11 Militaries With Advanced Weapons

No military is complete and good without its technologies. Technology boosts an army’s ability to be powerful and to be able to do its jobs most efficiently. Here are 10 militaries with the most advanced technologies ever:

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the top armies on the planet. They are often compared to the American army because of their vast size, as well as their variety of weapons.

640px-AT-4_live-fire 640px-The_first_launch_of_a_Javelin,_Anti-Tank_Guided_Weapon_(ATGW),_was_part_of_a_demonstration_at_Imber_Camp,_Warminster._MOD_45144621 640px-Challenger_2_Main_Battle_Tank_patrolling_outside_Basra,_Iraq_MOD_45148325640px-Combat_Vehicle_Reconnaissance_(Tracked)_(CVR(T))_Operating_in_Afghanistan_MOD_45153175 640px-MCV-80 (1) 640px-The_combined_might_of_the_1_Yorkshire_Regiment_Battle_group_on_display_MOD_45158837

Currently, there are more than 200,000 active members of the UK military found in the United Kingdom. Those who are serving, serve within three branches of the military.


With Germany engineering, it’s no shocker that they, too, made it onto this list. Although they are not as intense as they used to be during the second world war , they have been whipping up modern advancements to keep their place as one of the most powerful presences in the world.

640px-NH-90_ILA-2006_2 (1)640px-Leopard_2A6,_PzBtl_104 (2)

They recently invested in several Leopard 2 A7 tanks, nuff said.


France has 65.9 million people living in it, with 28.8 million people available for the army. Currently the France’s active military force consists of 360,000 people.

640px-SPERWER_B_P1220856 640px-AMX-10-RC640px-DD-SD-00-00118 (1)


The French military has a defense budget of $58 billion at this time, so money is not an object when it comes to keeping its citizens safe.

United States of America

The United States has the largest and most powerful army in the world, and not many can surpass it.

614px-AH-64D_Apache_Longbow 600px-JLTV_Spec_table640px-M777_howitzer_rear 640px-Bae_PIM_upgrade

With its massive population of 320 million people, 145.2 million of which are available for service, the U.S. has the ability to deal with any and all kinds of challenges that it may be faced with. They are not a force to be reckoned with.


Italy has a total of 61.5 million people, with 27.9 million people ready to be in the army. The Italian army is one of the best ones as far as advanced technology is concerned, simply because they have a variety of weapons available and at their disposal whenever they want. Loader_3_lille 640px-US_M113_in_Samarra_Iraq640px-Poligono_Milan 640px-Sophie_©B._Rousseau

This Italian army has a total of 600 tanks, 9,500 AFVs, 166 self-propelled guns, 22 multiple-launch rocket systems  and a lot of aircrafts.


China has a total of 2.3 million individuals currently serving in its military. Its $129 billion defense budget, makes it the second largest defense budget in the world.

640px-Self-propelled_artillery_of_PLA 640px-PLZ_05_self_propelled_gun640px-ZBD-05_amphibious_IFV_in_Beijing563px-Type_98_tank_raised_view

China has a whopping 9,150 tanks, among an elaborate list of other weapons like thousands of planes, self-propelled guns, etc.


The Russian Army are one heck of an army, being one of the most powerful armies in the world.



Because of the Soviet Union, the Russian Armed Forces has always been ahead in the realm of technology. Nuclear technology is the biggest and most important aspect of the Russian army’s weaponry.

North Korea

North Korea consists of 5 branches of military force. This includes the following: air, navy, ground, strategic missile, as well as a special operations unit.


North Korea has one of the largest active duty numbers, and more than one million people are currently enlisted in it. 8 million citizens are on reserve, as well.


In the Iranian army, there are over 500,000 active members. In Iran, the army is done on a voluntary basis.

640px-Fateh-110-new-TEL 640px-Phantoms_are_fueling_from_Boeing_707 640px-Afghan_Mi-17

The country’s current defense budget is about $10 billion.


Most of you would be rather surprised to find India included in this list. The Indian Armed Forces are pretty close with Russia when it comes to advanced technology.

640px-Tejas_MK1 640px-INS_Vikramaditya_during_trials 640px-Yudh_Abhyas-09_BMP

They have quietly made their way to the forefront, without many other countries making a single peep about them. India’s military is also modernizing its technology to the fullest possible extent.


The only county here that has been in war since the day it was founded! The Israeli Defence Force is the strongest army in the middle east.

640px-MLRS-IDF002 640px-Israeli_F-16s_at_Red_Flag 640px-M60A1_Armored_Vehicle_Landing_Bridge 640px-IDF-Puma-by-Zachi-Evenor 640px-MerkavaMk4_ZE001m