29 Celebrity books you should grab with both hands

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Sometimes it seems like Hollywood and the people that are considered part of the entertainment scene, live in their own separate sphere. After all, they do portray something that isn’t real, most of the times, which is why it can get kind of confusing to disconnect their ‘TV’ life from their personal life. However, does the fact that they are talented in their own field mean that they can pretty much do anything for example, write a book? Well, we’ll let you decide on that, because some of the biggest stars in the world, have actually published their own piece of writing.


It seems like when it comes to being creative, innovative and imaginative, it’s pretty much contagious from, and true, while they are certainly no William Shakespeare nor Jane Austen, some of these celebrities who have taken the courage to express themselves in the form of a published book, a memoir, an autobiography or just a novel, have done a pretty decent work. It is interesting, though, to imagine Lena Dunham (who, as we all know, a brilliant writer from the get go), having a ’writer’s block’, right? Or imagining Tina Fey cracking up while she’s writing her book. Or even more so, can you think of Rob Lowe sitting around the dinner table telling his friends and family stories from his new book?

You’ll be surprised to find out how many of your favorite actors, politicians, comedians and even athletes, have written a book or two. There’s no need to ‘pick their brains’, because they lay it all out there. Some wrote their autobiographies, some took the initiative to write a totally original narrative and some just wanted to tell a story, from their own point of view. Welcome to the celebrity book club, these are 29 books that were written by celebrities, that you’d probably want to grab with both your hands.

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