convenient wonders it had to offer.


Jon & Kate Plus Divorce Papers

As if the Gosselins weren’t already awkward enough? On June 22nd, 2009 the couple, who still parent sextuplets together, announced their divorce on national television. Jon and Kate had been fighting on air for months and tabloids were circulating rumors that Jon was busy with other women. The nation was almost half-expecting the couple to divorce at some point. They weren’t getting along and had their fair share of trouble from the get go. The announcement episode brought in a record-shattering 10.6 million viewers.


Teresa’s Real Housewives Tantrum

Teresa Giudice is known to be a firecracker, but get her around the wrong crowd in her town and she’ll explode at the drop of a hat… or a table. After Teresa’s Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate, Danielle Staub, was featured in an ex-boyfriend’s tell all book, the claws came out. Danielle’s dark and illicit past finally bubbled to surface and caused controversy over a girls’ luncheon. Teresa got so fumed with Danielle that she flipped over the table over as she was screaming, scaring the life out of everyone. We’d like to tell you what she was yelling, but we won’t support such inappropriate language.


Toddlers And Tiaras Gone Wrong

Toddlers and Tiaras show us the behind the scenes aspect of kiddie pageantry. While the show is no stranger to controversy for just, well, existing, sometimes we’re gifted with a little something extra to gawk at. When 2 year old Mia competes in the totally 80’s pageant, her mother thinks it’s a great idea to dress her up as Madonna… cone-bra and everything. Mia sets out on stage to perform her dance number, encouraged by her mother to shake her hips and wiggle in a Madonna-like fashion. Not only is this completely inappropriate, but it had the internet in an uproar for days. That is, until the next stage mom who pushed her daughter to the limits showed up.


Kourtney K Delivers Her Own Baby

Kourtney Kardashian may be an experienced mommy of three with another on the way, but we remember her first birth like it was yesterday. Kourtney showed the world just exactly what’s she made of when she literally pulled her first baby, Mason, out of her own body when delivering. In mid-push the eldest Kardashian reached below her hips and grabbed Mason from between her legs! Granted, the fact that cameras were even allowed to be filming a labor and delivery meant for national television was strange, but this choice of action made live birth just a little bit more awkward.


Survivor: Sue Hawk’s Famous Last Words

On Survivor: Borneo, Sue Hawk left the island after giving a speech more famous than Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Well, not really, but you know where we’re going with this. As she spoke to the two remaining castmates eligible to win the million dollar prize, she left them with a piece of wisdom and a bad taste in their mouths. Sue looked her old alliance Kelly in the eye and said, “But if I would ever pass you along in life and you are laying there dying of thirst, I would not give you a drink of water. I would let the vultures take you and do whatever they want with you with no ill regrets.” She finished her speech by stating the island was full of snakes and rats, and she wishes for the jury to vote opposite Kelly, as she is the rat.


Project Runway: No Cheaters Allowed

Heidi Klum was another outraged supermodel who felt betrayed by the caterpillars she tried to evolve underneath her butterfly wings. Season 3 started off with a bang for contestant Keith Michael, who wowed the judges for the first three episodes of the show. During the fourth episode, it was brought to the judge’s attention that Keith had been using the internet for design ideas (off the premises), and was keeping how-to books in his possession. These were against rules of the fashion show’s competition and he was swiftly dismissed. The audience was disheartened to see their favorite, most promising designer leave under these circumstances.


America’s Next Top Model Faints

America’s Next Top Model contestant Rebecca Epley, fainted in the middle of her judging panel. The model’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fell flat on her back before anyone could catch her. She was taken to the hospital to receive medical care and returned to the competition shortly after. Rebecca later admitted that she has suffered from fainting spells ever since she was a little girl, and that it was something she had become familiar with. She ended up persevering through the competition for another four weeks.


What? The Hills Isn’t Real?

Duh! Of course, The Hills wasn’t actually real! The scripted reality show ended their series on a high-note… sort of. They showed their longtime audience just how fake they actually were when the finale zooms out to a stage set that Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari said their final goodbyes on. We must admit, it’s a pretty crafty way to confront the backlash the show received for so many years, but it’s not like the nation didn’t know the whole show and its “cast” members were fabricated.


The Bachelor Changed His Mind

During any normal season finale of the Bachelor, it’s usually customary for the male lead to choose his lady love… and stick with her. However, this specific season wasn’t normal or customary. Bachelor Jason fell in love with both of his final contestants and chose Melissa over Molly, the audience favorite. On the reunion special, Jason ended his engagement with Melissa to be with Molly instead. He ended up marrying Molly and they have one child. We can’t help but feel bad for poor Melissa, chosen on reality tv and dumped the same way 6 weeks later.


Steve Harvey Read It All Wrong

If it’s live television, it still counts as reality tv. Steve Harvey made a monumental mistake when he announced who won Miss Universe 2015. He gleefully exclaimed that the winner of the crown was Miss Columbia and she began her descent down the runway, surrounded by all of her admirers as she celebrated her win. Mid-runway walk, Steve Harvey took the stage to admit he had made an awful error – Miss Phillipines was to be crowned the reigning Miss Universe and the world watched as Miss Columbia lost her tiara, sash, and flowers oh, so quickly. Steve has apologized profusely over and over again, and Miss Columbia has since forgiven the lovable man for his honest blunder.


Sarah Palin Boo’ed At DWTS

Sarah Palin doesn’t even set foot on a stage and still gets boo’ed wherever she goes. The former Governer of Alaska showed up to support her daughter Bristol at a taping of Dancing With The Stars. When the politico made her entrance and took a seat, the other guests seated in the ballroom were reportedly boo’ing her. The show’s executives tried to cover it up by saying the audience was reacting to a low score of their favorite dancing partner, Julianne Hough. Whatever you say, Dancing With The Stars execs.


Paula Hits On Another Contestant

Paula Abdul may have had a history of flirting with the gentleman contestants on American Idol, but during the show’s 2nd season things may have gone too far with Corey Clark. Clark was originally kicked off of the show for not revealing a prior arrest record. Later, he publicly revealed that he was actually booted out for having an affair with Paula that lasted months. An investigation was launched against the AI judge but no conclusion was ever revealed to the public. Paula continued to judge the competition for the remainder of the series’ run.


Rock Of Love’s Infamous Tiffany

Rock Of Love was another Vh1 dating show that featured the prize of Bret Michael’s affections. Season 1 started with a wild party, just as how any rockstar’s party should, and a contestant named Tiffany made quite the scene… all night long. The redhead got a little too intoxicated and ran all over the house shouting, “Don’t threaten me with a good time!” She got into fights with the other girls and slurred her speech whenever she opened her mouth. At the end of the episode, Brett let her stay and have her a second chance to get to know him while she’s sober. She was eliminated the very next episode.

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Fear Factor: Rat Smoothie

Fear Factor could make your spine shiver just by watching the show from your comfy couch at home. In January 2005, the show featured a rat smoothie challenge, and we mean that in the most literal sense. A blender full of rats was presented to the contestants and they had to make their own homemade smoothie. If you’re throwing up in your mouth right now, we don’t blame you. After the episode aired, NBC was sued by an Ohio man who said a rat smoothie made him run into walls and vomit. Why would he ever consider trying that at home?


Shaving Heads On Top Chef

At the end of Top Chef’s second season, the remaining contestants played a prank on one of their own that backfired horribly. Cliff and 3 other contestants engaged in a night of drinking and began shaving their heads. The rowdy group got the bright idea to take Marcel, the outsider, out of bed and pin him down while they gave him a buzz-cut. Marcel was seemingly traumatized by the incident, and the judges weren’t too pleased at the night’s activities. Cliff was disqualified from the show for his reckless behavior and Marcel made it to the final round of the show’s finale.

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The Slap Hear ‘Round The World

The 7th season of The Real World ushered in a new era for reality tv: the era of violence. In a mild state of rage, Stephen Williams slapped his housemate, Irene McGee, across the face after she accused him of being gay. The show’s producers had never experienced even the slightest physical touch before this surprising incident, and allowed the housemates to decide whether or not Stephen should say. The cast of Seattle let Stephen stay under the conditions that he go to anger management. In 2008, Stephen came out to US Weekly as a gay man recently engaged to his latest partner.


Toddlers And Tiaras: Pretty Woman

If you thought the other Toddlers and Tiaras anecdote was uncomfortable, sit back and read this – Paisley Dickens was a 3 year old contestant on the beauty pageant show whose mother dressed her up as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. We aren’t talking about the red dress, giggling version of Pretty Woman. We’re talking about the Julia Roberts costume you should absolutely never put your child into. Paisley’s outfit caused a commotion amongst the public and ticked off pageant moms everywhere. They already have a bad reputation and this just made it ten times worse.


Verne Troyer’s Wild Ride

The Surreal Life was packed many peculiar pairings, wasted evenings, and out of control occasions, but Verne Troyer stole the show when he rode around on his electric scooter naked and drunk. The mini-me was riding under the influence and needed to take a break to relieve himself. You would think that since the little star was in a house with fully-equipped bathrooms, many fancy ones to be exact, he could have used a toilet in one them. However, Verne decided to urinate on the wall of the living room. At least it was good entertainment.


Teen Mom 2: Bacon Assault

MTV’s Teen Mom never fails to bring the drama. When Leah and Jeremy are arguing over the prospect of marriage counseling, things take a strange turn. The troubled couple are cooking BLT’s for lunch as they engage in a heated arguement and just as we think the bickering is over, Jeremy slaps Leah in the face with a piece of raw bacon! He claimed to be joking, but then admits to his annoyed his wife, “I did it to p*** you off.” We aren’t exactly experts in love in marriage, however, assault by bacon seems like a pretty good reason to go to couples therapy.


The Virgin Kiss

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the lives of those who choose to remain chaste until marriage, TLC’s Virgin Diaries is the show you should have been watching. Ryan and Shanna were married on national televsion and weren’t shy when it came to detailing the more intimate side of their relationship… or lack there of. Niether partner had ever kissed anyone in their lives, so their wedding ceremony gave them the perfect opportunity to share their first smooch. The awkward kiss was uncomfortable to watch, and Ryan explains why; “I had never kissed a girl before I married Shanna and you know I wasn’t really planning ahead, or thinking about what to do.”

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