The 29 Most Instagrammed Restaurants In America

Instagram is one of the top used social media apps these days. People use it to show their friends and followers what they have been up to. One of the major reasons for posting is to show others what you have been eating and where you have been socializing. As such, this list, of the most Instagrammed restaurants in America, comes straight from the app’s geotag ability (tagging your location when you take a photo), so we were able to list exactly where the most amount of people feel the need to take a snap of their dish or their stunning surroudings. We’re getting serious wanderlust and FOMO while we scroll through!

Biscuit Love | Nashville, Tennessee

Biscuit Love opened its doors in 2015 and has quickly become a local hotspot and a place to go to when in Nashville. Owners Karl and Sarah Worley originally started out with a food truck, and when their clientele started to get so large that they couldn’t function out of the truck, they decided to open their Gultch location. They designed the place and the dishes to well that it’s incredibly hard for those who venture here not to take an Insta snap of their food or table.


Sugar Factory | New York, New York

For those with a serious sweet tooth, a we mean very serious, this place is for you. With the colorful candy and wide variety of shapes and sizes, it’s also an Instagrammer’s heaven. Taking a photo here is guaranteed to be pleasing for the eye, and will absolutely be one for your taste buds! The Sugar Factory has many branches, but the Meatpacking District branch is their signature Insta famous one.


Nobu | Malibu, California

Nobu has restaurants all over the United States, but it’s their Malibu location that has people snapping photos like nobody’s business; it could be the celebrity influence that makes the Malibu location so photo-friendly (many celebs come here for dinners and events). Nobu is mainly an Eastern influenced restaurant, with expertise in raw fish and oriental style dishes. The interior is very wood-oriented and is considered a hot spot in every location.


Billy Bob’s | Forth Worth, Texas

Billy Bob’s is a restaurant and concert venue. If you find yourself in Fort Worth, check out who is playing that evening, even if you aren’t familiar, we promise you won’t be disappointed by the fun vibe and delicious food. People from all over the country come to Billy Bob’s, and the amount of Instagram photos geotagged there is a testament for the loads flocking to this spot. Try the tequila bombs, worth it!


San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant | San Pedro, California

San Pedro’s has been around since 1982 and is here to stay. The seafood giant hosts events and boasts a menu of fresh seafood daily. This family-owned place has visitors flock to their restaurant, taking some really great photos with them as well. Seafood and drinks really do photograph well, especially together, and people are taking advantage of both color and flavor while here. We wonder if they would deliver their shrimp cocktail?


Lux Central | Phoenix, Arizona

One stop shop breakfasting is right here. Lux Central is heavy into the perked coffee, on the spot ground coffee, freshly baked goods, and adorably designed location. Phoenix locals are regulars here, and practically anyone who passes through here as well. In the evening, Lux transforms into a more adult place, with cocktails and a full dinner menu for anyone interested. We love the versatility of this place, it has something for everyone, and everything is sure to be Instagram ready.


Husk | Charleston, South Carolina

Husk is the picture of southern charm and warmth, just look at the outside of their Charleston location. Located within a historic southern style home, this place boasts dishes and drinks with southern twists. The most important element for the owners of Husk is the fresh ingredient and farm to table mentality. They want the food to be not only delicious but local; what we see is super important too? The fact that everything about this place explains why it is so widely photographed.


The Abbey Food & Bar | West Hollywood, California

The Abbey is first and foremost known as one of the most popular and beloved gay bars in West Hollywood. Not all who go here at gay by any means though. The atmosphere and food at The Abbey are of fun and classic Los Angeles hype. At night this spot becomes a party location with overflowing drinks and a lot of people just enjoying their time in tinseltown.


Stubb’s Austin | Austin, Texas

Stubb’s is another one of those spots that promotes really great food and drink but also hosts performances. Make sure to come here hungry, there is little use resisting the various kinds of BBQ’s offered here – the smell alone will drive you insane. Apart from serving great food, the location itself is beautiful and has been captured many a time by Instagrammer’s from all over.


Blend on the Water | Long Island City, New York

Imagine a rounded restaurant with 180 degree views of water while you eat your dinner – that’s exactly what this place is like. The food style is latin fusion and the dress code is formal, they want to make sure that if you come, you come beautiful and ready to see and be seen by equally well-dressed others. The view is what gets people in and taking as many photos as they can to commemorate the moment.


Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament | Buena Park, California

Dinner and a show! No surprise that everyone here also takes plenty of photos throughout dinner – there’s a show going on, they must document! This place is fun times for the whole family, but even for a group of adults only this could be as good a time as any. We all wonder what it was like back in Medieval times, no we can see (well at least what we think it was like by way of entertainment). Either way, great fun!


Malibu Farm | Malibu, California

Malibu Farm is a California dream. The menu is pretty classic and standard with their fresh ingredients and health conscious style. Honestly though, other than being on the Malibu pier (which is stunning) it’s the way this whole place is set up that makes it an Instagram heaven. The white and beachy coloring of the restaurant, comfortable pillows on outdoor seating, fresh drinks and breezy feel from the ocean, it’s hard to resist.


Bottega Louie Restaurant and Gourmet Market | LA, California

Bottega is one gorgeous location. Even before you taste a single bite of anything offered here, the location itself is so pretty and eye-catching that it’s hard to look away. But since you made it all this way, you have got to take part in any part of their menu. They offer anything and everything, from breakfast to cocktails. The market section of this place allows you to purchase some home goods if you like what you ordered. Win win situation for everyone involved.


Duke’s Waikiki | Hawaii

Duke’s sits on prime real estate overlooking Diamond Head and water so blue it looks fake. This isn’t just Instagram heaven, this is every photographers dream photo-taking spot. In addition to their incredible location, the restaurant has an amazing cocktail menu, offering refreshing and delicious drinks alongside their equally yummy main dishes. The restaurant is named after Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, he was an Olympic gold metal winner for swimming, as well as an avid surfer.


In-N-Out Burger | Los Angeles, California

It’s almost mandatory at this point, to go to an In-N-Out Burger location when on the West Coast. The trick to this place’s success is just how cheap it is to get a meal here. For the price, it’s pretty darn amazing. Those who come here are all about taking a photo before devouring their respective meals, leaving the world with millions of In-N-Out Burger before and after shots. Little known fact: working here is said to be one of the best jobs to get.


Catch | New York, New York

Just by the name we know this spot is a seafood joint. But it is so much more than just a regular seafood joint. Catch is a hub for celebs coming to New York City looking to eat, drink and enjoy themselves. The restaurant is within a restored warehouse, meaning that there are many spaces that all blend into one another. The place was completely redone but kept the initial structure of the building. You can come here for brunch, lunch, dinner or just for drinks, either way you are going to enjoy some eye-pleasing architecture and taste bud deliciousness.


Moose’s Tooth | Anchorage, Alaska

If you find yourself in Anchorage anytime soon, you should absolutely hit up Moose’s Tooth. Moose’s Tooth is a fun place to grab a bite. If you’re lucky (like this girl) to get a sunny day, you can sit outside and enjoy a cool beer while the sun bakes you. Anchorage is not very touristy so you are bound to run into some very nice locals, they will explain to you why they love taking photos of this joint so much.


Acme Feed & Seed | Nashville, Tennessee

There’s something about Nashville! Acme Feed & Seed is a huge space of 22,000 square feet, filled with incredible food, drinks and the events that are constantly being held there for the beauty of the place. The owners converted an old warehouse (pattern here?), making sure to preserve the rooftop too – it’s hard to say no to a sundown cocktail in a city as gorgeous as Nashville.


Viewhouse Eatery, Bar & Rooftop | Denver, Colorado

Moscow Mules all around! Viewhouse is a staple in Denver. They have two locations in the city, with the Ballpark branch being their most successful in terms of photos taken. Both branches have happy hour specials, food specials and are designed with comfort and beauty in mind. When the weather in Denver being very tame in the summer, coming to this spot in the summer months is sure to make you super happy you did. Sunny, delicious and fresh foods and drinks.


Founding Farmers | Washington DC

Founding Farmers also has a few branches nationally, but it’s their DC one, the flagship, that’s the most well-known. The design of the restaurant has won awards, while the food has gotten nothing but praise over the years. Both tourists and locals frequent Founding Farmers, with special attention to the breakfast and brunch crowd; their pancakes and waffles are nothing to scoff at, just look at the size of them! Photo worthy indeed!


Katz’s Delicatessen | New York, New York

Katz’s deli is one of the most famous culinary institutions in New York City. Established in 1888, we stand corrected, it’s the most famous eatery on the East Coast. Katz’s is where you want to go when you are hungry, and hungry for some good old fashioned deli sandwiches. The amount of deli meats you get when ordering a sandwich will astound you to the point of needing to take a photo in order to mentally prepare yourself for the meal.


Three Dots and a Dash | Chicago, Illinois

Three Dots and a Dash is a tiki bar in the middle of Chicago, because why not. Those who come here take as many photos as they can; between the gorgeous cocktails, the location itself with the wooden tropical feel, and the dishes that are more gorgeous than many we have seen. The menu itself is also a how-to guide to how to order from this place, and also how to enjoy it to the fullest. Whether you go here alone or in a group, you are sure to find something to your liking.


Milktooth | Indianapolis, Indiana

Very much like the first place on our list, this restaurant/café is owned by a husband and wife team with a passion for locally grown products and a a heavy respect for coffee. This is the place to come to for a seriously good breakfast or brunch. The Insta photos taken here are of both the inside as well as the outside, while the outside perfectly captures the style of the place and community feel that they were going for, and succeeded in achieving.


The Donut Whole | Wichita, Kansas

A place dedicated entirely to donuts? Yes, please! Just like Sugar Factory, the coloring of the sweet products and the way they are all arranged for the eye are just plain artwork. Taking photos of this place is almost mandatory in order to get the full experience. Also, we aren’t sure if others would believe us if we just told them about this place rather than showed them proof along with it.


TAO Downtown | New York, New York

You are now entering an oriental food mecca. TAO is a well-known Asian eatery, for celebs and non-celeb folk alike. Food aside, the space here in TAO downtown New York is so perfect in it’s vibe and design that leaving without snapping a photo is practically a sin. The location itself took a very long time to assemble, and man was it worth the wait. TAO downtown is one of the larger spaces available, and with the people that want to come here, they need it!


Woodberry Kitchen | Baltimore, Maryland

Woodberry is a little unique in comparison to the others on this list due to their hours. They are open on weekdays in the evenings alone, and on the weekends for brunch as well. They are structured like this because of their mission of fresh and locally sourced products. Their space is designed perfectly, which is why it is constantly photographed, by amateurs and pro’s alike. If you are ever in Baltimore, give it a shot!


Angus Barn | Raleigh, North Carolina

For the carnivore and wine lover – THIS! Angus Barn is a staple of the Raleigh local. The owners had this to say, “Guests trust us to make their occasion a great memory that will be with them forever. Our golden opportunity is to give them this gift. Yes, great food and ambiance are important, but it goes far beyond the meal to an intangible feeling that money cannot buy.” From the amount of people coming and taking photos with them, we can tell they are doing something right.


Punch Bowl Social | Cleveland, Ohio

Punch Bowl Social is a special kind of place. This space is made entirely for comfort and fun. The philosophy behind those who own this place is all about taking a break from the 9 to 5 world of rough and tough. Here you will find super delicious cocktails (see photo!), giant game machines, actual bowling lanes, and people just having fun. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time, de-stressing from the outside world. Awesome!


Café Du Monde | New Orleans, Louisiana

If you haven’t been here, it’s probably on your bucket list, we know it’s on ours. Café Du Monde is where you go for a delicious, warm, sugary, BEIGNETS. There is no real space to sit here, it’s always packed, but if you do get a spot, consider yourself lucky. The wait and stand is highly

worth it though, and a photo is downright necessary. Photos or it didn’t happen, guys! We scarfed our beignet down so fast if a photo wasn’t taken we may not have believed it happened.