29 stars who were surprisingly rejected by SNL

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Saturday Night Live, or in its abbreviated and more familiar form, SNL, is one of the  longest-running late night live shows in American television history. The show was created by two geniuses who had big hopes for the show, producer, Lorne Michaels and NBC long-time executive, Dick Ebersol. They probably never imagined, in their wildest dreams, that the show would later run for more than 40 years!


In case you are not familiar with the show’s format, then here’s a rundown of how it all goes on that funny stage. Each episode of SNL will open with a monologue that is delivered with a guest host who is chosen by the producers and the casting crew, either for the star’s popularity or current work. Then, they would join the regular cast in some of the sketches. Ever since comedian, George Carlin hosted the very first episode in 1975, hundreds, if not, thousands of comedians have performed on that desired stage. Everyone wanted to be right up there, and everybody wanted to write for it, at least those who consider themselves funny.

However, and this is no joke, some of the biggest and most hilarious stars in the industry were actually rejected by the show’s creative team. Big names like Jim Carrey and John Goodman, who have ‘funny’ written all over their faces’, did not make the cut. When tracing back, it was actually much harsher than people imagine to get accepted on the show, and for some actors, as they recall, auditioning was their worst nightmare. These are the funniest people in Hollywood, from the early days of the show, who quite surprisingly, despite their talent, were not embraced by Michaels to host Saturday Night Live.

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