Tips to get more organized in college

Being in college is all about being independent and being in charge. It requires students to be at their best at all times so staying organized is crucial. Here are some tips on how to get and stay organized in college.

Plan time effectively

A desk calendar is a great way to do this. With the calendar app on smartphones, it’s easy to overlook the importance of physically writing out to-do lists and important dates. Accessing the calendar on a phone comes with so many distractions that a desk calendar does not. By situating it on the desk important dates are easily accessible and that way productive work takes place. A weekly planner is also a great way to keep organized. In college, schedules change from week-to-week and having all upcoming dates laid out in a month can be overwhelming. So with the combination of using the weekly planner as well as getting the bigger picture from the desk calendar,  is a sure way to pull everything together.

Tips to get more organized in college

Balance college work with college parties

Being organized can also include organizing a time to relax. Working so hard can often cause burnouts and in times of high stress, it’s very important to have a little bit of fun. Whether it’s an all-out college party or simply walking to the nearest ice cream shop, make sure to set some time aside to treat yourself. But it’s also important to be organized enough that partying doesn’t affect morning lectures or projects. It’s a great idea to keep work and play separate but put enough time aside for both. It’s also better to not book things at the same time or overcrowd the schedule.

Keep spaces clean

There’s nothing more satisfying than climbing into bed and knowing that nothing has to be cleaned the next day. Keeping a clean house and workspace is so important for mental and physical well-being. Instead of having to set aside an entire day to clean, do one small task a day. This will make life feel less cluttered and overwhelming. This includes making the bed every day. It’s a small way to set out the day to be as productive as possible and make the room look more organized. It is also important to decorate spaces with efficiency in mind. Don’t purchase too many ornaments that require dusting every other day if you are a busy person. In terms of desks, there are plenty of colorful stylish and fun accessories that double up as a pen holder, a cable organizer, and so on.

Tips to get more organized in college

Be organized with money as well

Finances are one of the greatest stresses involved in going to college. The stories of broke college students are not mates but rather cautionary tales. Start being organized with money by creating a monthly budget. Set aside money for college expenses like stationery or transportation but also put some money aside for a little bit of retail therapy. Being smart with money in college sets the tone for the rest of one’s adult life. If there’s money at the end of the month put it away for a nice holiday at the end of the year. It’s not always a bad thing to splurge on some takeout or a pair of shoes but there should be a once in a while activity rather than an everyday occurrence.