The 19 Most-Followed Accounts On Instagram and Why You Should Follow Them

Instagram has become one of the most popular ways for us to show our friends, and the world, just how awesome our lives are (whether real or not). As we are quickly becoming more and more image-based in our tastes, the filtering system on Instagram is an incredibly tempting way to capture artistic snaps that portray whatever we deem fit for the day. Practically everyone in the Western world has an Instagram account, that includes some of our favorite celebrities.

We compiled a list of the 25 most followed Instagram accounts, and if you aren’t following these accounts yet, you probably should; there’s a reason they are the cream of the Insta crop.

Victoria’s Secret | @victoriassecret

Color us (not) surprised. When the daily upload is of gorgeous scantily clad women, we are not surprised that this account has over 50.3 million followers. The best thing about this account is that the photos they choose to upload on Instagram are vastly different from the classic catalog photos, they look far more natural.

Victorias Secret

Rihanna | @badgalriri

With over 48.1 million followers, Rihanna’s account is basically all about her. Most of the photos are not very personal like that of many other people, it is much more focused on the Rihanna brand than anything else. Honestly, it’s just very pleasing to the eye.


Demi Lovato | @ddlovato

The opposite of Rihanna, Demi Lovato is all about getting personal with her Instagram account. She has 52.3 million followers and likes to interact with as many as she can get to. Demi uploads photos of her personal life as well as her performances.

Demi Lovatio

Kevin Hart | @kevinhart4real

Kevin has a following of over 46.7 million! The comedian captures his followers with his funny photos, mostly of himself in one position or another. His serious face is as satirical as he is. We love that he isn’t using Instagram to sell tickets to his shows, it’s just all about him.

Kevin Hrt

Kourtney Kardashian | @kourtneykardash

It’s not a list without a Kardashian on it! Kourtney has a following of 51.8 million, which with the popularity of the family’s reality show, and her own personal media coverage is not in the least bit surprising. Kourtney shares tons of photos of her family and her fashion choices, and we love it.

Kourtney K

Nike | @nike

Nike really just does it. They have an astounding following of 68.8 million. The athletic brand’s account is filled with fitness inspiration and, of course, their products.


Leo Messi | @leomessi

Soccer player extraordinaire, Leo Messi, has an Insta following of over 63.2 million. In the world of soccer, he is practically God. No wonder he has such a following! He boasts photos of his life off the field, and it’s pretty darn interesting.

Leo Messi

Miley Cyrus | @mileycyrus

The queen of all things controversial has a following of 59.2 million. She uploads snaps from her life, both current and throwback photos. The kooky starlet’s account has its fair share of colorful shots, along with a few questionable ones.

Miley Cyrus

Jennifer Lopez | @jlo

With 56.9 million followers, Jennifer Lopez’s account is buzzing with comments and likes. She posts a lot of videos, red carpet moments, and personal snaps of her with her adorable kids.


Katy Perry | @katyperry

59.9 million people are following Katy. Her Instagram is full of funny off the clock photos with friends, political endorsements, adorable boyfriend shots, and the occasional performance photo. Over all, her account is super fun to look through.

Katy P

Khloe Kardashian | @khloekardashian

Spoiler alert, almost all of the Kardashian-Jenner women are on this list; how could they not be? Khloe has 61.3 million followers, and we see why! She has tons of photos of herself, but not just selfies, but more artistic snaps of her in all kinds of angles.

Khloe K

The Rock | @therock

Dwayne Johnson has been around for a while; he is so beloved in Hollywood that it is not in the least bit shocking that he has a following of 75.2 million people. His account is mostly him and his muscles, which we have zero problems with.

The Rock

National Geographic | @natgeo

National Geographic has a following of 67.2 million people. Their stunning account has a huge amount of variety and color from all over the world, giving us some serious wanderlust and amazement in the planet we live in.

Nat Geo

Cristiano Ronaldo | @cristiano

Apart from David Beckham and Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most well-known and talked about soccer players on earth. He has a following of 87.5 million people, now that’s insane! His account is a lot of selfies of him, along with a few photos of him with fans and his team.


Kendall Jenner | @kendalljenner & Kylie Jenner | @kyliejenner

These sisters have won the Insta game. Kendall has a following of 72.7 million, while Kylie has a following of 83.8 million! These two post endless photos of themselves and their gorgeous bunch of friends, so following them is sure to make your day nicer.

Kendall and Kylie

Taylor Swift | @taylorswift

The richest woman in music, herself. She may only be 27 but she is owning it. Taylor has a following of a mind blowing 93.3 million. Her account is filled with adorable squad photos, and some of her doing her thing. We love seeing her in her down time.

Taylor Swift

Instagram | @instagram

So since Instagram created the trend, it makes sense that they would also have the largest amount of followers, right? Right! They boast a following of over 207 million people! Their photos are of just about anything and everything as long as it’s pleasing to the eye; after all, that’s the whole point of Instagram, isn’t it?